Mysterious Phenomena and Classified Phenomena

A Discussion of Dreams, Nonbiological Life Forms, the Paranormal, Mysterious Intelligence, the Ancient Megaliths, ... Depopulation, the New World Order, and More

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Pub Date 01 Aug 2022 | Archive Date 04 Dec 2022

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This book addresses the following topics and more:

Dreams--are they produced by our minds, or is something else going on?

Eternal beings--do our biological bodies serve as temporary hosts for eternal beings?

Plants--do plants possess intelligence?

The fallen angels--were they biological beings sharing a DNA profile similar to our own, and were the biblical giants and mutants a result of their actions?

Greek mythology--is so-called Greek mythology, in fact, Greek history?

Extraterrestrials--are superior beings effortlessly transporting from planet to planet, galaxy to galaxy, universe to universe, and dimensions and realms unknown to us? Are they rifting back and forth through time?

Nuclear war on Earth during ancient times--did nuclear war occur on earth during its remote past? Are the so-called mythological ancient Sanskrit texts revealing actual events, and if so, do the elite want them kept from public knowledge?

The Georgia Guidestones--do the mysterious Georgia Guidestones reveal the elite's intentions for the human race and planet Earth? Was the global pandemic manufactured? Why is the coronavirus mutating? Is it by design?

Animal dissections--who or what is responsible for dissecting animals with surgical precision, and why are they doing it?

Classified deep underground military bases--are superior beings from other realms inhabiting sophisticated deep underground military bases (DUMBS) on Earth and conducting cruel genetic experiments on humans and animals?

Agenda 21--have extraterrestrials infiltrated governments? Is Agenda 21 of alien design? Is the Great Reset and New World Order their Great Reset and their New World Order?

Depopulation--does the Great Reset include mass genocide?

The assassination of JFK--was he killed for threatening to expose the alien presence on Earth and in our solar system?

A secret space program--does a highly classified secret space program exist?

This book addresses the following topics and more:

Dreams--are they produced by our minds, or is something else going on?

Eternal beings--do our biological bodies serve as temporary hosts for...

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Featured Reviews

When reading this book by an anonymous author called the whistleblower it’s easy to find the stories in this book dubious especially the chapters on his dreams, but when you think about all the things that were once thought to be weird and out of the box it’s much easier to read the stories and give it a little validation if any. In this book especially on his dreams he says in his belief it is an alternate university goes to as he sees an alternate him in at any given time with alternate family members of PS with slight variations. Like different emblems on cars and motorbikes or on one occasion he watched us alternate teenage granddaughter playing a game with friends that was unfamiliar to him I find books on dreams, aliens and other strange non-main stream topics to be so interesting. He also discusses books that were banned from the Bible like Enoch and it’s not a short book it has a plethora of stories and information and I found it all so interesting. I love the strange in obscure and I think that’s what this book would fall under I really enjoyed the spot I received it from NetGalley and the publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.

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I love books like this, I've read them since I was a kid; used to love reading them in bed at night. Still do.

So naturally I loved this.

It's very well put together, it's easily digestible and there were things I'd never read about; which was a plus because sometimes you get these books and they're just identical to one you've previously read.

I recommend this to someone who's into reading about such things, this is a good one.

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This was a very interesting and thought provoking book! While I don't think that this book will be for everyone, or even the majority, I do think that it is a great book for those who already have a deep interest for the content. I love hearing all kinds of different perspectives and finding books about things that are not talked about or talked about very rarely, this is one of those books.

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I actually enjoyed this book, to tell the truth I didn’t see eye to eye with the author with lots of the subjects of the book, actually the author would probably think I am an idiot, but the way it is written reminded me of older books and I still enjoyed most of the themes. It reminded me of “where the ancients gods astronauts?” Or “project blue book”.

The only thing I didn’t really like was that it felt short, like for instance the author would talk about a picture or a significant finding and then ask us to research and see for ourselves, most of this things I already did know about it in some extent, but for people reading this kind of book for the first time a picture talks a thousand words, or even explaining the whole story instead of telling us to research that in the internet. Again, I don’t want to spoil the book, and I did find it interesting and amusing. It is a short read, under 300 pages but it is worth of reading even if to open your eyes to new possibilities.

I even was introduced to a new old show to binge watch, “one step beyond”, its hard to find in most stream platforms but I could find some episodes on youtube and it is a great watch, so thank you Mr whistleblower.

Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the free ARC and this is my honest opinion.

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