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WoW! Oh so good! These characters are so well developed! This was such an interesting crazy book and I was here for it all! WWNH is a full creepy wild ride and you won't be disappointed for picking this book up!
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I thought the character development in this was excellent and was really drawn to all of them. The description of the scenery was very pretty also. This was jam packed full of suspenseful and was definitely fast paced. I was absolutely shocked by the ending and am still left with so many questions which is why this is only gets 4 instead of 5 stars for me. I would definitely read more from this author.
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This is her best yet. Period. 

I am going to be brief and careful with my wording so that I only say enough to summarize and give my opinion. The story centers on best friends Emily & Kristen. They've been travel partners together since they met in college and these trips are even more important to Emily now that Kristen has moved away. When 2 trips in a row result in Emily/Kristen having to take action against someone who attacks them, Emily starts questioning Kristen's motives and begins digging further into her history. Back in Wisconsin, Emily starts a new relationship with a guy named Aaron and things are going well until she senses that there is something "off" about Kristen. Kristen and Emily are both well developed interesting characters. They both have pasts. Emily doesn't really get along with her parents and Kristen's parents were killed in a fire when she was younger. Read for yourself as Kristen is becoming slowly unhinged and Emily is also losing control. You still won't guess the ending though.
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I’ve waffled back and forth on Bartz's previous books and never actually picked one up, but now I’m dying to read them all! This was so GOOD!!!
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This book was a page turner from beginning to end. I literally couldn’t put this book down and finished in one reading. Two best friends who love to travel. And then something goes terribly wrong and they must keep a secret. And the twists and turns that come after will give you whiplash.  I literally couldn’t put this down until I found out the truth. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This was so good!! I couldn't put it down and would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good thriller/mystery! Thank you for allowing me to preview this copy!!
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I wasn’t a huge fan of this authors first book, but I absolutely loved this one!  Completely unputdownable, fast paced, full of tension, and unique!  Flawlessly done characters, which absolutely hooked me!  The type of book that has you flipping pages like crazy for it to get finished, but dreading it being over!  Full of amazing thrills, chilling chills, dizzying twisty turns, and gasp worthy shocks!  I highly, Highly recommend this to my fellow thrill seekers!  

Will buzz  around platforms and use low Amazon reviewer number on release date!
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This was a great thriller.  The author did a great job conveying the sense of tension and dread that Emily was experiencing,  The characters were nicely developed and the plot was interesting.  The ending, while not entirely unexpected, was still shocking.  I really enjoyed it.
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Another day another book review! I read this one in one day mostly on my phone, which I don’t love doing. But I wanted to read this e-ARC from NetGalley on my commute today, and I don’t like using my iPad on the train, so I did - and it was totally worth it! 

👣We Were Never Here👣 is an entertaining and fast-paced thriller by Andrea Bartz. I loved her last book, The Herd, and I was in the mood for another thriller after the last, more character-driven book I read (check it out one post back!). 

Kristen and Emily are college best friends who travel the world together, sharing adventurous days and glittering nights. It all went wrong on their last trip to Cambodia, though, when Emily is attacked by a hook up and Kristen saves her - killing the guy in self-defense. The girls cover it up and move on. Until their trip to Chile, when it happens again. 

This book is a smooth and easy read, which was exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s paced perfectly, fast and always engaging but not rushed at all. I thought I had cleverly figured out some of the twists, but of course I was wrong - Bartz’s plot was better than what I imagined was coming! It was creative and kept me guessing without ever getting too unbelievable. 

Thanks again to @netgalley for my e-ARC, and check out 👣We Were Never Here👣 when it comes out on July 13th!
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After really enjoying THE HERD, I was excited to read this new book by Andrea Bartz.  I really enjoyed this book and found it to be a quick, entertaining read.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.
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This is my idea of a beach read for thriller fans!
 It's a little repetitive, but that works in its favor so you don't have to think too much or try and remember key plot points.

Basically, two besties go on a yearly backpacking girls trip and last year's trip ended up with them burying a body. True friendship is helping you bury a body...right?! And accidentally killing someone can only happen once...right?!

I dunno, these ladies are either the unluckiest ever or there's something creepy happening...
You'll have to read it to find out!
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I've seen this title making the rounds on twitter for a while and I was thrilled to be approved. I mean, look at that cover. I was sold by the summary and quickly dove in. 

Emily and Kristen have been best friends for years. As their annual girls getaway is coming to an end in a remote Chilean town, things go sideways when Emily finds Kristen cowering in her room beside a dead body. It was self-defense, she claimed, but Emily can't help but draw comparisons to their previous trip that also ended under similar deadly circumstances. And as Emily tries to cope with the trauma back home, Kristen's unexpected arrival sparks a string of realizations that leave Emily questioning how safe her friendship really is.

I loved this book.

I'm a sucker for survival horror, so the backpacking trip had that creepy undertone nailed early on. You're waiting for the other shoe to drop, and boy does it DROP. No spoilers, of course, but after the hotel sequence, this book is an insane foray into murdery friendship in the best possible way. 

And let me talk about the friendship for a minute. Kristen and Emily's relationship is so authentic I could've taken swatches of these conversations as some of my own. Bartz explores the gray area of friendship that is often overlooked. We get two girls who used to be close, who no longer really know each other but cling to their memories as a tie that binds. They are friends because they have been friends for so long, and I wish we'd see this more often in the genre. Friendship doesn't come easily to everyone, and sometimes it is incredibly difficult to see the toxicity of a situation, especially when that person is the only one we turn to in a time of need, and Kristen and Emily's dynamic is what really drives the plot. 

At its core, We Were Never Here is a story about recovery, identity, and growth. It explores relevant themes of trauma, sexual assault, gender constructs as they pertain to victimization and blame, and stigmatizing therapy in the larger context of mental health. I devoured this in a single sitting because I literally couldn't put it down, and I think many readers will find themselves equally engrossed.

Overall, We Were Never Here is a thrilling, fast-paced jaw-dropper that will leave you guessing until the very last page. I'd recommend to fans of Obsessed, SWF, Roommate, or anyone looking for a strong female protag face-off. Out in July, add this to your TBRs NOW.

Big thanks to Ballantine and NetGalley for providing an eARC in exchange for honest review consideration.
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I really enjoyed The Herd so when I saw this one listed I knew I had to get it as well! I loved it just as much! Great writing, compelling characters and some awesome twists and turns! You'll be questioning your close friends again and again!
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My best friend and I take vacations together, so I was interested to read this book. However, this book was very different than the kind of trips that we take! The characters were very well developed and the story moves at a quick, but enjoyable pace. If you enjoy reading psychological thrillers, I would definitely add this to your list for summer books in 2021!
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2.5 stars, rounded up.

Have you ever watched a thriller and it kept you on the edge for almost the entire movie? And then when the movie finally reaches a peak- it simply, ends? Instead of peaks and lows, you are simply on the edge, suspicious of everything happening, only to be somewhat let down at the end? That’s how this book read. Even during the scenes of violence, I felt disconnected from them.

The way gaslighting was portrayed wasn’t necessarily inaccurate. There were opportunities for more interesting scenes, and they weren’t used. There’s so much groundwork for more blatant manipulation or thrilling aspects. However, Bartz failed to use them repeatedly, which left me unimpressed.

Overall, this book wasn’t what I expected.

Full review will be posted on my blog on June 21st, 2021
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I loved this book. I read it completely blind except for knowing it was written by Andrea Bartz, whose book The Herd had kept my attention through a particularly trying time. And sure enough, the twisty turns that made a left and then took a U-turn into some even twistier turns had me glued to this book until I had completed it in two days.

I recommend reading the book blind, but I just checked the synopsis and it doesn't even hint at all the surprises you'll find in the book.

There are abuse triggers, and a narrated attempted sexual assault, but otherwise nothing *too* graphic as far as horror. Most of the book is about the aftermath and Emily's investigation.

It is a page turner and a roller coaster ride. It's a psychological thriller on several levels. It's a mystery that gives you all the facts right up front and then rips those facts apart. I absolutely loved it.

Many, many thanks to NetGalley and Penguin/Random House/Ballantine for the ARC in exchange for a fair review. I hope Ms. Bartz is out there writing another book, because I am eagerly awaiting her next one.
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Thank you to both #NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group/Ballantine Books for providing me an advance copy of Andrea Bartz’s latest novel, We Were Never Here, in exchange for an honest review.

#WeWereNeverHere is a razor-sharp, brilliantly written novel about a female friendship that rapidly deteriorates as one of them starts to realize her friend might be a sociopathic murderer. From the description, I was hesitant to select it at first—there were so many ways the novel could wrong. After reading it, however, I could not be happier that I was given the opportunity to read and review it in advance.

If you are the type of reader who highlights passages, I suggest you purchase an entire box of highlighters because the book is chockful of gorgeous metaphors and vivid imagery. Even if you do not enjoy the plot (though I am confident you will), you cannot ignore the author’s well-crafted prose. 

I am not going to dissect too much of the plot since you should be off somewhere already reading it yourself. Plus, the book is a psychological thriller, so no review will do it justice on paper alone. Basically, Emily, the protagonist, is in a showdown against her gaslighting best friend, Kristen. The two have been close since college, but Emily is only now realizing that Kristen is much more manipulative and conniving than she assumed. 

After Kristen whisks Emily away for the weekend to celebrate her birthday at a remote cabin, Emily uncovers some darker secrets about her supposedly best friend that make it seem more likely that her friend might be a killer. She begins to distance herself from Kristen, which is where the blackmail commences and this review concludes. 

Reader, hope you enjoy #WeWereNeverHere as much as I did! Looking forward reading to Ms. Bartz’s next novel.
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AWESOME BOOK! I loved The Herd, but this is Andrea Bartz's best one yet. Beautiful, imaginative prose, delightfully unreliable characters, and a twisty tale of toxic female friendships. Bodies buried in the middle of the night. What's not to love? . Honestly, I loved the way she ended this so much. I don't want to give anything away because I recommend going into this one not knowing anything. But Bartz's feminist themes are evident in every one of her novels. In this one, I valued how the author explored how unhealthy relationships between women can stem from patriarchal trauma. I stayed up super late finishing this one. Can't recommend enough!
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I’m a big fan of thriller/suspense novels, and I was super excited to be able to read this one. I think I made it to chapter 7-8, and even that was a struggle. Nothing about the story seemed believable to me, and it was all rather far fetched. I tried to continue reading a few different times but just couldn’t manage to get through it. 

This is just my opinion, and maybe I’ll try reading this again at some point, but I wish success on the novel.
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Emily and Kristen are best friends and travel partners. They are backpacking in Chile when things go horribly wrong. Someone ends up dead. Was it self-defense or something more sinister? Is there a pattern developing here? Do they really know one another at all? 

I’ve enjoyed Bartz’s other books that I’ve read and this was no exception. She writes in wonderful imagery and has great character development. There were some great twists and the plot moved at a great pace. Definitely recommend this thriller.
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