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Pub Date 15 Mar 2019 | Archive Date 02 Jun 2020

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Little Bit & Big Byte are back for another fun adventure in the sequel to the popular Day at the Beach.It's "Save the Environment" Week at school and the adorable "Chips off the old block" are excited to do their part to help conserve energy and recycle. Little Bit shares how we can all save water by brushing efficiently. Joy (the sister) sleeps more soundly with a night light. Big Byte has a tendency to use ALL of his electronics at the same time and realizes how effective "unplugging" can be. Even the Dad (CD) can do his part to ease traffic congestion by taking public transportation to work.While taking their recycling to the curb, their long-time enemies (Vi and Russ) kick over the recycling bins and spew garbage all over the street. In addition their pesky pointer (Click) jumps into the Recycle Truck and gets whisked away to the Recycling Center. Little Bit & Big Byte rush to save the day for their beloved canine. They also learn the complexities and necessity of recycling our paper, plastic and aluminum cans.Enjoy the colorful illustrations and be amused by finding the "hidden object" in each picture.Smile at the "story within a story" as the lovable caterpillar steals each scene with his youthful antics.Learn a valuable life lesson as Author, Craig Feigh, perfectly illustrates the need for all of us to "Go Green."

Little Bit & Big Byte are back for another fun adventure in the sequel to the popular Day at the Beach.It's "Save the Environment" Week at school and the adorable "Chips off the old block" are...

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"great computer related characters" SCBWI

"great computer related characters" SCBWI

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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this free ARC in return for my honest review.
Really loved this book. Super easy way to help kids learn about helping out our environment. Starts out with Green items the kids like and then perfectly seques into what can be done around the home to help conserve our resources and then gets into recycling, etc. I learned a lot of this as a kid a long time ago, but it is good for todays youngsters to have a book such as this to help with the message. The illustrations are super and vibrant in color.
A great series for kids!!!!

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I really appreciate the effort and the way the author presented the book.Teaching Energy conservation to children through their favorite characters is a great idea. Little bit and his brother big byte showed learned and shown their ways and practices they did to conserve energy.

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A sweet book to teach younger readers as well as some older ones about recycling and it's real world implications.
A book with cute characters and a simple way of telling you how, in simple ways to give our planet every chance we can via little decisions we all make each day.

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Little Bit and Big Byte is a sequel Go Green, but it works as a standalone and is a delightful teaching tool. It has a great storyline and such wonderfully fun characters that today's children can relate to. There are a lot "Easter Eggs" for both children and adults alike to find and enjoy throughout the story.

In the main story, the fun characters have creative ways of showing us the ways we waste energy and what we can conserve. There are some "bad guys" and that Little Bit and Big Byte clean up after, plus they have to save their pet, Click. Such a fun way to teach children about energy conservation and recycling! At the end, there's a list of ways to go green, and a fun black and white page for coloring.

On every page there is a hidden recycle log, and I know when I was a kid, I LOVED finding hidden objects. They'll also love the adorable caterpillar in every scene

I think this is a great books for children of all ages, not just those old enough to read it themselves. I think it would be great for parents to read this to younger children and get them started on bettering the world at a young age when it's easy to develop good habits.

Many thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC, providing me an opportunity to share my thoughts.

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Little Bit and Big Byte is a childrens story which focuses on how people can converse energy and help the environment. It is a sweet book which also highlights the importance of helping the environment in a simple manner. It has good suggestions throughout on how people an go green, I feel that this book would be ideal for a classroom setting.

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How appropriate that Little Bit & Big Byte, Go Green be released on St. Patrick's Day weekend.
This delightful sequel to the first in a Series of Little Bit & Big Byte books picks up where the first book (A Day at the Beach) left off.
It's "Save the Environment" week at school and the "chips off the old block" are covered in post-it-notes telling of ways to Go Green. Since Green is the favorite color of both Little Bit & Big Byte, they share their creative "green" thoughts. I love the antics of the caterpillar in these scenes.
The Author, Craig T. Feigh, humorously shows ways each member of the Romie family can conserve energy. I especially like the colorful illustrations depicting the "before and after" scenarios.
We are introduced to alternative ways a family can conserve energy by recycling their paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. It is here that the drama begins. While placing the recycling into colorful bins, their dog (Click) inadvertently jumps into the recycling truck.
Little Bit & Big Byte rush to the Recycling Plant in order to save their canine. Will they be in time?
Be careful to note what happens to the caterpillar (the star of the book) as the last few pages's very creative.
An added bonus, that my kids enjoyed, is finding the "hidden" object (in this case the recycling logo) in each picture. There is also a page for them to color and bullets highlighting ways kids can Go Green...Delightful!

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Another ARC from Net Galley. This one is about Going Green and recycling. It is teaching children how to recycle Glass, Paper and cardboard.

The book is based and written for children. It is very well written for Children and in a way that they can understand it.

I would recommend it to friends and family.

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This was a cute book. It would be awesome for a kid to read. This book teaches a child how to help the Earth by doing certain things. The pictures are great and it’s short and gets to the point.

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I really liked the images in this book, they are nice, bright and sharp

The story was easy to follow and understand, it was also good fun looking out for the recycling logo on each page and the addition of the sheet at the end to colour in was great. I liked too that the caterpillar turned to a butterfly too so that was something else to point out and talk about

My daughter loves doing the recycling at home so this was a fun read for her – really enjoyable with plenty to learn and enjoy – 5 stars!!

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I thought this was a really cute book to teach children about recycling. I liked how it told what each item could be recycled into. Also, the tips on how to "Go Green" were very informative. Great book!

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I'm glad we picked this book to review! We've been working on having our preschooler help with recycling lately. It's a confusing topic to understand, but this book is a big help. The book explains the topic in an easy to understand fashion. The characters are fun too!

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Our favorite computer friends are back for a new adventure in Little Bit and Big Byte, Go Green. Join them as they learn about the importance of recycling, saving water, and electricity. The whole family gets with the program to better our world. This is the second book in this series -filled fun illustrations that are fantastic and include a hidden recyclable symbol on every page. Read as a family and be inspired Go Green Lisa

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I haven't read the 1st book (Go Green), but this book was very good on its own! It would make a fantastic addition to any classroom or at-home library. Overall, it does a great job of teaching energy conservation in a way that is exciting for kids. The artwork is vibrant and keeps things interesting. What a great idea to personify everyday items children are familiar with and illustrate the importance of conserving the environment, Fantastic read!

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