Wine Club

A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends

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Pub Date May 30 2023 | Archive Date May 29 2023

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Like a book club, but better, this approachable guide breaks down the basics of wine in a month-by-month format for a year's worth of sips and wine-party inspiration.

Learning about wine should be fun and is easy to do, if you have a few key things: wine (of course), an opener, a few friends, and this book. That's your Wine Club! Each month, discover the key elements of a specific style of wine or varietal, from Cabernet Sauvignon in January to bubbly in December, including taste-testing tips, history, and tasty throw-together or make-ahead bites that pair beautifully with whatever you're pouring. So, uncork (or twist the top off of) a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and join the best club of all: Wine Club! 

Like a book club, but better, this approachable guide breaks down the basics of wine in a month-by-month format for a year's worth of sips and wine-party inspiration.

Learning about wine should be...

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Featured Reviews

I love wine. I love clubs. So basically Maureen Petrosky’s “Wine Club: A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Sipping, and Pairing with Friends” is perfect for me. It is an extensive yet approachable book for wine education. It’s a fantastic idea to frame learning about this delicious yet sometime intimidating drink as a monthly activity with your social circle.

Every month is dedicated to a specific varietal and each section provides a wealth of information about it. There are basics and interesting tidbits about the wine type, regional recommendations, tasting tips, and even recipes for food pairings. My favorite wine is Riesling so June was my favorite part to peruse. But even if you don’t plan to form and lead a monthly wine club, this book would still be good to have on your kitchen shelf for drink and food ideas for parties.

My only complaint is that while the illustrations are bright, colorful, and fun, I do wish there was some photography of the food and wine to make the pages even more alluring. Overall, though, “Wine Club” is a fun book for foodies and a great hostess gift idea.

Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review. My review was posted on January 24, 2022 to

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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a nice guide for wine tasting. It's broken down by month with suggested wines to try. There's information about where wines are from and the different varietals. The book talks about how to host a wine tasting, what to look for, and how to pair the wine with foods and snacks. It's a pretty thorough book for those wanting to learn more about wine or start a tasting group.

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I'm not a big wine drinker, but I am fascinated with the different types of wine, and enjoy learning more about them. This book is so much fun! There is a ton of information, but it's very easy to follow, and learn from. Each month of the book focuses on a different wine variety. There are recommendations, tasting tips, and recipes for food to serve with the wine.

Bright and cheerful illustrations add to this book, and I think this would make a wonderful hostess gift!

Thank you Netgalley and Chronicle Books for the ARC!

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This might be my new go-to book for gifting wine friends! It’s the perfect starting spot to learn more about wine and appreciate its uniqueness across the board. I also loved that it is set up for a monthly themed tasting and has recipes to try and pair with each grouping.

The artwork is adorable and I can’t wait to gift this to a few friends I already have in mind.

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I love this book! It is a great wine education book for beginners and wine lover in general. I love how it give recommendations to begin a wine club and how each month a new varietal is featured. I love the vibrant colors! I would suggest adding some photos.

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This book is perfect for anyone who loves wine and clubs (y you know… get togethers! ;) Each month is devoted to a wine variety and each section includes interesting facts about the wine type, regional recommendations, and recipes for food pairings. I think what might make this book better would be by adding real photos with the food recipes.

I can’t wait for the finished book to come out soon! I need this for my kitchen and as hostess gifts!

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Looking for a perfect gift for friends or family, look no further….Wine Club A Monthly Guide to Swirling, Dipping and Pairing With Friends by Maureen Petrosky would be a great gift to give or receive.

The book starts out by welcoming you to the wine club and then the author proceeds to give you a lot of information about the book and the wine. Each chapter (month) there is a wine suggestion with detailed information on the wine. The author includes a tasting sheet that takes you step by step on ways to taste and make notes about the wines you are sampling. In addition, there are recipes suggestions for that month’s wine tasting.

My review is voluntary and all comments and opinions expressed are
my own.

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Thank you NetGalley and Chronicle Books for accepting my request to read and review Wine Club.

Published: 05/30/23

Just the thought .... Wine Club sounds nice, but this is better. The wines are broken down by place (Napa Valley is one), type (Cabernet Sauvignon) month -- oh yes, each month is unique. I like that. I also like that food recommendations are given as well (spicy sausage to toffee bars).

There are too many for me to count tidbits that create a wealth of information. Wine needs to breathe, I've heard that, but I didn't know wine has legs, hmmmm. It's true. There is an index. I like the consistency from month to month. It is easy to read.

I had the e-book and would prefer the physical book.

If you read my reviews, you won't be surprised -- I would gift this and use as a coffee table book.

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As a new wine drinker, the wine world can seem scary and unapproachable. Wine Club by Maureen Petrosky breaks the many types of wines down into 12 months. The beginning is full of tips written by a seasoned expert for hosting parties, pouring wine, and other general tips that will work for all types. Every month, tips and explanations are written for the specific type of wine being focused on for the month. Overall this book seems like a great addition to any wine drinkers library, especially one looking to be more adventurous in their drinks.

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This book is fantastic! In 2020, spurred on by staying home a lot more than before, I started to branch out and explore different kinds of wine. Before then, I'd never really bothered learning much about wine and couldn't have told someone much about what I liked and didn't like. As I explored, I looked for books and other resources that could guide me. I read a handful and some of them were okay...but none of them were as good as this one! I wish I'd had this book back then. There is so much information packed in here, but in an approachable and understandable way. I love the format of having a "wine club" to learn more with friends, but I think this book could also be used solo (though obviously with the wines spaced out over the weeks of a month). The recipes added in to pair with the wines was also a lovely surprise!

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This is a great guide to wine and wine pairings. Broken down by different wine categories each month, the varieties and pairings are detailed for each of these. The guide even includes price ranges per variety and certain keywords that should be known to understand how to speak about the wine. It's a great guide.

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I recently had the pleasure of reading "Wine Club" and it was the pour-fect book to inspire nights spent in with friends. The colorful illustrations added to the pages filled with tips and tricks to creating a wine club.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed were the recipes provided to pair with each wine. I look forward to trying the Grilled Summer Squash Pizza with Sweet Corn, Goat Cheese, and Pesto and the Spicy Pineapple and Mango Granita this summer when I serve Sauvignon Blanc to my friends!

If you are a wine lover looking to expand your knowledge and try new wines with friends, this is a perfect book to check out.

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I Loved this. I CAN NOT WAIT to buy a physical copy of this. Im a huge fan of wine, but this took it to a different level. I loved how it provided you with foods you could mix certain wines with and the type of famous wines that are more popular to get during different months.

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Monthly party with wine and food! Plus a great wine education all in one book! By the end of the year you have been to 12 great parties and know which wines you like the best.

The Wine Club is a book organized by the months of the year with a recommended type of wine and food to go with it. The wine is the star of the book starting off each monthly chapter with a description of the wine for that month. Wine terms are described in each chapter so that by the end of the year you can "speak wine" with anyone. The book also tells you good locations for each type of wine. There is recommended food with recipes to go with each wine.

The book spends time teaching about wine tasting and how to do it. There is a list of what is required to do wine tasting. There are sheets to fill out on each wine that you taste, so at the end of the monthly party you should have a list of all the wines you tasted and know which one you liked best.

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I really appreciated this visual delight, Chronicle Books never disappoints and always has the best designed/informative books. I
have to say I was captured by the food pairings section and wish for more recipes. I will use this as a reference book as for now it was
a cold rainy day and I went right to the August chapter and had the best indoor picnic ever. Four plus stars

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ARC provided by NetGalley.

I was so excited to see this up on NetGalley's list of advanced copies. I recently got into the wine world with many tastings, but always felt that upon leaving them, I was back to walking aimlessly down the aisles having no idea how to choose a classic wine to take home. This "cookbook" does an interesting take in breaking up different types of wine for each month, so you can focus on one at a time and engage with it intimately for 30 days. The animated artwork reminds me of a more welcoming Olive Garden, and I loved the warm notes that appeared repeatedly throughout the pages.

In each month, this breaks down each part of a wine tasting, and how to become and expert on trusting your senses when swirling, smelling, and slurping it back. I like that it also includes a list of which wines to try in each category, also varying in price, so that if you're completely clueless on what to choose, there are options laid out right there for you. I think this would be a fun guide to follow along with friends or family to create your own wine club, and come out looking like you just passed your own sommelier exam.

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I really enjoyed the graphics of this book, those were visually pleasing. Many of the recipes were nice and I’m glad that was included. Overall I learned a lot.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

I drink wine but am by no means a connoisseur. This book is an accessible, unsnobby and good guide to wines and it left me knowing a great deal more. Oh, and let’s not forget that this title is pretty; the bright colors and layouts really appealed to me. Organized by month, each chapter is packed with information. For example, January is about Cabernet Sauvignon, April is Merlot, August is Sauvignon Blanc and November is Pinot Noir. The author imagines that readers will use this guide as they form their own wine clubs; sounds like a great idea.

There is information on how to organize and host an event. There are tips for “tasteful tastings,” food pairings, ways to talk about wine and more.

Those who want to learn about wine and/or those who want to learn along with friends, will very much enjoy this title. It would make a great gift to a friend or one’s self.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for this title. All opinions are my own.

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What a fun read for anyone looking to start a wine club/supper club/social club. This playful and completely unpretentious guide to wine touches on familiar blends and brands, but also showcases unique varietals and wine regions you and your friends may not be familiar with. The book is also organized by month and provides simple, seasonal recipes and food pairings to enhance your tasting experience.

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Although from a different publisher, and a shorter author’s name, this book had a previous volume in 2005. I have read that one, and used it to help teach myself about different wines when I gathered with friends. Like the previous edition, this one divides the wine tastings into 12 months, each month spotlighting either a varietal, or a style. And, like the first, it is VERY good at teaching you about wine.

One of the things about the old volume that made it dated was that it suggested specific wines by certain winemakers. This one, though mentioning a few winemakers, goes for a more general suggestion, and in my opinion is a better way of doing it. When I bought the book back in 2009, the wines listed in the original book were hard to find, and not necessarily the best spotlight for the chapter. And, sadly, my knowledge at the time was not great so that I could sub out easily. This book, however, lets one be more flexible.

A good change for the future of this book. I am also liking the more streamlined look for this book in the set up, boxes for some interesting wine trivia, and for the actual wine experience. It is easy to find what wines you need, what information you need to conduct a good tasting, and several delightful recipes to pair with the wines suggested. I can use this book for the year as it suggests, or even use it for future tastings with friends six years from now.

I am a bit more experienced in wine these many years past, but I learned several new things with this edition, and I found that a few of the months I am itching to try with my friends!! This book is a wonderful introduction for those just starting out in their wine knowledge, but also a great resource for having wine tastings with those who are a bit more seasoned in their tastes. The recipes alone make this a book to have on your shelf.

I highly recommend this book to have on your shelf, and though I read this originally in electronic form, I am wanting to get a hard copy to have for my shelf. And, maybe give one for a gift or two.

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