Inner Child Healing With Your Breath

Escape from Dark Psychology Manipulation

Narrated by Brieanna Johnson
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Pub Date Jan 06 2023 | Archive Date Jan 01 2024

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This insightful guide for beginners will show you everything you need to know to nourish yourself from the inside out... all with the power of your breath. Inside, you’ll discover:

You spend every single day doing something that has the power to soothe your pain... Now it's time to make sure it does.

Did you know that you breathe in an average of 13 pints of air every single day? That takes you about 20,000 breaths...

Those 20,000 daily breaths keep you alive and healthy... and most of them, you’re not even aware of.

But where the magic really happens is when you make some of those breaths conscious...

Extensive research has shown that conscious breathing practice can help you fight stress, anxiety, and depression... and even reduce your blood pressure.

Your breath has a vital link with your body, mind, and spirit... and when you develop conscious breathing techniques, you nurture a tool that can help you manage your emotions, improve your confidence, and help you with your relationships and decision- making – all with breaths you were going to take anyway!

Breathing has the power to transform you... and inside you, is an inner child who’s crying out for that transformation.

Every single person carries scars from their past, and all those scars build up, making you more susceptible to stress and anxiety – conditions often so subtle you don’t even know they’re affecting you.

And you’re about to unlock the secret to not only softening those scars, but to building up resilience to everyday stressors and strengthening every facet of your life.

  • The mechanics of breathing (understand exactly what your body’s doing so you can consciously harness its power)
  • What ‘the monkey mind’ is, and how you can silence it
  • The history of breathing in the major religions – gain crucial insight into how your breath relates to your spirit
  • Why yoga is about far more than twisting your body into difficult shapes... and the essential breathing practices you can take from it
  • Everything you need to know about how qigong and reiki relate to your breathing
  • The spiritual power of words... and how you can use them to transform your life
  • Exactly why mantras are useful – and how to use them for optimum effect
  • Why intimacy is so much more than what most people think of... and why understanding yourself is key to all of it
  • How to spot dark psychological manipulation – and how to break free from it when you do
  • The cause – and effect – of your insecurity... and how you can turn the tables
  • Why listening is your secret superpower (plus how to boost your skills)
  • The #1 practice you can work into your life for improving your peace and wellbeing
  • How everything ties back into your breath and body – with clear breathing guidance

And much more.

If you’ve ever doubted the power of breathing exercises or simply thought they were more trouble than they’re worth, it’s time to think again: This is your answer to a happier, healthier, and more confident you.

You spend every single day breathing... Why not harness its power, and use it to bring you physical, emotional, and spiritual relief?

Transform your whole life with nothing more than the power of your breath.

This insightful guide for beginners will show you everything you need to know to nourish yourself from the inside out... all with the power of your breath. Inside, you’ll discover:

You spend every...

Advance Praise


Absolutely a great read, so helpful for my classes yoga and meditation. It was also full of history knowledge about breathe work which sometimes is hard to find. I will definitely be using this for my teaching classes in yoga, meditation and breath work. Must have for anyone into learning about breath or more knowledge than they already have."


Absolutely a great read, so helpful for my classes yoga and meditation. It was also full of history knowledge about breathe work which sometimes is hard to find. I will definitely...

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Featured Reviews

so important to our wellbeing, breathing is life itself. Lovely little book but contains so much information and guidance. Will re read again as I would like to understand more about reiki. The flow of the book is really easy to follow and simply explained for everyone. Thank you #NetGalley for the audiobook to review.

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Amazing and tips I’ll be putting into action. This insightful guide for beginners will show you everything you need to know to nourish yourself from the inside out... all with the power of your breath. Inside, you’ll discover:

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A breath of fresh air! This was a pleasant audiobook based on breath and breathing works. Discussing religions, the history of, mantras, Qigong and Reiki (my passion). I'm a Reiki Practitioner and not enough people understand what Reiki is and what we do, in particular the five precepts we follow, For today: I will not worry, I will not be angry, I will be honest, I will be compassionate and I will be humble. Ofcourse its easier said than done to not worry, we are hunan after all but where do we get ourselves by worrying? Using the breath work, we can reduce anxiety thus preventing stress and anger.
The audio looks at insecurities in relationships, manipulative relationships etc and I think what they are trying to point out is that breath work can control stresses and strains and help you to see clearly, possibly using meditation which is quite right.
Don't knock it before you try it!
If you are into this type of thing you will love it!
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an advanced Audiobook in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you netgalley for an advanced ARC of this book

While listening to the audiobook I enjoyed listening to the information given about stuff, especially chapter 2 where you learn about religions and beliefs as well as how breathing is so important in all these different cultures. I think this book is good for people who want to learn about how important Breath is in healing and cultures/religions around the world, I am interested in starting mediation so this gave me more info to do that with + I am on a Inner healing journey but I didn't see much to do with child inner healing... but in chapter 3 the exercises there are good to do and I am going to make some of them apart of my daily habit.

For beginners of wanting to start mediation I do this this book would be good to read

Was this review helpful?

This was interesting but it doesn't seem to be what it was advertised. It sounded like it was going to be tips and exercises for healing, but it was mostly going back through different disciplines that use breathing as a technique. And the history and descriptions were interesting but not as helpful as I'd hoped. Thanks to NetGalley for letting me listen to this

Was this review helpful?

This is deeply soothing listen and I recommend it! I've always been curious about how breath work can help me in my daily life. As a C-PTSD survivor, I find this book so incredibly empowering

Was this review helpful?

This books contains many different breath work patterns useful for calming one’s self and clearing one’s mind. Will you with family, schools, and in therapeutic practice.

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC audio in exchange for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

I read a few books on the healing science of breathwork and I began practicing one of many techniques that are available. Its been six months and the practice has helped me physically and emotionally. I needed it for a stressful issue that I been dealing with for a lifetime, but incorporating Breath Practice with my meditation daily had given me great results. It really is amazing how our breath can really help with stress and other situations. I recommend this book and strongly encourage everyone to incorporate breathwork into their self-care routine. I hope folks are willing to invest in their well being with these holistic practices. #Netgallery

Was this review helpful?

A good overview of ways to get oneself regulated. As a heads-up for people with religious trauma in their backgrounds or who just do not find Christian references helpful to achieving a state of calm: you probably want to avoid the Religion & Breath chapter (the 2nd chapter) as it has some pretty significant Christian guidance. The rest of the book is secular and mostly an exploration of how East Asian cultures (particularly Japan) facilitate their calm using breathing techniques. I looked the author up to make sure this wasn't a white person exoticizing other cultures for profit; the author is Japanese and immigrated to the U.S. so this is an example of sharing cultural heritages in authentic ways as best as I can tell. I listened to the audiobook version and the narrator (to my English-only-fluent ears, though I live in a multilingual household where Cantonese and Mandarin are both heard constantly) did well with the pronunciations of the East Asian words (there were Chinese, Japanese, and a few from India as well as maybe a couple other languages mixed in that I'm forgetting). Audio production was very good and I'm hoping that the pronunciations were all accurate.

Was this review helpful?

This audiobook is a great tool in the journey of healing our inner child. It was informative and I really enjoyed the practices. I found myself feeling much more centered by doing them. It’s helpful to just even be reminded of the importance of mindful breathing.

My only complaint is that there was something a little robotic about the narrators voice. All in all, I feel like this is a positive addition to anyone’s healing experience.

Thank you NetGalley for this advanced copy.

Was this review helpful?

I'm always looking for more resources on healing my inner child. I was impressed with this audiobook about the topic. The narrator's voice was spot on for this type of subject. I managed to learn so much about breath work and ways to use it for healing. Thanks to NetGalley for the recording in exchange for my honest review. Five stars!

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This book was informative and really makes you think. Breathing is something we all do. All day every day. We overlook it and take advantage of its importance. As someone who has panic attacks you learn the importance of taking a nice slow deep breath as you try to focus on anything other then the panic attack. I love that this book goes threw different practice that focus on the importance of breath and how doing something so simple mindfully can change our lives. I enjoyed hearing how other practices use breath work. I will definitely be looking into some of these practices more.

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