Rules of Seduction

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Pub Date 21 Apr 2015 | Archive Date 30 Aug 2015
Vook, The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit imprint


The first rule of seduction is: don't fall in love.
Fresh out of college, Dani Young heads for the LA sun to chase her dream of becoming a screenwriter-director. So when her former BFF turned actress Elise offers Dani the opportunity to work on the hit teen show Vamp Camp, Dani can't refuse, even if it comes at a price: Elise wants Dani to seduce her boyfriend, Vamp Camp superstar Tate Lawrence. Turns out Elise has some major trust issues, and needs Dani to test Tate's faith. The only rule: don't fall in love with him.
Sure, Dani doesn't mind occasionally glimpsing Tate's megawatt smile...or accidentally-on-purpose brushing up against his perfect torso...but she's no fool. There's no way she'd ever fall for a shallow celebrity and no way one would fall for her, a lanky movie nerd. But amidst vampire-crazed fans, a conniving fellow intern, and a devilishly handsome showrunner, Dani feels like all the rules she used to know have disappeared, except for one: Love doesn't play by the rules.
Part The Devil Wears Prada, part How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, this story of friendship and romance is sure to appeal to fans of Stephanie Perkins, Jennifer E. Smith, and Anna Todd.
The first rule of seduction is: don't fall in love.
Fresh out of college, Dani Young heads for the LA sun to chase her dream of becoming a screenwriter-director. So when her former BFF turned actress...

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I absolutely loved this book. It was funny, the romance was awesome and the storyline was epic. Also I enjoyed the Los Angeles TV Show so much. It was just so cool to read about this business.

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Rules For Enjoying This Book: 1. Clear your calendar and avoid all interruptions (You'll thank me for this). 2. Read it. You can't enjoy it if you don't read it! 3. You might catch yourself wanting to slap some sense into the characters.. embrace it! 4. Love it. 5. Love it some more! Dani "Danika" Young, fresh out of college, moves to LA to follow her dream of becoming a screenwriter-director. She reaches LA, only to find the job she was promised gone with the wind. Feeling lost, she runs into Elise, her BFF from the fourth grade who moved to LA to be an actress. Elise gets her an intern position in the hit teen show Vamp Camp on the condition that she tries to seduce Elise's boyfriend, Tate Lawrence. So much happens, and there were times where I wanted to sit Dani down and have a serious talk with her about accepting Elise's scheming! The plot turns out great though. I've really enjoyed reading it! And Jenna Mullin's writing is just awesome.. And you can see that she has a sense of humor from her writing. Definite 5/5 for me. Can't recommend it enough *This arc was kindly provided by Vook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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This story was absolutely amazing. From the time I read the first page to the very last I could not stop reading. I literally finished this book in two days. Danika is fresh out of college, and on her way to LA to create the life of her dreams for a little indie film company, when everything goes wrong. She find herself in the middle of a twisted mess and no easy way to find her way out of it. The story pulled me in from the beginning I foudn the voice of Dani very relatable and wanted to keep reading as she wove her way through the film industry. When things started to look bleak and like it was all going to fall apart she knew how to pick her self up. An excellent cast of characters, I could picture each and everyone of them with wonderfully defined personalities. I would love to read more books by this author and absolutely fantastic book..

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Jenna Mullins, thank you! I picked this novel simply because I liked the tile and am delighted that I did. Dani and Tate are great together and it takes them a bit to actually become easy with one another since their first meeting went horribly wrong. Tate comes off as an arrogant twat but eventually shows his true colors which are a lot prettier. Dani is smart, witty, sarcastic, and good hearted. There are a few times in the story where I wanted to smack Elise, Dani's friend, and then smack Dani. The story also gave me a lot of laughs. The writing is pretty freaking awesome, the story and characters develop, and there's a much desired happy ending. I think Mullins created a golden piece of literature with this story.

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One of my favorites this year so far. I love Tate! So swoonworthy!!

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Many thanks to the author for providing an ARC! I love this book! It's the funniest I've read this year so far. Even though it's a little predictable, it makes total sense. I love these characters! Dani, Elise and Tate made lots of mistakes. It could be weird to say that one of the things I liked the most was how honest they are. But they are!! Even though they're wrong, they know exactly what they're doing and how bad this could get. It's really difficult when you don't want to hurt anyone. My favorite parts are Dani's lists. Each one is better than the other! Definitely a must read!!! ps: I didn't know this was originally a JB fanfic. I can imagine how happy the fans are to see it becoming a real book. This is so awesome! I'm happy for them, I'm happy for the author and I'm glad I could enjoy this story with you guys, even though I'm not part of your fandom. Thanks for sharing! :)

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When I first started reading this. I was in the mood of, it’s on the many books I have to read so, So I need get through it. But honestly, I didn’t need to get through it. It grabbed me and didn’t let go. This story is a unique one. Sometimes when I request a book, I don’t really look at the synopsis or even the reviews. I pay attention to the cover. Because in reality I like to be surprised. Cause that moment that you find this amazing book, it’s like this magic thing happens. I honestly loved this story of Dani and her many rules. Rules, as they say are meant to be broken. I loved the characters, especially Brit. She was that guidance and friendship that Dani really needed at that moment. This book made me laugh, Dani is hilarious and the author of this book did an amazing job. There isn’t anything about this I didn’t like. Not only did it make me laugh. It made me smile, cry, and root for Dani through out the whole thing. You have a girl with a dream and goes to a city where she doesn’t know anyone. Even at the toughest points in her like she is not weak at all. She does find a childhood friend and there’s a situation that she gets herself in. But I understand at her point, she needed help to get there. It’s Hollywood. You have to know someone who knows someone. I’m always thankful for my position. To review books, fall in love with stories, I may not ever had a chance to read. As a Debut Novel, this is truly an amazing story about finding yourself and living your life. Being true to yourself and not letting anything get in your way.

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