Revolution of the Soul

Awaken to Love Through Raw Truth, Radical Healing, and Conscious Action

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Pub Date Sep 03 2019 | Archive Date Sep 03 2019

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Celebrated yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn shares pivotal accounts of her life with raw honesty—enriched with in-depth spiritual teachings—to help us heal, evolve, and change the world

“My first lessons in spirituality and yoga had nothing to do with a mat, but everything to do with waking up. They included angels, seeing God, and being in Heaven. But, believe me, not the way you might think.” So begins Revolution of the Soul.

What comes next reads like a riveting memoir filled with uncensored moments of joy, pain, wonder, and humor.

Except, this book is so much more than that.

Seane's real purpose is to guide us into a deep, gut-level understanding of our highest Self through yoga philosophy and other tools for emotional healing—not just as abstract ideas but as embodied, fully felt wisdom. Why? To spark a "revolution of the soul" in each of us, so we can awaken to our purpose and become true agents of change. Just a few of the stops along the way include:

The everyday "angels" Seane finds in the gritty corners of New York's 1980s East Village; her early struggles as a total yoga-class misfit; the profound shadow work and body-based practices that helped her to heal childhood trauma, OCD, unhealthy behaviors, and relationship wounding; hard-earned lessons from some of the most heartbreaking places on the planet; and many other unforgettable teaching stories.

Celebrated yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn shares pivotal accounts of her life with raw honesty—enriched with in-depth spiritual teachings—to help us heal, evolve, and change the world

“My first...

Advance Praise

“Seane Corn took me by the hand and led me into so much more than a yoga practice. She guided me through my body, into my mind, and into an appreciation for the sound of breathing, the people around me, and for my own two feet. She is a gift.” 

—Sally Field, Academy Award-winning actress, director, author of In Pieces

“Seane’s passionate, tough, compelling, honorable, healing dharma story will touch your heart . . . and inspire the real yogi in you.”

—Jack Kornfield, PhD, author of A Path with Heart

“Seane Corn is a wise and beautiful woman, articulating elegantly modern teachings that emerge from ancient truths. Her book is a gift to all of us.”

—Marianne Williamson, acclaimed lecturer, activist, New York Times bestselling author of A Return to Love, Healing the Soul of America, Tears to Triumph, and A Politics of Love

“This book is everything that Seane is as a teacher and person in life: authentic, raw, honest, irreverent, self-aware, and joyously inspirational. REVOLUTION OF THE SOULis filled with humor, hope, and the direct transmissions of love, grace, and magic that you come to expect from Seane when you enter her class. If you know her work, on and off the mat, you will hear her powerful voice on every page and feel comforted by her guidance. For those of you who are being introduced to Seane’s work for the first time, you are in for a heart-opening, ass-kicking, and soul-stirring ride. Enjoy every moment. For it will blow your heart wide open, and invite you into a movement of inner and outer change that can heal this world toward peace.”

—Naomi Watts, Academy Award-nominated actress, film producer

“Reading REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL is like having the most amazing conversation with your wisest, funniest, and kindest friend. Seane’s honesty and vulnerability will inspire you to get real and heal! She shares beautiful teachings and practices that will help you free yourself from limiting beliefs and effect change from a place of love.”

—Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

“A wondrous kaleidoscope of stories told with grit, humor, and humility, REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL will inspire you to take your practice off the mat and into the world—and show you how.”

—Valarie Kaur, JD, founder, The Revolutionary Love Project

“It is hard for me to imagine anyone else could write this book other than Seane Corn. It is laced with deep wisdom that was born out of the challenges and tribulations of Seane’s life. In other words, it is real! And the realness of her path means this wisdom can be learned and applied by all of us as we walk this crazy path of being alive in today’s world. I am grateful for this modern woman’s modern wisdom.”

—US Representative Tim Ryan, Ohio, author of Healing America

“Seane was my first yoga teacher 25 years ago. Back then she was a passionate and magnetic teacher just finding her voice. Seane proves what time and practice can do. In REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL, Seane uses that voice—and opens her own soul—to reveal herself to be a wise and profound woman, sharing all she has learned on her journey as a yogi, woman, and citizen of the Earth. This book is accessible, poetic, and full of love and hope, and provides the necessary tools for the reader to do their own soul’s work and explore what it means to be in service to the world today.” 

—Debra Messing, actress, activist, and mother

“In this insightful and integrated book, Seane Corn journeys into the depth of essential wisdom that can be found on the yoga mat. Drawing connections from classic ancient teachings and physical practices to modern day realities, she presents a roadmap from abstract theory to in-your-life application. She boldly confronts issues of privilege, race, and justice that yogis and meditators too often bypass, starting where it matters: from the inside out. Seane goes beyond lip service that our liberation is bound together and offers up her own journey—backsteps and all—as an invitation for each and every one of us to walk our own path of liberation, too.”

—Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei, author of Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation and founder of Transformative Change

“Thank you, Seane, for courageously digging deep to bring forth with compassion, humor, and wisdom the stories and healing tools of your own personal journey to transform the most difficult shadow issues and traumas into a revolution of the soul on behalf of all. Thank you for inspiring and empowering the world with the way you lead with love and embody activism from the heart.”

—Shiva Rea, founder, Samudra Global School for Living Yoga and author of Tending the Heart Fire

“One of the traditions that I study asks,’If it’s not practical, how can it be spiritual?’ In REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL, Seane takes the ancient wisdom and practices from yogic traditions and transforms them into a practical way to inquire into our everyday lives. It invites us into the introspection of how to see more clearly and love more deeply through relevant, honest, and beautifully polished reflections that inform and reveal things we don’t even know that we don’t know. I LOVE this book! Quite frankly, I personally deem REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL ‘necessary and required reading’ for all on the path of yoga . . . especially for yogis in the western world.”

—R. Nikki Myers, founder, Y12SR: The Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

“Love this book. Like Seane herself, the message is direct, honest, funny, heartfelt, and filled with wisdom that can help all of us, except me, do better, be better, and work toward creating a healthier and more peaceful planet for all.”

—Larry David, actor, writer, director, producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld

“Seane Corn’s account of her discovery of yoga is positively riveting, and it is paired with a systematic description of the path—as it gradually unfolds itself in her life. Corn writes like a skilled novelist—building suspense and quietly drawing the grateful reader into an irresistible world. I simply could not put this book down. It is raw, honest, moving, hilarious, and oh-so-human. I predict that many, many people will find themselves in the pages of this story, and will find here too the very soul of yoga.”

—Stephen Cope, Scholar in Residence, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Stockbridge, MA, author of many bestselling books on yoga and meditation, including Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, and The Great Work of Your Life

“My friend and sister has written a hilarious, holy, raw, deep, and essential book about life, not just yoga. Her voice, which I have been blessed to know for 20 years, is rich, astonishingly honest, messy, and messianic with promise and hope of transformative healing for all beings. It is replete with practical guidance for rolling out our yoga mats, literally and metaphorically, and stepping onto our paths of radical self-inquiry, discovery, and accountability, all for the ultimate purpose of being in healthy, honorable, and sustainable service to our fellows and our world. Read this book!”

—Ashley Judd, actor, activist, author of All That Is Bitter and Sweet

“Seane has written a powerful book about the connection between the inner work of personal growth to the outer work of social justice. It speaks to the ways we create, and can heal, from the attitudes and ideas that separate us from each other, this planet, and our highest nature. I appreciate the timeliness of this message and the honest and straightforward way in which Seane delivers it.”

—David Geffen, philanthropist, producer, co-founder, Asylum Records, Geffen Records, DreamWorks SKG

“Seane does what so many authors have tried and failed, she writes like she speaks. Her book is an intimate conversation at the kitchen table—raw, hilarious, profound, and human. Her story reflects back to us the many parts of ourselves that are learning and growing and reminds us that a revolution of the soul is possible for each and every one of us. This book is provocative and inspiring—just like Seane. Get it.”

—Kerri Kelly, founder, CTZNWELL, host of CTZN Podcast

“REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL is not your mother’s yoga book, and Seane Corn is not your average spiritual teacher. If you are looking for rainbows and unicorns, look somewhere else. But if you are looking for the real deal—the beautiful yet hard truth of inner change and transformation—then read on. Because this book delivers. It challenges the meager stories we cart around in our heads and asks us to replace them with bigger and bolder versions of ourselves and our lives together as friends and citizens. Thank you, Seane Corn, for being so brave and wise. ”

—Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder, Omega Institute, author of Broken Open, Marrow, and The Seeker’s Guide

“A brilliant piece of work that is grounded in honesty and vulnerability. Seane Corn takes bold moves by sharing her experiences and lessons on activism and service through the lens of yoga. This text is essential for yoga teachers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the connections between liberation, service, and yoga. Seane’s book is right on time and a must read for anyone excited to harness and understand the power within in order to mindfully impact social change.”

—Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, E-RYT, co-founder, Red Clay Yoga

“REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL is raw, uncensored, and in your face. It gives you the invitation and opportunity to unpack your traumas with the support of yoga. Seane lights the way with her own personal journey on this path of growth and evolution.”

—Eddie Modestini, founder, Maya Yoga

“The world knows Seane Corn as a healer, a teacher, and a leader of the revolution to awaken others to their higher potential. In this book, they will get to know her as a person—a person who faces all the same doubts and fears that we all do. In REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL, she courageously allows us to witness her darkest moments and inspiring triumphs, while also sharing the tools of transformation she’s cultivated from over 30 years of dedicated practice—tools that can heal, awaken, reconnect, and move all of us toward transcendence and peace.”

—Damien Echols, author of Life After Death, Yours for Eternity, and High Magick

“In REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL, Seane courageously reveals her own emotional journeys; exploring the many facets of truth, unfolding them from the darkness and pain. Seane goes after rinsing the gritty places in the soul and gives the reader her real-life examples of how to use yoga principles to move victoriously through the facades, entrapments, terrors, shadows, and successes of life. I love that. I respect Seane for her relentless dismantling of her own facades, thus earning living from her authentic self. That accomplishment is rare and wondrous. Seane Corn is a great guide to become your own best advocate as well as learning to care enough to be an activist healing our ailing world. Thank you, Seane, for putting your experiences and teaching into this book. You have just added another great gift to our people.”

—Ana Tiger Forrest, creatrix of Forrest Yoga, medicine woman, author of Fierce Medicine

“REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL is honest and beautiful. It reflects a journey of understanding that to truly be of service on this planet we must understand our wounds and our capacity to cause harm because of the privilege we embody. Seane eloquently explains her transformation that came from shedding layers of cultural conditioning and leaning into the true spirit of being of action and dedicated to something bigger than herself. If you are a yogi, spiritual practitioner, social change maker, or human with consciousness about the imbalance of power on this planet, please read REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL.”

—Michelle C. Johnson, author of Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World

“This remarkable book accomplishes something seldom encountered in the spiritual world. It tells the truth—the holy, bloodied truth. It courageously confronts the perils of patriarchal spirituality. It inspires us to stop looking for God on the skyways of self-avoidance, and to look instead for her divine reflection in the inner mirror. And it vibrantly threads our humanness and our spirituality into one indistinguishable weave: the holy wholly. This is no surprise, because this is the place where Seane Corn lives. She couldn’t bypass reality if she tried. She lives right in the heart of it all—at that sacred point where the individual droplet of meaning meets the oceans of essence. She is a living embodiment of the revolution of the soul that she speaks of. And that’s why this book carries such a profound resonance. Because it perfectly reflects its author. Because it’s written from the reverential bones of her being. It is congruent and it is authentic and it is brilliantly luminous. It gives me hope.”

—Jeff Brown, author of Grounded Spirituality and An Uncommon Bond

“Only Seane Corn could write a sweeping, insightful, spiritual manifesto that still feels so relatable and grounded—so . . . gritty. REVOLUTION OF THE SOUL is for anyone who wants to feel a little more connected to the world around them, to the people in their lives, and to themselves.”

—Kate Fagan, sports journalist, author of What Made Maddy Run and The Reappearing Act, co-host of Free Cookies

“Seane taught me many moons ago to remember to love and ignore the story—but not this one! Her stories are raw, inspiring, funny, and remarkably poignant. Belly up to this heart bar because Seane is slinging knowledge.”

—Kathryn Budig, author of Aim True and co-host of Free Cookies

“This is the book I have been longing to offer psychotherapy clients and yoga students alike as required reading. Seane not only reveals how to apply both what is practical and mystical about the path of yoga, but also masterfully describes how her practice transformed her thought systems, maladaptive behaviors, and emotional wounds. Seane invites us into her inner world through hard-won humility and a decades-long welcoming and absolving her own symptoms. Anyone who has suffered from anxiety, been the survivor of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, mood, substance, or eating disorders, or struggling from any other symptoms rooted in trauma will be offered hope and shepherded into transformation through this book. Revolution of the Soul is worth thousands of dollars of time on the therapist’s couch. Through a powerful framework of lived experience and ancient teachings, Seane illuminates yoga’s medicine to ameliorate suffering and create well-being in mind, body, and a revolutionized soul. No matter where we are in our own awakening, this book is a gift to us all.”

—Melody Moore, PhD, RYT, psychologist, founder, Embody Love Movement

“For anyone seeking greater mindfulness or something more divine, Seane Corn is an inspiring companion. In this book, she interweaves a captivating memoir of self-awakening that starts in the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll days of New York City in the 1980s with the spiritual and practical lessons she learned on her path toward becoming a renowned yoga instructor, a passionate advocate of healing, and a dedicated international activist. Her journey—and its evocative telling—offers valuable guidance and encouragement for those on their own quest.”

—David Corn, Washington bureau chief, Mother Jones

“Seane saved many lives, including mine. Read this book and she’ll help you too.”

—Bobby Shriver, activist, co-founder ONE, (RED) and the Very Special Christmas record project

“Seane Corn took me by the hand and led me into so much more than a yoga practice. She guided me through my body, into my mind, and into an appreciation for the sound of breathing, the people around...

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