Mothering Earth

The Busy Family's Guide to Saving the Planet

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Pub Date 10 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 10 Oct 2023

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This Earth—and money—saving guide to sustainable living empowers families everywhere to fight climate change by making practical lifestyle changes—at home at their own pace.

Expert author Julia Rockwell provides a road map to simplify and streamline our lives in a way that benefits overall well-being and the health of the planet—all without sacrificing comforts or turning our lives upside down. And to do so you...

  • do not need to carve out separate time to focus on sustainability,
  • do not need to spend more money,
  • do not need to partake in DIY projects,
  • do not need to be perfect,
  • do not need to get rid of all the plastic in your home,
  • do not need to turn your family’s life upside down,
  • do not need to feel guilty (you didn’t create this mess we are in),
  • do not need to live off the grid.

Written and designed to reach all families, this inspiring and useful book highlights “eco-action” solutions that support a climate-friendly lifestyle at your own pace. Some of the eco-actions topics covered are:

  • Take a Trash Tally
  • Find Your Free Marketplace
  • Switch to Reusables
  • Help Kids Eat, Not Waste

It shows us how caring for a healthy planet doesn’t just boost mental wellness, reduce stress, and heighten sense of community, but also saves time and money, too. Includes a comprehensive list of eco-insider resources, a 31-day Eco-Family Challenge, a guide to creating a personalized roadmap to resources in your area, and the book itself is printed on responsibly forested, FSC certified paper. 

Realistic yet impactful, Mothering Earth gives readers a feasible guide for simple and meaningful change, while at the same time sparks calmness and connection. With the tools to create an effective and healthy eco-routine, readers take a holistic look at shifting habits and making them stick in this Earth-saving guidebook.

“We know women and girls will be most affected by climate change. Mothering Earth has us all thinking about how to take agency in our own lives while fighting for the systemic changes we need for a thriving planet.”
Eve Rodsky, author of New York Times bestseller Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

"This book is a powerful and practical guide for how we can individually make small shifts and daily choices to collectively create a more just, equitable world – and a more climate resilient future – for our children and for generations to come."
Melinda Kramer, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Women’s Earth Alliance

"Conscious parenting is not an easy task, but Julia will show you how it’s not only possible - it's the foundation for a whole new kind of life. And one that you don’t want to miss out on."
Anne Therese Gennari, author of The Climate Optimist Handbook

"Mothering Earth is the approachable, accessible guide I’ve needed to move from overwhelm to action. Julia skillfully outlines the small, simple changes my family can make to live more sustainably and create a stronger planet."
Jill Koziol, Co-Founder & CEO, Motherly

"Julia has done incredibly thorough research coupled with her dedicated experience and testing in order to offer a wide host of solutions for every aspect of domestic life. This book will be an incredibly valuable resource for parents and non-parents alike..." 
Danielle Jezienicki, Director of Sustainability at Grove Collaborative
This Earth—and money—saving guide to sustainable living empowers families everywhere to fight climate change by making practical lifestyle changes—at home at their own pace.

Expert author Julia...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Publication date: 10/10/23

This was a very enjoyable read for me! So many specific and actionable steps to take in our daily lives to improve climate change. While this book is marketing towards families with children, there were really only a handful of sections devoted to parenthood/kids--the majority of the book is largely inclusive, and I'd recommend this book to non-parents as well.

I think I bookmarked at least 20 different passages/pages to reference later on, primarily websites/apps that I wanted to follow up on and learn more about. Some examples: (learn about the specific indigenous lands your residence is located on); fossilfreefunds (learn about divesting from fossil fuels in your portfolio); PalmSmart (an app that helps you identify if palm oil is in your everyday products).

The author writes in a very positive, judgment-free tone, and lets the reader know throughout the book that even the smallest change is important and necessary.

Recommended to readers who care about climate change and specific ways to make daily changes (as an individual, and within a family unit).

I will share this review on Goodreads closer to publication date.

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An extremely interesting book that provides much more than advice, it teaches you just how to dispose of waste, recycle clothes or how to replace things that are neither reusable nor disposable. Of course the problem is that every time I read a book like this I also wonder when we will finally realize that we can't go on like this, pretending nothing is happening.....

Un libro estremamente interessante che fornisce molto di piú che consigli, ti insegna proprio come smaltire i rifiuti, reciclare i vestiti o come sostituire le cose che non sono né riutilizzabili né smaltibili. Certo il problema é che ogni volta che leggo un libro del genere mi chiedo anche quando ci renderemo finalmente conto che non possiamo andare avanti cosí, facendo finta di niente.....

I received from the Publisher a complimentary digital advanced review copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.

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This is a great guide for those who want actionable ways to try being susteainable in several areas fo life, including home, garden, work and family care. Not every tactic is doable for the average person or family but it has lots of greats ideas and information.

Was this review helpful?

First I have to say that I LOVE how the book puts that this is a resource on how to help and not THE way of doing things. I would love to get a physical copy of this at some point. I feel it is a great resource for families but also very useful for those who live alone. I found the tips useful and I loved how they incorporated about treating others well. It was so smart adding about connecting and interating with people in person as well. I love how many areas the tips and information gave and how it made it easy to read and follow. I plan on using some of the tips. This is a great book to get information from but also would be a great read for further tips and conversation. A good group read for those wanting to make a difference. I will be revisting this book.

Was this review helpful?

I really am impressed by the huge amount of research and passion that went into this book. Very detailed and informative, definitely not light reading.

•Community work
•And LOADS more!

This book is an in-depth guide for people who are serious about changing the way 🌿 🌎💚

Was this review helpful?

This book is full to the last page of great ideas to involve your family in more sustainable practices. The tone is upbeat and encouraging.
I liked the pages full of check lists as a nice quick way to feel good about what you already do and also to find new sustainable ideas to work towards. There are activities for kids and lots of tips and resources to help the planet and still stick to your way of life, maybe with a few changes and improvements.

Was this review helpful?

A very interesting and educational read. I’m not in the place to fully commit to all of the items in the book, but am going to start with baby steps. The notebook section of this book, is super helpful to get started. My favorite takeaway from the book was “Collect memories, not things.”

Thank you, NetGalley and Charlesbridge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

A largely inclusive book that is relevant to not just parents/children but to everyone. This book is filled with great concrete ways to “mother earth” and I loved how the author lays out this book. The title is a little misleading and could turn some people who aren’t so family oriented away, but everyone can get something out of, and should read, this book.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely love this super inspiring and easy to follow guide to the zero-waste movement, paired with gripping quotes from climate activists. At first I took issue with Rockwell's statement "We know women and girls will be most affected by climate change" right at the outset, thinking it would be more accurate to say climate change will affect everybody, full stop. But her supporting arguments around gender inequality, the patriarchy, female leadership and empowerment are all brilliant and enlightening. I love all the myths she highlights and debunks, the emphasis she puts rightly on America causing most of Earth's damage, and the need to address systemic change and also the undeniable importance of taking individual action. There are so many great ideas for things we can all do, I made two lists - one of the things that our family already does that are good for the environment, and the other a list of great suggestions provided in this book to start integrating into our day-to-day!

Was this review helpful?

It took me a while to get into this book but I'm so glad that I persevered. It is probably the most sensible book I have read about caring for our planet (and ourselves) that I have read in a long time. You do not have to be perfect but it shows how to make small changes in attitude and how to build small changes into our everyday lifes. A very sensible readable book.

Was this review helpful?

A super book and guide for families and individuals wanting to be a part of self sufficiency and caring for our planet. Many ideas for eco-action starting from the smallest change in our lifestyles to responsible waste disposal, recycling, etc. Recommended reading.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley and Charlesbridge for the eGalley to review!

I loved this!! This is a well-planned, in-depth guide/workbook for helping the reader start living green and sustainably. Rockwell doesn't gloss over the fact that much of our environmental issues are caused by corporations, but still encourages the reader to help sway our consumerist society into forcing these corporations to do better--that system change and individual action are two sides of the same coin. Greenwashing is also explained (when a company tries to market themselves or their products as green but without actually doing anything sustainable) and Rockwell does well to help the reader understand what to look for and steer clear of. So many myths are busted in plain language and there is no shying away from what's going on.

And to say there is a wealth of information in this book is a gross understatement--I really mean it when I say it is an *in-depth* guide! There is advice for every aspect of a person's life, from yourself to your kids, the animals in your care, your whole community--even advice for having sustainable sex! It's incredibly well thought out. Aside from the workbook part of the book for making your own green plan, there are things like party planning ideas for kids' birthdays, recipes, brand suggestions, self-care practices, and a handy glossary of terms to keep yourself well-informed.

I think, however, my favorite part about this book is how kind it is. Rockwell is a bit informal and not at all coldly academic about the facts, which are well researched for this book. There's real compassion in this guide, from one human being to another. A "Zero-Guilt Tool Kit" is included to make sure the reader understands that they don't have to feel bad or guilty about this non-linear journey to sustainable living. It's okay to be imperfect and it's okay to focus on self-care to prevent burnout. This is made succinct by "The Eco-Actionist Manifesto" wherein ten standards are listed to strive for:
1. People are primary (prioritizing human rights and wellness, as well as supporting non-exploitative businesses and businesses run by marginalized people);
2. Prioritize the planet (considering environmental impact before making decisions);
3. Part with damaging patterns (recognizing and changing damaging lifestyle habits);
4. Progress over perfection (celebrate progress and recognize that stumbles are inevitable and inescapable);
5. Persistence is paramount;
6. Pace yourself (set realistic goals and only add more when you feel comfortable);
7. Patience (not just with yourself but with others on their own journeys to sustainable living--no judgement, only support for everyone's betterment);
8. Point the way (lead by example and hold higher-ups accountable);
9. Pour labels down the drain (not letting labels get in the way of making change as there are no established rules to living sustainably);
10. Participate with my strengths (focus on how you can contribute to change).

This is easily a recommendation for the bookshelf. Truly indispensable.

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This is an easy, accessible, friendly book that can help us all live lighter on the earth. Highly recommended.

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