Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage

A Mystery with Hoverbots, Bristle Bots, and Other Robots You Can Build Yourself

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Pub Date 04 Feb 2014 | Archive Date 13 Dec 2015


Nick and Tesla return in an all-new, robot-filled adventure!

When a rash of robberies hits the town of Half Moon Bay, 11-year-old sleuths Nick and Tesla are determined to catch the criminals—but to do so, they'll have to build a host of new gadgets and gizmos! In this robot-themed follow-up to Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab, the brother-and-sister duo build four different droids out of ordinary household objects—and illustrated instructions are included throughout the story, so you can build them, too! Make bristlebots that buzz, hoverbots that float above the ground, battlebots that duke it out, and more! Can Nick and Tesla catch the criminal mastermind—and foil his army of rampaging robots—before it's too late?

Nick and Tesla return in an all-new, robot-filled adventure!

When a rash of robberies hits the town of Half Moon Bay, 11-year-old sleuths Nick and Tesla are determined to catch the criminals—but to...

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This second book I read of the series was just as good as the last. Growing up, my sisters and I were fortunate enough to each have our own bookshelf. Mine had many series of books, each taking up maybe half a shelf. I would love to see this series take up space on my daughter's shelf.

Before finding this series, I had begun to worry that educational mysteries for middle grade readers had gone extinct. This series has revived old feelings of learning from books like the time warp trio and the magic tree house, with the added elation that a girl is one of the main characters.

I have to admit, robotics go a little over my head. But that only added to the book as I was able to learn something new, too.

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A thriller full of suspense, and cool experiments. here are a lot of funny situations and conversations especially when Nick and Tesla  are with Uncle Newt. 
Tesla is the only girl n the group of four friends Nick, Tesla, Silas and DeMarco. She manages to hold her own even making robots. Suggesting science is good for girls too.
Silas and DeMarco get into plenty of scrapes with Nick and Tesla, and their relations and banter are very humorous in each situation. they are  interesting characters. 
The adults in the book are well established too,Angela,one of the adults in the book she has  a good character. Hiroko Sakurai is also a good character a positive influence on Uncle Newt showing a different side to his character.
 The plot is strong, interesting and witty still the author manages to incorporate the mystery of their parents disappearance. The plot manages to hold your attention to the end and is action filled. 
Then  a last mysterious phone suggests there may be  an interesting twist to the story that can stand alone, 
The science experiments! This time robotic in nature. are very good and the book is enjoyable. Not only for children but for all ages. I have my grand children over and we are reading all kinds at the moment. This is one of Chloe's favourites. I did notice though we seem to be reading the books in the wrong order. Luckily they have the strength to stand as a story on their own. I don't feel like we missed out on anything. 

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I love these books! This second novel is just as good as the first in the series. I'm so pleased to see that there are, at least, 3 more to go. My 8 year old loves them, too. What I love best about these books is that they teach science while the kids read. Imagine learning about a "secret spy gadget picker upper" (or some such item), while building an electric magnet from items found around your home. McGyver for kids ; ) Experiments liter the books with easy how to steps, supply lists and diagrams. Can't wait to read more!

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If you are looking for a story that combines adventure and science then this series is definitely what you are looking for. The kids and I enjoy reading this and trying to create science experiments together. It makes for a fun and educational library program.

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Having read the first book in the Nick and Tesla series I had high hopes for Nick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Nick and Tesla have stumbled upon another plot to solve through using cunning and new inventions! Everything that I said in my previous review is true of this book- it is well written, highly entertaining, and in all honesty- it is also inspirational in a way. Though this crazy summer Nick and Tesla are experiencing is not typical, it provides an escape for readers while also showing kids that it is possible to make a difference, help friends in need, and accomplish that which may seem impossible by never giving up. I was so impressed when the twins were confronted with an unexpected problem near the conclusion of the book where instead of reverting to desperation or losing the will to continue in their efforts- their immediate thought is 'what can we do now to combat this new challenge and what materials do we have at our disposal to accomplish it'. And in a world where most people (and an increasing number of youth thanks to the entitlement generation) want to give up when there aren't clear cut, easy solutions; the Holt twins continue to surprise me by being great role models who never give up even when faced with uncertainty and difficulties. I can't wait to see what other adventures await them this crazy summer!

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