The Cutting Edge

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Pub Date Jun 22 2023 | Archive Date Sep 08 2023

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A laugh-out-loud hockey romantic comedy perfect for fans of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, the Pucked seried by Helena Hunting, Meghan Quinn, and Pippa Grant!

Logan Rivers is a star pro hockey player for the St. Pete Slashers -- and he's in a slump.

He hasn’t scored in 3 games and it’s starting to freak him out.

Enter Olympic figure skater Coco, who strikes a deal with an assistant coach to be Logan's lucky charm to pay off her training expenses. Sparks fly and everything is looking up for both of them.

She’s almost got her debt paid off and the Slashers are on a winning streak. There's only one problem: she doesn’t know how to tell Logan she’s been lying to him the whole time.

If she can just keep her secret until the playoffs are over…

Click READ NOW to snag this swoony, steamy, hockey and figure skating romance.

A laugh-out-loud hockey romantic comedy perfect for fans of Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, the Pucked seried by Helena Hunting, Meghan Quinn, and Pippa Grant!

Logan Rivers is a star pro hockey player for...

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Featured Reviews

This a cute rom-com between Figure Skater Olympian Coco Charmant and NHL Hockey Captain Logan Rivers. This is a clean romance with a little drama. I really liked Coco and Logan and think they made a nice couple. Thank you NetGalley for an advanced ARC copy of this book.

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Such a lovely story between Coco & Logan! Coco ends up in the hospital after Logan sends a hockey puck straight into her head - the sparks are flying like the puck but will their relationship make it out of the hospital with Coco? Amazing writing, lovable characters and a series i can’t wait to continue

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A striking-out NHL hockey star, Logan Rivers crosses paths with a down-on-her-luck Olympic hopeful, Coco Charmont, after his shot goes astray during practice. The result will change Logan and Coco’s journeys forever. A delicious, heart-warming sports romance written against the backdrop of the NHL hockey league pressures and the demands and sacrifices placed on Olympians pursuing their dream with a degree of realism sometimes missing in other sports romances I have read, given these professions are high stakes and physically arduous.

The meet-cute of this story is genius and pulls you quickly to Logan and Coco’s lives. I thought the writing was cleverly done, especially since a good part of the book takes place on the backdrop of a hospital before ramping up into the glitz and glamour of the NHL Hockey stars' world that Coco is dragged into. I felt despite being confined to one room, the dynamics built there between Logan and Coco build their connection filling the pages with punchy banter and rip your heart will they won’t-they moments.

I felt the miscommunication trope was wonderfully executed within the story; twisting me up inside with knots as I longed for Coco and Logan to come together. Each pinnacle moment had a fresh twist and turn, keeping the pace and tension on building the love. I felt for Logan, there was almost an insta-love or fated element connection to Coco, portrayed from his pov. But things were a slow burn of highest and lows for Coco who feels more strains and tests from her growing attraction to Logan.
They are genuinely a perfect couple and a delight to read along their bumps in the road to falling in love with a HEA.

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4 stars for a cute and funny sports romance with a golden retriever hero.

The Cutting Edge follows Coco, an Olympic ice skater, and Logan, a professional hockey player, and their relationship after their "meet-cute" in which Logan accidentally hits Coco with a puck.
If I were to use a phrase from the book to describe it, I would use:
"Everybody loves a power couple, and there's something so utterly delicious about a figure skater and a hockey player falling in love."

- Single father
- Sports romance
- Friends to lovers (kind of)
- Caretaking, gift-giving
- Slow burn (as much as a book below 250 pages can be)

Things I liked:
- Pacing: the book is under 250 pages, so it wasn't too long or short. I read this book on a flight and almost in one sitting. I didn't get bored at any point.
- Dual POV.
- Writing was easy to read and understand (even for a non-native speaker).
- Poppy was just a fantastic child character. She was funny, smart, and just generally awesome.
- Both Coco and Logan have their ambitions and they respect and understand all the sacrifices professional sports demand of athletes.
- Logan taking care of Coco.
- Logan falls first and harder for Coco.
- Last chapters give a nice setup for the next book and color me intrigued. I will be definitely reading more from this author.

Things I didn't like:
- Third-act conflict: I saw it coming halfway through the book. It was resolved way too quickly (it happened around the 90% mark and not the 70% mark as usual) but since I didn't enjoy the conflict and didn't understand Coco's reasoning, I was glad it got resolved quickly.
- Both Logan and Coco have past traumas/bad experiences and I think they were just breathly mentioned but not really explored.
- Appearance of a certain character, just to create commotion, which did not really lead anywhere.

Let's talk spice:
Since it's a friends-to-lovers/slow-burn romance we don't really get any spice until the end and we get one scene (If I remember correctly) and I personally enjoyed it.

Regarding the editing and formatting of the ebook:
- In chapter 16 there was a dialog in which every character line didn't start on a new line.
- There were many dialogs where the line ended in a coma instead of a full stop. Sometimes inverted commas for the direct speech were put with extra spacing or closer to the non-direct speech, rather than to direct speech.

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Great storyline and character development made this book a hot and enjoyable read!
Extremely entertaining, captivating and interesting sexy read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong, intriguing characters. I want to read more from this author.

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Needed a light hearted romcom to break up some of my heavier reads
I enjoyed the dynamic between Coco, Logan and poppy; interesting to see how the single parent dynamic played out.

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"The Cutting Edge" by Lisa Daily is an enchanting fusion of hockey romance, romcom charm, and heartwarming moments. Cantered around Logan, a devoted single dad and hockey player, the story takes an unexpected turn when he unintentionally injures his daughter's ice skating teacher. The ensuing misunderstandings weave a delightful tapestry of humor and affection, leaving both Logan and the teacher hopelessly smitten.

The author expertly navigates the realm of insta-love, infusing it with authenticity and emotional depth. While some may view it as a cliché, Lisa Daily masterfully balances the characters' immediate connection with genuine struggles and personal growth, rendering their romance believable and relatable. Readers will revel in the palpable chemistry that permeates every stolen glance and tender moment shared between Logan and the teacher.

The allure of "The Cutting Edge" lies not only in its love story but also in the series of miscommunications that propel the plot forward. Each twist and turn injects excitement and anticipation, keeping readers on edge as they eagerly await the resolution of the characters' misunderstandings. It is through these obstacles that Logan and the teacher experience growth, allowing their connection to blossom into something truly profound.

Lisa Daily's writing style is engaging, characterized by its wit and vivid descriptions. The author's attention to detail brings the world of hockey to life, immersing readers in the sport's thrill and intensity. Furthermore, the dialogues are laced with humor, adding depth and charm to the overall narrative.

Was this review helpful?

I loved Coco and Logan!!!! They were such a fun pair to follow through their ups and downs. What I really valued most was how reliable Logan was a the male lead; he never wavered or had moments where he lacked morally. He was such a like able character that I was instantly drawn into his pursuit of Coco. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!!

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Wow, this book was a lot of fun! I’m glad I was able to read and finally get my nose into a Lisa Daily book! I’ve been attempting to read several of hers for a while now (I have a few in my kindle library waiting… now I know better than to wait and will bump them to the top of the TBR).

The basic premise has been seen before (yes - the movie of the same name starring the beloved Moira Kelly), where a hockey player and figure skater team up… but in actuality, this storyline is absolutely nothing like that! They don’t do any skating! Coco is an Olympic figure skater, yes, but she’s teaching kids between games to earn a living, and when one of her students is late being picked up, they go to find her dad who “works somewhere in the arena”… turns out he’s at another practice rink because he’s captain Logan Rivers of the NHL team practicing there, and had to stay overtime that day. In a bit of a rage after his meeting with the coach, he slap shots a puck that just happened to land on Coco’s head, and this lands her in the hospital with a very nasty concussion.

Queue the apology tour - Logan looking out for her and all her needs during recovery, and somehow getting her lucky necklace which turned into his lucky charm to turn his game around. His coach thinks it’s Coco being his lucky charm, so she’s suddenly got a job as Logan and the team’s lucky charm and mascot, while she’s still banned from the ice with the head injury… oh, and they’re also suddenly in a fake relationship.

A thoroughly enjoyable fake relationship, full of misunderstandings hockey and figure skating rom com - a definite recommendation! I had a few flavors of Helena Hunting and Pippa Grant while reading it, and I’m definitely a new Lisa Daily fan.

I received an advance review copy from NetGalley and Siesta Key, and this is my honest feedback.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a fun and cute read. I adored our main characters. Their banter and chemistry was fantastic and the "twist" near the end had me wondering how things would be resolved. Overall, a great sporty rom-com.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you Net Galley for sending me this ARC for my honest review!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

This book was so refreshing and was actually my first sports romance read! I enjoyed it from start to finish. Coco and Logan had my heart the entire way through, especially with their enjoyable banter and chemistry. Not only do I love a fun and light hearted romance, but I also love the single parent trope. Logan is an incredible dad and seeing him fall for Coco was everything I needed in this book. Definitely recommend. I will be picking up a physical copy ASAP to read it over and over again whenever.

Was this review helpful?

I thought this was a fun, lighthearted romance that kept me entertained the entire way through. I loved Coco and Logan as characters, and their budding relationship. While they fell incredibly fast it didn't feel forced. I will be giving my boyfriend a list of Logan's good deeds in this book to set the standard!

When it comes to the writing there were a few errors I picked up on during my read. Some examples included repeated paragraphs, simple typos, or switching between 1st and 3rd person. However, these are only minor things that can be fixed with editing easily.

Overall I rated this book four stars, and will definitely be open to reading more from this author in future!

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Amazing Hickey romance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Logan and Cocos story made me laugh out loud, smile like a loon, and get a little teary eyed! I can’t wait to read Lana & Cams story next.
The storyline was amazing, the characters were so relatable, and I loved the depth within the story! I 100% recommend

Was this review helpful?

The premise of this and the instalove between Coco and Logan is adorable, and it definitely intrigued me. Coco has a reputation as a lucky charm (especially when she loses) and after Logan sends her to the hospital with an accidental slapshot to the head, she becomes his lucky charm too. But it has everything to do with how happy she makes him feel.

The copy I read seemed to have some inconsistencies in terms of character back story, and a few plots were kind of thrown in there and resolved oddly (Brent especially, explains so much once you finally know the truth...what the hell?!?)

But this was a fun read for Logan's over the top simping, his love for his daughter Poppy, and the friendship between Coco and her bestie Marissa (I want Marissa's book!)

Was this review helpful?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

OMG!! I ate this book up! It was amazing!!! Especially since I’m missing hockey. These hockey romances are keeping me at bay while we are in the off season. This book was cute..not too spicy but just enough. I highly recommend this book. #TheCuttingEdge #NetGalley #hockey #hockeyromance #romance #sports #reading #read #fyp #booktok #bookreview #review #kindle #foryourpage #goal #viral #books #amazon #book #readingjourney #amazonkindle #relax #relaxing

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Cute and sweet hockey romance.

Love it, it reminds me a little bit of The Cutting Edge movie from the early 1990s.

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Hockey Player X Figure Skater
Cinnamon roll MMC
Fake dating (kind of)
Single dad
Gift-giver MMC
“I confess, I love the fact that her first instinct as she was coming to was to give me shit.”

“You’re not the kind of person who’s easy to forget.”

“Actually, I think you’ve got that backward, Nurse Barb. It’s my heart that starts beating faster when Coco's around.”

“I want to kiss you.”
“What’s stopping you?”
“Other than Nurse Barb? Nothing will – the second you say yes.”

“That one was for you.”
My phone dings, Logan.
“Yeah, you.”

“I don’t think there’s enough air conditioning in the state of Florida to cool me down when you’re anywhere around.”

“Careful, or I might get the wrong idea.”
“And what idea is that?”
“That you find me as irresistible as I find you.”

“You’re trouble.”
“And yet you love me anyway.”

I’ve spent my whole life fighting for control, but when I’m with Logan, I want nothing more than to lose myself in the joy and wonder of whatever’s happening between us. And that terrifies and excites me all at once.

I’m falling for this man – falling hard and fast, just like he said. And the scariest part is, I’m not afraid of the fall anymore. Not with Logan here to catch me.

Hockey player MMC and figure skater FMC? Count me in!
Coco Charmont an Olympic figure skater struggling with her finances so she gives figure skating classes to children. When one parent was late picking up one of the students - Poppy, they went to the hockey rink to look for Poppy’s dad. The next thing Coco knows is waking up in ER room. She soon learns that she was hit by a puck in the head by no other than Logan Rivers, a single-dad NHL star who is having a hard time with his play lately. She had a concussion leading to an almost 2-week-long hospital stay and prohibition from ice. Her olympic gold medal dream is on the edge of a knife with the prohibition and her growing expenses. Logan, on the other hand, is extremely sorry for his fault and does everything he can to make it up to Coco. Logan is an absolute cinnamon roll! Well, his uncountable gifts made me cringe a little but I love how he tries everything in his power to help Coco. I also LOVE their chemistry and constant teasing! There are a few minor flaws though. Did they disturb me while reading? Absolutely not. I honestly really LOVE the story!
Thank you Lisa Daily and Siesta Key for the digital copy via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

3.75 stars**
This book was so funny and cute that I could not get over it!! I'm a huge sucker for sports romances and single dad romances so when you put them together It's something that I can not resist. one of my favorite things in books with single parents is funny kids who don't have a filter or any type of awareness and just blurt things out and that was poppy for you. This was such a quick and fun read and I can't wait to read more from this author.

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The Cutting Edge follows Logan who is a professional hockey player who has not scored a goal in three days. Coco is a professional figure skater and teaches others how to skate. Coco and Logan meet due to some strange circumstances. Soon they start up a friendship that starts to develop into something more. The more time he spends with Coco the better his hockey game gets. Soon Coco agrees to be his good luck charm for the playoffs. After the playoffs are over will they still like each other? 

I am such a fan of hockey romances. I really liked this one. The only problem that I had was that this book was marketed as a steamy romantic comedy. Which was just not the case. They kissed like once and when it did get to the steamy parts it was closed door for the most part. So I do not think the book should have been marketed that way. Other than that I really liked this book. I loved Logan and Coco's relationship. I thought this was a really cute read. I know this is the first book in a series and I can not wait to read the other books. If you like hockey romance books I would give this one a read.

Was this review helpful?

An amazing story . Coco is a figure ice skater and she gives lessons to young kids . One of them is Poppy the daughter of the hockey player Logan Rivers the captain of the St. Pete Slashers . When he is late ti pick up his daugther from her lesson she goes to find him in the stadium and she ends up getting hit by the puck in the head . Logan feels awful for the accident and he spents the next days keeping company to Coco at the hospital . His feelings for her makes him have one of his best games of his careeer so he thinks she is his lucky charm . Coco now that she is injured she can't work or practice for the Nationals and there is a chance she won't be able to go to the Olympics . When one of Logan coaches asks her to be Logan lucky charm until the team wins the Cup and to pay her so she can afford all the expenses she accepts . What happens when she realises she is in love with him and she is lying to him ?
I received this book from net galley and the publisher as an ARC. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are my own .

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So many romance tropes all at once.
Single Dad ✔️
He falls first ✔️
Sports Romance✔️

This book was simply swoon-worthy. It warmed my heart and made
Me feel like I was tuning into my favorite romantic comedy. Can’t wait for book 2 in the series to see what happens next. If you’re a fan of Christina Lauren, Tessa Bailey or Meghan Quinn I think this is a book for you!

Was this review helpful?

A lovely book with a great cast of characters. Beautifully written and I got really invested in the story. I would highly recommend reading this one. A clever, engrossing story with fabulous characters.

Was this review helpful?

Give me a good hockey romance any day. Logan was perfect, and such a sweetie. Love a good kid sidekick too. Coco was great, but the third act break up seemed contrived. She was upset that he deceived her in the same way she deceived him and that was hard to swallow. Otherwise it was cute and I love a story where he falls first. Could have used more heat.

Was this review helpful?

I had never tried a sports romance book and I have realized it’s not for me. No fault of the book! I just need my romance to have sword fighting or magic or dragons 😅

Was this review helpful?

The Cutting Edge was a very enjoyable rom com. NHL player and single dad Logan met his daughter's skating coach Coco after accidentally hitting her in the head with one of his slap shots. After spending time with her in the hospital, they both start having feelings for one another. Now, we know that it can never be that simple. After some miscommunications, they do have their HEA.

It was a very solid read. I wish it could have been a bit more in-depth and longer, but I was happy to spend my time reading the latest from Ms. Daily.

Thank you to NetGalley, Siesta Key and Lisa Daily for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This story started off a little slow-paced and a little ridiculous but the minute Logan showed his true colors, I was sucked in completely. Who doesn’t love a big gruff honey player with a golden retriever personality? SIGN ME UP!

Logan and his daughter Poppy are who really hit got me! Poppy is so funny and intelligent, and Logan treats her the way she should be treated after all she has been through.

The two scenes that really made my heart sing were "I made that goal just for you" and "get your hands off of her!". You might as well have picked me up off the floor.

This great rom-com comes out on 6/22/2023 and it definitely deserves the attention.

Thank you so much Netgalley and the author for allowing me to be a part of your publishing!

Was this review helpful?

*I was provided with this book as an ARC via NetGalley*


So I didn’t overly enjoy this book, but I would summarise this as a cutesy, heartwarming, and easy-to-read romance.

One major issue (for me personally) is that some decent proof-reading and correction of punctuation and grammar was needed - not sure if this was done for Amazon’s kindle version but the ARC I received was littered with errors. For example, mis-use of speech marks, a character’s title switched between Ms and Mrs very frequently, and there was also a whole paragraph that was repeated, word for word, within the same chapter.

Aside from that, the plot was okay - nothing special but I guess still heartwarming. There were not any huge hand-to-heart “OH MY GOD” moments, and I felt like it was quite slow to get to the point. I think I was still reading about Coco being in the hospital at 50% of the way through the book which was just getting tedious for me. The most interesting part by that point had been when Coco popped off at Logan for being the cause of her potential downfall in life.

One major issue I had with this book - the front page describes this as a ‘steamy’ romance yet there is no ‘steam’ at over 50% in - literally only two kisses between Logan and Coco by that point. We do eventually get one slightly steamy scene at about 80% or so but it didn’t make up for the slow action to that point. Probably 1.5 chilli spices at most, and I would not have put “steamy romance” on the front cover.

To the good points, I really liked Poppy and Logan’s characters. Poppy is a sassy and funny five-year-old, and Logan is a super sweet man. I particularly enjoyed Logan’s possessive/Alpha male type vibes towards the end of the book during the encounter with Brent. I did also enjoy Coco’s sarcasm, but I wish we’d had more focus on her figure skating career.

Was this review helpful?

A lovely sports romance, light hearted and super sweet Coco and Logan are a match made in heaven.

It was a little bit predictable as all romcoms are, but there was plenty to keep you sucked in and sticking with the story. I was rooting for them from the beginning.

Was this review helpful?

This book started out so well. I really enjoyed the banter between the H and h in the beginning, especially in the hospital. I laughed several times.
I received an advanced copy, so editing may be done before it releases, but there was some repetition, and I felt parts needed fleshed out a bit more. Also, NHL players don't have their phones on the benches. They have tablets to review game footage.
This is the story of Coco, who is an Olympic figure skater who teaches children figure skating to pay for another trip to the Olympics. The father of her student Poppy is late picking her up. Coco needs to get to the hospital to help her neighbor, so she takes Poppy to the other rink to find her NHL playing father, Logan. When she walks in the rink, she blacks out. When she comes to, she's in the hospital because she took a slapshot to the head. What ensues is funny and cute. I liked it overall.

Was this review helpful?

3.5 rounded up because it was adorable.

This book is utterly ridiculous, totally unrealistic, tooth rotting sweet, and filled with the tropiest of tropes. But it's also just plain fun and fluffy and all of the above just adds to its charm..

Logan. Oof. There's something about a six foot plus giant of a man who's an absolute squishy cinnamon roll that really gets to me.

If you like hockey fairytale like rom-coms with a hint of spice, this is the book for you.

Was this review helpful?

First, thank you so much NetGalley for the ARC read!
This is such a sweet sports romance featuring a single dad hockey player and figure skater. The daughter Poppy was written so well into the story that it made interactions with Coco and Logan. It's such a cute story I just wish we got more of the development of their relationship and communicating through conflicts.
There were some moments where the dialogue and conflict had me a little confused - like how she got mad at him over the position but overall it was a cute story. Who doesn't love a hockey x figure skating romance?!

Was this review helpful?

Fast-paced hockey romcom with a happily ever after and a wee bit of spice! What I loved about this was the pace, this is a super quick read (bashed it out in an evening) and at no point did I really want to stop, it was all moving along nicely. Dialogue is quippy and funny. Most of the characters are just super likeable and the ones who aren't, we get indulged with a good ol "get your hands off her" scene! *chefs kiss*

Full disclosure, I've read a lot of hockey romances and I'll be honest my personal fave flavour is the gritter and/or spicier ones. However, I recognise the time and a place for a cosy laugh out loud fun read and this book definitely fits that bill.

Got a sneaky feeling I will be shipping Lana and Cam in the future... 👀

Was this review helpful?

Really cute hockey romance! And well a ice skating romance too.

Coco is an Olympian with dreams of returning for the next Olympics. She's living with her roommate/boss/best friend and barely making it.

She's also a coach too. One of her favorite skaters is late getting picked up and so she brings her to meet him and gets a puck to the head.

The guy who's puck hits her is her students dad, Logan.

What happens next is sad because you know, hospital and an injury. But, it's also cute because Logan is a sweetheart who's very, very sorry it happened but also very smitten with Coco.

This is a cute story but with also a deep dive into the hardship of ice skating for an Olympic hopeful. And also a little dive into the hockey world.

Was this review helpful?

This was a cute, quick read, with really likable characters and a fun story to keep it moving along. Granted, it’s a fiction story and a romcom at that, but there were quite a lot of scenarios/actions/scenes/etc that really strained credulity and took me out of the story. I’d love to read more from this author, though! Love her dialogue and characters :)

Was this review helpful?

This was a light, easy read and a fun way to spend a summer day off. As a hockey player myself, I appreciated the hockey culture aspect and the blend with figure skating is always fun. I also thought it was great to touch on concussions and the seriousness of them, as well as the impact it can have on an athletic career. Great characters throughout, thanks for the opportunity to read!

Was this review helpful?

I struggled a little with the dialogue, it was awkward at times but I mostly liked the banter between the characters. I also liked this story line and the pacing. There was some spice although I wish that main part was a longer scene. And the miscommunication trope was good but rather quick. That’s mostly fine though I think the book still delivered what it promised.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to Siesta Key, Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

This was a really fun read, light and swoony. I remember the 90's movie, The Cutting Edge, about a hockey player who becomes a figure skater, so I was expecting something a little different.. But the story-line did not disappoint. There was plenty of chemistry between Logan and Coco.

I finished this book in a few hours and it was just what I needed to escape for a while.

Was this review helpful?

I am a big fan of hockey romance! I like the concept of the book- the fmc, Coco, is a figure skater and she teaches kids to ice skate. The mmc, Logan, has a 5 year old daughter that is in her class. Coco and Logan meet in the hospital after Coco gets hit in the head by a puck he shot. Romance ensues!

Overall this was a cute story. Things got a little too unbelievable towards the end for me, but I still think it was a cute read. If you like single dad, sports/hockey romance I am sure you will enjoy this book.

Was this review helpful?

I love love loved this book. I enjoy the dynamic between the main characters and also really enjoyed the side characters. I would have loved to see a POV of him when he hit her so if you ever decide to sneak it in please let me know! but 5 stars for sure I finished this book in like 3-4 hours. I could NOT put it down and I am very excited for Cam and Lanas story as well!

Was this review helpful?

Logan is in a slump, and the only thing that seems to help is Coco, an Olympic figure skater who has been coaching his daughter. This story is equal parts laugh out loud hilariousness and cavity inducing sweetness. Not too spicy, but super adorable. If you don’t mind the miscommunication trope, you’ll love this story.

P.S. Poppy is the cutest little girl ever!

Was this review helpful?

NHL hockey star and single dad Logan Rivers meets Coco Charmont when his puck hits her in the head putting her in the hospital. Coco is his five year old daughters skating instructor and she is also an Olympic figure skater. She placed fourth in the last Olympics and hopes to do better in the next. Logan has been in a scoring slump but after meeting Coco his luck seems to change. If your dream man is a wealthy and thoughtful gift giver Logan is the heartthrob for you.

I do have some issues with the storyline. Anyone with a new concussion should not be watching tv as it slows recovery. Coco watches Logan’s game while in the hospital. Also I’m not sure how Logan would not know his daughter is being taught by an Olympian. She has a gold medal as a member of the team competition. It defies logic to me but I will go with it for the story. And I didn’t need her ex to show up near the end for Logan to become a caveman protector. But otherwise this is all a very gentle and nice romance with a little heat.

I didn’t mark down for it because books on NetGalley are ARCs and not always fully edited. But there is proofreading errors, a saw a section of line duplication and some typos. I also had formatting problems where the book on my devices were aligned with the right side of the page, making reading more difficult. I assume those glitches will be fixed but I am mentioning them as current feedback.

Thank you Lisa Daily and Siesta Key for the ARC via NetGalley. In a surprise to me I am friends with Lisa on Goodreads as I enjoy her book reviews. I didn’t realize she is an author in her own right. I am leaving a voluntary review.

Was this review helpful?

love love a hockey romance and this was no exception.

i wouldn't necessarily say that it was steamy but it was a cute fun sweet read that was a good time. i loved poppy and all the nicknames logan had for her.

there wasn't a lot of conflict in this book and i would have liked to meet the WAGs a bit more but overall was an enjoyable read

thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Was this review helpful?

I love a good hockey romance, and while the story was quick and sweet, the writing was a bit rushed and almost annoying.

Maybe I was looking for something more plot- and character-driven. Poppy wasn't as irritating as some children can be in single-parent romances and Logan wasn't some a-hole like some hockey players in hockey romances.

It wasn't my favourite, but it was enjoyable and I'm sure someone will really love it.

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<b>plot: 3/5
spice level: white people butter chicken </b>

love love love a hockey romance! it is with great excitement that I began reading The Cutting Edge and I instantly fall in love with our leading lady Coco. The way she and Logan meet is extremely hilarious and their banter and flirting is top-notch. This is an easy read, with conflict resolved snappily and big happily ever afters for all involved.

...and unfortunately, that is where my grievances lie - I will confess that I love to see characters suffer and I prefer stories where not everything is resolved perfectly like in a disney movie.

(plot spoilers ahead! advert your eyes now!)

Coco gets gold in her National qualifiers, Logan and his team win every match and then the coveted Cup. I find it so incredibly unsatisfying that the ~<i>power of lurve</i>~ gave them everything they wanted without a struggle. I wanted to see character development and growth (I'd love to see Logan's team losing despite Coco being there).
The big conflict did not make sense to me at all LOL. Coco is upset at Logan for creating a a position for her to get her paid to be a 'lucky charm' but she took the position knowing that she was bullshitting and lying to him. Then home girl gets mad that Logan lies to her about the origins of the position? Maam you are not innocent here. Also, Logan, if you wanted to pay her hospital bills... then do it? Why did you have to make this complex scheme? She has no qualms about accepting all your other big expensive gifts 😭😭😭

on the topic of gifts, I had to skim-read a couple of pages where she was in the hospital and was being SHOWERED in presents; it was so much I almost cringed. But that is a jaded me problem I suspect - I love rich characters flexing their wealth...but this felt a little,,, immature... to send her facials, massages, robes, puppies?! while she was lying in bed with a hairline fracture. *big exhale* sorry had to get that off my chest

that said, this <i>is</i> a cheesy hockey romance, I am not going to damn it because of extreme cheese and lack of plot development - I just will not recommend it if you are looking for something a bit meatier

**ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Great banter, but when Coco gets angry at Logan for keeping the same secret she was keeping, it was annoying!

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Although the miss communication wasn’t my favorite in some parts, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and the banter was 10/10. I also loved poppy and I don’t usually love kids in books, but she was soo funny and cute.

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The Cutting Edge by Lisa Daily is the sweet (not spicy) story of Coco and Logan.

Coco is trying to make it to the Olympics and Logan is an NHL player going for the Stanley Cup. They meet when a puck goes absolutely where it shouldn’t – upside Coco’s head!

This is a pretty straight forward romance without a lot of conflict, but is still a great way to spend the afternoon. You can’t go wrong if you like hockey romances – but don’t expect the spice, it’s not really there.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC. All opinions are my own.

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Thank you Netgalley for providing this arc!
I really have a thing for hockey romances. Which is weird bc I loathe hockey players, but I loveeeeee a hockey romance.
ESPECIALLY when we also have an Olympic figure skater as our FMC.
And the single dad trope 😭😭😭😭😭😭
And the shit I almost killed you with a puck to the head trope 👀
Anyway this was SO cute and I cannot get over how head over heels Logan is for Coco. And Poppy 🥺 I love her and need more.
I have 2 problems— number one being that this went by too quickly and I need book 2 tonight. The other being with just the general concept in hockey romance of “puck bunnies” it’s a personal problem 😂
Anyway you can find me eagerly awaiting book 2 (Cam & Lana I think are going to give me a run for my money).

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Coco, an Olympic figure skater working towards her last shot at the gold, is already known for being a good-luck charm. When she takes a hockey puck to the head from heartthrob team Captain Logan, who is going through a losing streak, she’s offered a deal that will help them both achieve their dreams. But keeping a secret is hard when they’re both falling for each other.

This book is a quick, sweet read. If gift-giving is your love language, Logan is the perfect leading man. There are an unfortunate and distracting amount of typos in the version I read, but not enough to prevent me from finishing the book. While I love a quick read, I wish the book had been longer. Coco and Logan have such chemistry, seeing it play out in more than a handful of chapters after the climax would’ve been great. Maybe readers will get more of them in book two.

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