Limp Forward

A Memoir of Disability, Perseverance, and Success

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Pub Date 27 Jun 2023 | Archive Date 31 Dec 2023

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From being a little girl in a village in China with polio to a tech executive at Apple, Libo Cao Meyers (曹力波) has had quite a journey in life—a journey steeped in rich family legacy and powered by determination, growth, and love. Over the years and the miles, she’s embraced her differences and has allowed no one—including herself—to set limitations on what she’s able to accomplish.

But just because she’s been successful doesn’t mean it’s been easy. Not by a long shot.

Along the way, Libo has overcome challenges as an immigrant in a new country, a person with a disability, a mother, and a woman in the male-dominated world of technology.

In Limp Forward, Libo boldly shares her story—both the hard and the beautiful—so that you may feel seen, be reminded of your inherent value, and find the strength you need to face your own challenges in life.

Every journey is unique, but Libo’s experiences contain insight that connects us all. Limp Forward is a captivating, unbridled exploration of the truths that guide us and shows what is possible when we pursue our full potential.

From being a little girl in a village in China with polio to a tech executive at Apple, Libo Cao Meyers (曹力波) has had quite a journey in life—a journey steeped in rich family legacy and powered by...

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Please contact for pitches on any promotion. Please see links for Forbes, CBS, NBC interviews along with press releases.

Advance Praise

"A vibrant story of a brilliant and industrious woman." ... "Meyers' voice is energetic, and her spirited determination to live the life she wants to lead colors even the darkest moments in the narrative, when pain or stigma strike." — Kirkus Reviews

"An inspirational book that drives home the importance of perseverance, love, and the beauty that can come from being differently abled." ... "Limp Forward by Libo Cao Meyers is a memoir that highlights key turning points, challenges, and achievements in Meyers' journey of personal growth, academic pursuit, professional accomplishments, and personal success." ... "shows what any person can achieve with a strong family foundation, wherever they hail from, and when that family is so exceptionally involved and sacrificing, the success of their children is greatly enhanced through their willingness to do anything for them." A Five-star ratings for all categories — Readers' Favorite Review  

"A tale of perseverance, an inspiration for all. Look back to understand your roots, & look forward to unleash your potential" ... "This is a sweeping and engulfing read from beginning to end, an end without end; life continues for all of us. It's a book filled with applicable steps and gentle, gracious reminders." ... "While this memoir is a page-turner, it is a page-turner with a steady pace. It's not text that's meant to be rushed but rather absorbed. Written not just for posterity's sake but to encourage, prod, nudge, and inspire. No matter the labels we have been given in life, we are far more than the labels we have received." A five-star review — Reedsy 

"'Limp Forward' is a compelling narrative that invites readers into a whirlwind of emotions, from joy and pain to exhilaration and determination, all underscored by Meyers' strategic ingenuity. The book serves as a testament to a life lived fully and richly, making it a must-read for enthusiasts of culturally nuanced memoirs and narratives exploring robust social themes." ... "readers are invited to explore a rich tapestry of cultural insights, life lessons, and remarkable triumphs. " ... "Meyers' narrative represents the quintessence of resilience, interweaving the history of her resilient ancestry with her own indomitable spirit. As she recounts the trials and tribulations her ancestors overcame - war, famine, loss, and oppressive governance - readers gain a newfound appreciation for their own comforts, often taken for granted. Meyers' journey, however, extends beyond her familial legacy; it evolves into an awe-inspiring chronicle that readers will undoubtedly resonate with." ... "This candid revelation is intended not merely to intrigue readers but to enrich their perspectives and inspire them to face their own battles." A five star review - Library Titan

"An inspirational memoir that highlights living with a disability and persevering." ... "From her first position as a software scientist in Silicon Valley to an executive role at Apple, Meyers's determination fueled her ambitions, and her hard work led to successful achievements. 'I heard from people what I couldn't do, I limped forward and did all those things anyway, and I am not done yet,' Meyers notes" ... "From competing in a 100-mile bike ride to challenging herself in karate classes, Meyers reflects on the ways her weaknesses became her strengths, delivering an inspirational narrative of a young woman constantly pushing herself, pursuing her dreams, and always believing in herself no matter what others had to say. The result is inspiring." Production Grades: AAAA. — BookLife Reviews

"Libo Cao Meyers's inspiring memoir Limp Forward is about eschewing other people's empty promises and achieving personal success." ... "A motivational memoir that records striking accomplishments, Limp Forward is also a story about the invaluable support of families and communities." ... "The perseverance and innovation of people burdened by external and internal wars shine through her accounts." ... "this is a people-focused memoir that includes striking examples of gratitude alongside its personal stories" ... "Indeed, in every story Meyers shares, her determination is evident, and the plans that she made to achieve all of her goals are transformed into actionable steps that others can imitate too."  — Clarion Reviews 

"Meyers' story is striking in its inexhaustible energy." — BlueInk Reviews

"A vibrant story of a brilliant and industrious woman." ... "Meyers' voice is energetic, and her spirited determination to live the life she wants to lead colors even the darkest moments in the...

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Featured Reviews

Libo Cao Meyers has hit it out of the park with her memoir, Limp Forward. She was born in China and was diagnosed with polio when she was eleven months old. It was human error that led to over 80 children being diagnosed with polio in her village. A nurse had overlooked providing the sugar cube polio vaccine to that community.

Libo is the 87th generation of the Cao family and has the Cao family history books that trace her lineage. Women who are born into a family in China are not recorded in the family tree since they don't typically carry the family name once they marry; however, women who marry into the family are recorded in the book. Libo was able to challenge and change that custom and have her name, along with her husband and two sons' names, placed in the family history record.

Perseverance is the primary incredible quality that Libo possesses in overabundance. Chinese children's stories have themes of resistance and perseverance. Her father and mother were both resolute in their quest for a better life. When Libo was born, she was raised in a tent. Once she was diagnosed with polio, her parents worked and saved in order for her to have several surgeries with the hope that her polio would improve.

The surgeries did not improve Libo's gait and she became determined to live the life she wanted and to achieve her full potential. In 1992, Deng Xiaoping, encouraged entrepreneurship, boldness, and wealth building. It was a pivotal moment for China and for Libo's family. Her father opened his own business and the family was able to move from poverty to middle-class wealth.

Libo constantly set aggressive goals for herself and created plans for achieving her BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals). Her powerful personal journey includes bachelors, masters and PhD degrees, immigrating to the US, working at startups, obtaining her green card, competing in a century-mile bike event, learning karate, and continually tackling challenges.

Powerful passages include:

* When I am told no, I make my own yes

* I chose not to select the easy routes

* Life lesson: look ahead while still pedaling for the present

* Never forget what you truly want and keep inching toward your goals; keep moving

* View yourself as successful regardless of other people's opinions

* Timing can cause technology to succeed or fail in the blink of an eye

* A black belt is just a white belt who will never quit

* Comfort and growth don't go together

* Leap forward rather than limp forward

* My heritage is my fuel, shield and strength

Libo is an inspiration with her unwavering grit, determination and perseverance.

For readers who enjoy Limp Forward, they will also enjoy reading Standing Up After Saigon. It is a true story of Thuhang Tran, from Vietnam, who was diagnosed with polio as a toddler. Thuhang faced her challenges of family separation due to the Vietnam War, poverty, and immigration to the US with the same perseverance and drive as Libo.

Highly recommend!

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Fantastic & inspirational memoir about overcoming obstacles, keeping a positive attitude and working hard for your dreams.

I loved the accounts of growing up in China in the 70's and 80's and what everyday life was like for her. It's interesting the things we remember and that leave an impression. Her family life, living conditions, village life, being away from her parents & healthcare are all covered.

Must read!

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