The Moon Cycle Cookbook

A Holistic Nutrition Guide for a Well-Balanced Menstrual Cycle

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Pub Date 05 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 12 Oct 2021
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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The Moon Cycle Bakery, founded in 2017, creates sweet treats that replenish certain micronutrients women lose during the different stages of their menstrual cycle. In The Moon Cycle Cookbook, bakery founder Devon Loftus and nutritionist Jenna Radomski empower women to nourish themselves with recipes for sweets, savory meals, and snacks, organized around each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle, that can be customized to suit their bodies’ fluctuating needs.
Every recipe is formulated with the knowledge of what is happening hormonally in a woman’s body during each cycle phase, using ingredients that replenish and support essential nutrients. Suffering from cramps? Try adding more cacao to your diet. Mood swings? A sweet-potato brownie can help with that. A happy mix of creativity, self-empowerment, and downright deliciousness, this wellness guide demystifies menstrual health, educating readers about their unique needs and helping them to deepen their self-care regimen. Sidebars feature suggested self-care practices and rituals to enhance a woman's connection to her body and understanding of how to nurture a healthy cycle.

The Moon Cycle Bakery, founded in 2017, creates sweet treats that replenish certain micronutrients women lose during the different stages of their menstrual cycle. In The Moon Cycle Cookbook, bakery...

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Featured Reviews

I’m ALL about this book!

For one, I love to cook and bake but more than that, anything geared specifically towards women’s health along with the mooncycles, I’m here for. Not only does it include all kinds of delicious bites, but it also offers a message of empowerment and understanding of our bodies that you definitely won’t find in any other cookbook.

It’s so much more than I anticipated and can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy!

Five HUGE Stars!

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This cookbook is a hug to the soul and a sensual feast for the eyes. Devon Loftus and Jenna Radomski have put together nutritional education for balancing hormones in a way that is accessible. Pairing the information with self-care rituals, poetry, and seasonal practices takes this cookbook to the next level. Gone are the days of hiding a pad on your way to the bathroom and praying for the next week to vanish. The Moon Cycle Cookbook brings body love and acceptance, self-care, and mental health into the same landscape as menstrual health: where it always should have been. This book is an essential tool for anyone who menstruates, including those seeking help as your cycle transitions into perimenopause and menopause.
Often we are battling a medical system that pushes medication over slower healing modalities. Loftus and Radomski show that nutrition can be simple, affordable, and comforting. The recipes are easily modified to fit dietary restrictions or personal tastes. Recipes include breakfast, drinks, dinners, and desserts. The majority of the recipes could be made ahead, frozen, and pulled for meal planning. Ingredients are common at local grocery stores without having to outsource to online ordering.

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I love the concept of this book and giving yourself healthy eating with your cycle. These dishes were absolutely amazing and the stories attached were wonderful to read! This will be a must have on my shelf once it is published! I tried the Rosemary and Roasted Garlic Butternut Squash Soup and it was delicious! The recipe was very easy to follow and it didn't take that long!

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Like a Love Letter from Your Best Friend

The moment I opened this cookbook I knew it would be different. From the love-filled words that jump off the page to the practical life advice, Jenna and Devon really delivered. The book reads like a love letter from your best friend filled with grace and reminders to take care of yourself before you try to take care of others. The recipes are both nutritious and easy to follow. I will definitely be adding this book to my gift-giving list; it's a must-read!

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While trying to navigate this hormone world, I LOVED this book so much. The organization by cycles, the amazing recipes, beautiful photos, and just all around empowering messages make this book a must have for all the women in your life. This would be a wonderful gift for a girl just learning about her cycle.

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A lovely cookbook. I loved the concept, the structure and the photography. I also loved the little rituals it sets out. Definitely one for anyone's shelf, whether you're into menstrual cycle awareness or not. Very easy to use and well written. I just wish I had it in physical copy! Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this review copy.

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I've been more aware and interested in my cycle and how hormones affect my daily life since having my first child 2 years ago; I really enjoyed reading this book. There's background information that is easy to read and digest, it's not preachy or unrealistic and the recipes sound genuinely delicious. There's further suggested reading and it gives full credit/explanations to the theories and ideas it explains.
Whilst the book is clearly written by Americans with an American market in mind, it is one of the more accessible books I've read as a Brit and I don't find this hinders the recipes or how to interpret the book at all!

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I've already pre-order this cook book, that's how strongly I feel about it! A woman's body is complicated and changes through out her cycle, and her life. This book goes way beyond recipes (though I wish there were more pictures!) and breaks down your menstrual cycle and what your body needs. It discussing listening to your body and your own needs, how to fuel and feed your body as well as your soul. Anyone who considers themselves a "wise woman" should add this to their collection.

The recipes are thought out, show the importance of eating seasonally, listening to your body, eating whole/real foods, and they sounds just delicious. There are maybe two or three recipes that I wouldn't try, simply because I'm not a fan of the main ingredient, but that doesn't mean I can't adapt it to something else.

Don't think twice about whether you should pick this book up. Just do it. You'll be happy you did.

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In recent years, there has been a trend for those who menstruate to better understand their cycle and the broader indicators towards general health. Loftus and Radomski have teamed up to provide an highly insightful and practical application book for those seeking to implement a more holistic approach to feeding their bodies. 'The Moon Cycle Cookbook' is designed to guide the reader through the phases of the moon and how that can affect the course of a menstrual cycle. The recipes featured are nutrient complex but easy to follow cooks of all levels. If you are looking to understand menstruation better look no further than this thoughtful book. Assuredly more than a cookbook, readers will walk away with a more grounded understanding of how to nurture their own cycle. Happy reading!

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