After the Plague

Special 3-Volume Set

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Pub Date 01 Nov 2021 | Archive Date 30 Apr 2022

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From award-winning Imogen Keeper, comes a new gut-wrenching saga filled with danger, darkness, and insatiable romance.

99% of the population dies due to a strange unnatural virus, leaving 1% grieving, scared, desperate, capable of anything, plunged into a world without laws, and no one to enforce them anyway.

Frankie has zero skills to survive, but when she loses the love of her life, she discovers an untapped well of hope and courage inside herself – to find the others, the left-behind survivors who must now rebuild in the face of gathering clans, rising dictators, and everpresent danger.

When Yorke, a lone soldier, who never wanted a family, finds Frankie, he has a single burning conviction: if anyone will make the rules in this strange new lawless world, it will be them.

Before the apocalypse they were strangers. Now their lives will forever be entwined.

This special edition set includes the first three volumes in one sexy, seductive, breathtaking story that blends romance, adventure, and hope into an unforgettable read. Fans of Laura Thalassa and Diana Gabaldon will love this Romantic saga.

From award-winning Imogen Keeper, comes a new gut-wrenching saga filled with danger, darkness, and insatiable romance.

99% of the population dies due to a strange unnatural virus, leaving 1%...

Advance Praise

★★★★★ "An addictive adrenaline rush with twists." -VineReader

★★★★★ "Heartfelt, sad and uplifting all at the same time. This story just keeps getting better and better -Reviewer" - MauiReader

★★★★★ "Top notch and faintly terrifying. Imogen Keeper has done it again! Frankie and Yorke are electric! I'm holding my breath for Book 3." -BookReviewer

★★★★★ "The ultimate sweetpea badass and utter book boyfriend." - Award-winning author Poppy Minnix

★★★★★ "I could not put this down till I finished. Frankie is so much more than she is giving herself credit for. She thinks she is not tough enough, but I see her inner strength." -GoodReads Reviewer

★★★★★ Do yourself a favor and go read books 1 and 2. You can thank me later, when you've laughed and cried and fallen in love with every single character in this incredible series. -GoodReads Reviewer

★★★★★ This book was simply amazing. Tensions run high, secrets are revealed, and a new hope is found. 5 complete stars from me for this awesome slow-burn post-apocalyptic romance! -GoodReads Reviewer

★★★★★ "An addictive adrenaline rush with twists." -VineReader

★★★★★ "Heartfelt, sad and uplifting all at the same time. This story just keeps getting better and better -Reviewer" - MauiReader


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Featured Reviews

Mindless Muse Publishing,
Thank You😘 for this three set ebook copy!
So I have to ask is Imogen Keeper doing a fourth book? Because I sure hope so!

After the Plague is a set of three books in one!
And its so damn good, I couldn't stop reading!

This is the type of post apocalypse I can devour and that I did!
Keeper added some romance in the mix and BAM we have a masterpiece here!
Her characters Yorke and Frankie are realistic and flawed!
This writing is something amazing, it's brilliant and compelling! Had me addicted wanting to read more!
I couldn't get enough of the story.
Its very well written and a plot that is so overwhelming with realistic, gut wrenching instincts to survive in this new world they are living in.
If you enjoy a good apocalypse book.... You need to pick this up now!
You will be so entertained, hanging on the edge will anticipation and loving every minute of it!

Thank you again Publisher, NetGalley and Author for the chance to read this amazing set!

Was this review helpful?

A nice slowburn romance set in an apocalyptic world. It reminded me of Year One by Nora Roberts but without the magic.

I got this arc in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

usually when i have more than one volume to read from a series, for me to go from one to another and simply read it all i need to be fairly in love... (my kindle has so many deleted volumes from series in which, i only read the first book and deleted the rest because it wasnt what i needed in the moment) and i must say that is what happened here, i felt in love, hard, from the first book until the third, i cried, laughed, the complete run, and quoting a sentence of this book,

"someday, i'm going to die. I want this to be one of my last memories."

i couldnt put it down, i know its not that big, but i read it in 3 days, and now i am sulking because i wanted to have the 4th book and so on... honestly this book after the plague is that good!! at least for me... because a book that make me cry at the death of a character or if it simply brings tears to my eyes, that means, that is deeply touching me inside, and Imogen Keeper is that talented in bringing characters to life...

at first i thought that i wouldnt like frankie, she was the kind of person hidding from what was around her (this was her in the first chapter of the first volume), she has grown so much, brighter than the sun really...

yorke like i said its the perfect man, he knows what he wants, and he knows, that he must be patient, and oh boy, is he patient?! much more than i could possibly ask for, even when he is passing a tought patch he is still himself.. ah i love him hahah ^__^

anyway this is the kind of story that makes my heart go thump thump, that i really needed to read and didnt know i needed... if you like post-apocalyptical stories, with people getting their strength back up and trying to rebuild their lifes, with diferent point of views, (you have a female point of view Frankie, and a male point of view Yorke) and the way they think the sound of their voices is diferent, loved that... there has some heat, and while for some people it wasnt enough, for me it was plenty ^^

thank you NetGalley and Imogen Keeper for the ARC, one that i sincerely loved <3, and i am leaving this review voluntarely

Was this review helpful?

I looooved this book!
I flew through it in 3 days and enjoyed every page. The pacing was wonderful, there was always somehting hapening, quite often i was sitting on the edge of my chair! (is that an actual saying or did i make it up??)
At the beginning i thought it would be overly erotic but there was just the right amount of steamieness in it.
I have already preordered book 4 and i cannot wait for it to come out soon!!!

Was this review helpful?

99 percent of the population are dead from a mysterious plague. Only One percent remain to pick up the pieces.
Frankie is part of the one percent, she has no skills to survive this post apocalyptic world but somewhere deep inside she finds the will to survive.

I loved, loved, loved this series and I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic books and this has to be my favourite so far.

Frankie is a great character, strong and resourceful. I really felt for her in the beginning, losing her husband and having nothing left to live for but each day she finds the strength to carry on.

Yorke has all the skills to survive in this new world. He is trained to kill and survive. But with Frankie he has a real soft side.

Imogen keeper is a great storyteller, her characters are likeable and are easy to relate to. The story flows at a good pace and for me has just the right amount of romance.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to NetGalley, Mindless Muse Publishing & the author for providing me with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Going into this book I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the concept of a post pandemic apocalyptic setting, but it definitely intrigued me and I’m glad I decided to read it. I’m definitely glad volumes one through three are being released in one edition as I found the first part of the book a bit lacklustre and reminiscent of a prologue, but as the second and third parts progressed the pace picked up and I became quite attached to the characters.

At the same time, I didn’t find the plot completely gripping and there wasn’t anything exceptional about the writing style so I have rated this 3 stars.

Was this review helpful?

Hit home a little too much with covid. I was freaked out and it was hard to get through. I think this could be reread when covid has kind of dispersed and we’re not all dying. Not for the feint of heart.

Was this review helpful?

I'm ridiculously in love with this series.

This is the first three books, meeting Frankie, Yorke, Auden, and Beast-dog. We follow their journey from being hit with a devastating pandemic to navigating this post-apocalypse world and trying to find their place in it with strangers who become family.

It's heart-wrenching at times because of the loss and relatable difficulties, and made me ugly-cry—which is no small feat. But there's also a consistent message of hope for what can come next in this new world.

I highly recommend this read for lovers of pandemic, dystopian, and post-apocalypse fiction, as well as romance readers who like an enticing plotline and don't mind cliffhangers and slow-burns with steam.

Was this review helpful?

This series was a wonderful journey. It was a perfect blend of romance, heartbreak,humour and action. I'm gonna be thinking about this for years to come.

Was this review helpful?

This edition collects the first 3 volumes of the After the Plague series. If you want to escape the real pandemic and read about a future-set fictional pandemic give this series a try. It is non-stop, unputdownable entertainment.

Recommended for: pandemic readers, dystopian fans that enjoy their apocalypse without zombies

Content warning: threats of sexual assault, death, violence, kidnapping

I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I love love love dystopian, end of the world books, massive plague and war-ending the world as we know it books. Even now, after covid has turned everyday life on it's head, I still enjoy them. I wasn't sure how much I would until I started this great book. I realized that I had actually read sections of this novel previously when it was released as novellas. This new, improved version is much better.

In AFTER THE PLAGUE 99% of the population dies due to virus. The world is practically empty and there is no way to communicate or learn more about other parts of the country much less the city. Background out of the way, we then meet Frankie, an everyday young woman (20's)l who is also strong willed and grieving as she searches for a television newscaster whom she saw on tv before the electricity went out.

Joined by a darling young child, a wonderful dog and soldier, Frankie begins a journey through Washington D.C that is filled with adventures and upsets and a couple of interesting characters. True humanity is revealed as some take to arming themselves and preying on the week.

The book is fast moving and filled with the ups and downs that you would expect in an odyssey. It's labeled as a "sexy thriller" so keep that in mind. To me, it was close to a young adult novel but very enjoyable, very believable and a great ride. If you like dystopia or end-of-the-world novels, you can't go wrong by adding this to your collection! #NetGalley #AfterThePlague

Was this review helpful?

I LOOOOVE IT!!! It was such an amazing series, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out. It was the perfect mix of romance, heartbreak and action. It is the series that we all need to escape this pandemic and step into a new out-of-this-world pandemic that is similar to ours but at the same time totally different. In some points it hit a little too close to what is happening now, but overall, it was amazing. The whole time I was reading it I was at the edge of my seat just waiting to find out what happens next. I would really recommend this series for everyone who likes out-of-this-world pandemics with a little romance to spice things up. 😊

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed these volumes. Im eager to see where the story continues from here, and what else happens. I like the lil smutty bits. Just a nice sprinkle here, and there. Nice character developments. Just a great job. Thanks!

(I will be posting to good reads and my tiktok book roundup)

Was this review helpful?

What can I say about this book except that I loved it. I am a fan of the post-apocalyptic novel and this one did not disappoint at all. The story written in a way that you feel like you are right there experiencing what out main characters are dealing with in their struggles to survive. I couldn't put it down and can't wait for the next book in the series. Five stars!

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC.

I didn't know what to expect from this book since I don't usually read post-apocalyptic fiction but I can tell you this didn't disappoint. The amount of tension and stress that went through me as I read these first 3 volumes is tremendous. I kept threatening the air while reading this, saying that if somebody died, I'd throw my kindle across the room (then I calmed down and realized that throwing my kindle would do no good). I look forward to having more stress-induced thoughts when I read volume 4!

Was this review helpful?

This was a really enjoyable read and I’m grateful to have had the chance to review it with an ARC.

These books tell the story of Frankie and Yorke, with the additional characters of Auden and Beast (my personal favourite) who become very important to the central story the further along the story goes. Over the course of the story the reader gets to see how a deadly virus plays out, from the early stages when it hasn’t quite had the full deadly effects on the world, to a kind of post-apocalyptic world that has been almost entirely destroyed by it. I loved how it played things out from a point before it had wholly effected the world to the after effects of a world that had almost entirely been wiped out by it. This was one of the strongest parts of the story for me because you get to see how terrifying it really is for people to endure, and how people go about surviving when it becomes clear this virus could take out most, if not all of, society.

Frankie’s point of view for me was the strongest, as I felt there was so much character development for her and so much going on in her story. From losing one of the most important people in her life, to learning to cope with this and move on with what life she can manage. And then taking on the role of motherhood which she hadn’t expected or set out to do.

Beast is the very important animal sidekick and I loved his presence throughout these books. And I was surprising taken in by Auden, a young boy orphaned and forced to move past this and learn to trust and love a complete stranger. Frankie and Auden’s developing bond was so pure and became such an essential part of the story. I didn’t enjoy Yorkie’s POV quite as much but I did enjoy the developing relationship between him and Frankie, as well as the little tidbits about his life and view that became so important later on.

All together I really did enjoy this read and really want to see where it goes in the fourth part.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to NetGalley and Mindless Muse Publishing for an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.

4+ stars

End of world books remain my favorite, even after living thru Covid 19. After the Plague contains books 1-3 of the series (Broken, Lost and Found). I devoured the book and very excited that book 4, Safe, is already out.

99% of the world succumbs to a virus. Artist Frankie loses her husband and feels very unprepared for the new world order. Yorke is a highly trained soldier and has the skills to survive. They meet up and try to survive together.

My very dry review is not doing this fast paced book justice. I got wrapped up in Frankie and Yorke's world and truly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

A perfectly fine and entertaining dystopian romance-adventure. A very fast-paced read, from the moment I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down. I loved the premise, and finding out that the story is double POV only made me more excited.

We get to follow the story through the eyes of Frankie and Yorke, who both have their own struggles before and after the plague. Here, I felt like the story could've been fleshed out more. Both characters felt a bit flat until the last third of this book, and even though I immediately liked them both, I never felt as invested in their story as I would've hoped. I found it a bit distracting that each volume was so short and was left wanting more. Individually each volume is too short for any significant character or plot development, but if thought of as one volume altogether, it makes more sense.

All in all this book made me want to read more of Frankie and Yorke's story and see their relationship grow. The post-apocalyptic world is fascinating, but it all feels like a beginning rather than a fully fleshed out story. The whole thing ends just ad you feel there's some character and plot development happening, and I as the reader was left wanting for more, feeling like I didn't quite get the reward for sticking through the slow-burn and tension. I definitely want to read part four to see what happens and hopefully there will be more

Was this review helpful?

“In a pandemic is that what dead people become? Trash that needs to be cleared away?” - Frankie

“We might be dead. But we have this moment. And this moment is perfect.” - Frankie

“So, I do the only thing that makes any sense right now. I lie down in the dirt on top of my dead husband’s grave, press my face into the mud right where his shoulder would be, and let the rain wash down.” - Frankie


This story follow Frankie and Yorke as they make their way through a deadly virus that hits D.C. and the apocalypse that occurs as a result of it.

This book is a collection of the first three volumes in this series. I highly recommend picking this up instead of reading the books separately. The first volume definitely reads more like a part one to a story than an entire book.
Although the first volume was a little slow for me, the rest of the books definitely made up for it!

Frankie struggles with losing her husband, Jimmy to the virus and Yorke struggles with being on his own while looking for his brother.
Frankie is not wanting to continue on after Jimmy dies, but a dog comes up to her and she is compelled to follow him and help him. This event changes the course of her apocalyptic life completely.
Yorke is also on the verge of not wanting to continue on, but he hears something that makes him determined to continue on.

One of my favorite things about this book is Frankie and Jimmy’s relationship. The time you get to spend with them as a couple is amazing and the way you get to see how Frankie struggles with his loss breaks your heart all over again.
Even though there is a good amount of plot in this story, this is very character driven. As a reader, you really do come to love all the characters in this story. I did not think I was going to like Yorke much in the beginning, but hear I am, rooting for him and Frankie.
Another part of this book I love is Frankie’s relationship with Auden. You really get to see Both Frankie and Yorke change and grow throughout this book and it is incredible.

I highly recommend picking up this book! I cannot wait to continue on with this series!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this ARC!

In the age of the pandemic, I've shied away from the post-apocalyptic genre. Why add more stress when real life is dramatic enough? But Imogen Keeper's saga has reignited a waning interest in this category. "After the
Plague" is set (temporarily) during and then (mainly) in the immediate aftermath of a devastating virus that wipes out most of the Earth's population. The survivors are then left to deal with what it actually means to continue living. We follow the stories of Frankie and Yorke, both lucky to be alive while others around them didn't make it. The pair are virtual opposites forced to do more than co-exist, if they are going to continue living "After the Plague."

I liked this story. Its very fast paced, making it a relatively quick read, despite the heaviness of the topics covered by the plot. I find it interesting that we don't start after the virus has taken out most of the world, we see it happen in real time. With the use of first person POV, we as readers are limited to the actions and emotions of only Frankie and Yorke. I struggled with this particularly in the case of Frankie. She's kind of all over the place to point of it getting frustrating. I very rarely put down a book because of this, but I had to a few times with this one. Yorke is much more straightforward, but I started to like him more as the stories progressed. The plot as a whole was bogged down until it wasn't. For as fast paced as this saga is, most of the interesting bits are crammed in at the end of each volume rather than carrying throughout. We see and hear a lot, but most of it doesn't matter until the last two or three chapters.

The simmering romantic themes are not as intense as I presumed a novel of this genre might incur, but what we do see is a mix of sexy and sweet. I'm definitely still looking forward to the next installment to see where things go.

Was this review helpful?

Frankie is a fragile young artist, loved and coddled by her older husband. When 99% of the world's population dies of a terrible virus, she is left alone and terrified. A chance meeting with a dog and his boy gives her a reason to move forward. Yorke is a soldier with no real family connections, left alone without a mission. Together, they must navigate a changed world full of very real dangers.

I really enjoyed this series, which is definitely a cut above the typical apoc series. The writing is complex and evocative, giving us a full picture of the characters, their emotions, and their reactions. While the plotline is fairly standard, the characterization and writing really elevate this series above the crowd. The author classifies herself as a romance author, but the book had plenty of action and didn't feel like "just a romance".

I was excited to see that the new book in the series was recently released and have already put it on my Kindle!

My only quibble is that it needs much better proofreading and editing. The copy I read was rife with typos, misspellings, and missed and misused punctuation. While I freely admit that I am a picky reader about such things, many of the mistakes were incredibly blatant (and I wondered that they were not caught by a simple spell/punctuation checker).

I received a copy of this series from NetGalley in return for my review.

Was this review helpful?

An incredible version of our late reality.
I have enjoyed reading this. Such an emotional book for this times. The story behind the books has been captivating since the begining, always making me want more. Even if it has been tough to read at times, the writing has been encouraging me throughout all of it. The characters have been so sweet, and rough and sensitive, just like any other human, it made all the book believable. Sometimes even getting mad at them, but from the most human feeling towards them. I am waiting for the fourth book, I want to keep going of this amazing story until the end, and see, with all the humor and hope that has characterize this book, how it ends.

Was this review helpful?

After the Plague : Volumes 1, 2 & 3 Kindle Edition

by Imogen Keeper  (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

Thank you to Imogen Keeper, the publisher and NetGalley for the complimentary reviewer's copy. I am choosing to leave a fair and honest review.
After 2020 and 2021, you'd think that we would have had enough of deadly viruses and the devastation they leave behind. Books like After the Plague, in all its dark and frightening goodness, prove us wrong.
Set in the future, the world is dealing with the Australian Flu, a super virus that has a high RO because of the long incubation period and has an 80% death rate, all the things that our worst nightmares are made of. But the virus is never the point of these kinds of stories. Whether it be a massive war between good and evil, as in The Stand or a study of gender relations, like The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, the story is about the survivors. And this story is told through a variety of survivors.
Frankie has a strong story arc. She begins weak, proper and dependent. We can see her change with her language. She's a very well done character that was a joy to know.
She isn't alone as a character with a brilliant character arc. Yorke, a Major in the military who has come back to the US with the last people out of a German Base. He moves from distant and mentally cracked to the hero of the piece.
Even the dog, Beast, gets a good story. All the characters are fascinating and make this story what it is. This book is very much character driven but the plot doesn't suffer.

Part of the tension and terror of this new, dark and barbaric world is how real, how easily imaginable to world-building is. Everything seems so incredibly possible. From the lack of food to the corpses in cities to the 'villains' – be they a crazed Meth addict to politicians – every moment is possible. Clearly, Ms. Keeper spent some time in 2020 realizing that, indeed, things could have been so much worse.

My only regret was that the books were so short. Reading them reminded me of The Girl Who Owned a City and Swan Song. This is that good. This series (this is a combo of the first three books) has real heart. It reminds us that most people are at their best when things are at their worst.

4 out of 5

Was this review helpful?

fter 99% of the population dies from the modern day plague (called the Australian Influenza), the world is changed. The remaining 1% now live in a world with no government and no laws. The majority have lost their entire family and are living alone, desperate, and terrified. Frankie has just buried her husband and feels completely lost. Frankie isn’t sure she has what it takes to survive in this new world until she stumbles upon a child, Auden, who is just as alone as she is. Fueled by strength she didn’t know she had, Frankie decides to find a safe home for her and the boy.

It’s not long before their paths cross with Yorke, a former soldier who has lived a solitary life out of choice. Yorke is suddenly thrust into a world where he is now responsible for protecting a young woman and child. “After the Plague” consists of three volumes that detail the story of this found family in a new, dangerous world. Three strangers brought together by catastrophe suddenly find themselves in a family that they would do anything - anything to keep. Rising violence led by a mysterious group that has taken over the White House threatens everything they hold dear - but this time, Frankie and Yorke won’t go down without a fight.
I love an apocalyptic story and I also love a slowburn romance. I didn’t know I needed a series that embodied both - but I found that in “After the Plague” and couldn’t put it down. I loved the characters of Yorke and Frankie - I felt that Frankie was very relatable. I often think how I would measure up in an apocalyptic event; I really have no “useful” skill. I liked that Frankie was an artist and not someone trained in hand to hand combat (or other physical skills useful for the end of the world) - she felt more real. I also liked how the chapters alternated POVs so that we could get inside Yorke’s more private thoughts. This allowed me to get to know both characters. I also appreciated how grief was portrayed. It’s not something you overcome immediately and that was communicated in the books.

“After the Plague” consists of three parts: Broken, Lost, Found. Safe is the fourth part and was just released but was not included in this ARC from Netgalley. The author is planning on this being a nine book series with the next book already titled, “Home”.

If you’re looking for a romance set in a post-apocalyptic America, you may love this series. It certainly helps that one of the main characters is Beast, an adorable collie (I certainly love an animal with personality!)

Thank you to Netgalley for gifting me the ARC of the first three parts.

Was this review helpful?

I came across After the Plague when I was looking for books to request on NetGalley, they provided it to me and I’m very grateful for it to them and also Imogen for writing it.

I didn’t know what to expect from a series with a post apocalyptic scenario where a virus is responsible for the human (almost complete) extermination in a time like this when we have COVID roaming around. However, these books bring a message that could serve us all: hope. Hope that in the end, everything is going to be ok.

I loved the plot, scenario and the characters (all of them from main to secondary). I’ve read some books with this theme before (ones written by really famous writers), but this series is my favorite. I’ll be reading the fourth installment next and you, who is reading this, even if you don’t believe me, just read the first chapter, and I’m sure it’ll captivate you as it captivated me.

Was this review helpful?

Apocalyptic romance with very real characters was an intriguing premise. I loved that Frankie was a gal who wasn't military-trained for an apocalypse (which seems to always be the case in other books) that had seemingly zero skills to help her survive, but she gets braver in the series. Yorke was straight-laced soldier that softens as the books progress. I really enjoyed following their story story, but the first book would have been hard to handle if not for having the 2nd and 3rd book to follow immediately.

Was this review helpful?

As a fan of dystopian genres, After the Plague by Imogen Keeper, was right up my alley. We've survived COVID, what's the worst that could happen now? Enter, the Australian Flu.

This series is such well told, with in depth character development that truly makes you feel a part of it. Her style of writing and attention to detail makes you feel with the characters. Nothing has hit home quite like this series, and that's a great thing. I've described this as a COVID with 90% mortality rate meets The Walking Dead, but without the zombies.

After finishing the first 4 of this series, I want to purchase a plot of land and start becoming a prepper. This is how realistic this plot is. My only dislike is that each book feels too short. I wish they were longer and more condensed into several as opposed to the estimated 9.

Was this review helpful?

After the Plage by Imogen Keeper is a dystopian novel set after a virus sweeps the globe killing the majority of the population. Those that are left have to regroup and try to continue on.

I loved loved loved this book and can't wait to read more. I wasn't sure what I was expected but it wasn't the heartfelt story of people coming together to fight for better. It was all made fairly believable with some good people and some bad but most fighting for what they believe is right,

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in return for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I am a fan of romance. But I feel like this book gave me something different. Something extra. Something I needed and didn't know. I give it 3. 4 stars. It wasn't bad.

The pandemic, in times of pandemic, was a great plot. I loved how it refers to Covid 19.

Was this review helpful?

Maybe not the best book to read while living in a real pandemic. Apart from that, the plot and the characters are well developed and I really enjoyed it.

Was this review helpful?

Reading apocalyptic/ dystopian books after COVID sure changes someones perspective! This series takes place in the future with a mutated flu that kills billions. Most people do not survive, but some are “immune”. Frankie the main character is a painter who is married to a man who is 13 years older than her. There is also Yorke, who is a veteran from WWIII, who is a loner with the only goal is surviving.

The first book “Broken” takes place in Washington DC, where Frankie and her husband, Jimmy, live. Frankie and Jimmy notice how down hill the city is going so quickly. As they are trying to leave Jimmy and Frankie are observed by an onlooking Yorke who is just back from Germany. Frankie and Jimmy can’t get out of the city but, plan to try again. However, as most great romances, it comes to an end when Jimmy gets sick.

The second book “Lost” shows the reader Frankie finds a young boy and takes it upon herself to take care of this boy, regardless of her lack of survival skills. As time goes on she realizes she can’t take care of the boy alone. So they go into the city to look for survivors where they come across Yorke, who saves them from a group who is taking kids. Yorke ends up staying with them where they fall into a routine. One day while they are out scavenging house, the boy disappears. When Yorke realizes they are both gone, his skills kick in and he sets out to find them.

In the third book “Found” follows Frankie, Yorke, and the song boy as they over come the events after the attack. Frankie think Yorke is disgusted with her but, is actually upset with himself. The young boy is so traumatized he won’t speak so, Frankie gets Yorke to take them to the abandoned library where they run into another group of survivors. One of the women in this survivor group tries to help Frankie mend the relationship with her and Yorke.

I can't recommend this series enough!

I received an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Title: After the Plague
Author: Imogen Keeper
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Rating: 4 out of 5

99% of the population dies due to a strange unnatural virus, leaving 1% grieving, scared, desperate, capable of anything, plunged into a world without laws, and no one to enforce them anyway.

Frankie has zero skills to survive, but when she loses the love of her life, she discovers an untapped well of hope and courage inside herself – to find the others, the left-behind survivors who must now rebuild in the face of gathering clans, rising dictators, and everpresent danger.

When Yorke, a lone soldier, who never wanted a family, finds Frankie, he has a single burning conviction: if anyone will make the rules in this strange new lawless world, it will be them.

Before the apocalypse they were strangers. Now their lives will forever be entwined.

I read all three of these stories—Broken, Lost, and Found—pretty quickly. I enjoyed both Frankie’s and Yorke’s points-of-view, as well as the characters themselves. This was an interesting dystopian viewpoint, too: far enough in the future to change daily life (like the prevalence of solar-powered homes so the characters can find one to stay in pretty easily), but not so different that the reader doesn’t feel completely at home. I’m also intrigued by what the red-haired woman who has taken over the White House is up to, so I’ll likely read the fourth volume in this series, Safe, very soon.

Imogen Keeper lives outside of Washington, D.C. After the Plague is her dystopian saga.

(Galley courtesy of Mindless Muse Publishing in exchange for an honest review.)

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Thanks Netgalley and publisher for the opportunity to read and review.
It was enjoyable read, but there was some rift between the romance plot and the post dystopian one. Somehow both don't mix. Once reading the summary one wouldn't expect the center of the story to be romance. The narrative itself was really nice and descriptive, which made it very easy to imagine the setting. I also liked the characters, although I really wished for more electricity and sparks between them. I am sure the same crafty skills in the narrative could be used for more emotional descriptions, especially when you center the plot around a romance. It was enjoyable read, but I would love to see the author use their writing skills in a new project where the setting and the main plot fit better. I tried to read while ignoring the virus and the conditions it created. Especially with the entire Covid crisiz.

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Definitely a book of the times and one that needs a fair number of trigger warnings for our generation of reader - I felt like it held a lot of hope and healing in the story too though. The romance was great but I really loved how rooted in partnership and trust it was. I'm absolutely planning to pick up the rest of the story after this!

CW/TW: pandemic, death, illness, gun violence, physical assaults

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This is a post-apocalyptic fiction about a virus that kills most of the population and follows a widow, an ex-military guy and a child as they band together to survive. It hits almost too close to home during todays climate of the covid pandemic. But as the story unfolds you cannot help but root for the couple to survive. There's steamy romance scenes that help ease the severity of the situation. I loved the characters realness.

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Describes as: "sexy, seductive, breathtaking story", I am still trying to get my breath back. All I can see is thank goodness I can already buy the 4th one!

I wasn't certain exactly what to expect when I picked up this book but I am glad I did. I truly enjoyed the whole volume, such a sweet and amazing story and I am so glad I got to read it!

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Well all trigger warnings due to the plague and dead people and family.

I requested this from netgalley. It is a easy read, fast-paced, unique in some ways, very slow burn with some pining, hurt and fucked up shit. I think people who like darker romances will like this and enjoy it! It has a interesting bond but due to the pandemic stuff I will not be continuing. However this is a reflection of me and not the author.

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This is the best apocalyptic series I have ever read! Such a heartbreaking yet inspiring story of surviving the unimaginable. A wild adventure from start to finish.

Was this review helpful?

This book is beautifully written and held my interest. I'm usually read horror and/or viral apocalyptic books with more detail. I like to know every last detail of what is happening as it helps paint a picture for me. I am not one who usually enjoys any sort of romance in books; however, the romance in this series didn't seem out of place. The violence, sexual and/or otherwise was tastefully done, or at least as tastefully as one can depict such things. In the aftermath of an apocalypse, there would most certainly be violence, both physical and sexual in nature. It's nice to read about a heroine who handles situations with gusto and an assertive go get it attitude. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes post apocalyptic reading. I am partial stories taking place DURING an apocalypse, but enjoyed this series none the less. I look forward to the 4th installment.

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The post-apocalypse fight for life is my favorite type of story for some reason. Not sure if that's a bad thing, oh well.

This book had incredible pacing and low level suspense that kept me reading even while I did things around the house- I just couldn't put it down. The book description had me at the "end of the world" concept and I wasn't expecting the romance since I'm not familiar with this author. Love connections sometimes distract me from the story but this one was well meshed in and felt natural. 

I noticed a few grammatical errors and some small nitpicky issues but overall this story was fantastic.

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Note: Thank you to Netgalley & the publishers for allowing me access to this book in exchange for an honest review!

My Review
In my experience, most post-apocalyptic books are usually either terrible or fantastic. I am happy to say that this story is excellent!

The Good Things
1. The main characters are dynamic and exceptionally well written. They are opposites, so things are kept interesting through the different perspectives. 

2. Although this is considered a dystopia romance, I feel like the story is a fantastic work of fiction that is much more in-depth than a mere romance. I dig the slow burn and the relationships in the story. 

3. The world-building fits a post-apocalyptic story, and the problems that arise are not too far-fetched in this hypothetical scenario. 

The Bad Things
1. I am giving it four stars instead of five because of Volume II. It wasn't my favorite, and I'm not sure if it's because I lost momentum or because it felt lackluster in comparison to the first volume. 

My Final Rating:
☆☆☆☆ (Goodreads)
☆☆☆☆ (Blog)
☆☆☆☆ (Amazon)

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I received an arc for my fair and honest review. I didn't realize there was a fourth volume until I finished this and omg, I've gotta read it asap! I freaking loved this series way more than I thought I would. I love all things post apocalyptic, I loved the characters and I really felt a connection to them. It was fast paced, exciting, LOL funny, and I will be recommending After the Plague to everyone!

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AAAHHH! Stop. Stop. Stop. I am genuinely surprised by this series… and must continue it! Post-apocalyptic fantasy romance is so hit-or-miss for me and I can’t believe I found a good one. I requested this arc from netgalley on a whim and I’m posting this review a couple of days later. I couldn’t put it down. Plot? Check. Characters? Check. Pacing? Check. Writing style? Check. Dialogue? Check. I’m so happy!

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What a whirlwind! I love a good apocalyptic romance and how refreshing to find a well-written one that’s not about zombies. Frankie, Yorke and Auden’s story was a page-turner. I can’t wait to read their next adventure and find out more about Shasta! I love Imogen Keeper’s writing and am definitely along for the ride!

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Beautifully written and quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! I thoroughly enjoyed how well developed the characters were and they were amazing! Get ready to be addicted from page one! And what a perfect time for this with the current pandemic we are living through.

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I liked the way the story progressed. The author does a good job of keeping you interested in the outcome for the characters the entire way. The descriptions were good without being boring. The conflict was always there and you never knew what was going to happen next. I can't wait to read The next volume to see if everyone is ok and safe.

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I couldn't put this book down until I read all three volumes and purchased volume 4 as soon as possible. Excellent apocalyptic romance full of twists and turns. I loved it!

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This book was great! It hit a little close to home especially with this new variant of COVID. it makes ya think!

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The very first book I finished in 2022! And honest, a really good start. I found this book thanks to NetGallery. And it passed all my expectations. It had been a while since my last encounter whit apocalyptic, or post-apocalyptic stories. And I wasn’t sure I would still like it, but I gave it a shot. I got hooked in the very first sentence. The book is simply exceptional. Easy to follow, likable and it just catches you. The setting is interesting. The story begins when a plague that would work as the apocalypse is getting out of control. So, you get to follow the characters from the very beginning. You get to meet them in their pre chaos life, see how they deal with their new reality and the stages they go through to find themselves in the new world order. Hope, fear, sadness, desperation, love, it has the whole package. And on top of it, you get Yorke and Frankie. Two narrators spicing things up and making you fall for the book, the narration, the connections, the story, themselves, and each other. The characterization is perfect. And to have well-written characters is golden. Can’t wait to get my hands on volume 4. I desperately need more of them, their relationship, and their amazing story.

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I really enjoy reading apocalyptic stories. The what ifs always drag me in with the potential that could happen to our world. Checking out the blurb for After the Plague series hit way too close to home considering what is going on in real world today. But I just had to see what an author would come up with. Would it just be a repeat of what I see on the news today or would Ms. Keeper spin it a completely different way? Got to admit, it’s handy to have all three volumes in one set. Means I can keep going and not wait around for the next book.

BROKEN - Volume 1
YEESH! The plague in this story reads like Covid on Speed! Had to check the date to see when the book was first published. March 2020. Yes, I can see why the author would think we are headed to the population dying off. What’s worse than a pandemic? I don’t know and I’m not sure I want to just so long as it stays confined with these pages. There’s a long build-up to Broken. The stage needs to be set so we the reader can understand what is going on in the world. At times I felt I was living this story. Almost. Almost.

The characters in the story felt so real. I can feel their pain, their fear, their despair. No punches are pulled here as Frankie and Yorke deal with the new world they find themselves in. Their struggles to survive the loss of the what had been, to keep going on. Frankie, oh Frankie. Her pain and loss had me in tears. Her courage, on finding a reason, to keep going. Everything is so palpable. I just couldn’t get what they were going through out of my head. I lost sleep over this book because there was no way I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next.

LOST - Volume 2
Having just finished Broken, I immediately had to know what was going to happen next. So, without any hesitation or the need for sleep, I continue on to Lost. Book one hit me in all the feels, had me running the gambit of all emotions. This time I’m really enjoying how things are developing for Frankie and Yorke and not so focused on the destroyed world. It all feels so real. Yes, I can see the natural progressing of surviving. Author Imogen Keeper has really nailed it, how the new world could be, how survivors would react. It feels so real, I am ready to put in solar panels in my own home.

And yet, as much as I enjoyed Lost, I felt it just a tiny bit…predictable. Not the whole book, just a certain situation. I saw it coming and, in that moment, I was oh please don’t. I’m really into the story loving every minute and then this? The aftermath was handled very well, and I don’t think we have seen the end of the fallout. It was just a bit too cliché and I found it a little disappointing that it needed to be inserted into the storyline. That’s just my personal opinion of course. With or without it, this is still turning out to be an amazing series.

Found – Volume 3
Still sitting here dealing with the fallout from the last book and expecting more pain and suffering to be read in the third entry, Found. I get that and more. So much more. I honestly didn’t expect to find myself laughing. Yes, there were tears and gut-wrenching fear, but also moments of hilarity. Oh, the surprises instore for Frankie and Yorke. New crew, new life, and actual future together. Is it possible? The emotions between them as the heat cranks up another notch so delicious. But there are secrets that still lay between them, lost loves and pain, and it’s a hurdle they need to get over. The growth between them as a couple and as they find their own individual strengths is what really makes this series special
I’ve run the gambit of emotions. Devastation, tears, laughter. One epic moment after another. But it all comes to one crashing explosive moment as Frankie, Yorke, Auden, Beast and their new crew make the impossible choice of where they are going to live out our post-apocalyptic lives. Can they get out of the city? What’s in store for them next? The anticipation is killing me!

Thank goodness for boxsets! To have all three volumes together without having to sit around and wait for the next book is a total win for me. There’s a lot that happens in each book from the initial devastation of the plague in book one, to the building of the relationship between Frankie and Yorke in book two and finally to book three’s friends, fallout, and freedom. Yes, there is a lot to going on and I loved it so much that I could just keep going through each book non-stop. This is a series I will be recommending!

Stars: 5
I received this book from Netgalley. I was not compensated for the book other than the entertainment it provided. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Listen the writing in this is great, too good. Still in the midst of Covid it’s tough to read, it’s too realistic too easy to see happening. Be ver very careful if you’re heart is still hurting. I got to when Frankie found a kid and that was all I could take

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After the Plague by Imogen Keeper had me in awe. I want to start off by saying that I love this author’s writing style. It made the story easy to follow while still adding so much detail. This story follows Frankie, a woman who is dealing with the after affects of a full blown plague. After losing her husband to this disease she runs into a child who has lost his parents. She takes him under her wing and they both run into a man named Yorke. The story goes on to tell their adventure of escaping a city full of malicious people who are killing adults and kidnapping kids. Not only this this book have adventure and thrills, but romance too. Frankie goes through the emotions of losing her husband but falling in love with Yorke only a few months later. I was truly captivated by this book. I have read a lot of apocalyptic books in the past, and they all seem to follow the same old story. A plague or disease, lots of death, survival, and so on. But this story…. This was so much more. It ties in the grief, a little bit about before the outbreak, love, friendships, relationships. I could read this over and over again. In fact, I’m definitely putting the next book of this series on my to read list. The author did an amazing job at captivating all the emotions of real grief and love, and then wrapping it all up in the end yet still having us wanting more. One of the best apocalyptic books I have ever read and I will continue to recommend this forever.

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This three set volume was a huge joy to read, and the cover is just gorgeous.
Frankie, a woman who lived with her husband in Los Angelos, in a post- apocalyptic earth, where almost all the world's population is dead or dying due to a pandemic. They were so very much in love and was coping as much as they could.      

The other main character was Yorke, an ex-soldier sent back home to the same city of Los Angelos. He on the other hand had only one family member, his brother. Considering their situation, he hoped to squash whatever beef they had in the past by calling him. His brother didn't want anything to do with him and hung up the phone. Feeling like he was all alone, he was about to jump off a roof, when he heard the grieving scream of a woman somewhere in the distance.        

Between trying to escape the city, gangs who've taken over the white house, finding supplies and parenting a lost and frightened little boy, these two main characters managed to find love in the midst of all the chaos. The question is, would they survive it all to give their love a fighting chance?

I've only ever read one other post-apocalyptic novel. It was based on a second ice-age, so I'm basically new to this genre. However, this novel was so good. It matched up greatly with my expectations, and then some. The characters were easy to love. Although there were times when I wanted to slap the hell out of Frankie. I mean, we understand how you feel but, you might die tomorrow so give that fine-looking soldier a chance man.

Yorke on the other hand, although he was a walking talking weapon, exuded the aura of a kind and protective gentleman, even though he didn't see himself as one. The characters were believable and satisfying.
The challenges these two faced individually and together, had me routing for their love throughout the novel. The pace was steady and each chapter ended with a cliff-hanger, so I was always eager to know, " what's next?" The theme of love, lost and the hope of new beginnings, was effectively expressed throughout the story.

I was elated for how one aspect of the book ended, but not so much for my beloved Yorke and Frankie. Their story is yet to be complete, so you know what that means. After the Plague 4 ( safe ), here I come.
And that, my dear readers, is something I look forward to. Because this page turner had me engrossed from beginning to end, and me having a couple of uncontrollable outbursts at the pages, I totally recommend.

A big thank you to NetGalley, Imogen Keeper and Mindless Muse Publishing, for gifting me this volume in return for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

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Thank you NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me access to this book in exchange for an honest review.

Only 1% of the world’s population remains after a mysterious plague, post Coronavirus. Frankie and Yorke are part of this 1%and their only agenda now is survival.

This book captured me. It’s a great post apocalyptic romance that kept turning page after page until we’ll into the night. Enjoy!

Was this review helpful?

This book was so good! It had me reading it within one day. I was obsessed with the characters and needed to find out what would happen to them. As this book is not fully finished, I would love to be an arc reader for the next installment. If you are into The Walking Dead or any apocalyptic show, then this book is a perfect choice for you! Be looking at a later date for my full review on Instagram @maggiethereader.

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This book was a devastatingly beautiful masterpiece. Set decades in the future, we meet Washington DC resident Frankie as she and her husband Jimmy brace themselves at the height of the Australian Flu sweeping the world. With an 80% mortality rate, we get a front row seat to the panic, resolution, and ultimately the heartbreak that makes up Frankie’s journey to being a survivor of this catastrophic disease.

In alternating chapters we also meet Yorke, a US Army member who is sent home from Germany along with the other surviving members of the military so that they have the chance to die on their home soil. Trying to find his homeless and drug addicted brother in the city, we watch as he inevitably goes from house to house caring for people in their final hours and eventually driving himself to desperation and slight madness trying to find a new “normal”. One night, standing drunk on a rooftop contemplating suicide, he hears the anguished cry of a woman and realizes he is not alone and becomes determined to find her.

Broken into 3 volumes (or parts) the first called “Broken” sets the tone for both Frankie and Yorke’s stories and sets them on the path to meeting each other. The second volume “Lost” shows them trying to navigate the best way forward…both in the new world they are still a part of as well as personally, having found each other after so much loss in the midst of everything. The third and final volume “Found” shows them bearing new scars from “Lost” but finding their footing and a new sense of normalcy that they can accept and embrace as they move forward into a new future where they hope to rebuild a life together.

This book was devastating. There’s just no way around it. Ripped from the headlines it gives us a painful look at what the current pandemic could have been and fires a warning flare into the sky of how easily the world could in fact look like something similar to this in the future. It hit almost too close to home but gave the accurate picture of what I’m sure so many of us have thought, felt, and worried about over the last few years. What made this book beautiful and an absolute masterpiece was the one thing that still courses through humanity even after we’ve lost everything imaginable: hope.

Frankie is the embodiment of that hope. She doesn’t wear rose colored glasses, she doesn’t try to fool herself into seeing the good or thinking positively, she just simply looks forward. After watching her gut wrenching loss of her husband, you see her give up on life entirely…until she meets a little boy (recently orphaned) and his dog, who ultimately give her the purpose she needs to face forward and press on. I will include a spoiler at the bottom of this review regarding the boy and the dog if you’re like me and have anxiety about something happening to either character :-)

Yorke is the embodiment of the strength, tenacity, and ultimately the compassion that still drive humanity forward even on its darkest days. Tough as nails and trained to be a machine, he can hold his own but chooses to protect, love, and guard those around him; his new found family in Frankie, little Auden and his dog Beast, and the good hearted people they join along the way to somewhere they can all settle down and begin life again. You see where his identity is so tightly wound around his ability to protect and care for others and how that haunts him from his past, but his continued growth through that is incredible to watch especially when played out in such a strong, masculine character.

I did not expect this book to be a spicy as it was but HOLY MOLY did this book send me to the freezer to cool off for a bit!! I don’t know how the author did it but the romance she built between Frankie and Yorke was so pure and beautiful and it burned right off the pages. It did not discredit the love or the loss Frankie felt for her husband, it didn’t follow the “we’re practically the last people on earth so we might as well hook up” trope so often found in post-apocalyptic stories, and it was far from a cheap plot filler. It dealt with Frankie’s grief and loss head on, but did not make Yorke seem fake or like the stereotypical Perfect Male Lead/Book Boyfriend™️. He allowed her the space and the time to grieve her loss and process those feelings and emotions, but also still allowed himself to process her grief and to help her make sense of that without him coming across as feeling threatened, hostile, or alienated in any way. By the end of this book they haven’t even had full blown sex yet but the pure heat and passion between them in the lead up to it has me dying to see them finally collide!!

All in all this was a hard read. Like I said, it hits very close to home given current and recent world events, but the author took such care to deliver a realistic yet beautiful picture of humanity and the darkness that can befall us (no rule or law in a brand new world and the evil that can stem from that), but also the true spirit, grit, determination, and ultimately the love and compassion that runs deep beneath the surface of every person. It reinforces how those qualities should be clung to no matter lies ahead of us in order to build a new, still bright, and hopeful future. I cannot wait to read the next installment and see what comes next for Frankie, Yorke, Auden, Beast, and their new friends.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and to Imogen Keeper for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review!!

**SPOILER** I’m not going to lie, any time I encounter a child or a pet in a story I spend so much time worrying about their well-being that it distracts me from enjoying the book, so I did ravage reviews until I could ensure they would both still be okay in the end. And they both are!! This is a plot point spoiler, hence the marker, but I did just want to include this in my review in case there’s anyone else like me out there who can’t breathe or focus at the thought of losing a child or a beloved pet. **END OF SPOILER**

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Thank you to Mindless Muse Publishing and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A virus becomes active with a fatality rate of 80%, leaving families decimated, children left orphaned.
Society shuts down with groups of people banding together to secure weapons and food, trying to survive.
This story has a sense of realism to it which will fill you with fear, especially given the current pandemic the world is dealing with.
This title contains the first three installments of this story with a 4th available, which I will definitely be getting.
Great story that will terrify you with the consequences of a deadly virus that has the power to destroy life as we know it.

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This book was fan-freaking-tastic! If you are into post-apoc survival stories, this book is for you!

After the Plague is broken into three sections, or volumes, but in this version, they were all in one book, and I liked it that way. Each volume is pretty short, and I didn't want to stop reading. I didn't want to stop so much so that when I finished last night, I immediately downloaded volume 4 because I needed to keep going with these characters and their stories!

This story has a virus that wipes out most people, leaving just a few survivors who start to find each other. The narration alternates between Frankie and Yorke. Frankie loses her husband, and it is devastating to her. So much so that while she doesn't get sick, she's determined just curl up on his grave and die, but life doesn't work out like that for her, and pretty soon she's out there surviving just like she promised her husband she would.

Yorke and Frankie have a hot and spicy connection and the author does a great job of letting that relationship have a slow burn as Frankie is grieving for her husband. I like how she gives the reader snippets of relief allowing them to get entangled in their feelings, but then pulls back, and we have to wait again. These scenes are descriptive and on fire so be ready for that!

The survival aspect is something I love in post-apoc fiction, and I really enjoyed that Frankie isn't a survivalist. She "can't do anything", but we find that she can, and it's awesome to follow her as she learns. Yorke on the other hand, is a man that is trained to survive, so he's our hero that sweeps in with guns blazing, giving the story lots of high-velocity action!

I absolutely couldn't put this book down, and I immediately grabbed the next one, so it's a huge 5 stars for me, and I highly recommend it!

Content Warnings: Drug use, kidnapping, murder, hostage situation, abuse, descriptive gun violence, and graphic sexual depiction (it's good though😉) Really, everything you think about a post-apoc world.

I was provided a gifted copy of this book for free. I am leaving my review voluntarily.

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This book is three books in one, there is Broken (1), Lost(2) and Found (3). The book is in two person POV, and starts with Frankie a painter who lived with her husband in DC and Yorke an trainer in the Army who was just sent home to DC from Germany. The year is 2038 and the world is recently recovering from WW3 with Russia. The flu mutates in Australia and from there breaks out all over the world killing 90% of the population. This harrowing story is one of heartbreak, and finding people to make a family during tragic times. There is romance between the protagonist but it slow burn since Frankie is still mourning her husband. I enjoyed this story immensely and definitely recommend.

Was this review helpful?

When I started this book, it felt very similar to the beginnings of covid which was an eerie connection for me. The book quickly became much much more. The world in a few short weeks overcome with a flu strain with an insane death ratio, that ends up wiping out almost everyone. It has an 80% death rate, but not everyone is susceptible. A small population never got sick at all, and these survivors built their new post-plague world.

One of our main character's Frankie seems immune to the flu variant, but gets through the outbreak it with deep heavy loss. She finds a boy, Auden, and his sweet collie named Beast. The boy and his dog give her a reason to continue living. After settling in with Auden and his dog, she meets Yorke, and together they form a tight family-like unit. They begin looking for people like them in hopes to be a part of a bigger community.

If you're looking for a fast paced, slow burn post-apocalyptic romance that doesn't revolve around sex then I highly suggest this book.

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This story reeled me in. I wasn’t sure about reading a book about a pandemic turned apocalypse but was so intrigued. Once I started down Frankie’s story, I couldn’t help but want to know more. As she met Yorke, and hearing his side of the story it only got more intense. Imogen exquisitely writes how they process their feelings for themselves, their loved ones and each other across each part off the story. I’ve already read the 4th installment and eagerly await to see how Frankie and Yorke continue to develop.

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If you liked ‘The 5th wave’ books or the netflix show ‘Sweet Tooth’ this book is definitely something you will enjoy! I read it in one sitting I couldn’t put it down !

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I received access to After the Plague (Volumes 1, 2, & 3) on NetGalley. An 890-page novel that takes place in a world with an extremely contagious virus that wipes out almost all of the world. Frankie, Auden, and Yorke are the main characters of this volume set. An artist, a little boy, and a soldier must go through a series of events with the end of the world happening. There is death, nation, suspense, and more. The writing is SO good, I couldn't put this one down! In exchange for an honest review, this is definitely one of my top ten reads of 2022. GO CHECK THIS OUT!

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Thank you to Mindless Muse Publishing and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

In AFTER THE PLAGUE 99% of the population dies due to virus. The world is mostly empty and there is no way to communicate or learn more about other parts of the country. Frankie is part of the one percent that survived. She has no skills to survive this post apocalyptic world but somewhere deep inside she finds the will to survive.

The post-apocalyptic world is fascinating, and enjoyed how well developed the characters were. I really enjoyed this book. If you enjoy a good apocalypse book you need to pick this up.

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I received a copy of this publication from NetGalley for an honest review.

After the Plague

Imogene Keeper

Publication: November 1, 2021

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the book After the Plague, especially in a world that is currently experiencing a pandemic. While this futuristic world has a more devastating plague that kills off the majority of the population, it had a very scary-realistic vibe to it that you could easily imagine if our world were to take a turn for the worse. This is a book of survival. This is a book about how a society meets the challenges of a new world. I love the character growth of our heroine Frankie. A woman who loses her husband early on in the book. In her previous life she was well taken care of and now she has to change her role to an active caregiver even when she thinks she is out of her element. There is a slow burn romance with Yorke who is such a strong, wonderful character. While Frankie had a good husband (I almost wish he wasn’t so Frankie could give her all to Yorke RIGHT NOW!) she is conflicted with this connection she has with another man. I absolutely love the family unity built out of tragedy with Frankie, Yorke, Auden and Beast! I am anxious to see where this story goes…

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Thank you to the publishers for sending me this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

This series shifts perspectives between a woman named Frankie and a man named Yorke. Most of the world died from an exceptionally deadly flu, leaving few survivors, including our glorious main characters. Of course, with not many people left in the world, society cannot function as normal. This means that there is no food stocked in the grocery stores, and most importantly, no one to enforce the law. Frankie and Yorke have to navigate through this dangerous post-apocalyptic world, grieving over their loss and trying to build a new future.

Let me just start by saying, the writing in this book is incredible. Everything is described in such precise detail that the world came to life and the characters left an imprint on my heart. The whole experience of reading spanned from tears to laughter. There was only one character that I was not fond of, but that is solely due to my jealous nature... By the way, if anyone is looking for a little spice, it is undoubtably there. There was the perfect balance of love, lust, and loss in this series.

This has quickly become one of my favorite books of all time.

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Thank you to Netgalley & the publishers for allowing me access to this book in exchange for an honest review!

After the Plague (Volumes 1, 2, &, 3) is what I like to call a hidden gem that kept me entertained the entire time I was reading. If I didn't start this book on a weeknight I would have stayed up all night to see what happened.

The Pros:
1. The depth of the main characters and the chemistry between them.
2. The fact that there was a plot and a romance.
3. The comedic element. I did not expect to laugh so many times while reading about a deadly virus that kills 99% of people.

The Cons:
1. Given the fact that 99% of people are dead in this book, I find it hard to believe that the water supply was available in all of the houses they found and how the FMC always had shaved legs. Without a doubt, the MC's did go through trials and tribulations but I find it hard to believe that the houses they squatted in had working dishwashing machines.

Quote that resonated with me: "The only reason it's not total pandemonium is because people are too scared to leave their houses for fear of getting sick."

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This is such an addictive, sad, and heartwarming series with so many twists and nerve wreaking situations. I could not put it down until I was finished! I genuinely loved this. When I started it was giving me a lot of anxiety because it just felt so damn real, it just seemed to be describing what our future will be like.

The characters were so well developed, they felt genuine and the struggle they went through to survive at the end of the world felt very real, they had flaws and they had background stories (although I wish we had a little bit more of Yorke, we had his point of view but I think his chapters were a little rushed and short compared to Franki's, I wanted to know a little bit more about his past and about him.) I felt so emotional with the whole Jimmy death, it made my heart hurt for Frankie not just when he died but through the entire grieving process, you could feel her pain through the pages. Auden and Beats were the cutest things ever and I just wanted to hug Auden through the entire thing. Frankie really needed the two of them so she had a purpose and Yorke really needed them to feel like it was worth it to fight and live another day. I really do think Jimmy was the love of Frankie's life, but Yorke was her destiny, her true love.

Ok, enough with the rambling, overall I really liked this one and I think it deserves a little more hype around the internet because it was so good! If you like dystopias or are interested in some post-apocalyptic books please try this one, you won't regret it. on my way to read the fourth book ihhhh. 4/5 stars ⭐️

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First of all, thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book!

I went into this book my favorite way to do so- nearly blindly. I had read the synopsis and that’s about it. I didn’t really know if this book was going to be all spice and no plot and I can definitively say it is not. It’s very much a post-apocalyptic story with some romance sprinkled in.
I enjoyed the book a lot more than I thought I would, but it also had some aspects of it that I wished were just a tiny bit different.

Pros: The story kicks off right around when the world is ending. I’ll be honest, I was hoping that the story would take place five years after the plague to avoid the emotional toil of the main character losing her entire life. It was a bit difficult for me to get past the first few chapters because real life already feels a little bit too saturated with people dying and being afraid of dying from C19. Ultimately, I think this was the right way to go. It gave so much more depth to Frankie to know who she was before, during, and after the plague.

I like Frankie. She is kind of who we all hope we would be in a terrible situation. While she does still struggle with the inevitable despair that would go along with losing everything and everyone you love- she manages to keep her eyes on the horizon at the end of the day as well. One foot in front of the other, so to speak.

After the aforementioned difficulty getting past the first few chapters, this book had me hooked. Especially towards the end, I couldn’t put it down. Even when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about it.

The author uses some modern day lingo throughout that I personally just dislike. Again, this is just personal preference, but honestly part of the reason I read is for beautiful language and there is an entire chapter where the characters put “shmu” in front of every other word they say. I get that some people might think this is funny or relatable…but it’s just not for me.

Yorke is still basically an unformed human blob to me, even after finishing the book. I get wanting to leave characters kind of nebulous so that the reader can superimpose whoever they wish on them, but by the end of the book I didn’t really feel anything towards Yorke. He is basically written to be hot, brave, and for some reason absolutely obsessed (but not in a creepy way, of course) with Frankie. I wish that I felt about Yorke the way I do about Frankie, but honestly you could replace him with a cardboard cutout and I emotionally wouldn’t notice.

The ENDING! Not a cliffhanger! I was SO disappointed. Will I read the next book that comes out- probably if I can remember to look for it. I was really excited to see the end of the story, but there are still quite a few loose ends, so I guess another book is in order. I just thought with the book being in three parts the end of the story would be included.

Overall, if you aren’t feeling too emotionally raw from C19 I think this is a solid way to escape reality.

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After the pandemic I have become obsessed with dystopian novels and this one was a really good one, I just enjoyed it and devoured it.

This was very well written and I am so glad that I found this author.

I was given a free copy by netgalley and the publishers but the review is entirely my own.

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If you’re looking for an epic tale, intriguing
second-chance romance, all-consuming novel, you’ve come to the right place.
After The Plague by Imogen Keeper will show you that even in the darkest time of your life, there’s still hope. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Now let’s talk about the two very likeable main characters, Frankie and Yorke. These two never thought to find comfort in each other when surviving an apocalypse through grief and dread were hard enough. This book will blow your mind with it’s heartbreaking and comforting story all at the same time. The kind that stays with you long after you finished the book. I never thought any story about surviving an apocalypse would be high on my favourite book list. But here I am.

Reading a book means learning something new. This book is so much more. The survival skill, military stuff, the gun, the fighting, the relationship.. Wow! It’s a perfect balance of action and romance. So, if you haven’t already, read this book now.
Thanks to #NetGalley for the free copy I received.
#imogenkeeper #NetGalley

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I enjoyed this much more than I expected! It was engaging and very interesting, especially in light of the ongoing pandemic.
I loved the story itself, and how it made me think about the realities of the characters situations vs. my own, and I loved the characters themselves.
Frankie is super relatable and likeable, and Auden is adorable and you can’t help but really root for them, as well as for magnetic and interesting Yorke—not to mention Beast!
This is a great pick for anyone who loves post-apocalyptic, dystopian, or survival fiction, and maybe even for those who aren’t sure if they do.
4 well-earned ⭐️!

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Thank you to the publishers for sending me this ARC through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!

Set in the future, the plot shifts perspectives between a woman named Frankie, who is hopeful and a man named Yorke, who is courageous. Most of the world has died from an exceptionally deadly flu, leaving few survivors. - With 1% of the population left, society cannot function as normal. This means that there is no food stocked in the grocery stores, no electricity and most importantly, no one to enforce the law. Frankie and Yorke have to navigate through this dangerous post-apocalyptic world, grieving over their loss, surviving, and trying to build a new future together along with some others they meet along their journey.

Let me start by saying, the writing in this book is incredible. Everything is described in such precise detail that their world came to life and the characters left an imprint on my heart. The whole experience of reading spanned from tears to laughter. By the way, I was not expecting this book to be spicy but if anyone is looking for a little spice, it is undoubtably there. There was the perfect balance of love, lust, hope, and loss in this series.

I can't wait to read vol 4 and to continue their journey together!

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I loved the uniqueness this book had to offer, it provided for a fresh new experience that would keep readers guessing until the very last page. Very gripping and excellently written.

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I was given a free ARC copy of After the Plague by Imogen Keeper for an honest review. This book was a solid 4.5 stars for me. I love end of times/dystopian books with romance and this one knocked it out of the park! The story was immersive and the pages flew by. I loved the writing style, duel points of view, and the two main characters. Frankie was a strong female lead who loves with all her heart. It was easy to get caught up cheering for her to survive the end of the world. Her love for her husband was beautiful. Will for sure be continuing this story in Part Four and hoping they get their happy ever after.

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NetGalley and Mindless Muse Publishing provided an e-book version of the 3-volume set in exchange for my honest review.

4.5 ⭐️

Why have I never heard of Imogen Keeper?!?

After a deadly virus kills 99% of the population, those remaining have to figure out how to rebuild. POVs alternate between our lovely damsel-turned-fighter Frankie and the seductive soldier, Yorke.

To sum it up without spoilers, imagine all the post-apocalyptic situations you can think of, subtract the zombies and aliens, add some slow burn romance with a sprinkle of smut, divide by the number of times they flirt with death, and multiply it by the cuteness overload from my little baby Auden!

If anyone ever figures out how to create this danger and romance concoction in liquid form, please inject it straight into my veins to hold me over until the next book!

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I would have read this in one sitting if I didn’t need to go to sleep for work the next day. I did manage to stay up until 12:30 that first night.
This story started off a little scary to me since we are living in a covid world and I thought this story was about it - nope - the the Australian Flu. I believe it takes place in 2038. This story is so realistic! I can vividly see all this happening.
Beneath the sickness, this is a story about friendships, love, forgiveness and heroism.
Probably the best realistic post apocalyptic stories I’ve read.

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"Maybe in the solar system of us, we're the planets, Auden, me, and Beast, and we all revolve around Frankie. Maybe she's our sun."

Over 90% of the world's population is lost to a deadly virus, and it's a desolate and dangerous world for the survivors. Frankie, as it happens, has no practical survival skills. Jimmy tried to teach her, but she's left to figure things out on her own. As she navigates her city in attempts to find resources and other survivors, she meets Auden. And Beast. And Yorke. Together, they must face the dangers ahead- not just the virus, but the other survivors... namely the rising, angry group of survivors in the White House.

"Before the apocalypse they were strangers. Now their lives will forever be entwined."

⚠️ Book TW: deadly disease, violence/gore, emotional distress & grief, assault, attempted s*xual assault, su*cid@l thoughts

I had a difficult time in the beginning due to the subject matter and how incredibly well written this book (collection) is. I knew what I was getting into, my emotions are not a knock on this book, but I feel it's important to mention: It is vivid, descriptive, and well-thought out. It hit home in a way I wasn't prepared for, and that, to me, speaks to the quality of writing I felt in Imogen Keeper's work. Once I was able to get into the right headspace, I dove back in and was damn near unable to put my Kindle down.

The way Imogen Keeper puts readers in Frankie's mind and explores her feelings through the unimaginable apocalypse, her grief, and her hope... It's mesmerizing. Devastating. Brutal. And Beautiful. You can tell that the author loves these characters and she makes her readers fall just as much in love. Frankie is the hope, beauty, and determination. Yorke is the strength, stability, and logic. And Auden... Auden is the reason, perfection, and future. The slow burn had me drooling and the character dynamics had me in tears. Good ones, I promise.

I found After the Plague on a whim while browsing NetGalley and was thrilled to have gotten my request approved. I had never heard of it before, but the cover and blurb had me totally intrigued. After reading, I cannot believe (and am a bit mad) no one told me about this series before. Yorke is a new top fictional bf, for me. Hands down.

Story and plot? Love. Characters? Obsessed. Writing? Wonderful. Highly recommend. I also recommend reading all volumes back-to-back. I understand the breaks in the books, but it's just too good: read the special edition with all-in-one.

Thank you NetGalley, Mindless Muse, and Imogen Keeper for my copy of After the Plague in exchange for my honest review!

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*Thank you to Mindless Muse publishing, Imogen Keeper, and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review*

“No . . . You can’t understand. You’re using the language of reason, not of the heart; you live in a world of abstractions.” Albert Camus The Plague

After the Plague, a special 3 book set, by Imogen Keeper follows the lives of Frankie, Yorke, and Auden after a virus from Australia kills off 89% of the world. Fair warning that this book is about a plague in the form of a mutated flu that killed off most of the world. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic, this may not be an enjoyable read for some.

Though we don’t quite know the year that After The Plague takes place, it is somewhere around 2040-2045. This series is told in alternating points of view by Frankie, the female protagonist, and Yorke, the male hero. Frankie is an artist, married to Jimmy and both of her parents have passed on. Jimmy is 13 years her senior and takes care of her in every way. Yorke is a soldier, having fought in WWIII. He lands back in DC just as the plague is wiping out the nation. His younger brother, Carl, is a junkie, and when Yorke sets out to look for him, he sees Frankie and her husband Jimmy packing their car. Yorke never forgets Frankie, and he finds her weeks later, after Jimmy has succumbed to the virus. They have nothing left and with Auden, a boy orphaned by the virus, and his dog, Beast, they set off somewhere safe to land.

Frankie, Auden and Yorke know they can’t leave the city of Washington unless they can get past the tyrants living in the White House. Yorke leaves every morning to clear the bridges and plan their route. Frankie and Auden scavenge houses for food and supplies. Until one day, when she goes into a house and leaves Auden outside and he is taken. An addict has taken Auden and when Frankie searches for him, she is taken too. When Yorke rescues them, he knows time is up. They must leave the city.

Though this book is about an apocalypse, there are many other layers; particularly the sexual tension building between Frankie and Yorke, and her guilt over the loss of her husband. I loved this story and can’t wait to read the book that has come out previously. Particularly notable is the growth that Frankie has and her ability to become a mother to Auden.

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I didn't have a lot of expectations about this book, but it surprised me a lot. It really blew my mind. This story is full of action, suspense, slow burn romance and an apocalyptic world where anything can happen at any time.

The characters are well represented. I totally understand Frankie's feelings, her actions and her griefs and Yorke (🥵) what to say about Yorke, he is everything what this apocalyptic world needs.

The story and the writing style hooked me from the beginning and I couldn't put it down until the end. So follow my advice and give it a try. It's worth it!


*Note: Thank you to Netgalley & the publishers for allowing me access to this book in exchange for an honest review.

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*Thank you NetGalley and Mindless Muse Publishing for this ARC*

I am a sucker for a good dystopian novel so when I saw this dystopian romance I had to read it immediately. In this post-COVID world, a new virus has ravaged the world. The three main characters (Frankie, Yorke, and Auden) have lost their respective families but they soon form a close bond and set out to survive in this new world. The slow burn romance between Frankie and Yorke felt realistic and also had some moments of spice - this story had a good balance of romance intermingled with fast pace post-apocalyptic survival. This book is split into short volumes and the edition I read included three of those volumes - the fourth installment was recently published and I am eager to read it. This was a fun fast-paced story, I just personally would have loved a little more focus on the virus aspect.

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In 2038, a disease suddenly spreads out to turn in a deadly pandemic, killing 99% of the world’s population in the span of a few months. The story is told alternately by Frankie and Yorke, our main characters, who are just trying to grieve, survive and adapt in their new reality.

This book was an amazing surprise! ‘After the Plague’ is broken down into 3 volumes. I had the chance to get them in a 3-in-1 edition, thankfully, because I couldn’t put the book down! I was a bit hesitant when i first read the synopsis, because it sounded a bit inspired by Covid-19... But after reading a few reviews and the author’s note (she actually wrote that story years ago), I decided to give it a go. And I wasn’t disappointed! Although this is a dystopia style story, Imogen Keeper managed to make me laugh from the very first pages, and instantly got me into the story. I quickly started to feel for the main characters, as we accompany them in their difficult new lives, and hope for them. I immediately bought the 4th volume, just a few minutes after finishing this book, so I think it’s safe to say Imogen Keeper was a great discovery for me!

Trigger Warnings: suicidal thoughts, Drug use, murder, kidnapping, hostage situation, abuse, descriptive gun violence, graphic sexual depiction

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I dnf this book very early on because it felt a bit too real. there was nothing wrong with it, the writing was good and the dialogue felt very natural but the isolation and masks and having shopping delivered etc was all very reminiscent of Covid. It brought me right back to the feelings in the first lock down period, which is a testament to how well it is written, but a bit too close to the bone for me to enjoy

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This book was given to me at no charge by NetGalley as an ARC. I wasn’t sure what to think at the beginning with it being so close to COVID, but continuing reading it kept my attention. The book is fast paced, full of action, lots of emotions, and a touch of romance. There were a few grammatical errors that I noticed, but overall a very solid story! I will definitely be reading the next one.

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I love a good dystopian novel, but this one reminded me too much of Covid. It was written well but it was just hard for me to personally enjoy.

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Thank you Net Galley and the Publisher for a free arc in exchange for a honest review!

At first I was a little hesitant of certain parts of this story line however that faded away the more I kept reading this book! Frankie, Yorke, and Auden find them selves in a post plaque world. Only one percent of the population is left to survive, however some people are trying to take control of this new society rather then make it a better place. Which leaves Frankie, Yorke, and Auden not knowing who to trust.

I was afraid I would not be into the romance that ensued during this book, but I was! Seeing as Frankie's husband passes away early on because of the plaque, I was afraid the romance would be too quick for my liking. But it was anything but that. Yorke and Frankie form a bond early on due to their need to survive and keep Auden safe. This ultimately turns them into a family in which they each will do whatever it takes to keep one another safe!

Overall I loved this book from beginning to end and I can't wait to read part four!

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Thank you Net Galley and publisher for a eBook copy of this title. All opinions are my own.

Holy cow. I was a little nervous reading a pandemic style book because I’m easy to overreact and panic. But the author does such an amazing job creating a world that feels realistic but still just out of touch. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development, found family, and the difference between surviving and thriving. If any of these things sound like something you would enjoy, check this book out right away. You will not be disappointed!!

Review shared on goodreads and instragram. Full blog post coming soon.

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Book 1 : You ever think man covid is so last year what if there was a worse plague... you will come to this book series. I felt like game of thrones and all the characters I was rooting for just died around me ...emotional damage. I think while this book is heavy with grief, destruction and overall an 80% death rate in less than 24 hrs is intense it is a good book. I think our main characters will develop more along the way which will turn this series into a 5 star adventure
Book 2: this was the shortest book in the series and yet there was a lot of plot building in it. It focused on the after and how to keep going. The new reality while scary can have some bits of normalcy which was shown in this book. I liked the danger and also the happiness that follows are main characters in this story and if anything happens to them i am throwing my kindle out the window.
book 3: this is the best of the three books and i liked all the twists here even if our MC was such a little annoying girl sometimes for being a full fledged adult... but then again i still loved the plot and character development. the fear, the happiness all of it.

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End of the world, but the beginning of building a new life. This series gutted me. Frankie and Yorke are fighting their own demons and past while trying to survive after a brutal virus killed most of the population. Little Auden is such a courageous little boy and he feels like the glue of this forming family. This series is packed with excitement, heartache, and courage. I loved it!

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After the Plague is a story about how humans trying to survive an Australian Flu which has 80% mortality rate and killing billions people in the entire world.
This story was told from two different perspective, Frankie who lost her husband to the plague and Yorke, an army member trying to find his brother.
When their path collide with each other, they decided to survive together in this broken world.

There are three different volumes in this book. In the first part-Broken, we can feel the grief and hopelessness from our main characters.
Then the second part-Lost, our main characters finally meet and found their rhythm to survive together in this new world.
The last part- Found, they try to find their way back to normal after going through a traumatic event and starting to build a new society.

The plot is intriguing and well written with dual POV. The world building is also well crafted and feels realistic.
Reading this slightly scared me since the case is so similar to our current situation right now. This makes me feel so grateful we are able to find a vaccine to defeat the virus, unlike Yorke and Frankie situation.

The pacing is actually really good although it turn a bit slower in the second volume since there's not a lot of significant things happening but it was still enjoyable seeing how the characters adapting to their new situation.

The characters are flawed and feels very relatable. Both main characters have different characteristic which can help them survive the plague together.
Frankie is a civilian with no surviving skill who is grieving but determined to live-she's hope incarnate. There's also Yorke, an army guy who has gone to war and have the skill to survive but seems hopeless.

I love the interaction between our main characters, their romance is a slow burn one. I really like how the author give them space to explore what they could have. I'm rooting for them to finally have their happy ending!

Overall, this book is an action-packed story with unexpected dangers lurking around which makes putting this book down will be the last thing you want to do!
Not just gripping and intense action, this book is filled with lots of emotions throughout the story such as grief, heartache, love and hope.
Highly recommended!

I really enjoy reading this book. I'm absolutely looking forward to read the next part in Frankie and Yorke's journey to build a new life!

Actual rating: 4.5⭐

Thank you to Netgalley, Imogen Keeper and Mindless Muse Publishing for granting me this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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I was so excited to get my hands on After the Plague. I had heard this pop up a couple of times, so when it came up as a suggested read, I just had to start it!
Now for some readers, this may still be too soon after our global ordeal with Covid 19, but I loved what the author said in a comment regarding her book, it’s a dark theme with dark topics about survival but the mood and tone of the writing is light to offset the dark theme and situations covered in the book. I couldn’t agree me!

Told for dual perspective both Frankie and Yorke are trying to move forward after 99% of the population has been wiped out by a deadly disease. Frankie’s will to live comes from a young child who has lost their parents to the plague and Yorker’s will to live comes in the form of wanting to protect the mysterious young woman who had the courage to move on after she lost everything. Their losses are huge but there is still more to lose if they don’t try to stake a claim in this new world.

Imogen Keeper’s story is harrowing but optimistic. I enjoyed the characters’ will to survive and the secondary characters of this series!

This series continues with Book 4 Safe and there is more to come!

Many thanks to @NetGalley for my digital review copy of this book.

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I will admit I requested this book after finishing The Last Of Us and I was wanting to fulfil my desire for a romance set during a zombie apocalypse. This did in fact exceed my expectations. This was more a pandemic style story, however I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I was worried about an insta love between the two characters, especially after one experienced loss of a partner. Imogen Keeper really developed the relationship very well and made you fall in love with them both. There was at times I felt it was a little too close to home with references to COVID but the storyline kept me hooked. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.

Was this review helpful?

Oh wow. This book took me for a ride. It took me a while to get into this, not because of anything lacking in the story, but for how close to home this is by being a pandemic fiction book. But once I got past my own reservations, I was sucked in. I love the characters, especially Frankie, and how she deals with her quickly changing world. She is unpredictable and vibrant while also being honest and loving, and she compliments Yorke's down-to-earth get-up-and-go military attitude. Yorke wants to stay alive, Frankie wants to live and thrive. As soon as I finished, I was relieved to see that the next book is already out, so I'm looking forward to chunking through that as soon as I'm done with this review.

Thank you Imogen Keeper for the story. It was compelling, it made me nervous and scared and hopeful and laugh out loud, and I look forward to seeing what else comes from you.

Thank you NetGalley and Mindless Muse Publishing, LLC for the ARC.

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This book hits so close to home after two years of the pandemic, but manages to toe the line between seriousness and being uplifting at the same time.

It is told from a double perspective after most of the planet has been wiped out by disease. The characters are both interesting enough to keep your interest and their backstory along with the supporting characters makes the story seem like you’re watching a movie as it unfolds.

Would recommend if you enjoy dystopian type reads.

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After the Plague by Imogen Keeper


◆ Post-apocolyptic/Dystopia
◆ Second chance romance
🛑 CW/TW: death, sexual assault, violence, kidnapping

I initially struggled to get through the beginning of After the Plague because of the current (IRL) pandemic. However once I started reading again, I couldn't stop. It started slow but picked up the pace quite quickly.

I've never before read a post-apocolyptic/dystopia type book before so this was a very pleasant surprise. To see the struggles Frankie goes through but manages to stay strong not just for herself, but also those around her, really resonated with me.

I think it needed another perspective and we got it with Yorke. I felt the POV changes were a nice addition to this book as I'm not entirely certain I would've been able to read this, even though I enjoyed her, had it solely been from Frankie's POV.

Overall, I liked the pace, I liked the characters, I liked the plot.

I look forward to reading Book 4 of this series.

Book received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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A gripping and timely read about the aftermath following a plague and the survivors left behind.

This was rather timely in the midst of COVID and executed in a clever way. From the beginning to the end it was a journey that I enjoyed.

Emotionally it’s a bit of a roller coaster but it’s balanced out by some witty banter between characters and a romance that i enjoyed more than expected.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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Broken was a great start to this apocalyptic series. It was well written, had great pacing, and had both a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story line. Broken packs an emotional punch for a relatively short book. Frankie and Yorke are two people who I can't wait to learn more about!
Lost, the second installment from the After the Plague series, continued to entertain me. The first book really set up the fall of society and the heartbreaking loss of Frankie's husband. This one focuses on what happens months later as society is regrouping. It's a tough book. It's action packed and lots of hard stuff happens to Frankie and Yorke. A high point of the book was them meeting and developing their friendship/relationship.
Found was a satisfying third installment in the After the Plague series. These books are quick reads that keep you on the edge of your seats. This third volume was my favorite of the three. It had the emotion of the first volume with the action of the second all rolled into one. I absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for an apocalyptic romance series. Imogen Keeper exceeded my expectations with this series!

Thank you to NetGalley for the free digital book in exchange for my honest review!

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After The Plague (volumes 1,2 &3)
By Imogen Keeper
Thank you NetGalley, Imogen Keeper and publishers for giving me access to novel
After the plague (volumes 1,2,& 3)
A extremely contagious and deadly virus that wipes out most of the world’s population. In this post-apocalyptic world, We find our main characters Frankie, Auden and Yorke. Frankie an artist,Auden a young boy and Yorke a soldier and of course Beast the dog.
All of these characters have their own trails to go through that really test their strength and resolve. The characters come together and their journeys intertwine in a beautiful way. I truly love to see the strength of the human spirit and what we can overcome. When the world is falling apart and so many are choosing evil over good. I love to see the characters fighting and not giving up or giving in. The bond between Frankie and Auden was beautiful. The power children give us to keep going when we as adults can’t see past devastation is so real and powerful. Beast the dog was my favorite, such an addition to the story.
The different POV is something I enjoy in a novel, and It’s so interesting to see that in Yorke and Frankie. So many don’t understand the great burden Veterans live with, the way they see situations and make decisions is…it’s some what of a double edged sword. Yorke is strong and caring and has witnessed and dealt with so much and you see how that haunts him. Yorke’s need to protect and care for other and his training sometimes get in his way. But he continues to grow.
The story did move a bit slow at times IMO. But overall a really good book and the writing was great. #netgalley #imogenkeeper

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This is such a heart wrenching and fast paced post apocalyptic. I loved every second of it and read it in just about one sitting! Frankie is pure hope and heartache all wrapped into one, and I found my latest book boyfriend in broody Yorke. This book was sheer perfection to me, I don’t often read a post apocalyptic book that I would find realistic. Too often authors write characters too strong or skilled to be realistic in post apocalyptic books, but these characters were so genuine and likable with real faults and hold ups. Overall a great story with a lot of uniqueness to it and relatable characters, will always recommend this.

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A solid post-apocalyptic steamy romance. I enjoyed it enough to consider the sequels.
Writing: 3 stars
Plot: 3 stars
Character Development: 3 stars

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This wasn’t a bad story! I loved the main characters personal journey through post apocalyptic relationships and trials. However, I don’t feel that the book is ‘finished’. It felt like reading fan fiction or a collection of short stories rather than a book. I downloaded book 4 to continue reading and even at the end of that the author leaves a message to say she plans on numerous more books…. It just makes me wonder what the point of them continuing is. Hypothetically, they could never end but what would I personally gain from reading so many books? They lack depth and are perhaps written so that they would make a good TV show, but don’t grab my ongoing attention in their current format.

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A virus, more dangerous than covid is killing the world population and there is no known cure. Entire cities are taken, and we follow four main characters through survival, loss, pain and hope.
The plot is what captivated me into reading this book, and though I couldn’t get attached to the characters, it was a good read.

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After the plague 1, 2 and 3 is a romance series about Frankie, a young adult who after losing her husband finds an orphaned little boy and his puppy so she decides to face the post-pandemic world with them, and Yorke, a soldier who after finding Frankie, says that they must bring order to a world without rules.

The title was already interesting, but seeing what it was about, I was very interested in the idea of ​​rereading a dystopia, especially since I haven't read anything of the genre for a long time. I really liked that this was mixed with adult romance because the ones I had read were more juvenile and seeing more mature adult characters develop was a great experience.

Frankie is a very interesting character, she was always quite dependent on her husband Jimmy after living a very difficult life, but finding herself alone, with a very sweet boy and his dog in her care, decides to put on her big girl pants and take the responsibility to care for them. I loved seeing how she grew throughout the books learning and getting to know herself as she developed her relationship with Yorke.

I loved Yorke, he is a very loving and kind man under the soldier's cape that he has. Seeing him start to realize that he wanted to be with Frankie, Auden (the boy) and Beast (the dog) was super cute.

The writing is very light and it's great that it's not just romance, there's a troop of found family and a lot of action. The characters and romance are developed very well and I didn't feel it rushed.

In short, great books to spend an entertaining afternoon.

⚠️ TW: Death - pandemic - weapons - verbal and physical violence - attempted rape - kidnapping.

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Thank you Mindless Muse Publishing for giving me an ARC of After the Plague!

I have to tell you, this book is absolutely breathtaking, from the characters, to the plot. I found myself in a magical haze where all I could do was flip through the pages and anticipate what happened. Imogen Keeper did not fail to amaze me with these books! They are absolutely amazing!

I was fully immersed in the apocalyptic world that Imogen Keeper introduces the reader to in these books! Honestly I felt like I was picked up and thrown into the world from the descriptions that the author used, and I felt a bondage with the characters. In this book, I felt very much like the main character LOL.

The fact that this book alone really brings you back to reality to what had happened to us during the COVID outbreak, makes me excited! I haven't read one book with the mention of the COVID outbreak, and so you can imagine how this made made me a new sense of what others might feel, and that was heavily portrayed from the characters Frankie and Yorke.

This is a Romance Sci-fi fantasy, and when I say that the Romance did not fail! The romance was so heartbreaking and wrecking, but it was also so very cute and the characters relationship development was well built with the plot.

Loved this book and it honestly exceeded my expectations!

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I really enjoyed this book! It went into a lot of descriptive detail and I had a hard time putting this one down!

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Oh my goodness...all the feels while reading this, all the feels!

I don't think I have ever rooted for fictional people the way I did for Yorke and Frankie. about the absolute best book boyfriend ever! He was broody and sexy and strong, ad I just loved him in every way. I did not bond with Frankie as immediately but by the end, I came to really like her. The two of them together...pure magic. Add in Auden and Beast...I never stood a chance!

This book made me so sad in some parts, angry in others, and of course, happy. I haven't read a series that ran me through a gamut of emotions in a while, so of course, I give this a rating of 5 stars. I recommend this to those who enjoy post-apocalyptic novels and some angst in their fiction. Trigger warnings include: death of a loved one, rape, and assault, so with those in mind, this is definitely not for persons below eighteen years old. There are instances of strong profanity and erotic acts, but these align with the genre and do not take away from the plotline.

I am definitely moving on to the fourth installment, I already downloaded it and am going to start immediately!

*A great many thanks to Netgalley, Imogen Keeper, and Mindless Muse Publishing for this ARC. It is important to note that I was under no commitment to provide a positive review, and all opinions are undoubtedly my own.*

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Thank you NetGalley for this eARC!

I’m not going to lie, I definitely had to wait for Covid cases to go down before starting this one- but that’s just because it felt so real! Imogen Keeper did an incredible job world building. Set about 20 years in the future, she balances the ideas of new tech with probability.

Frankie and Yorke find themselves in Washington D.C. at the height of a pandemic that makes Covid look like child’s play- at least a 90% mortality rate. Frankie loses her beloved husband early on, but her discovery of a young, newly orphaned boy (Auden) gives her the willpower to keep going. She meets up with former military Yorke when he warns a group she’s joined of a potential attack by a militarized group headquartered in the White House. The three (plus Auden’s dog, Beast) form a family, all helping each other cope with the terrible situation. They still need to get out of the city, though, and the White House Woman (WHW for… not so short) doesn’t want anyone to leave. Can they make it out to freedom and start a life?

This book is dark- especially now that we’ve all experienced the trauma of a pandemic (even though what’s in the book is far worse). However… I couldn’t stop reading! It helps that Frankie is hope incarnate (not in an annoying way). She does her best to bring joy to Auden’s life, and that brings enough light to the story ti keep you optimistic, even when things keep going wrong.

I had to wait to be in the right headspace for this book, but once I was it was well worth it.

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Let me say this book was amazing!!! There was pain, laughter, loss, love, and so much more.
I loved Frankie and Jimmy and Frankie and yorke… their journey was so amazing. The love that Frankie had for Jimmy was so real and when he died it crushed my soul. But her healing and developing relationship with Yorke was so special.

They are trying to survive a post-apocalyptic city. All are physically, mentally and emotionally hurting. They have secrets that are just waiting to explode. Their whole crew has to make unbelievable choices that effect all of them. And in the end… Yorke… he’s makes a hard one.
Can’t wait to see what happens in the fourth book after the choices that were made….
I received an Arc copy through Netgalley for an honest review.

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Plot: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Spice: 🌶🌶/5
TW: violence, death, pandemic
Tropes/Kinks: apocalyptic love, found family

"The Walking Dead" (sans zombies) meets the COVID 19 pandemic in Imogen Keeper's "After the Plague." Despite currently living in a pandemic and fearing for my life and the downfall of humanity, I fell in love with Keeper's writing and the characters she's created. Too often have we been faced with the hypothetical question "what would you do in the apocalypse" and give answers that would make us out to be a complete badass hellbent on surviving. This book is much more realistic and relatable because yeah, I'd love to be a badass, but I'm simply used to a certain way of life and haven't been faced with trying to survive as the world crashes around me. That's what makes Frankie such a great character. She has gone through so much and is used to depending on others but the pandemic makes her visionary nature become a point of hope for all those around her. If I were to be asked about my apocalypse plan, I would give an answer I think Frankie would give.
And let's talk about Yorke. My God, Yorke. He is such a strong character and I love how he balances Frankie out. From the start, they have a very interesting chemistry that makes me want to root for them. I believe in Yorkie (what a fun pairing name, right?) and that they're going to be the critical hope of the future. Thrown together by terrible circumstances, Yorke and Frankie work hard to find sustainability and safety in a world that has shaved them down into broken people. The tension between them coils so tightly that every time I think it's going to snap, it tightens even more as they heal from their past and present.
If you want something that has heat but warms your heart first, then this is definitely a good series to start!

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Thrilling, profound and deeply intensive this bundle containing the first three volumes of what can only be described as one of the best apocalypse sagas to come along in quite some time will keep the reader glued to the pages as its climatic events unfold.
Strangers Frankie and Yorke find each other in this grim new reality and their story of survival and love brings a little hope to a world that has been decimated by a virus and plunged into chaos.
This was a truly engaging read that catches the reader’s interest and holds it captive while they join Frankie and Yorkie on their mesmerizing journey together.

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After browsing Netgalley I came across this cover and was immediately intrigued. After getting accepted I couldn’t read this book fast enough. I loved that it was divided into three sections because it felt like binge reading a series.

The book was devastatingly good. I’m usually not a fan of anything dystopian or post-apocalyptic but this book made me a believer. At first when the book starts and it is announced that the story line revolves around a virus that is causing a massive pandemic shutting countries around the world it hit close to home, but the writing was so exquisite that I physically couldn’t stop from looking to see what happens next. We follow Frankie through the horrifying loss of her husband, her taking on a role as a parental figure for a newly orphaned boy and the way everything is written it feels like you are in survival mode with her. How she kept moving forward absolutely racked my brain, how she clung to hope made hope sprung up in my chest as well.

Yorke on the other hand is survival mode came to life. Where Frankie lacks any former training for a horrible event like this one, Yorke is all guns blazing and knows exactly how to move in this new world.

I absolutely loved the dynamic between these two. I respected the slow burn so much in order for Frankie to grieve properly, so when the connections started flying and they finally verbally expressed how they both felt I was fist pumping the air. Have to give it to this author- she knows how to write spicy scenes.

Overall, masterpiece of a book. The only reason I subtracted one star was because part two of the book felt a bit dragging, but was made up for later on in part 3!

Would absolutely 100% recommend.
Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this ARC.

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This was a hard book for me to read right now due to the subject matter. I am finding the characters compelling but the threat level and general anti-social and violent behavior of the "villains" is tough to take considering the lack of consensus and cooperative behavior in our world in 2022. The writing is strong and I do love the characters but halfway through I'm going to have to put it down for a little while until the world calms down.

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