Plug and Claim: An addictive enemies-to-lovers Steamy Dark Paranormal Romance

Plug and Claim Duology Book 1

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Pub Date 31 Dec 2023 | Archive Date 24 Dec 2023

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She was ready to fight. She was ready to resist capture. But she was not ready for him, nor the collar he placed around her neck.

This is Book 1 of the Plug and Claim duology, a very spicy enemies-to-lovers Paranormal Dark Romance with BDSM. The story takes place in an adult academy setting in a world ruled by vampires, where wolves are subjugated and reduced to mere pets. It features a slow-burn, age-gap romance between a domineering male vampire, and a strong female wolf shifter, who are both hiding a dangerous secret from each other.

Plug and Claim is a hot, emotional read, with addictive fast-paced chapters full of praise, degradation, banter, and a slow burn age gap romance with dark taboo themes. The duology becomes progressively darker (see content warnings below). If you're not already on your knees, you will be.


She was ready to fight. She was ready to resist capture. But she was not ready for him, nor the collar he placed around her neck.

Haunted by her dark past, nineteen-year-old wolf shifter Kira enrolls in Volmasque Academy with a single goal: to unite the wolf packs and overthrow their vampire oppressors. Little does she know that she's caught the attention of a dangerous enemy, one who would kill her if he discovered her secret.

Nathaniel, a powerful vampire with an icy heart, humiliates Kira in order to claim her for himself. He expects her to sit, and stay, and wear a plug like a good pet. But Kira is not so easily tamed, and she is not his pet—she is his death.

As Kira and Nathaniel navigate a dangerous power dynamic, forbidden desires rise to the surface, threatening to reveal their true natures, and they will both discover just how far they are willing to go for revenge, power...and even love.

Unleash your darkest fantasies with Plug and Claim, a fast-paced spicy duology with short chapters that will have you turning the pages aching for more.


• Steamy with spice rating of 5/5

• M/F Dark Romance

• Enemies to Lovers

• Paranormal College Academy

• Age Gap (19F / 29M)

• New Adult (18+)

• Book 1 has a cliffhanger ending, with a HEA (Happily Ever After) in Book 2

• Praise / Toys

• Dom / Sub

• Slow-burn romance

• Vibes:

"Get on your knees."

"Teach me."

"Yes, I am out of my fucking mind, he’d wanted to reply. I’m out of my fucking mind waiting for you. I am in pain when you are far, and in pain when you are near and I cannot touch you. I need you close, and I need you forever. Most of all, I need you alive."


⚠ Contains dark themes, and the duology grows darker as the books progress.

⚠ Is written in British English—expect variations in spelling

Please see start of book for a full list of content/trigger warnings.

◆ FAQ: ◆

This is Book 1 of the Plug and Claim duology and releases Dec 31st 2023.

Book 2 Plug and Tame is the epic conclusion to the duology and will rapidly release a month later on Jan 31st 2023

Word count: ~90,000

She was ready to fight. She was ready to resist capture. But she was not ready for him, nor the collar he placed around her neck.

This is Book 1 of the Plug and Claim duology, a very spicy...

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Featured Reviews

I couldn't put this book down, finished it in a day. Now this book has some very spicy scene that I thought the author wrote well. These scene play nicely in5o the plot of the book. I like that their was a balance between the plot and the spicy scene. The author does give a warning before reading about the spicy scene and that they left it on a cliff hanger. However I was so involved in reading the story that I didn't realize that I had gotten to the last chapter till it just ended. I can't wait to read the next book. I need to know what happens to the characters.

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This is a hot and steamy book with a love story doomed from the beginning! Kira grew up knowing how her life was supposed to be and determined to change it for her and all of the wolves. Meeting Nathaniel changed everything and nothing, she still has her own fate in mind, even if the more she learns about him the harder it is to hate all of the vampires. Nathaniel is also keeping secrets and right when we should learn everything from him there is a cliffhanger ending! Be prepared for the cliffhanger and the wait for book 2, I am dying to find out what happens next!

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This is the first book of two and having read this one, I am really looking forward to the next book in the series!

The characters were well developed and I loved the mix of personalities and getting to know them as they book progressed

The book had a well developed and planned out storyline and I thought it was really well written. It really held my attention and I flew through the pages as I wanted to find out what was happening – not one for the feint hearted!

The characters were well developed and I loved the mix of personalities and getting to know them as they book progressed

It is 4 stars from me for this one, I really enjoyed it – highly recommended

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Are you sick and tired of just another grown up Twilight? Have you been craving a vampire werewolf romance set in a fantasy world with the spice dialed up as far as it can go? Then congratulations our prayers have been answered! This sexy story will pull you in and never let you go, much like our heroine Kira as she finds herself ensared by the vampire prince.

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While this book isn't my usual genre it was a fun and easy read. It is 10/10 spicy - like a really spicy 50 Shades of Grey mixed with Fantasy. There were a few parts that were out of my comfort zone but overall it was a really great story that kept me engaged and reading.

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I would rate this book 3.5 stars. I feel that the plot was a good speed and that the characters were enjoyable to read about. The book had some typos here and there. I loved that it had a dual POV and that the characters didn't get along immediately. I enjoyed that the mmc had sweet moments to the fmc so he wasn't being an ass all the time in the beginning. The ending definitely got me I wasn't expecting that turn of events with his father.

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I really enjoyed this book, the first part of the Plug and Claim duology. We're introduced to a world where wolf shifters must attend an academy ruled by vampires. At the beginning, we meet Kira, a wolf shifter, who Nathaniel, a vampire, comes to take to the academy and teach obedience. I instantly liked Nathaniel because, despite being fascinated by Kira, he remained a dark and cynical vampire. I loved the exchanges between the main characters. The world is well-crafted, and the writing style is really pleasant to read. I expected a bit more 'dark' in dark romance, but the spice makes up for it. I give it a 4/5 because some aspects bothered me, like the constant mention of Kira's virginity or her change in behavior after the first setback. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the second volume!

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Kira, a wolf shifter, has one goal and its revenge for her people and her family. Determined to succeed, she intentionally gets captured by the vampires in order to infiltrate the Volmasque Academy in search of a wolf pact to help further her revenge. Volmasque Academy is known for teaching wolf shifters to be subservient to vampires in the bedroom and in life. Nathaniel, a vampire, ends up claiming Kira and sets off to tame her but Kira is headstrong. With their constant need to challenge each other their feelings get complicated.

“Plug and Claim” by Darcy Fayton was so spicy. It was so spicy however that I didn’t actually care about the main story plot until the last 40 pages. It was really good though if you like super erotic books with enemies to lovers, dark romance, BDSM, Dom/Sub, degrading kinks, paranormal, and age gaps. I got the feeling during reading though that the story line will be more important in the second book then it was in the first book, which I felt was set up more for character development. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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The characters were adequately developed, contributing to the overall narrative. The plot, added a satisfactory element of surprise and suspense. The author's writing style is solid, making each page a decent read. The atmospheric descriptions enhanced the experience, although some parts felt a bit lenghty. With careful attention to detail and a touch of creativity in storytelling, the narrative drew me in. While it met many expectations, there were moments when I wished for more clarity in certain aspects. Regardless, I enjoyed reading this book.

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Thank you Darcey and Netgalley for the chance to read this book for an honest review.

I rate this an easy 4.5⭐️
The plot was great and the story hooks you from the start. I would of liked a little more but I’m hoping a lot of the secrets will reveal themselves properly in the 2nd book we did get a feel for some at the end.

The secondary characters sissies, victors and felix complimented the main characters so well, also hoping to see more of them in the next book.

My only dislike about this book was the cover. I know the saying is don’t judge a book by it’s cover and this is definitely a perfect example of this. But I feel this cover could of been so much better it doesn’t draw me in I would normally scroll past this. This might be just me but it doesn’t take away how well written this book is.

Looking forward to the next instalment

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📖: Plug and Claim
🖋️: Darcy Fayton
🗓️: 12/31
⭐️: 5 of 5
🌶️: 5 of 5
💬: “I will never abandon you, pet. You will always belong to me.”

⚠️: Please check the warnings as this book may not be suitable for all readers. As always, protect your mental health.💛

Tropes, Topics & Themes:
✨Dark Romance
✨Paranormal College Academy
✨Enemies to lovers
✨BSDM & Dom/Sub

Kira has spent years in hiding among the humans but shifts to her wolf form as a plan to be reported to the vampire authorities.

As an act of revenge, she gets herself enrolled at the academy that is run by the Vampire king. Where not only do vampires attend but wolf shifters are trained to be pets to their masters.

“Last chance, pet. I will not ask you again. Will you be good for me?”
Nathaniel is used to always getting what and who he wants. When he meets the strong-willed Kira who won’t easily bow down to him. He has his eyes set on making her his.

“Watch out, Nathaniel. This wolf has fangs.”
Victoria is one of my favorite characters and Nathaniel’s best friend. As the story continues we learn that not only is Nathaniel powerful, but he is so much more.

“My dear pet…over the coming days, I will show you exactly how a vampire prince claims his wife. In the meantime, your body will make for good practice.”

From obsession, determination, revenge, and desire.

Can Kira get the wolf packs to gain control back from the vampires? Will Nathaniel continue to follow in his father’s footsteps?

I loved this book and devoured it in a couple of hours! That cliffhanger was brutal! I need the second book already!🔥🔥

Thank you, Darcy Fayton and Netgalley for this EARC! As always, my review is my opinion and thoughts. This review will be shared on my Instagram @Alexandriavwilliams_ shortly.

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❤️‍🔥Plug and Claim A Sexy Dark Paranormal Romance ❤️‍🔥 by @darcyfaytonauthor

My Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SPICE 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

I absolutely loved this book and ended up devouring it in 5 hours. I wasn't sure it was going to be for me initially but my god was I wrong. The plot was amazing, keeps you engaged and the Romance and spice were absokit3 fire. I do recommend you read the trigger warnings before reading this book as it covers a few dark themes that may be unsettling for some readers but this book literally has everything

❤️‍🔥Sexy Af Vampires
❤️‍🔥Slow Burn
❤️‍🔥Sizzling Spice
❤️‍🔥Genuine Enemies to lovers.
❤️‍🔥Morally Grey MMC
❤️‍🔥Strong FMC

The relationship between the two main characters was written perfectly, the plot had unexpected twists and turns and pre warning, the cliff hanger at the end of this book has left me desperately seeking the release date of the second installment. Strongly recommend this book to all overs of Dark Romance and Fantasy.

Thank you to @darcyfaytonauthor and @netgalley for allowing me to read and review an early copy

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Thanks to Net Galley for the advanced reader copy.
This is a high spice, slow burn, age gap romance with elements of magic, and the paranormal.
I found this book to be a really delicious piece of escapism. We meet Kira - a wolf shifter and Nathanial - a Vampire - as Kira is rounded up (by Nathanial of course) for attendance at the Volmasque academy. Kira is a headstrong individual, and Nathanial is no pushover either. Kira’s initial goal is to infiltrate the academy and eventually lead a revolt to upset the power balance between Vampires and Wolf shifters, but to be honest, as we get to know Kira- that is never going to happen. She’s ill informed about vampires, impulsive and not focused on that target. It did kind of bother me for about 8 seconds but then I just decided to enjoy the rest of the story. Nathanial is domineering and ends up claiming her also impulsively. The two negotiate a delightful power dynamic involving revenge, power and possibly love.
I recommend reading the trigger warnings as this is not a book for everyone. It is not intended to be. If it’s for you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Was this review helpful?

This is a mind bending book. I love the world that the author has created for us to play in. The history and the society and how they mesh and intertwine is stunning. The characters are so vibrant, bright, and oddly enough realistic, that I want to be there interacting with them. The plot is a very twist little rollercoaster and the cliffhanger is killer. I am waiting on the edge of my seat for the second part of the duology.

Was this review helpful?

My first dark romance! I was a little nervous at first and a little intimidated after seeing the trigger warning list, but I thoroughly enjoyed this! I certainly look forward to the next book in the series.

I’m a huge fan of the use of dual POV in romance books to be able to get both viewpoints. It can definitely make things more sexy. This novel was more heavy on Kira’s point of view than Nathaniel’s but that’s okay.

I went into this not expecting a whole lot of plot and mostly smut but honestly I really felt like I got a good plot line out of it. I was a little bit confused by the 9 wolf thing of the royals that when they morph they are transformed into 9 different wolves, 8 of them being cubs. I had a hard time picturing it personally, but most readers may not have an issue with it whatsoever.

Overall an enjoyable and VERY spicy read. My husband will for sure reap the benefits of reading this one 😉

Was this review helpful?

This was fantastic. I will be honest and say that I chose this book blindly, liking the pretty pink and black cover and was intrigued by the “plug” in the title and wondered if it was about what I thought it would be about (It was, in the best way!). I did wonder if this was just going to be pure smut, little plot (which I wouldn’t have been upset about) but truthfully it has a wonderful plot. The worldbuilding is enriched, there’s a lot going on to take in and the pacing for the information is well paced. It’s a very well written story and I absolutely adore the two main characters, Kira & Nathaniel. They are brilliant characters, it’s really good fun to read their different POVs as things are happening and it’s just great.
Nathaniel is a vampire, Kira is a werewolf and the dynamic is great. It’s an age gap (he’s older), it’s niche, it is a Dom/Sub dynamic and there are trigger warnings a plenty so make sure you check those out. I never do, I see a massive list of trigger warnings and always think, “the more the merrier” and usually view them as a challenge so I tend to ignore those things preferring ignorance but be mindful of your own mental health because like any BDSM/ Smut there will always be dark themes.
I enjoyed this book so much but I will be having words with Darcy because THAT ENDING? When I tell you I almost threw my kindle in absolute shock, I was not expecting that and got a little caught up in what was happening so it blindsided me. I need to know what happens next.
Also, side note on the relationship between Kira & Nathaniel but it is proper enemies to lovers, and there’s a few things that made me laugh but there’s something related to that which had me howling in laughter. It’s all just so well done. So, if this is a subject that you like, you will enjoy this story.

Plug & Claim is being published on 31/12/2023
#plugandclaim #NetGalley

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I got this book from Netgalley. I wish to thank the author for allowing me to read this book. This book was an amazing epic read. It has everything that has to be there in a dark enemies-to-lovers romance. The book is very well-written. The plot, the story everything is perfect. I started reading this book and could not put it down. The plot is so interesting that I was on the edge of my seat and the cliffhanger at the end of the was not expecting that. I knew something big would happen but not that.....anyway you're warned there is a spicy cliffhanger. I can't wait to read the next book.

P.S. If the author is reading I would say please please change the book cover. Create something beautiful that depicts the story well. The current book cover does not depict it well. The story is so good so I think the book cover should be excellent.

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Kira (the FMC) is a shifter who has a secret.... and unfortunately, she's just been captured and taken to the Volmasque Academy by a handsome, powerful vampire, Nathaniel (the MMC).

In an attempt to claim Kira as his, Nathaniel humiliates her in of her shifter kin and the damage is done. Kira is now Nathaniel's pet and is expected to act as such. Only maybe he has some secrets of his own? And maybe some feelings are starting to creep in???

I really liked this book. Not only is the book extremely spicy, high steam and not for pearl clutchers, I loved the main characters and the world around them. The plot is straight forward, which is good because that means there's more time to spend in the bedroom.

🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ 🌶️🌶️ /5
(It broke the spice-o-metre)

✨ Dual POVs
✨ Vampires 🦇
✨ Shifters 🐾
✨ Enemies to lovers 💞
✨ Age gap
✨ He fell first ❤️
✨ BDSM ✴️

Despite the "master-pet" relationship, the author peppers the book with tender and sweets moments between the MCs. So you can't help but root for them as they try and navigate a world that is truly against shifters as a species.

The book ends in a cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read book 2, which comes out in January 2024.

Was this review helpful?

Plug and Claim is an adult version of Vampire Diaries with all the spice. Wolves and Vampires academia romantasy in all its glory. I can’t wait to read the next book.

Was this review helpful?

Quick Summary: A dark, disturbing supernatural romance

My Review: Plug and Claim by Darcy Fayton is part 1 in the Plug and Claim Duology. It is a BDSM fantasy fiction novel with a slow burn romance, heavy spice, and ever-increasing drama. It presents as an enemies to lovers story.

About the Book: The Revolution between vampires and wolves changed the course of history. A societal hierarchy was established that elevated one group over another. One group became the dominant pleasure seekers, while the other group became passive submissives with a penchant for pleasure taking...if they were open to doing so. Volmasque Academy just so happened to serve as the bridge and point of access for vampires and wolves alike. When wolf shifter and long lost heir, Kirabelle, forcibly entered the halls of the academy for training, she had a specific plan for herself. Unfortunately, the vampire prince had another. For both, what was initially clear quickly became murky and convoluted.

My Final Say: This story was multifaceted. There were so many things at play. I didn't want to miss anything.

What Captured My Attention: (abbreviated to avoid spoilers)

- Although BDSM was a huge part of what was going on in this book, there was actually more to it.

- The leads both had compelling backgrounds.

- The connection that Kira and Nathaniel had was evident from their first encounter until their last encounter.

- The contrast between what was good and what was evil was alluded to throughout.

- The true villain was present even when he was absent.

- The macro/micro scenarios for the groups proved interesting.

- That ending! (Can you say cliffhanger?)

Questions Needing Answers: (coded to avoid spoilers)

- What is the real story behind the lost magic?

- Who is really dead and who is really alive?

- Is there a prophecy that tells the story of the seemingly fated mates?

- How does the puzzle fit together where the triangle is concerned?

- Will the protagonist get what's coming to him?

Other: This book had multiple triggers. It is not for every reader. It gets a HUGE red light rating. All interested readers should thoroughly review the author's notes. You have been warned.

Rating: 4/5
Audience: A
Status: M
Level: 🚨🚨🚨

Thank you to the author, to the publisher, and to NetGalley for the opportunity to review Plug and Claim. The words I have voluntarily shared are my own thoughts and opinions. I look forward to reading Plug and Tame.

Was this review helpful?

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