Embrace The Lace

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Pub Date 20 Mar 2023 | Archive Date 04 Dec 2023

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They say the age difference between partners doesn't really matter. But what if the gap is four centuries?

Widowed Andrew MacIver has problems and responsibilities aplenty. At twenty and five, he is already chieftain of his large clan. His castle is in a state of disrepair, his cook is clueless and to make matters worse, his uncle appears dead set on taking his job. He doesn’t have time to admit he is lonely, but he does need to remarry – and quickly, for the clan expects their laird to have a wife and heirs. He needs the perfect noble lady, decorous, competent, and obedient. The upcoming clan gathering seems the perfect opportunity to renew allegiances, find a suitable bride and get married, in that order. Well…that was the plan, anyway. But then the fae got involved.

Loveable geek Paisley Evangeline Darling – Van to her friends – wants one last adventure before going off to complete her master’s degree in mechanical engineering like her hero Tony Stark. On the very first night at the SCA renaissance festival, she is snatched kicking and screaming back to 17th century Scotland, nearly drowning in the process. Andrew, her handsome rescuer, is stressed out and intent on helping her find her way home, but she is having way too much fun to leave. Who better than a smart, free spirited and independent 21st century lass to bring a little love and laughter back into the exasperated laird’s dull life? After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Caution: Contains meddlesome faeries, questionable inventions, culinary miracles, one ferocious dragon, a heroine with zero regard for convention, and a reluctant hero with his hands full.

They say the age difference between partners doesn't really matter. But what if the gap is four centuries?

Widowed Andrew MacIver has problems and responsibilities aplenty. At twenty and five, he is...

Advance Praise

“...an uproariously funny #romantasy of skillfully written prose, faery magic, clan intrigue, classic misunderstandings and finely crafted characters who don’t hold back...” 

“...A twist on Outlander and other historical romances. Shannon MacLeod brings us a wonderful, lighthearted romance filled with brave women and the men who love them...” 

“...a slow burn to love with fantasy and magic rolled up with a bit of suspense...”

“... by the second chapter, I was rooting for Van and Andy...”  

“Loved the chemistry between all these characters”  

“Embrace the Lace will draw its readers into a fantastic laugh out loud Scottish time travel adventure that had me comparing it to author Lynsay Sands’ excellent and humorous Scottish historical romance”

“... many laugh out loud moments...a delightful light frothy romance”  

“Van is my spirit animal!”  

“...had to finish it in one sitting...” 

“...the reader will be held just as spellbound and captivated as the Laird himself when first encountering the soon to be newest member of his household...” 

“...an uproariously funny #romantasy of skillfully written prose, faery magic, clan intrigue, classic misunderstandings and finely crafted characters who don’t hold back...” 

“...A twist on Outlander...

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ISBN 9798987992005
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Featured Reviews

This was a nice, fun read. Likable characters, mystery, action in a time traveling storyline.I especially liked that Van took over a horrible kitchen staff, with horrible food, and made breakfast sandwiches for everyone. The new kitchen implements were a nice touch to the story.

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What to say? I'm not a fan of historical books but this one is so much more. You have Lairds and Ladys. I laughed out loud ( good thing I was by myself ). Magic. Of course an evil uncle. I will try my best to give a little review but I don't want to give too much away.

Laird Andrew is chieftain of his clan. He is a fair and kind Laird. He is a widow and must find a bride so his uncle doesn't try and take his clan. He wants a marriage like his parents had. His mother passed years ago and his father passed a couple of years ago from a broken heart.
Evangeline or Van as she likes to be called, has gone to participate in a Renaissance fair before she goes back to school to be an engineer. She falls into a pond and comes out in the 1600s. She's feisty and has a mouth like a sailor and asks way too many questions. Andrew saves her and takes her back to his castle. It takes Van a little while to realize she is not in her time anymore.

Andrew didn't realize how lonely he was until Van shows up. Van gets into all kinds of mischief and there is never a dull moment with her around. Within no time, she has the whole clan wrapped around her little finger. But before they can have their happily ever after, they must defeat his uncle, who has set them up for murder. And he believes Van is a witch. Van has help from some mysterious people to save Andrew.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for Netgalley*

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Paisley Evangeline Darling (Van for short) attends a renaissance festival in the US, but somehow ends up in a pond in Scotland and is rescued by Andrew MacIver. Not only has she travelled across the world, she's also travelled in time - back to the 17th century.

Add in some more low level magic, a nasty uncle and women competing for Andrew's reluctant hand in marriage.

Highly entertaining story with some slow romance and Van getting stuck into her new life and improving operations at Andy's castle.

Was this review helpful?

Well, this was an interesting story. It is a time travel romance.

Laird Andrew MacIver has lost his parents, his wife, and his unborn child. It has been a long enough time that his clan expects him to remarry. Remembering the passion between his parents, he wishes for a passionate marriage for himself.

Somewhere in the future Evangeline (Van) Darling us visiting a society that does historical re-enactments. She is shown a fairy pool and on a whim, wishes for the fae to do with her as her fate decrees.

Suddenly, Van is pulled under water and when she comes back up, screaming since she can't swim, she is saved by Andrew. Their love story starts there.

Yes, this story kept me engaged. The whole plot with the jealous, evil uncle is a bit on the nose for me and the dios ex machina of them being saved multiple times is a bit *eye roll* for me. However, I was engaged enough that I had to finish the book in 1 sitting.

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Firstly, thank you to Shannon MacLeod and NetGalley for this copy of Embrace the Lace

This was a 4 star read for me.

A twist on Outlander and other historical romances, Shannon MacLeod brings us a wonderful, light-hearted romance filled with brave women and the men who love them. I read this in a day, and really enjoyed the plot and characters.

- 1 star for some of the slightly cringy language / phrases Van uses.

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Embrace the Lace will draw its readers into a fantastic laugh out loud Scottish time travel adventure that had me comparing it to author Lynsay Sands’ excellent and humorous Scottish historical romances only with Embrace the Lace there is a little time travel twist thrown in that has the story standing out in what is hands down the best I have read in quite some time.
With a narrative that brings together the 17th century past in Laird Andrew MacIver and 21st century present Paisley (Van) Evangeline Darling into what is an uproariously funny romantacy of skillfully written prose, faery magic, clan intrigue, classic misunderstandings and finely crafted characters who don’t hold back, the reader will be held just as spellbound and captivated as the Laird himself when first encountering the soon to be newest member of his household. For any reader who enjoys an immersive well done fantasy romance this is the book which I highly recommend.
Kudos to author Shannon MacLeod!

Was this review helpful?

Avery good fun Scottish time travel romance with good characters, little magic,,Fairies and a troublesome Uncle.
Paisly goes to a renaissance fair falls into a pond and ends up in the 16th century in Scotland.
A fun enjoyable read..
Voluntarily reviewed.

Was this review helpful?

Embrace The Lace. I instantly loved this story. It was the humor and the special romance that won me over. My favorite characters are Andrew and Van. I instantly had a feeling that once the two meet that this was going to be a fun and enjoyable book.
I loved how the writer combined the language and the instrumental items from the future in with the things of the past. Many of times I laughed on each occasion Andrew addressed these strange oddities that Van introduced him to. And of course the romance was very sweet, as it was so charming. The book is an easy page turner, as well as an entertaining book. The writing was great.
The story and dialogue was easy to read. This certainly is a book that I will add to my personal romance paperback bookshelf. I anticipate to read more exciting book from this writer. I give this book two snaps and a twist. Until next time my fellow readers. Read on!
I received a copy of this book for a voluntary honest review

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Time travel, using contemporary knowledge to better certain people's lives, a meddling uncle, fairies, and romance. Everything I really enjoy. Thank you, NetGalley for this opportunity. This was a pleasant and entertaining read. Likeable people, intrigue, and action in a time-travelling plot. The new cooking tools added a lovely touch to the narrative.

Was this review helpful?

I had a great time reading this book!
Andrew and Van are couple goals.
The plot is amazing and I really like how you give us a little tour through the Highlands while everything unfolds.
It would be awesome if there's a sequel, but if there's not, I like how things end.

Was this review helpful?

If you are expecting a serious romantic time travel story with all the complications that can go with it, this is not for you!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this light easy read. Loved the characters and the differences of the 21st and 17th century and the antics Van got up too.

I would recommend this book, and I will be looking for other books by this author.

Thank you to NetGalley, Shannon MacLeod for the Arc of Embrace the Lace. This is my personal review.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you to Shannon MacLeod for letting me have an ARC copy of Embrace the Lace to review!

Embrace the Lace stands out from other time-travel romance novels I have read (as one of my favourite tropes I read a lot of them). Sometimes history gets taken too seriously, but Shannon MacLeod cleverly deploys humour and chaos to make fun and excitement shine out on the page. Not to mention driving MMC, Laird Andrew McIver, bananas with the antics and disregard for 17th Century rules of the MFC, Paisley Evangeline Darling (Van).

The cast of characters in this book is quite charming and likable, including the side cast who pop up. I have to admit Andrew was my favourite with his deep sense of duty, kindness, honourable nature, and care for his people. He’s clearly bemused and sometimes at a loss about what to make of her after meeting Wild Van.

I liked Van’s independence streak, take-charge nature, and impetus to do things her way. There were some aspects of Van’s character I didn’t like. I suspect her antics would have had her burnt/stoned as a witch within days of her arrival in a realistic setting of Highland Scotland during the 1600s. Misbehaving and independent women usually found themselves in danger and trouble. But this is fiction, Van’s crass nature, off-kilter behaviour, and cringy dialogue do eventually settle down as her character development finds its stride in the story. However, some cheesy lines return towards the end of the book when the villain is vanquished.

The plot starts a little slowly but ramps up to a plot stuffed to the brim with excitement, intrigue, and twists that surprised me. The writing can be cheesy and cringy at times (mostly Van’s dialogue) but full of great pop-culture references and bold storytelling you can’t help but laugh along. A unique take on time travel with Fae creatures and a plot crammed with modern-day chaos, crass, and delights that turns 17th-century Scotland upside down. Despite a few grimacing moments at the start due to Van’s character, I did enjoy reading this entertaining time-travel romance.

Was this review helpful?

Embrace the Lace is a very charming story. If you are into time traveling into the Scottish Highlands and finding a handsome lair to fall in love with, this is a story for you.
It got me laughing out loud and I liked how unpretensious it was. Also, the book didn't make the mistake of trying to explain everything so it would make sense, which for me is a plus. I mean, it's a time traveling book, of course it doesn't make sense, but it is really cute and Van and Andrew have great banter, which is usually lacking in this sort of story.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed #EmbraceTheLace. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars. The last star is because there was a small part that, unless things are different in other kingdoms, the author did not research. I am part of Northshield SCA and have been for a few years and I have yet to see or hear about a tour guide. If your family or friends bring you in, they show you around. Otherwise, wander around and stay out of tents unless they are clearly marked as merchants, arts and sciences, or kitchen. It's very simple. However, the actual main story was wonderful and very catching. There were a few times I was slightly confused as to character actions, but I'm assuming the Old Ones are responsible for the actions that didn't seem to make sense to me. I loved the main female character's snark. She was absolutely perfect with her modern attitude but easy adjustment into that time period. The story flowed mostly smoothly with some decent plot twists. I would recommend this to anyone willing to suspend disbelief over time travel, who enjoys Scottish love stories, and enjoys a good plot line. Thank you #NetGalley and #BooksGoSocial for the DRC. I am choosing to leave a fair and honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Quite a nice read. I found it interesting. I definitely think its a novel that people need to experience for themselves and they can make their mind up for themselves.

Was this review helpful?

A fun engaging story with good style and a HEA.
I enjoyed reading this author - new to me, and finding her take on the genre and trope.

Was this review helpful?

I received this ARC from Netgalley. This review is my own thoughts and honest opinions about the story and authors writing.

The best way I can put this is if you enjoyed stories like Outlander. This story is defiantly for you! I loved Van. Her character creation is amazing. I loved how she just takes everything that happens to her within stride. I loved the fact tat Shannon MacLead puts so much modern references within her historical writing. I loved all the different references. What I wasn’t expecting was the different twist and turns that the author has put into her writing especially finding out that there was a bigger picture to why Van was time travelled. Which was not only to help Andrew with his quest of having to find a suitable wife to his role a a Clan Chieftan, but she was also brought on to help the fairies! You think a time traveling storyline was enough to find a handsome, smart, sexy and caring Scot man to fall in love with, Nope! We need to add fantasy into it.

This story had me on the edge of my seat. I actually was extremely sad when I had to put the story down when I had to go to work. I am now still thinking about it and its characters. I will be ecstatic to read more from this author and would be extremely happy to learn what happens between the other characters. Or even have the story about Andrews mother. Who you get hits about her past as well.

Was this review helpful?

This book had many laugh out loud moments and was a delightful light frothy romance. The time travel element was fun and helped this story stand out from other Scottish romances. Very well written characters that I was rooting for and enjoyed getting to know.

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in return for my review.

Was this review helpful?

A beautiful and funny love story in the middle of sixteenth-century Scotland that has a pact from the start. How the protagonists get closer throughout the book and what they experience despite their differences shows how strong love can be. Even through time.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy of Embrace the Lace. I thoroughly enjoyed this time travel romance. Good character development, sufficiently evil bad guy. Happily, ever after ending.

Was this review helpful?

They're both lost, frustrated with their lives, and destined to be together. Evangeline, Van to her friends, a young woman from our time period, walks into a pond, and is transported back to 1659, rescued by Laird Andrew, of the Clan McIver. Each finds themselves instantly attracted to one another, but at the same time, they are also very confused. Andrew has no idea who the almost drowned woman is, and why she is on his land. Evangeline has no idea how she ended up almost drowning, and why she is no longer in the 2020's. As soon as she arrives at his castle, nothing is safe. He already trusts she is no threat, and she feels the same. She forms a close relationship with Mrs. Norris, who is in charge of the running of the castle, and knows everyone in the clan as well. Andrew, or Andy as he calls her, is thrown by his attraction to the unusual woman, who swears like no other woman he's ever known, leaves almost immediately for the next two weeks to meet with his tenants and their families. He is being pressured to marry since he is laird, and needs heirs. However, his first wife, who died a few years before, did not bring much joy to his life. She fulfilled her role as the Laird's wife, but they had no relationship.
While Andy, as she calls him, is away, Van, or Evangeline as he calls him, has started wreaking havoc while he is gone. She decides things need to be improved, and starts "inventing" things to make the lives of the people much easier, and the 21st century has officially invaded 1659. Andrew comes back to many, many changes, to the point he is convinced they were invaded while he was gone. Unfortunately, the real invasion comes soon enough when his Uncle Alasdair comes to force Andrew to stand down as Laird, or be removed, and it's very apparent he doesn't want Andrew to live through his takeover. He claims someone has murdered his wife, and is determined to marry Lady Eilionoir, a beautiful, pure of heart daughter of a man, who is brought as an offering to bring two strong clans together. She has her role to play, but Andrew and Evangeline aren't sure how she fits there. This potential overthrow brings feelings out in the open, and brings them even closer together.
The relationship between Andrew/Andy and Evangeline/Van begins very slowly. While you can see their feelings begin to run deeply almost from the beginning, it does not feel rushed. It is amusing when he keeps correcting her about the year it is there, and how he's always shocked at her language. She believes women can take care of themselves, but begins to realize being cherished and protected is not a bad thing, and is actually what she didn't realize she wanted.
Evangeline is indirectly helped, and protected by the dirty little man at the stables, Brown Tom, a fae. He is normally only seen by small children, but Andrew is shocked to find out she can also see him. While not seen very often in the novel, it is very apparent he is a very important character.
I am not a fan of going back in time historical romance novels, but this was enjoyable with how it was written. The story was slow to start. I understand the story had to be set up, but it took longer than I had liked. Once it really started, I really did enjoy it. They made a good couple, and it felt natural. There was no insta-love or angst. They had their insecurities, but it didn't stop the relationship from growing. Oddly, what bothered me the most was that she "invented" the bicycle for them. I just kept shaking my head on that. Even with all the other crazy and futuristic things she did, or had people help her make, the bicycle really bugged me. Don't ask me why. It was mentioned in only ONE sentence. It wasn't even important to any part of the story. So, if that's my main complaint, I call that a win.
I would definitely read this again, and plan to check out more from this author.
This is a mature novel because of one graphic intimate scene. It was quite detailed. Otherwise, it would be for most.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

3.5 stars rounded up.

For the first 25% or so, I was highly skeptical. I felt that the FMC was two juvenile in her dialogue. The plot kind of felt a bit flimsy. But I stuck with it and I'm so glad that I did. The pop culture references just kept coming and each was as cheesy as the last but I started to enjoy it for what it was. By the end, I was chuckling out loud and enjoying everything about it. It doesn't take itself seriously, so you shouldn't either. It is cheesy and a bit juvenile and has some nerdy pop culture references, but because of all that I loved it all the more. I can't give it full stars because there was some punctuation errors that would pull me out of the story and remind me that I was reading a story and not experiencing it. Some of the plot devices felt a little convenient instead of an integral part of the overall picture. But that being said, I would still recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read in the historical comedy romance world. Spice level is very low.

Was this review helpful?

An enjoyable and fun read and I fell in love with the characters Van and Andrew. Reading the description was enough to draw me in and by the second chapter, I was rooting for Van and Andy. With a cast of characters, you have good and evil, while Van tries to incorporate her future with the past.
While this is the first book I have read from the author, I will be going back and reading others while waiting for her next book.

Was this review helpful?

Nice easy read with lots of heart. Its written well and find the world and word building a great easy way to spend a few hours reading.

Was this review helpful?

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