The Townsbridge's Series

A Regency Romance Anthology

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Pub Date 27 Jul 2021 | Archive Date 25 Jul 2021

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Join the Townsbridge siblings as they risk scandal in the name of love. As a bonus, find out how it all began in a special prequel featuring their parents.

If you love Regency romance, you’ll simply adore the Townsbridges…

Once Upon a Townsbridge Story

The time has come for George Townsbridge to marry. But how can he convince Margaret to give him a chance when he is rumored to be the exact sort of man she hopes to avoid?

When Love Leads to Scandal

When Charles Townsbridge meets a beguiling young woman in the park, he’s smitten. Unfortunately she’s his friend’s fiancée, so he knows she can never be his. Or can she?

Lady Abigail’s Perfect Match

James Townsbridge dislikes Lady Abigail, but circumstance forces the two into marriage. Now, as he gets to know her better, might he discover that his perception of her was wrong?

Falling for Mr. Townsbridge

When William Townsbridge returns from Portugal and meets his mother’s new cook, it’s just a matter of time before he loses his heart completely. But is a shared future possible?

A Duke for Miss Townsbridge

Sarah Townsbridge knows there’s something wrong with the duke next door, so she decides to save him. But is she prepared to fall for a man who has sworn off love forever?

An Unexpected Temptation

Athena Townsbridge ruined Robert Carlisle’s chance at marriage once. Will he keep holding a grudge when she tries to make amends, or will he start seeing her in a new light?

Join the Townsbridge siblings as they risk scandal in the name of love. As a bonus, find out how it all began in a special prequel featuring their parents.

If you love Regency romance, you’ll simply...

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I had read the later books as singles and was so happy to get to go back to the beginning to read the earlier stories (and to reread the later ones). As I was reading these again I realized why I love these stories - the characters actually talk to one another. Sure there are misunderstandings and hurt feelings at times, but rather than what often happens in these types of stories these characters talk through their problems and never lose faith in one another. George & Margaret - Even though neither was exactly excited to be thrown together by their parents they kept open minds and were willing to give each other a chance (George was much more willing at the beginning, but Margaret comes around). She insults his pride and he wants to go off in a huff, but he listens to her concerns and she apologizes for expecting the worst of him. Charles & Bethany - It was obvious right from the beginning that these two were meant for another. This being a romance story you know they are going to end up together, so the real enjoyment comes from finding out how that comes to be. I know I should have felt bad for Robert in all of this, but he was so awful to Bethany and his willingness to keep her from finding actual happiness made me just fine with how things ended up. James & Abigail - Another story where a misunderstanding could have ended everything before it really got going, but was saved by characters who actually communicate and listen to one another. This story definitely took a turn I was not expecting. This event showed how much James truly loved Abigail and how much she had come to trust and love him. This story was tied for my favorite in the series. William & Eloise - A tale of different classes told in a sweet, wonderful way. Of course you want to smack William when he basically offers to fund her culinary school dreams if she basically becomes his mistress (the conversation about this with his parents made me love them even more). I would have preferred Eloise hang around and have it out with him, but him having to go in search of her added just the right amount of drama to their story. Sarah & Matthew - This is tied for my favorite of the stories. Sarah's refusal to give up on Matthew and to really care about his happiness made her my favorite of the women in the series. And Matthew wrestling with his growing feelings for her and overcoming his past trauma added depth to the story and him as a character. As with William, I so strongly wanted to smack Matthew upside the head when he runs away after the wedding - I may have smiled just a little when Charles punched him in the jaw. The reunion between Sarah and Matthew was perfect and showed they are on their way to a very happy life together. Athena & Robert - A perfect conclusion to the series as it ties up a loose end from 2nd book in the series and shows how much Athena had grown as a character. This is especially clear when she refuses to believe the worst of him at the end and yells at her brother for even suggesting that Robert might have done something to hurt her. Epilogue - I love knowing just a little more about characters after their stories end, so this epilogue was very much appreciated. I loved hearing about the future generations of this family (and would definitely be interested in some stories about them as adults).

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Interesting series on the Towbridges. The prequel is fun start to the siblings stories. Full review soon. Just started….

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Soooo I got this book just to read the prequel.... AND for the joy of reading all of these amazing stories again in the full context. I adore these books and the amazing characters of the Townsbridge family. DO NOT MISS THIS SERIES folks. Each story is unique. Each couple is unique. My favorite is the last one as we tie off loose ends with a loving bow as Athena and Robert find love, unexpectedly in each other. I have read each one of Sophie Barnes books that I can get my hands on. Grab this series in one-fell-swoop. Grab a glass of your fav and settle on down for an outstanding saga. Full 5 stars from me for depth of characters, exciting plots, and moving romance!!!

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A delightful series of stories about the Townsbridge family and how they fell in love with their soulmates. I particularly liked Charles’ story in When Love Leads To Scandal. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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Lovely collection of stories that focuses on a whole family. Every story is charming. Each character, even if it is for a few pages only, is well written. An entirely cosy read.

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This collection is great fun--a perfect sampler box of confections! Each bite-size novella was full of humor, charming characters, and sweetness. The prose is brisk and clever and makes for a very light, entertaining diversion that is easy to pick up and come back to whenever the reader is in need of a smile. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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“Once Upon a Trowbridge”, the prequel in this compilation was a quick and enjoyable read. A marriage secured by their parents, Miss Margaret Hollyoak and George Townsbridge are headed for the alter. Although there is angst between the main characters, for all purposes Lord Townsbridge is seen as a kind person but clearly misread by Miss Hollyoak. The H/h are likeable people stubborn in their own ways. I loved the banter between the two and how they allowed their relationship to slowly build to one of love. “When Love Leads to Scandal” is one novella that I totally liked in this series. What do you get when the groom is always absent and a best friend who is left to be attentive to the bride…undeniable attraction and love? Charles Townsbridge knows he should not want the affections of his best friend’s bride but when he and Lady Bethany find themselves drawn together too many times under unavoidable circumstances…the growing passion they feel gets in the way of friendship and duty. “Lady Abigail’s Perfect Match”...Lady Abigail and James Townsbridge get caught in a compromising position in the wrong room and the wrong time in which consequences lead to scandal and marriage of inconvenience. Abby believes James to be a stuck up gentleman and James believes Abby to a pomp and circumstance lady in society. Unfortunately, misperceptions they have towards one another gives them an opportunity to explore their faults and lead them on a path to understanding and growing love. “A Duke for Miss Townsbridge” …Sarah Townsbridge has been offered a chance of a lifetime. Having had an offer of marriage from the Matthew Donovan, the Duke of Brunswick you would think she would jump at the chance; however she turns down his proposal and seeks to finding out move about this elusive Duke that lives next door. Matthew loves his reclusive life…one that has him broken inside and never wanting his heart to experience love again…that is until he must have Sarah no matter what the cost. When they decide to spend time together, the walls that Matthew has carefully constructed to protect his heart slowly falls when Sarah offers him love. Until “An Unexpected Temptation”…The last story in this compilation that deals with Athena Townsbridge. Having regretted ruining the marriage of Robert Carlisle, the Marquess of Darlington, she sets out to make wrongs right. It is unfortunate that upon meeting Robert who has been in seclusion for six years, a blizzard traps the two together and in the process, they grown to understanding one another. Misery loves company…I think not because the company they share leads them to a lovely relationship and one of love. I totally loved every story compiled in “The Townbridge’s Series”. They were entertaining and delightful reads. I especially love the tropes of where you had enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, love at first sight, and love in different social classes. Loveable reads that I recommend. Thank you to NetGalley and Independently Published for this ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Love that the six novellas are in one collection. I had read the last three and after reading how is all began I enjoyed rereading them again. It starts with the parents, Lord Townsbridge and finding true love. Five children later and they each have their own love story. Each one is different and they all have issues to deal with. Sweet stories all! Truly a wonderful read. I am voluntarily posting an honest review after reading an Advance Reader Copy of this story.

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You can't go wrong with this boxed set.of Regency novellas. Six books, one for each Townsbridge sibling, every book rated 5 STARS. Nothing is simple in finding love with an HEA. Worth reading again and again. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this boxed set.

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The Townsbridge's series is a story collection of eight chapters each with plots showing the most sought after tropes in romance stories. . Starting with the parents and then each of their five children . The story of the parents where the prejudice of social conceptions portray a hero with a bad reputation taking this story to an enemy to lovers with a very funny air . Then the eldest son of the family in a story of his best friend's fiance with so much chemistry that it leaves the reader hanging on every word they exchange . The following story is about a mistake that leads two young people into a marriage to calm misunderstandings and the rumors they caused, two strangers who become friends and then lovers . The story of the last of the sons of the family man in love with a woman from another social class fills this troop of exquisite flavors . A duke denied love with his head sitting in a marriage with rules and distance that in pursuit of achieving the yes of the woman he chose ends up madly in love . And the last story of the little one of the daughters of this family who convinced to amend a mistake from the past gives a fresh vibe to a little sister of my best friend . Each story is so well written, with flowing lines and great chemistry. In almost all of them there is a bit of love at first sight, even if the characters are not aware of it. Each story has a life of its own, differentiating itself from the previous one and making it impossible not to enjoy its characters . Highly enjoyable for fans of stories with unique families with characters that try to break out of social frames and play by the rules like the Bridgertons, this story collection may leave you wanting to read more Sophie Barnes series . Thanks to and Sophie Barnes for give me this Beautiful Book in exchange of my honest opinion I really enjoyed reading it

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This is an awesome collection featuring the Townsbridge siblings. I enjoyed reading about each and every one of them and the scandals that brought them to love. The series begins with the two Townsbridge parents that start it all and and follows through with the children. The storylines were all artfully crafted with well defined characters and kept me hooked until I finished. I had to pace myself as I wanted to read all in one sitting! A collection of entertaining stories that will keep you smiling and reading for hours. This is truly a gem of a collection and if you love Regency romances, you definitely will want to add this to your collection! I received a complimentary advanced reader's copy from Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.

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Thank you NetGalley, author Sophia Barnes, and publisher for giving me a free arc copy of this book! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 5 stars This book has each book in the Townsbridge's series. The following stories are included in this amazing volume: Once Upon a Townsbridge Story (The Townsbridges, #0.5) George and Margaret are spending together upon their parents request. Margaret is not sure he is the man for her due to his reputation as a rake. George sees beyond Margaret's first lie and falls for her. If only he can convince her he is more than his reputation and her perfect match? This novella was short and sweet! I really enjoyed the author's writing style. She was able to draw me into this story from their very first meeting. I loved their wit and banter that kept drawing them into conversations that broke down their assumptions about each other. I was glad the characters were open and honest with their misunderstanding. The ending was very satisfactory and sets up the plot for the next books in this series! When Love Leads To Scandal (The Townsbridges, #1) I just had to devour this novella! Charles loves nothing more that to take leisurely walks in the park in the early mornings. While on one of his usual walks, he happens upon a young woman chasing her bonnet across the park. He helps her by stopping the bonnet and returning it to the young woman. Upon making her acquaintance, Charles is instantly struck by her and has a desire to learn more about her. He will get his wish a few days later when Charles once again meets the young woman that has consumed his mind over the past couple of days, she is none other than Lady Bethany Andrews, the daughter of an Earl and her mother is American, betrothed to his best friend Robert! I really enjoyed getting to see Charles and Bethany falling in love despite the unfortunate circumstances of her being engaged to marry his best friend. Charles seemed to genuinely like Bethany for who she was and even encouraged her to pursue a career that was not socially acceptable for women! Bethany was a wonderful character. She wanted to do the right thing even if it meant giving up on a marriage for love rather than a marriage of convenience. Robert was a bit of an enigma. He seemed to just want to marry Bethany because she was available and had a sizable dowry. He was cold and often just seemed to find the whole marriage thing something one was expected to do as a member of the upper-class. It seemed to him any woman with the right amount of money and breeding would do. I found I did not feel sorry for him at all for the way things turned out. Overall, I was glad Bethany and Charles got their HEA! Lady Abigail's Perfect Match (The Townsbridges, #2) TW: Kidnapping and attempted sexual assault Lady Abigail has been infatuated with Mr. James Townsbridge for three years. But when she is finally introduced to him, she finds him arrogant and rude. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop her heart from racing or her stomach from flip-flopping while in his presence. In fact, being near him makes her feel somewhat physically ill. James doesn’t like the aloof young lady to whom he has recently been introduced. And since he has a blistering headache (hangover), he doesn’t have the patience for someone who clearly doesn’t want to be in his company. But when she literally lands in his lap and he accidentally rips her gown, his duty is clear. Can an accidental clothing malfunction that led to a marriage of convenience turn into a love match? This was story had so many wonderful awkward moments that had me laughing out loud and then had so many sweet and tender moments between Abigail and James. I loved how much they were able to communicate after their barriers came down around each other. James and Abigail's relationship developed in a very realistic way that had me grinning during their moments together. The ending had me flipping pages so fast to see what the outcome would be. While this couple does get their HEA it is not without difficulties. Falling for Mr. Townsbridge (The Townsbridges, #3) William Townsbridge, the third son of Viscount Rexley. He recently returned home from Lisbon and encounters Eloise Lamont, his family’s recently hired cook, in their kitchen late one night and is enchanted by the beautiful and boldness of this young woman. Can Mr. Townsbridge find love within a multi course meal? This author keeps amazing me by creating such wonderful stories and characters within just right around 100 pages. Their romance was light and sweet, but a bit too rushed due to the length of this novella. I did enjoy the dinner roll scene the best! I love when a heroine can put the hero in his place rather than believing the hero can walk on water. A Duke for Miss Townsbridge (The Townsbridges, #4) Could Sarah find love with the Duke next door? Sarah is the caregiver/fixer within the family. Over the years, she has witness each of her brothers find their HEA, now might it be her turn? Matthew is a man that has a painful past. Willing to close off his heart from love, he asked Sarah to marry him knowing she will be the perfect woman to marry due to the fact he has no intentions of loving her. But all does not go to plan as she turns down his offer of marriage. Determined to marry Sarah, he plots to do all he can to gain Sarah's hand. Sarah was a wonderfully warm and sweet character. I liked how she saw Matthew for who he was and what he needed was a woman that could heal his heart. It took some time for me to warm up to Matthew, but after reading about his painful past, I wanted to give him a hug. Their courtship was fun and light. This was a couple I was rooting for to find their HEA in a marriage full of love. An Unexpected Temptation (The Townsbridges #5) This is the fifth and final book in this amazing series. Athena's story was the one I was looking forward to ever since she made a big splash at her sister's wedding at the age of 14. Now six years later, Athena has see all her siblings find their own HEA, but where is hers? Thinking the only way to move forward is to make a trip to Robert Carlisle's home and apologies for breaking up his wedding. Robert Carlisle has not been seen in public for close to six years, with two failed engagements, Robert is not willing to seek out a wife any time soon. But that is about to change, when Athena shows up unexpectedly at his home. The last time Robert saw Athena she was a troublesome girl that ran wild, but standing before him is no longer a girl, but a beautifully strong woman, who still stirs his angry from the past humiliation, but also the desires of a man. When a sudden blizzard leaves her stranded at his home, he is able to discover she has not only a playful side, but he does as well. Can he tame her wild side and make her his? Athena has been by far my favorite character throughout this series. She is so strong and care free. I loved how she was not the typical woman born in privilege, but was willing to speak her mind! I loved the relationship that developed between Athena and Robert Carlisle. Robert was exactly the kind of man Athena needed. He was willing to let her be herself and yet protect her from harm or censor from society. The ending was wonderfully sweet and very satisfying! Each book was so good and light hearted. The characters were well developed and likeable! I was able to fly through this volume in a matter of days due to each story being not only shorter than 150 pages, but also the engaging nature of each story! Overall, if you are fans of light heart regency romances, this volume of stories is for you! I can't wait to read author Sophie Barnes's back log of works!

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I had previously read the final book in this series, which perhaps is not the best start! However, as each novella is complete in itself it was fine, but it was really nice to start at the beginning with the parents, and then the siblings. As historical novels these are very traditional in style and trope. They do not address any societal issues and skate over the lack of financial control that women have. Rereading the final book, you also find the 'hero' stating that as he is older than his wife he will steer her behaviour. Very arrogant in retrospect i now think., and whilst probably historically accurate, there is no counter argument from the author. Which seems a shame. Also, the marriage bed scenes are very similar. The author lacks imagination here. But i will still give 4 stars are the stories are in keeping with genre.

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I found myself so caught up in this book that I didn't even realize that they were separate stories. I just sat down and read. The stories show honor and chivalry in how they deal with love and marriage with in the bounds of society at that time. I liked the characters and was rooting for them to be happy in the end.

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I totally loved every story compiled in “The Townbridge’s Series”. They were entertaining and delightful reads. Each story is so well written, with flowing lines and great chemistry. Each story has a life of its own, differentiating itself from the previous one and making it impossible not to enjoy its characters

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The Townsbridge's Series: A Regency Romance Anthology by Sophie Barnes Meet the Townsbridge family and experience six sweet, romantic love stories in this compilation of six novellas (and Epilogue). Each story was fast paced, without sacrificing character depth and genuine growth. I loved the communication between each pair, and seeing their attraction strengthen to friendship and real affection. These gentle Regency romances will be sure to brighten your day. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this anthology in order to give an unbiased review.

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I didn't realize this was comprised of a novella for each of the Townsbridges. I fell in love with each member of this family. Each sibling was quite special and all honorable, and when love found them, I cheered for their HEA. You'll fall in love too, with the Townsbridges!

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