Bear's Big Idea

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Pub Date Sep 10 2024 | Archive Date Jun 30 2024
Lerner Publishing Group | Carolrhoda Books ®

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Fish always has great ideas for what to do! When it's Bear's turn to think of something, she promises she'll have a brand-new BIG idea. But where do ideas come from?

The creators of Big Bear and Little Fish reunite for this sweet story of friendship, ingenuity, and a surprisingly epic adventure!

Fish always has great ideas for what to do! When it's Bear's turn to think of something, she promises she'll have a brand-new BIG idea. But where do ideas come from?

The creators of Big Bear and...

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ISBN 9798765610176
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Featured Reviews

A story about Fish and Bear’s friendship.
Fish is always coming up with fun ideas and what adventures to try each day. When it’s Bear’s turn to come up with an idea but is stuck. Instead of giving up she starts looking for inspiration.
This is such a cute story and my lil one enjoyed reading it too.

Pub Date - September 10th, 2024

Thanks @netgalley for eARC

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Fun and creative story about friendship and having fun with whatever you have around! I can see a fun follow up activity by giving similar items to kids to come up with something else they could do!

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This book celebrates creative thinking and resilience by following bear on his quest to discover new ideas. The illustrations are beautiful and exciting, and the unique expressions of the main character are a wonderful touch. This book would draw any child in and encourage them to think outside of the box when faced with a dilemma.

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The book was beautifully written and the illustrations are very whimsical. The author made careful word choices that were very impactful. Overall, the book was well written and I did really enjoy it.

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Bear's Big Idea by Sandra Nickel is an adorable book with fabulous illustrations.

Loved it. Definitely recommend.

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What a great book that discusses friendship and the ability to look past what makes us different because it’s who we are. The pictures were cute!

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What a great book for kids!! Bear is trying to think of something fun to do, and is stuck. Instead of giving up, she keeps looking for inspiration, until she finally finds a creative solution!

This books teaches kids to be creative, and to persevere when they cannot think of an idea right away. Bear and Fish have a sweet friendship, with fish reassuring Bear that she will always be there for her.

I can see using this book in the classroom as an introduction to a creative problem-solving activity, like a STEM Challenge, with a focus on perseverance. Divergent thinking can also be tied in by asking students to come up with a use for an object that is not its main purpose, such as "find as many uses as you can for a toothpick/paperclip,rubberband, etc.

Thank you NetGalley for an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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Bear and Fish are good friends. Fish lives in a bowl of water but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for bear to take his best friend along on adventures. Fish is the half of the pair that comes up with a new adventure each day. Then Fish decides Bear should have a turn to come up with a big idea/adventure. Poor poor Bear worries and frets all night and much of the next day because he can’t think of a new idea. He feels he’s letting his friend down. But you see, Fish is a true friend and is always there to encourage Bear no matter what. Finally, Bear comes up with a big idea and they go on a big adventure.

Readers will anticipate the adventure Bear finally hatches for the pair.
II like the message behind the story, patience, love, friendship and encouragement for a friend.

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This was a very cute book about a Bear and Fish finding new ways to play together! Fish always comes up with the idea of what to do that day, so when it’s Bear’s turn, he doesn’t know what to do. This is a simple way to show kids part of the fun is coming up with an idea and that if it’s with the right friend, anything can be fun!

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I'm so happy to see another book about Bear and Fish! These two are such wonderful friends. And there is always a deeper meaning to these stories. In Big Bear and Little Fish, the deeper meaning was about perspective and what is big and what is little. In Bear's Big Idea, the deeper meaning is about how we find ideas. There is always something for both the child and the adult reader to think about in these stories.

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Big Bear is back and looking for a big idea activity to share with Little Fish! It has to be new. It has to be big. Bear feels the pressure and struggles to find just the right thing to do. All the while, Fish is at Bear’s side patiently showing faith in Bear’s abilities. And in the end, Bear learns a new lesson about true friendship. This second book in the Big Bear series is delightful, The story has characters who are engaging and relatable. The illustrations perfectly enhance the text. Bear’s Big Idea by Sandra Nickel is a must have library addition for parents and teachers alike!

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Bear and Fish always have fun adventures. Fish always has the best ideas on what they should do. Fish suggests Bear picks the next days activity. Bear spends the book struggling to find a new activity to do with Fish. This book was super cute and a nice fast read! The pictures were super fun and engaging. Thank you for the early copy! Can’t wait to buy this for my daughter!

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Bear and fish are best friends.. but Bear cannot think think of an idea for them to do. Bear works to find her idea, while worrying she'll disappoint Fish if she can't find one.
Super cute book. I love how supportive and reassuring Fish is to Bear. Adorable pictures and sweet story. My son loved!

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Bear and Fish are good friends. Most days, Fish wakes up and comes up with a new adventure for the pair. Then Fish decides Bear should have a turn to come up with a big idea/adventure. Bear worries all night and much of the next day because he can’t think of a new idea. Luckily, Fish is always there for him no matter what. Finally, Bear comes up with a big idea and they go on a big adventure!

This is a great second book in the Bear and Fish series. I like the message behind this one. I can’t wait to share it with my class when it comes out!!

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This is a cute story about fish and bear. I liked that Bear didn’t have the answers right away and that fish stood by his friend. I definitely think there are lots of good talking points for this book when I share it with my class.

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We road tripped to Florida for spring break and I was so happy I had been approved for sixteen new children’s books coming out this year. It helped so much to break up some time with stories! The kids loved them and had so much fun picking out a book from my netgalley app to read. We didn’t read a single book we didn’t like! Tuckers favorite was Elmo’s new book, Kinley loved the fairy godmother book, Dawsyn loved the basketball one, and Briggs adored the animal book. I highly suggest adding all of these to your summer library reading lists for kids. I love children’s books, and these were full of beautiful illustrations, stories, and allowed us to have some great conversations after them. Thank you @netgalley for these advanced copies! @lisakatzenberger @alicewalstead @eringuendelsberger @aimeereid @christiematheson @jackjokinen @sandranickel @janechapman @hudaharajli @fraanushkin @saralauxakin @laurapurdiesalas @katyhudson emilymurrow @zackwilliams 📚📖🚗☀️🏝️🌊👙

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#BearsBigIdea #NetGalley

What a great book! Fish always seems to come up with ideas of things to do with Bear. Now it's Bear's turn and she wants to come up with a great BIG idea. Bear stresses about having the BEST BIG idea of what to do with Fish. I think kids can relate because they want to impress friends and have the MOST FUN idea to execute with a friend.
This book teaches the days of the week (sneaky lesson, bravo!) with Fish's ideas of what to do each day. Finally Bear brings together all of the ideas that Fish did during the week which culminates into the BEST BIG thing they do when it is Bear's turn.
The illustrations are super cute and detailed (Fish wears glasses! I love that!).
This will spark imagination in children and teaches a great lesson that ideas (BIG and small) are always forming in our heads even if we aren't conscious of it.

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What a fun book about ideas and friendships and how you might not always be able to see them, but they are always there.
I loved that bear was using different senses to come up with a new idea. And fish was always there to support.
Lovely illustrations to lead us along the way.

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC!

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This was the cutest book! I absolutely Loved Bear and Fish. I loved their adventures and that Fish was always there for Bear! This is a great children's story! The illustrations went well with the story and really brought it to life.

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Ahhh! <b> It's soooo cute! </b> I read to my son and he loved it too. illustration is so cute. We loved the fish and the bear's friendship. We all need the fish that pushes our back gently and assures us that we'll be ok!

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A great story about friendship. It can be difficult to navigate relationships, thinking you’re too much or not enough for someone else. Being more introverted and not always having big ideas and plans can make someone feel like they aren’t a good friend. Like they might loose people.

Bear wants to have an idea for her friend fish. Something different and new and big. She worries and thinks she’ll never find it, but fish assures her they will stick by them.

In the end, all of the past ideas combine into a new big idea. They sail together and have a special moment of realizing how important their friendship is. “…Ideas are a lot like good friends. Even if you can’t see them, they are always and forever there.”

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Bear wants to find a brand-new big idea for her best friend because Fish asked him to. It was harder than she thought!
As Fish says: "Just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there"
The illustrations by Il Sung Na are simple and convey everything a reader could wish for.
Perfect for reading alone or WITH someone of any age including ESL, and great for gifting to everyone, especially to a school, church library, or your local public library!
I requested and received a free temporary e-book on Adobe Digital Editions from Lerner Publishing Group/Carolrhoda Books ® via NetGalley. Thank you!

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Don't be fooled by the unassuming cover art. This is an amazing book for young readers about creativity, friendship, and fun. The incredible illustrations inside make this tale forever memorable and inspire joy!

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