The Dead Take the A Train

Carrion City, Book 1

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Pub Date Oct 03 2023 | Archive Date Oct 31 2023


Bestselling authors Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey have teamed up to deliver a dark new story with magic, monsters, and mayhem, perfect for fans of unhinged eldritch horror.

Julie is a coked-up, burnt-out thirty-year-old whose only retirement plan is dying early. She’s been trying to establish herself in the NYC magic scene, and she’ll work the most gruesome gigs, exorcize the nastiest demons, and make deals with the cruelest gods to claw her way to the top. But nothing can prepare her for the toughest job yet: when her best friend, Sarah, shows up at her door in need of help. Keeping Sarah safe becomes top priority.

Julie is desperate for a quick fix to break the dead-end grind and save her friend. But her power grab sets off a deadly chain of events that puts Sarah – and the entire world - directly in the path of annihilation.

The first explosive adventure in the Carrion City Duology, The Dead Take the A Train fuses Cassandra Khaw’s cosmic horror and Richard Kadrey’s gritty fantasy into a full-throttle thrill ride straight into New York’s magical underbelly.

Bestselling authors Cassandra Khaw and Richard Kadrey have teamed up to deliver a dark new story with magic, monsters, and mayhem, perfect for fans of unhinged eldritch horror.

Julie is a coked-up...

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Featured Reviews

The book blew my mind. Horror at its finest with an intriguing and complex cast of characters, which very much includes New York City itself. I love books that are essentially love songs to NYC, and this certainly numbers among them. Cassandra Khaw does not miss, and Richard Kadrey has a new fan in me!

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This book was so fuckin’ fun holy shit.

So much happened at once in the best way possible. It had the perfect amount of humor mixed in with the serious moments and plenty of gore and disgusting mental visuals to keep you up at night. It had everything, Freelance magic work, Wall Street eldritch bosses, worms! The works. I loved this.

I’ve never read from Richard Kadrey before but I have read from Cassandra Khaw and I think this is my new favorite book they’re written.

I need the next one yesterday.

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Holy crap. What the heck did I just read?! I've never read anything by Kadrey or Khaw before, but I'm a new fan for life. The Dead Take the A Train was so unique and disturbing and I loved everything about it! Dark, disturbing, weird, colorful, and exciting. Highly recommend and will be purchasing for our collection.

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Kadrey and Khaw are a dream (nightmare??) team. This grips you by the throat and doesn't let go. A recommended purchase for collections where the pair's previous titles are popular.

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What would you do if your bestfriend/crush shows up asking for your help to stop her abusive ex... all the while your own evil ex has gotten you to accidentally unleash a monster who is killing people left and right.... its definitely going to be a long week. Julie is a coked-up, burnt out thirty year old who is barely making rent but her job is to basically exorcize the nastiest demons and make deals with gods to just make rent. Julie needs to make money to pay rent to her landlord and after being behind rent for so long that means she has to get a job from her very douchey ex who has done nothing but steal credit for her work and think he’s better than her. When she’s had enough and confronts him, he decides the best way to get back at her is to send her a fake demonic book only for her to end up summoning a “angel” who is actually so far from angelic and is bent on consuming human bodies. Then Julie’s best friend and crush. Sarah shoes up asking for help, Julie is willing to do anything, but things start to get really really out of hand and now its up to Julie to stop the demon she unleashed, save her friends, and finally maybe get the girl she’s been in love with since forever. This was such an amazing first book in the duology, it mixes magic with an urban settling and definitely is non stop action and fun.

*Thanks Netgalley and Tor Publishing Group, Tor Nightfire for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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The cover is really cool. The writing is top notch. Extremely readable, extremely gripping, gritty, and real. Note this book also belongs on the Horror shelf (I'm surprised it isn't also listed in the genres). I'm not a huge fan of horror so personally stopped after chapter 1 (3%), but I really hope this book is a commercial success.

Thank you to NetGalley and Tor for the ARC.

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I loved The Dead Take the A Train! Despite being fairly long, I got through this book quickly - the pace is fast, and the worldbuilding is so fun. This was the first book I've read by Khaw, but her writing style was incredibly engaging, and I found the characters to be well-fleshed out (haha). I loved the way monsters were described - thorough and visceral. I can usually guess the plot of books fairly early on, but I loved that I had no idea where this one was going (in the best way possible). I can't wait for the sequel!

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First off, love the cover. It is the perfect way to set the scene for this book.

All of Khaw’s books have incredible covers and are eloquently written, which is so rare for horror books. They make you think while also giving you nightmares. And this one is no different. She’s becoming an auto buy author for me! This will be THE Halloween book this year

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This book was one of my most anticipated books of the year and didn't disappoint. Khaw and Kadrey have crafted maybe one of the best urban horror/fantasy books of the decade and I can't wait to see the next installment of the Carrion City series. This book is a more gonzo, eldtritch version of RS Belcher's Nightwise. The pacing is great and I loved all the characters. The very ending of the book was kind of weird and unexpected and I'm curious to see the implications of the mysterious character who showed up at the end. One of my favorite books this year and I'll definitely be getting a physical copy of this book.

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"The Dead Take the A Train" by Richard Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw is undoubtedly one of the best reads of the year for me. This book, which seamlessly combines Horror and Sci-Fi, is an exceptional read that I thoroughly enjoyed. The authors' collaborative storytelling brings forth a captivating narrative that's both thrilling and imaginative. "The Dead Take the A Train" is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a compelling blend of genres that keeps you engaged from start to finish. This book is truly exceptional and deserves high praise for its quality and entertainment value.

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