Cosmic Companion Workbook

A Guide for Incorporating Astrology Into Your Life

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Pub Date 26 Sep 2023 | Archive Date 07 Sep 2023

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The Cosmic Companion Workbook: A Guide for Incorporating Astrology Into Your Life offers an interactive foundation in astrology, including insight on your sun, moon, and rising signs, and other features of your birth chart.

The world of astrology is a vast ocean of concepts and ideas that can appear intimidating when encountered. However, it is the allure of knowing more of oneself that draws us into this sphere of astrological symbology, birth chart comprehension, and nothing more than the pure magic of what truly connects us humans to the stars. While seemingly daunting, The Pulp Girls open this portal by providing a beginner-friendly guide to understanding the zodiac, the Cosmic Companion Workbook, which incorporates your star sign into your day-to-day life. 

This guided workbook incorporates writing passages, prompts to get you started on your journey to understanding your star sign, and some guided activities. Utilize this workbook to practice and better your astrological comprehension.

This guidebook includes twelve sections, one dedicated to each star sign, that will help you become more attuned to many aspects of your own, and others’, signs including topics surrounding:

  • Self-care style
  • Magic potions for the signs
  • Communication styles
  • Preferred mixology
  • Emotional needs
  • Love languages

...and many more that will quench your thirst for an expertise in every astrological sign!

By connecting to your birth chart and star signs, you are embarking on a journey of true knowledge of self. Paired with stunning and diverse illustrations, this is the perfect guidebook for astrology lovers and anyone interested in entering the astrology world! 

The Cosmic Companion Workbook: A Guide for Incorporating Astrology Into Your Life offers an interactive foundation in astrology, including insight on your sun, moon, and rising signs, and other...

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Featured Reviews

I have been a student of astrology for many years, I'm not usually impressed by most beginner astrology books, i find them too basic and not enough information. When I opened this workbook and started to read it, I was thoroughly impressed. I have never seen a workbook that actually made you think and apply what you learned to gain a greater and more relatable understanding of astrology. The keyword being relatable. There is nothing basic about astrology, you can spend a lifetime learning and not mastering it fully.

The questions in each section make you think about how things affect you, what you've noticed, applying it to different aspects of your life. It even gives the tarot cards associated with each sign. You're encouraged to use your own birth chart as a learning tool to understand astrology and how it not only applies to your personality, but how it can affect your daily life. It even covers mercury retrograde and how you feel this transit.

Lets talk about the artwork in this workbook! It is colourful, ecstatically pleasing, fun and whimsical. I found the book very well organized and with a great flow. I found the design very alluring and enchanting. It just makes you want to pick out your best coloured pens and participate in the magic of learning.

I've studied astrology for well over 20 years and even though this is a beginners workbook, it made me want to participate in this enchanting experience. I feel regardless of level of study anyone can enjoy this workbook, especially for inner work. I will be recommending this to clients and I really hope the authors continue this style of workbooks not only with astrology, but with other topics like tarot, crystals, herbs and workbooks that are for more advanced users.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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This book is so cute. If you're new to the practical applications of astrology like I am, this is a must-read. I can't wait to purchase this workbook and actually use it. The colors are stunning, the layout makes so much sense, and the language used is so beginner friendly. I think this is perfect for someone who's just starting their astrology journey and wants to go more in-depth with their chart.

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This bright colourful book is just like The Pulp Girls vibe we know and love. The journal prompts are really great to make you think and consider things in relation to each topic. Lots of information but in a friendly and relatable manner that makes this journal a joy to fill in.

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I love everything about this workbook / journal! It is organized really well, has great information, gets the reader excited about astrology and provides fun prompts. The styling and artwork is really fantastic.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC!

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This book is very cute. The graphics are beautiful and everything is explained well. This book breaks down astrology in easy to understand categories.

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I’ve been following The Pulp Girls on instagram for a while now and I love seeing their creativity entwined with astrology. I was excited when I came across this book because I’ve been a long-time fan!

For someone who hasn’t looked deep into astrology, this was a cute and informative graphic for beginners! I enjoyed the interactive aspect of it, and being more spiritually in tune with myself. I took a lot from this book, and have been so eager to talk about it with my best girl friends. After reading this and learning more about myself through astrology, I’ve been able to construct deeper and more meaningful connections with those around me

Side note: the illustrations are beautiful.

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Oh my gosh, I loved the artwork and contents of this workbook! I have a list of family members I plan to gift it to for Christmas. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC. Five stars. Easy to understand and helpful guides for understanding your astrological sign and more!

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As a follower and fan of The Pulp Girls and an avid practioner of astrology, I had to check this book out! It served to be a delightfully, wonderfully interactive read full of all the joy and colorful, diverse art that I've come to associate with Pulp Girls. The journal prompts were engaging and enjoyable, the information was basic enough for anyone to understand while still giving more advanced astrologers something to absorb, and the tone was a perfectly balanced blend of breezy and thoughtful. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to learn more about themselves or start their astrological journey!

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The illustrations are absolutely adorable! Super cute & girly.

This workbook/journal is easy to read and follow for a newbie such as myself. Perfect amount of information (on such a huge topic) to easily start your astrology journey.

Before reviewing this book I never heard of the Pulp Girls…I’m now following them on Instagram and loving their page aesthetic.

I added this book in my Amazon List. I am definitely buying this book as a Christmas gift for my teenage daughter and niece!!!

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**I would like to thank NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group – Rock Point, and The Pulp Girls for an ARC of this book! This will be available on 9/26/23!**

This was a fun read! Since it was a workbook, you aren't just reading a few blurbs and all of a sudden the book is over. There are questions and prompts to really get you thinking. The focus isn't just on your Big 3, its about your entire House. Even past the astrology standpoint, there were some great questions that truly made me think and look deeper within myself.

What really sets this apart from similar books is the artwork. It was visually stimulating and eye-catching. I enjoyed reading through it, and also wanted to flip and see what art was on the next page as well. While I had the digital copy, I sincerely hope the hard copy incorporated glitter and metallic into the masterpiece of my dreams.

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Such a fun, insightful book! I loves the journaling concept and spiritual elements. Beautiful colours and drawings throughout the book which is appealing and captivating.

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A really cute, easily accessible guide to astrology. I could have done without the compatibility section because I feel like astrological compatibility is incredibly nuanced and can be a bit misleading for people sometimes when they're beginning to learn about it. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this workbook!

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The Cosmic Companion Workbook is perfect for the complete beginner - I knew a little before starting this workbook and have always had an interest but nothing has prompted me to start diving any deeper before. The workbook gently guides you through the information with fun little tasks and questions along the way.
I've added this to my Amazon Wish List so that I have a physical copy to refer back to and to carry out the activities in the workbook itself.

On top of all the well written information, all the colours used are enticing and the art work is beautiful. I wasn't following The Pulp Girls on IG before, but I definitely am now!

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I have tried to study astrology for many years, but it always felt overwhelming. This workbook makes that first step into astrology much easier. This is not a book that just will drop the information, will let you deal with it on your own and walk away. Although it’s packed with very useful information, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or stressful.

At the beginning of the book the authors explain what will be needed to do the work, and be sure those tools are used all throughout the book (nothing complicated, just some pens and any beautiful decor you want to use. It’s your journey after all!). Each explanation comes with exercises and space for reflection. You are encouraged to work with your birth chart. It makes the journey more personal, as well as to make easier to understand and learn all the information given. The workbook is written in an informal way, and avoids difficult terms that can discourage people.

The art of the book is amazing. From the cover to the very end, every single image is a beautiful piece of art. This, combined with the fun way the authors redacted the reflection exercises, have made me enjoy the book even more. I received this as RAC, but I will definitely buy my own physical copy and do the work properly. I’m sure I will keep using it as reference and refresher over the years. This book has washed away all headaches I had every time I tried to start learning about astrology.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the digital RAC in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Super cool! I'm really impressed with this one. Every page is interactive and personalised for you, no matter what sign you are. Going through each sign, element, house and more. Fun and simplified with cute illustrations and colours. Loved it.

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The Cosmic Companion workbook by The Pulp Girls was such a nice breath of fresh air when it comes to interactive astrology! I have been a long follower of The Pulp Girls on socials and just absolutely adore their designs and takes on astrology with the crossovers to pop culture. This workbook is a fabulous tool for both beginners and those familiar with astrology who are wanting a refresher. The book is broken down by zodiac signs, elements, modalities, planets, houses, stelliums, chart rulers, your big three, the vibes each sign emits, compatibility in all types of relationships, and further fun interactive ways of thinking about how each person’s chart represents their personality and behavior like creating playlists and which tarot card someone is, occurrences ie moon phases, retrograde, etc. I love that through out the book there are check-ins to ensure the info resonates. I will absolutely be recommending this to those who are interested in exploring and learning more about astrology. I am so grateful to The Pulp Girls, Quarto Publishing Group, and NetGalley for the free arc!

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