Ternion of Tarr:

A Simgra Series Novel

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Pub Date Jun 04 2024 | Archive Date Jun 01 2024

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“Tasty, innocent soul,” it says in a voice so deep, dark, and malevolent, it drives a shudder up my spine. The words seem to come from the ground itself, rising like fire, licking at me with grotesque rapture.

The price is six souls in three nights.

Imprisoned for a crime she did not commit, Rill Narin carries a lethal secret—she is a Tangler. Temporarily inhabiting other bodies is illegal magic, but a slice of life on the outside is sweet relief from the brutality of prison. Until Rill tangles with the Earl of Tarr’s daughter and witnesses a demonic murder.

Thrown into a whirlwind of danger and intrigue, Rill forms an uneasy alliance with the steely Constable Sabella Rivers and privileged Lady Keeva Dalton. United by circumstances more perilous than their differences, they embark on a frantic race against time to unmask a hellish murderer. With shadowy secrets lurking in every corner, can the ternion discover the hidden forces at play and unveil the truth before the price is paid?

“Tasty, innocent soul,” it says in a voice so deep, dark, and malevolent, it drives a shudder up my spine. The words seem to come from the ground itself, rising like fire, licking at me with...

Advance Praise

Some books pull you in little by little. Not Ternion of Tarr. It grabs hold of you instantly, and long after you've finished, it still refuses to let go. - Mandi Oyster on Goodreads

 I adored the characters. Three women, from vastly different backgrounds who were all real and who I rooted for so hard the whole time. - Liz Highland on Goodreads

Some books pull you in little by little. Not Ternion of Tarr. It grabs hold of you instantly, and long after you've finished, it still refuses to let go. - Mandi Oyster on Goodreads

I adored the...

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Featured Reviews

I could not put this book down once I started reading! I love the combo of fantasy and murder mystery wrapped up in this brilliant new fantasy world.
The characters were wonderful, and I especially loved the dynamic between the three main characters.
The world building and magic were so good! And the setting was right up my alley, with Regency/ gaslamp fantasy vibes.
There is no info dumping and the world feels fresh and unique and is well explained in sprinkles of information that are easy to digest as you go.
I enjoyed trying to work out who the murderer was and was surprised by the clever plot twists.
I can't wait to delve deeper into this world in future books!

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Es la primera vez que leo a Bethany y me gustó su estilo de escritura, definitivamente estaré al pendiente de sus siguientes libros.

El libro está narrado por:
Rill, tiene magia y fue arrestada mientras buscaba a su hermana.
Keeva, hija del conde de Tarr, se vió involucrada e la caza de demonios porque fue testigo del asesinato de un amigo. Sabella, una guardia en la prision de Rill, tiene poderes, pero no le gusta utilizarlos esta enamorada del hermano de Keeva.

Le faltó una mejor construcción del mundo, pero me imagino que en el siguiente libro se desarrollará todo lo que aquí quedó en duda y sabremos más sobre la magia, los demonios, etc.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I loved this!! Definitely a different system of magic than what Im used to, which was refreshing! The world building was exquisite making the reader fall in love with the story and characters. This was an easy pleasant read!

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This book was excellent. I was riveted from the beginning, the plot picks up very quickly and the reader is just thrown in with very little hand-holding. This book is sink or swim.

Characters (of which all POVs are female) are engaging and realistic. I wasn’t as much of a fan of Keeva as I was Rill and Sabella but all three were good narrators for their sections. Supporting characters were interesting, I especially liked Tavell who struck me as a character I would normally hate early on in the book, but who did a complete 180 in my opinion for no real reason other than being awesome.

Chapters were short too, which I like immensely. One complaint, however, was that the “class five” and “level five” witches were talked about but not really explained (unless I blinked and missed it). Also I could have enjoyed more magic being used over all. I don’t really understand how someone can be an elemental magic user as well as a tangler/truthsayer etc.

This book was also excellently written. The dialogue and descriptions were easy to imagine but the story wasn’t bogged down by flowery language. All too frequently recently I find myself in a slog to get through the middle section of a book and I didn’t feel that way at all reading this book. I am thoroughly looking forward to book 2.

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Superbly entertaining YA fantasy. The story is fun and fast paced, and the magic, characters and world building are equally well crafted. Rill Narin is about to have her life turned upside down, and we as readers get to experience the rip-roaring mayhem that unfolds. The book could be read as a standalone, but I look forward to spending lots more time with Rill and her friends in future books. Read Ternion of Tarr and I’m sure you will be waiting as expectantly as me for more from Bethany Arliss. Thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for the ARC. The views expressed are all mine, freely given.

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At the beginning of the book, you're introduced to Rill Narin, a prisoner at Lapana Prison. At first, I wasn't sure if she was going to a protagonist or antagonist, but I was pleasantly surprised by how fond of her I became the longer I read. Quickly, we're introduced to Lady Keeva, and her guard/friend, Constable Sabella Rivers.

The plot forces the three into an unlikely and uneasy alliance that forces all of the characters to grow, which as a reader, was my favorite part of the book. I truly felt I got to know all three girls and watch them change in the short timespan of the story. Based on their backgrounds, their personalities suited them, but the changes they each went through also made sense as the story unfolded. I think it was well written and easy to follow.

This book examines socioeconomic class divisions without outright saying it by instead of dividing the population by poor and wealth, by sanctioned and unsanctioned magic users. It was woven through every part of the storyline and allowed the reader to related to both sides of the coin, no matter what socioeconomic class they're from in real life.

While the book had a slow pace, especially compared to other fantasy novels currently on the shelves, I never felt bored. There was enough intrigue in the story and conversation between characters to keep me turning the pages. That being said, I do hope for a bit more action in the following books of the series, as I was disappointed that most of the action was towards the end. That is the reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5. The characters in this book had magic, yet it was so infrequently used. Increase the action and magic usage and I'm at a 5 out of 5.

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First of all, I want to say thank you to NetGalley and Bethany Arliss for an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Well, I could say that Bethany Arliss's Ternion of Tarr is an enthralling blend of fantasy, magic and mystery. The novel introduces a unique magic system and follows Rill Narin, whose life is thrown into chaos.
The world-building is immersive without overwhelming the reader with info-dumping at the beginning of the story, I liked the fact that the details were revealed naturally throughout the story. The character dynamics are particularly engaging, oh how I adored the interactions between the three main characters! Also, I think the pacing is perfect, making it an easy and captivating read for me.


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Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the arc in exchange of an honest review

I really enjoyed this book. I loved the regency fantasy setting and everything that came with it. The three main characters had a great dynamic and it was interesting following each of their POV. As for the murder mystery, I thought it was handled perfectly. A lot of twists I never saw coming. The book grabbed me from the start and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

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This was the perfect combination of two of my favorite genre's: mystery and fantasy!

I really enjoyed this story, and the fact that it was told from the perspective of 3 different characters made it even more engaging. The world it takes place in isn't overly described, with the main focus being on the plot of solving the crimes. The subplots for each of the 3 characters helped develop them as individuals with their own issues and backgrounds.

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Thank you to Bethany Arliss and Netgalley for an free e-arc i exchange for an honest review!

"Ternion of Tarr" is simply captivating.

From the first sentence I was instantly drawn to the plot, characters and setting. Arliss masterfully crafts realistic, complex characters - each of who have different traumas, goals and dreams. We see how these aspirations intersect and allow each character to heal by finding friendship and belonging. What I perhaps find most endearing is that this is a story of friendship between 3 different, powerful women. It is refreshing and heart- warming.

A brilliant read.

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Ternion of Tarr is a wonderfully written novel and the perfect blend of fantasy, magic, and mystery. It has everything that makes a fantasy great, with fantastic world-building and solid characters who come together in an unexpected yet wonderful way!

Rill Narin is imprisoned in Lapana Prison for a crime she did not commit. She was caught while searching for her missing sister and accused of theft. Rill has been in prison and hiding a secret that can cost her her life. She is a tangler and can inhabit someone's body with just a touch. This type of magic is not only dangerous but illegal. One day, Lady Keeva Dalton, the Earl's daughter who usually visits the prison, touches Rill and as hard as Rill tries to fight the temptation of tangling, she cannot. She tangles with Keeva while she was at a dance and witnesses a murder. This murder is not just any murder- it is a demon killing. The sorcerer of this demon spots Keeva and Rill rushes her to safety in her home village of Ikra. Seeking help for Keeva and a way out of prison, Rill connects with Keeva's guard, Sabella. Sabella agrees, but now Rill has to become her fledge guard. Brutal murders start happening in Lapana, murders that can only be described as demonic. The ladies soon find out this demon is set to collect 6 souls in 3 days, and now they are on a race to find the sorcerer and stop him from stealing souls.

This book is such a compelling book and drew me in from the very first page! It is well-written and steadily paced, with wonderful world-building. The characters are so different, especially Rill, Keeva, and Sabella. Rill is in a completely new world, different from what she has ever known due to socioeconomic divisions. She is tasked with not only saving lives, but also understanding and controlling her power, which she tried so hard to suppress for most of her life. This book is a great book and touches on so many important topics- hate, prejudice, strength, courage, the power of friendship, and self-acceptance. By the end of the book, the 3 women learn a lot about themselves, and their character development can not be denied!

"Courage is not the absence of doubt, but action despite it."

4.5 stars!

Thank you NetGalley, BooksGoSocial, and Bethany Arliss for such a wonderful ARC!

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This was a really well done novel, it had that element that I was looking for and enjoyed the overall feel of this book. The characters worked in this world and I was engaged with what was happening and how it worked with the world. Bethany Arliss has a great writing style and can’t wait for more.

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I really enjoyed this. The book sucks you in from the very beginning, and it's a rollercoaster of action that doesn't really let up. I couldn't put it down!

The pacing is excellent. It's very fast with a lot going on. The events in the book take place in just a handful of days, and you can tell that it's a whirlwind for the characters as well.

Speaking of the characters, I really like them, especially Rill, who we first meet in prison. I also really liked Tavell, even though I wasn't sure I would when he first appears.

I am already looking forward to the next one!

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3.75 ★

Ternion of Tarr follows the adventure of three women trying to find the demon summoner that is collecting six souls in three nights. Full of tension and action, it's an exciting read that lets the reader dive into a vivid world of fantasy and mystery.

Rill, Sabella and Keeva are all strong female characters in their own way that is realistic with some dynamic character development at the end. With multiple POVs, you gain so much insight on what each person is going through, where you can't help but cheer each one of them on. The action is tense and fast paced with some surprisingly visceral descriptions of the crime scene (which is nice in a deranged way?). I did expect a more in-depth magic system, but it doesn't hinder the story and there is magic used indirectly like wards and unlocking spells.

I received an ARC of this book from BookGoSocial and NetGalley, and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Was this review helpful?

At a few false starts (first person POV does not always work for me), I very much enjoyed this story! The story definitely benefits from having POV chapters for the three main characters, Rill, Sabella, and Keeva. Through magical circumstances, these three women must solve a chain of demonic murders that occur over three nights. It was important to me (and I believe to the narration in general) to get separate viewpoints from these three to move the story along and keep me invested, as each character has a different connection to the murders. Their individual growth throughout the novel was refreshing, even though it was a bit predictable. The ending and big reveal is nicely done, though not unforeseen if you read a lot of fantasy novels.

Overall, I think this was a great opening novel for Arliss' new Simgra Series, and I am looking forward to reading the next tale!

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The world building was excellent, and the characters were well written. I loved the murder mystery aspect all wrapped up in a fantasy- two of my favorite genres in one. I had a hard time putting this one down.

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