The Rabbi and the Reverend

Joachim Prinz, Martin Luther King Jr., and Their Fight against Silence

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Pub Date 01 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021
Lerner Publishing Group, Kar-Ben Publishing ®

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When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington, he did not stand alone. He was joined by Rabbi Joachim Prinz, a refugee from Nazi Germany, who also addressed the crowd. Though Rabbi Prinz and Dr. King came from very different backgrounds, they were united by a shared belief in justice. And they knew that remaining silent in the face of injustice was wrong. Together, they spoke up and fought for a better future.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington, he did not stand alone. He was joined by Rabbi Joachim Prinz, a refugee from Nazi Germany, who also...

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Title also available as paperback for $7.99 (ISBN 9781541589773).

Title also available as paperback for $7.99 (ISBN 9781541589773).

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"The subdued tones and unfinished lines of the drawings add to the seriousness and reflect the unfinished nature of the subject." — Jolene C. DeFranco, Librarian, Lexington Creek Elementary, Missouri City, Texas, School Library Connection

"The subdued tones and unfinished lines of the drawings add to the seriousness and reflect the unfinished nature of the subject." — Jolene C. DeFranco, Librarian, Lexington Creek Elementary, Missouri...

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Personally this has beeb one of my children's books about Dr King I've read (and I've read three or four this year alone!). It's very informative and I thought it was a unique story to focus on since most focus on his life/I have a dream speech. This one brings something more to the table. The illustrations are also great. Thank you to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

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I received an electronic ARC from Lerner Publishing Group through NetGalley. Ades captures the strength and power of these two men who fought for freedom and the rights of others. Each realized that the main enemy of progress is when people remain silent. This comes through clearly in this informational text about their lives and commitment to equal rights for everyone. The illustrations support the text and transport readers to their time and locations. Terrific book for family or class discussion.

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Wow! What an important book to teacher children about coming together in the face of justice. This should be required reading in elementary school.

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This non-fiction book tells a story of two men who had the same idea - to stand against racial injustice. The Rabbi Prinz grew up in Germany , and opposed Hitler's power while Martin Luther King. Jr. opposed the idea of racial injustices in the United States. Together,  they led a peaceful protest and gave a powerful speech for freedom from the injustices . Yes, Martin Luther King did not stand alone to convey "I have a Dream," but had a companion (The  Rabbi) to support the idea as well. I like how they have briefly summarized their life story, just to have a brief idea for the readers to understand who these greatest men were. I also appreciate that the book includes timelines and  glossary for quick reference in this book, and also other resources included for further reference . I wish that the Rabbi was given more credit to the part of this history because to be honest , I wasn't aware of such man exist. One thing is that the book is not only that it is easy to comprehend, but also minimize the terrible parts which makes the book suitable for very young readers . I believe that this picture book is ideal to be included as a reference in school and public libraries, and also become helpful for social justice and black history month lesson plans

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Fabulous book, but it has shown a lacking in our public education. This Rabbi, who was so instrumental, seems to have been left out of the history books. The timeline is wonderful and shows at a glance where each holy man was in his life. Again, this is a wonderful book!

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This nonfiction picture book tells the intersecting stories of Joachim Prinz and Martin Luther King Jr., showing how they both grew up to oppose injustice. Prinz grew up in Germany, opposed Hitler's rise to power, and was able to leave Germany with his family prior to World War II. When he came to America, he was alarmed to see familiar patterns of discrimination directed to Black people, and he took a role in the Civil Rights Movement. The story also introduces MLK's childhood experiences and work towards justice, and the book works smoothly as a dual biography that culminates in the men's presence together at the March on Washington, where they both gave speeches. The book emphasizes the importance of speaking up for justice, stopping bystander behavior, and joining together with others to work towards social improvement. I had never heard about Prinz before, or if I had, he was presented as such a footnote to history that I did not remember him. I enjoyed learning about his story, and the book is very well-written, sharing information in a brief, concise manner while highlighting important and memorable details. The vivid, atmospheric illustrations are also wonderful, capturing recognizable likenesses of historical figures and depicting historical time periods in a detailed, accurate way. This book includes a glossary and a timeline at the end, and the timeline mentions MLK's assassination, even though the rest of the book does not. I found this book very educational and interesting, and I appreciate its positive portrayal of inter-faith justice work and the author's choice to let the story speak for itself without taking on a preachy connection to current events at the end. This is very powerful and well-crafted, and I would highly recommend it for libraries, schools, and families.

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The art in this book is very engaging, especially for a troubling and complicated subject. Some illustrations are styled to look like paintings and others are framed as photographs. The colors are soft and subtle, but still compelling. The text is simple, clear, and straightforward. This would be a wonderful springboard for conversation for early-grades students to begin tackling very complex and ugly parts of history without completely overwhelming them. The tenor of the book leans to hopefulness and determination, which may help young readers process the difficult subject matter. FYI to readers, the main text does not mention Dr. King's assassination, though it is included in the supplemental timeline at the end. This would be a great classroom read and a wonderful addition to school and classroom libraries. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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My favorite educational children's books are the ones that get me excited about learning new things. The Rabbi and the Reverend recounts the friendship and teamwork of two incredible figures of the Civil Rights Movement: Rabbi Joachim Prinz and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Using beautiful illustrations and clear, concise language, the book takes us on a journey following each man's experience with injustice as part of a minority group, and how those parallel experiences led to their collaboration at the March on Washington. I had no idea about this piece of history, and I genuinely feel like a better person for learning it. It's a fantastic introduction to Civil Rights history and a great way to start conversations about intersectionality for all ages. I've already requested it for our branch, and I can't wait till it hits the shelves.

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This important story about the friendship and mutual trust and support between Rabbi Joachim Prinz and Dr. Martin Luther King is an important story about the bonds between two people from different backgrounds who found common ground. The book shows them both at the March on Washington and focuses on the similarity of their focus on the importance of speaking up about the needs of people being denied their rights and dignity. I am glad to see this story being told to young children.

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