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Playing Her Secret Crush

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Ester Marie D, Reviewer

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"It wasn't a matter of finding someone who picked her first. She had to put herself first."

Katie feels that she has always been picked last in everything — from boys to school, and even by her father. That was until she decided that things had to change.

When I read the blurb, I was interested. There are many books with the best friend trope but what made this different from the others is that we knew how the guy felt. I was up for it.

Considering the blurb stood out to me, I shouldn't have been surprised that it had two POVs: Katie and Alex. To me, this is both a good and a bad thing. 

The Good Thing:

We see both sides of the story. It was interesting to know how Katie and Alex felt in every situation. I understood their feelings and hesitations better than if I only knew one side of what's going on.

The Bad Thing:

It was frustrating. Some misunderstandings occur when people rely on assumptions and trust their insecurities more than the person. Having both sides of the story made you understand the situation but it doesn't change the fact that you have no control over it.

One thing I wished the book could have done differently regarding the dual POV is the lack of indication as to who is speaking. Sometimes, I had to read a few sentences to figure it out. It also had multiple POVs in one chapter which could be a little confusing.

What I liked:

► It was easy to read. It did not bore me and it kept me interested all throughout.
► It made me laugh for unexpected reasons.
► There's a twist in one of the characters (although it was quite obvious) which made things more interesting.
► Katie's self-improvement was handled well. I love how she found herself in the end instead of trying to be someone she is not.
► I liked how the story integrated an online game into the plot. It was narrated properly and I think the author could do well with a fantasy book in the future.

What I didn't like:
► It was predictable. You can almost see things happening from a mile away.
► The dual POV took out the mystery. Since we know both sides of the story, the events were hardly surprising.

This would have been a four-star read if not for what happened to Alex towards the end. I feel like it was a bit extreme and not very realistic. I would have preferred if Alex faced the consequences of his actions and learned through regret. If we're being honest, things don't go that well in real life. But I guess reading about it in a book could also be an escape. It all depends on your preference.

Overall, this was a great read and I highly enjoyed it. Thank you to Entangled Publishing and Casey Griffin for this opportunity!

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