Owl Be Seeing You

(a Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot Adventure series #8)

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Pub Date 14 Jan 2022 | Archive Date 12 Jul 2022
The Gourmet Dog LLC, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles

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Screech Owl has come back to Flamingo Park to look for his sweetheart, Miss Screech Owl. They had promised each other that they would meet up at the same spot one year later. "Where is my sweetheart?" Screeched hooted as he stared at the moon. Instead of his girl answering, he woke up Grumpy the Iguana who had been fast asleep in his tree home. Will Screech Owl reunite with his sweetheart?

Screech Owl has come back to Flamingo Park to look for his sweetheart, Miss Screech Owl. They had promised each other that they would meet up at the same spot one year later. "Where is my...

A Note From the Publisher

Illustrated by Natalia Loseva

Illustrated by Natalia Loseva

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EDITION Hardcover
ISBN 9781736805633
PRICE $21.99 (USD)

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Featured Reviews

Owl Be Seeing You #8 was such a sweet tale of two owls that have waited a whole year to find each other! I really loved the character Grumpy and how the owls' screeches kept waking him up. It was a cute story and fun illustrations. Perfect for any animal lover!

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Mr Screech Owl goes to Flamingo Park to look for his girlfriend, Miss Screech Owl, one year after they first meet.
He cannot find Miss Screech Owl, and he is making a huge noise to try and call on her. This makes Grumpy the Iguana annoyed, as it keeps waking him up. Mr Screech Owl eventually sadly flies away, and then Miss Screech Owl turns up, late. She also makes a noise which wakes Grumpy up, so he goes out to investigate and talk to her. Will he be able to help the two lovebirds get together?

This is a such a cute book, which is easy to read, has nice bright graphics, and it has useful information about owls. I really enjoyed it, just as I have enjoyed all of the Grumpy the Iguana books so far.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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*read book to my service dog. He has been a part of my book blogging since a pup, now he wanted to do it himself.

He like this book, the owl was his favorite. He stayed focused to the story and looked at the pictures, and was exciting at some parts durning the book as he understood the story without me explaining in our training terms.

We recommend this book 100%.

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From page one,I was amazed with the expressions created by Natalia Loseva illustrations. I found myself drawn into the character's appearance, especially Miss Owl's lushes eyelashes. Because picture books are generally short, the story or lesson being taught was done in only a handful of pages. and even more important since children learn best when they have no clue that they are actually learning, thus it is in my opinion that this book would find a home in either a home or school library. I loved that Grumpy was also learning a lesson about love and emphy,, instead of just being grumpy. I tend to focus on to the characters that make up the books, my preferance are round characters, and Grumpy was a round character.
Thank you, Susan Marie Chapman and Natalia Loseva for writing a delightful picture book and I would recommend it to friends and family, plus I will post this review on to my social media. I appreciate the opportunity by Caoc Tree Press and NetGalley for the chance to read this book and in exchanege I will review and post an honest review.

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This is such a cute story. Mr. Screech Owl is screeching loudly at night searching for his mate Miss Screech Owl. Miss Screech Owl arrives at the park just after he leaves, and begins to screech in search of her mate. Mr. Iguana is woken up by both and goes to see what the commotion is.

Young readers will learn some facts about owls throughout this fun story. I think my 4-year-old twin girls will really enjoy this one. Thank you to NetGalley and The Gourmet Dog LLC for this digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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4.5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and Gourmet Dog LLC for presenting me with an ARC of this book in exchange of a honest review.

Aww. Owl Be Seeing You is such a cute story about two owls in love. They fell in love about a year ago and decided to meet at a spot exactly after a year. A spot that coincidentally, is near Grumpy the Iguana's place. One thing I really liked about this story was the subtle ways in which the author sneaked in some general facts abou owls into the text. I was impressed at how smooth it was, however informative.

This is such a sweet and wholesome story and I bet everyone would love to read this.

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This one is the story of a romance between two screech owls and the tribulations of the iguana who cannot sleep because of all the noise. This is a longer, more educational book as it tells more about screech owls including their size and habits. I really like this one!
Simple yet colorful, fun illustrations are done by Natalia Loseva.
I requested and received a free e-book copy from The Gourmet Dog LLC, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles via NetGalley.

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Owl Be Seeing You is a short and adorable story about two Screech owls who love each other and plan to meet each again at a pre-planned time- much to the dismay of Grumpy who just wants to get some sleep!

Screech Owl is distraught when he arrives at the spot where he is to see Miss Screech Owl again, and she does not turn up- OH NO! She promised she would be there, what happened?! Screech is terribly sad about this and vocalizes his feelings outside of the home of Grumpy, who is curled up in his bed for a good night sleep.

I definitely would say that while the illustrations and story were relatively simplistic and would be great for younger kiddos- there are some larger words in here that would most likely need further explanation and would be better suited to ages a bit older. The stylistic choice of the artwork was so unique, and really cute though- so I would still recommend this to a younger audience and maybe have the reader ad-lib the lines down to the listeners level (or use the story as an awesome learning experience).There are some good educational teachings in this- the descriptions of the Owls themselves, comparisons to another bird and a simple discussion of why these two birds are meeting (and again).

Overall, I found it to be a charming read and SO relatable (sleep interruptions, amIright?)!

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This sweet picture book tells the story of two love-struck owls who are searching for a forever partner in life. Unfortunately they miss each other at their designated meeting place and both manage to wake up bad-tempered iguana who was happily getting a good night's sleep.

Screech Owls are nocturnal so to them it's perfectly natural to be wide awake and to screech loud at night. Iguana is not amused and just wants to be left alone and get back to bed. Will the two owls finally reunite and be able to make a commitment and solidify their undying love to each other ?

Although the book is fiction the author gives lots of accurate facts regarding owl's size and habits. She skillfully weaves the interesting information throughout the tale. The illustrations are colourful, expressive and flow perfectly with the text bringing the reader into the story.

This is the author's eighth book in the "Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot Adventure series." I love a romantic story and I highly recommend it.

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Aww another lovely, sweet story of Screech Owl & his sweetheart!

My son & I adore the Grumpy Iguana & Parrot series & this book was just as heartwarming!

Screech Owl's genuine love for Miss Screech Owl was really touching. I loved knowing how Grumpy played a hand in their love story.

Oh that wonderful ending!

Thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful little story!

Thanks NetGalley & Gourmet Dog LLC for the ARC!

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The first in a delightful series of childrens books. Mr and Mrs Screech are trying to find each other, but are being a bit noisy at it for Grumpy the Iguana who is NOT nocturnal! True love with grumpy in its midst may actually bring a tear to his eye😊

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