Etsy Business Launch

The Complete Guide to Making Six Figures Selling On Etsy

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Pub Date Mar 27 2023 | Archive Date Apr 06 2023

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Ready to build the six-figure Etsy shop of your dreams?

This step-by-step framework, developed by two entrepreneurs with nearly a decade of experience in the online business space, is your key to a thriving and profitable Etsy shop that you can be proud of.

This complete in-depth guide to selling on Etsy covers: -

how to perform effective market research to ensure your shop will be profitable from the start

- the easiest ways to set up your Etsy shop, create listings that sell, and fulfill orders like a pro

- the secrets to mastering the Etsy algorithm, taking gorgeous product photos, and choosing profitable SEO keywords to ensure your items fly off the shelves

- the must-know pricing formula that maximizes both sales and profit margins

- the simple process for receiving a constant influx of five-star reviews on autopilot

- the powerful social media and email marketing strategies that result in massive sales

- an in-depth analysis of paid advertising and how to receive the greatest bang for your buck

- the ins and outs of running a professional business, including setting up an LLC and establishing an online business presence

- how to effectively outsource and diversify, so your business can climb to new heights with less work and zero overwhelm

- plus much, much more!

Ready to build the six-figure Etsy shop of your dreams?

This step-by-step framework, developed by two entrepreneurs with nearly a decade of experience in the online business space, is your key to a...

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Featured Reviews

I’m always very curious on how to start a successful online business. With the influx of influencers ect I was so excited to obtain this guide to help with building an online business with Etsy. It was a clear easy to follow guide with lots of tips, tricks, and information. Highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

This book is FULL of amazing details on how to really launch your Etsy business well from the start. I have had my small shop for 6 years and as the Facebook Market model seems to be slowing to a halt, I really needed some new ideas on how to get Etsy to pick up the slack. I can not wait to get started and see what the changes I've made can accomplish with the help of Alyssa Garner.

Was this review helpful?

An absolute must read for anyone thinking of starting up their own business using the Etsy platform. This book walks you through everything you need to consider, plan for, do, and maintain - all of which are step by step, and in easy to understand jargon. This guide will be your helping hand from start to finish in your new business venture.
Would recommend!

Thank you to BooksGoSocial and Netgalley for an eARC of this book to read and review.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a helpful book since I’ve been thinking on selling on Etsy. Totally takes you through every stage since it can be a bit overwhelming to be a seller! Highly recommend for anyone really since we can all end up selling things on Etsy.

Was this review helpful?

My daughter and a few friends have been talking about starting their own businesses on Etsy. When I saw this title I was intrigued and thought I'd give it a read. I'm glad I did because I have pre ordered several copies to be delivered to those three people I mentioned above.

The book is filled with everything you need to get yourself started on Etsy. It's not as simple as just setting up and account and going, and this book outlines everything you need to think about, do and plan for in order to achieve success on this sales platform. I recommend anyone even thinking of starting their own Etsy shop reads this book first to set yourself up for the greatest chance of success and booming sales.

Was this review helpful?

I recently read Etsy Business Launch by Alyssa Garner and was pleasantly surprised by how helpful it was. In a world where there are endless TikToks promising to make you rich overnight through Etsy, it was refreshing to read a book that offered a realistic and practical approach to starting an Etsy business.

Was this review helpful?

A step-by-step guide that is easy to follow. It covers everything from deciding the best product to sell, do setting up your page, to SEO, marketing, and starting your LLC. It’s thorough, specific, and goes over a number of things that would be useful for any new business owner, not just Etsy sellers. It’s also organized in such a way that you can easily skip to what you need. I learned a lot and plan to reference it to start my own Etsy business.

Was this review helpful?

There's a lot of information about how to setup on Etsy -- and a lot of disinformation too. Combining that with the ever-changing face of selling online and catering to each platform's idiosyncrasies means its hard to get the right information. The 'Etsy Business Launch' ebook is a minefield of useful information and a refreshing change from the usual churn of information.

Split into six separate sections, covering pre-launch through to growth and scaling, I'm confident I'll use this book over and over, as a template for setting up my own Etsy shop. At present, I have the account and username and nothing else -- my aim is digital patterns and I know this will take time to grow into a viable business. Having the information at my fingertips means it'll speed up the process.

I'm especially pleased to see useful, technical information included -- photographic ratios, for example. It's easy to run off a series of half-decent photographs but another to then have to sit and edit to suit Etsy. Knowing the aspect ratios will lead me to take less time on that, giving me more time elsewhere.

Other useful information will help me cut down my time to create useful product descriptions that will work for me. Online, there are hundreds of 'hacks' but this book reads with authority, sensible information and specifically says there are no shortcuts!

The most valuable chapter for me at present is 'Pricing Like a Pro' -- when selling on Etsy and because I'm selling digital patterns with no shipping fees, it would be easy to fall into the trap of underpricing. However, with this chapter, all the different aspects are taken into consideration -- selling fees, being a big one. And after reading the information, I'm reminded that sure, I'm selling a digital file but to create that, I had to spend time writing the knitting/crochet pattern, creating the item which has a material cost, and all the other stuff that comes with being a creator. I will definitely be creating my pricing prior to uploading any (digital) inventory.

Looking at the growth strategies, there is the standard 'email list' information -- okay, I've worked in web development for *years* prior to now and know all about email lists and the value of them, so I will think of it as standard, whereas other folks might not -- but also other strategies I've not given much consideration to. Will I use them? Probably! I've seen these strategies used by Etsy sellers in other, similar niches, so why not?

I haven't looked further in detail yet -- I'm not ready to do that. However, I have skimmed through and whilst I have come across some of the ideas before, having them written down with examples, and specific to Etsy growth is a boon. Combining that with the trust I have in the content already, and yes, I will be taking careful note.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. There's value for anyone thinking about starting an Etsy shop but also for those who have established themselves and want a refresh or a boost.

Was this review helpful?

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to start selling on Etsy, or wants to revamp their shop to get their sales going. I found a ton of practical advice and different tips to enhance product listings to get better results. I wanted to test things out as I went, so I began by making a few simple changes to some of my jewelry listings. The results? Visitor traffic increased practically overnight. The guidance is simple to follow and not overly technical, making it especially helpful for Etsy users who do not have a lot of background in SEO and have no clue or desire to learn in-depth about algorithms. Super helpful and a must-have diagram for running a successful Etsy enterprise.

Was this review helpful?

There is a lot to know about starting a business on Etsy and this book can help you through the process. I found this book to be very interesting and informative. I thank Netgalley and Books Go Social for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Was this review helpful?

This was such a fantastic book on assisting me on growing my new Etsy business. It was written in an approachable manner, with easy to follow instructions and really specific examples that made it easy to translate it to my business in my head.
I was so inspired reading this book and I was able to see the error in some things I had overlooked. I am really excited to apply the things I have learned.
It was easily the best guide to engaging with Etsy I've dealt with.

Was this review helpful?

A clear, thoughtful guide to starting your own online business, I found this book chock full of helpful tips and tricks to create a successful online business. I had recently signed up to take an e-printables course, and how to sell your printables on etsy, and I was curious to see if this book would provide the same advice at half the price, and I'm happy to report it did! Highly recommend this book for those who are curious about starting their online side hustle on etsy.

Was this review helpful?

This is a must-have for anyone interested in selling on Etsy, or anyone who already has a store but is looking to freshen it up! Etsy Business Launch by Alyssa Garner explores a wealth of Etsy know-how to help readers build their brand, start a shop, and navigate market trends. Everything you could need to know is in this book.

Was this review helpful?

This book seems pretty thorough at walking through the steps to launch an Etsy business. I have not put into practice anything in the book yet, but will walk through this book as I go step by step at launching a business on Etsy.

I do find that the first step is probably the hardest, and that is market research. I wish there was an easier way (or maybe more enjoyable way) to go about figuring out if a business idea has the potential to be profitable. And this is the step I would really love more help with or even hiring someone to do for me.

But with that said, this book touches on things that you probably never thought about. And according to the book, it claims this book is good for people who are just launching a business on Etsy for the first time, or already have a business but want to expand that business and see more income.

Overall, a good book I would recommend to anyone just starting out with an Etsy business.

Was this review helpful?

This is a great and detailed plan for setting up an Etsy business. The authors know and point out certain things that they have noticed worked for them but might not apply or be the case for everyone. It was well organized, insightful and easy to understand. It was very helpful.

Was this review helpful?

A fairly comprehensive guide. I have a small Etsy business and think I will put into practice much of the advice here. It doesn't just tell you what to do but how and why. I will definitely reread this one.

Was this review helpful?

Lots of good information about maximizing your Etsy shop. It's split into sections, covering from prior to opening your shop, to scaling up, this is a good read for anyone who has an Etsy shop, and wants to revamp and expand, or for a new shop just getting started.'

Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC!

Was this review helpful?

Nowdays alot people expecially from social media claimed they knew everything including Etsy store. But mostly only concepts and not offer something we can grasp. Basicly Etsy is a marketplace for craft and handmade stuff. It is worldwide famous and as a crafter to reach goal as successful store at there is a big dream. So this book will catching eyes all etsy dreamer like my self since the cover.

Etsy Business Launch is guide book full with insight and relevant information. I found out the author explains with simple and encouraging words. It arrangement is systematic, with practical suggestion and details examples. Some of them isnt new infos but all basic steps are there. Reaching six figures need alot efforts more than read this book. But at least this guide will provide you with first step to reach it.

Thank you so much BookGoSocial and Netgalley for provided me with this copy. I am learning something and my opinion always my own.

Was this review helpful?

This was a very informative book and I really enjoyed it. I was not expecting to learn as much as I did but this book gave great advice. I will be using this book a lot and I know I will enjoy thoroughly. Great Book!

Was this review helpful?

Note: I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

This book caught my attention as someone who has considered opening an Etsy shop but has not yet taken the plunge. I found it informative for a true novice when it comes to starting your own small business. It contained a lot of information not just for starting but next steps down the road as well. That being said, this is a book for beginners.

One thing I wished the authors would have included was example photos. Particularly, the descriptions of navigating various Etsy website tabs could have benefited from screenshots. Yes, Etsys website could change but, that would also probably change the tab navigation as well.

Was this review helpful?

I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Etsy Business Launch is a fantastic guide to starting up selling on etsy and other platforms. The book seems to offer some sound advice and offers a wealth of experience and information from the authors. The information and steps were clear and easy to follow and not overloaded with complicated terms, which I really enjoyed. This is a great book for anyone looking at starting their own full-time business or even for people looking for a little extra income. I'm definitely going to get a physical copy of this to refer back to as I keep persuading my mum to set up her own small business on etsy to sell her knitted gifts, which are amazing!

Was this review helpful?

Etsy Business Launch - Alyssa Garner

This book caught my attention as I currently sell items on other platforms and have always been curious about the world of Etsy. I found this an easy to follow guide with lots of hints and tips, a lot which are also applicable to the other selling platforms. I am yet to open an Etsy shop but if I do go down this path in the future I will definitely be using this as a reference point. Thank you Netgalley, BooksGoSocial, Alyssa and Garrett Garner for this e-arc in return for my honest thoughts and opinions.

Was this review helpful?

This book has an amazing amount of information on starting your Etsy business and making it work! It was all broken down so it was very easy to follow and understand. I learned so many good gems that will help me with my business from the beginning stages and on. Everyone talks about how easy it is to make money on Etsy but no one has broken it down like this!!

If you are ever considering starting an Etsy store & need direction on how to start & grow, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

Was this review helpful?

Great information, tips and tricks! I've had an Etsy shop for a while without much traction... I've put some of these practices into use, so fingers crossed!

Was this review helpful?

An excellent blueprint for setting up an Etsy shop. Recommended for anyone who is interested in establishing a shop on Etsy and looking to open their own small business.

Thank you Netgalley and BooksGoSocial for the advance read copy of this very helpful book.

Was this review helpful?

This book is subtitled a ‘Complete guide to making six figures selling on Etsy’. If you follow it to the letter I guess it might be possible to pull in that amount, but it seems like quite a tall order. That’s not to say that the advice it contains isn’t sound, though. I’m sure it is, because Alyssa and Garret Garner write confidently and come across as very knowledgeable. Their fundamental message is treat your Etsy shop like a business – put in the hours on a regular basis, be disciplined – and it will become a lucrative business. I am certainly going to try implementing some of what they suggest in my own Etsy shop.

Was this review helpful?

Such a helpful book, as I have been debating about joining Etsy. Lots of helpful advice.

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

So many great tips, so much practical steps in great detail. I’ve been running my Etsy business for years and I still learned a bunch of things. But especially excellent for new etsy business owners just starting out.

Was this review helpful?

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