Poop for Breakfast

Why Some Animals Eat It

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Pub Date Apr 04 2023 | Archive Date May 31 2023
Lerner Publishing Group | Millbrook Press ™

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Eating poop is gross! So why do some animals do it? For lots of good reasons!

Male butterflies slurp up poop to give as a gift to females, which makes their eggs stronger. Robins scarf down the poop of young chicks because it's full of undigested nutrients. And baby elephants gobble up the poop from adults to get essential bacteria into their digestive systems. This disgustingly informative book is bursting with lots of surprising information about animals—and digestion!

Eating poop is gross! So why do some animals do it? For lots of good reasons!

Male butterflies slurp up poop to give as a gift to females, which makes their eggs stronger. Robins scarf down the poop...

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Such a fun and silly book! Although it is very descriptive so young and old can enjoy and learn something from each page! I also love the colors and illustrations to this book!

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As an adult reading this book actually gave me a lot of information. I was honestly not aware that many animals eat their own poop and poo of others. This is an extremely informative book for children. It will not only make them giggle but they will gain knowledge!

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This is a perfect picture book for the PK - Grade 1 audience, starting with the "poop" in the title -- sure to catch their attention! The color palette is bold and vivid, while the text balances short sentences with longer descriptive paragraphs providing information. This allows the book to educate both younger audiences and slightly older ones. I know that I learned a ton through reading! Levine also cites their sources at the end of the text, providing an excellent model to the intended audience.

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What an adorable and informative book for children (and adults). Lots of information given but in an easy and enjoyable way to digest. Great book for inquisitive little minds.
#NetGalley #PoopforBreakfast

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A truly interesting and delightful book finally answering the question: Why do some animals eat poop? And how many animals eat poop that I didn't know about? And did you know birds pee and poop in the same dropping? And, why do scientists not yet know why dogs eat poop? And, why do some animals need to eat their food twice, once the normal way, and the second time by redigesting their poop? It is really a fascinating book with wonderful illustrations and amazing facts. Just the book for a young male or an old male, 70, like me. Full of fun facts and information on everyone's favorite topic: poop. Our 5 year old granddaughter was visiting for Thanksgiving and she was practicing writing words and one of the words she wrote (unprompted) was: poop. So, there you go!

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A very informative book about why animals eat poop. This is a subject that will facinate my upper elementary students. Parts disgusting and parts fascinating, this book gives detailed answers about why some animals injest their own or others feces. Some of these were familiar to me (I raised rabbits as a child) and other were completely new to me (baby elephants). I will certainly purchase this book for my library and look forward to seeing which students are eager to check it out.

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A good, scientific reference for kids. The topic alone will have them interested; the text + illustrations will keep them interested to the end. Glad the author included why humans don’t eat poop b/c animal needs do make it sound like it’d be healthy for us, too. Yuck ;)
Like many libraries, we have library pets. These just so happen to eat their own poop. So this book is also good for us personally to explain that it’s ok to kids.

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My son is obsessed with anything to do with farting and poop and thinks it's hilarious. Needless to say, he loved this book and found it fascinating. It's a non-fiction book about animals that literally eat poop! Lots of interesting facts and his favorite to learn about was the dung beetle. I didn't know a lot of the information and was properly grossed out which made him laugh even harder. We ended up looking up some of the animals online to learn more about them.

I received a copy from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

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Seriously, what kid doesn’t think poop is hilarious?! Sara Levine found a way to make poop educational and entertaining. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but she did it!

I had no idea so many animals eat poop, but I’m even more impressed with all the seemingly sound reasons for doing so.

A+ for educational illustrations and text!

My 4 and 7 year olds love it. I expect that they’ll be teaching their grandparents why each of these animals might eat poop. 🤣

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This was such an educational read for children! The book goes into detail explaining how animals such as the butterfly eat poop! They go on to explain other wonders, such as some animals eat their own poop. While others eat their young’s poop, some of the young eat their moms! They even explain why we don’t eat ours and shouldn’t! There are a few words that are really big I think for most children to pronounce, but that’s how we learn knew words. The artwork that goes along with the book is very eye catching and detailed. Colorful and active. This was such a fun and educational book to review. Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to review thIs interesting new book!

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Oh em gee, this book is absolutely awesome!
I love it how it is in fact non-fiction and there are true facts about animals and poop and eating. But it is presented in such a way that there are laugh-out-loud drawings, and the facts are worded in a way that makes them make sense, instead of being gross. Animals are weird, right? And nature is weird also, right? This book helps make sense of some of the weirdness out there and does it in a fun and entertaining way.

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This was a disgustingly cute book and I really learned a lot about animal digestive systems and why some animals eat poop.

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Is it weird to say I loved a book about poop? This book was full of hilarious illustrations of animals who eat poop and information about why they do. I had no idea that some of the animals mentioned eat poop or even why. One of the most interesting facts is that baby birds have mucus sacks of pee and poop that their mothers pick up to clean the nest and sometimes ingest for the extra nutrients. (Sorry if that was TMI but you are reading a review for a book entitled "Poop for Breakfast" so you must've seen this coming.)

Kids will love this book undoubtably. I think kids in second grade and up could read this independently, as far as reading level. But kids of all ages would enjoy this as a read aloud!

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Kids will be fascinated by this very informative book. I learned a lot of vocabulary as well as about animal eating habits. My middle schoolers like anything remotely gross, so the title alone will interest them.

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What a fun and interesting read! Seeing this one mentioned on Kim @kayckay_bookreviews ' page, I knew I needed to grab a copy, and luckily, it was a Read Now on Netgalley!

Perfect for pre-K to first graders (even my third-grader giggled, so it would probably work for second- and third-graders too!), Poop For Breakfast contains a great balance of science, fun and vivid illustrations, and humor. With a 9 yo and 6yo, I hear and get a lot of questions about butts, poop, and a number of other body parts and bodily functions, so it was really cool to be able to read and discuss why certain animals eat poop and how it helps their bodies. While the main text is short sentences, it also includes more detailed paragraphs, which appealed to my third-grader and his inquisitive mind!

My boys definitely got some good laughs in, but also retained a lot of information and had follow-up questions, too! Great job to author Sara Levine and illustrator Florence Weiser for creating not only an interesting, but also very informative and age-appropriate book about how bodies work, why and how poop is produced, and how to even identify animal poop in the wild! Thank you to @netgalley and @millbrookpress for my gifted galley!

This book hits shelves in April, so I'll definitely be grabbing a copy in the spring!

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💩 Every single kid on the planet will love this book! From the fantastic and funny illustrations, to the interesting facts and information, and the high gross factor 🤮, this will appeal to kids big time!

💩 While this book is gross and funny, it’s also very informative. Kids will learn WHY some creatures eat their poop and the various reasons why it is important for them to eat it. They’ll also learn why humans don’t have to do it! Thank goodness!!

💩 You’ll even learn about one creature who is born in poop!

💩 Did I mention the illustrations are great!?! Lots and lots of poop in this book!

💩 Buy it. Your kids will laugh, be grossed out, and learn something! Win Win Win!!!

Thank you @Netgalley and Lerner Publishing Group, Millbrook Press for an eARC of this book, which I have read and reviewed honestly and voluntarily.

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Never realized reading about "poop" wold be so interesting. The author and illustrator do a great job in explaining the kinds of animals that eat it and why.

Very well done!

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This book is so engaging, with fun illustrations and easy-to-understand text. THis book would be great to accompany a zoo visit or animal unit in school.

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