Genesis: A Harte's Peak Prequel

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Pub Date 23 Jan 2015 | Archive Date 29 Feb 2016
Pelican Book Group, White Rose Publishing


What happens when you move three thousand miles away but still can’t outrun the nightmare?

Fleeing from haunting memories, former U.S. Marshal Jack Butler winds up next door to his biggest nightmare: an attractive widow and her troubled daughter—a teen who reminds him of a past he’s yet to make peace with.

Maggie Bradshaw is struggling to raise a rebellious teen and to forgive in-laws who betrayed her in her time of greatest need…but her new neighbor is a godsend. Her daughter Lexi needs a positive influence in her life, and a law enforcement officer is the perfect choice.

Unfortunately, Jack isn’t interested in helping...until a stray dog walks into all their lives.

Can God use a grieving daughter and a stray dog with an ulterior motive to bring healing to all?

What happens when you move three thousand miles away but still can’t outrun the nightmare?

Fleeing from haunting memories, former U.S. Marshal Jack Butler winds up next door to his biggest nightmare:...

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Good read. Kept my attention the whole time! I am a conservative Christian, and the church and Christian values in this book have a more liberal view. For that reason alone, I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5. It isn't one I would purchase or read again but it's still a cute book and I'm sure others will love it!

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I enjoyed this book from start to end. It was a good book and I recommend it.

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{2.5 stars} Nothing really stood out to me in this book. I hate saying that. There were a few things I enjoyed and the story line overall fascinated me in the long run, but ended up being rather cliche: Saved girl meets unsaved former Marshall with a past that haunts him. What I liked: -Jack's name...and his past was a little interesting and sad. -The dog. Aw, so sweet :) -The portrayal of God's unconditional forgiveness. What I didn't like: -Love blossomed before Jack even fully believed in God again. I really wished so many books wouldn't do that. Of course, Jack did get saved, but I think a certain person in this book could have been more careful in how she acted around Jack...especially because he was an unsaved man. - I half understood and half felt annoyed with a few people bugging Maggie for being a protective mother. -There wasn't as much as some books, but I didn't like how Jack noticed Maggie's legs a few times...and Maggie admired his body. So not the worst book, but if it wasn't for the cover (which I love!) I probably wouldn't have read this.

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This is the first book I read by this author; however, I'm looking forward to more books by her. I enjoyed learning about the people in the story, and felt that Maria Michaels did a wonderful job of pulling everything together in a realistic way. I always love seeing how Christianity shapes the actions of the characters in Christian fiction, and the author did a great job with that. I can also appreciate how the actions of the characters also helped Jack find his way to forgiveness and God. I recommend this well-written book, and I'd like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to read it.

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This was a wonderfully written clean romance! Jack Butler was a US Marshall who had hesitated in a gun battle and felt that because of his hesitation, he was responsible for the death of his partner and his best friend. In order to try to escape from the pain and the nightmares, he moved three thousand miles away but hadn't been able to outrun either. Maggie Bradshaw a widow and the mother of a teenage daughter who was beginning to rebel. She was lost as to what to do to help Lexi. Jack was their neighbor and as a friendship begins to develop between Jack and Maggie, they all begin to heal. A lost dog, Chief, entered the picture and helped in their healing process, too. The characters in this book were well developed and the story was well written. I really enjoyed the story and will look forward to reading more by this author. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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I enjoyed this book. It was a sweet story about forgiveness and how God can work in our lives. It was nice to hear the story of Maggie and Jack after reading about them in Harte’s Peak a few weeks ago. A fantastic short story.

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