The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book

Classic, Creative, and Must-Try Recipes for Every Kitchen

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Pub Date 03 Oct 2023 | Archive Date 10 Oct 2023

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From cookie dough milkshakes to chocolate chip cheesecake to the classic recipe that started it all, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers all the tips, tricks, photos, and recipes you need to bake the cookie of your dreams.

Whether you're creating a cozy self-care treat, a celebration for loved ones, or the perfect gift for any occasion, chocolate chip cookies speak to the heart. In The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book, artist and cookie expert Katie Jacobs offers 100 recipes for every gift-giving season and reason, from fancy dinners to lunchbox goodies.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers:

  • 100 recipes, from basic to "Wow, you made this?"
  • Icons that help you identify difficulty levels, tools used, and food sensitivities
  • Delicious vegan, paleo, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes
  • The secrets and science behind why the same cookie recipe can result in vastly different cookies
  • Gorgeous and helpful photos from the author, who is a contributing photographer for Southern Living, O, Martha Stewart Living, and the Hallmark Channel

Full of chocolate chip cookie how-tos, this beautifully detailed book is for experts, experimenters, and amateurs alike. Add to your baking expertise and dessert inspirations as you discover the cookie of your dreams.

From cookie dough milkshakes to chocolate chip cheesecake to the classic recipe that started it all, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers all the tips, tricks, photos, and recipes you need to bake...

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Featured Reviews

I received a free copy of, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book, by Katie Jacobs, from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I never realized how many recipes for chocolate chip cookies there are. This book made me so hungry for chocolate chip cookies. Nothing beats the smell or taste of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes out.

Was this review helpful?

Chocolate chip cookies are likely the most popular cookie variety, and most families have a good recipe that they like best. It seems, however, that since there are thousands of recipes for chocolate chip cookies, it makes sense to have a cookbook with recipes that are different and may be better than the family favorite. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book: Classic, Creative, and Must-Try Recipes for Every Kitchen, by Katie Jacobs is an excellent cookbook filled with recipes for chocolate chip cookies of different textures (cakey, chewy, crisp) and types like bars and squares, drop cookies, shaped cookies, and rolled cookies. There are cookies with peanut butter, caramel, white chocolate chips, caramel, and other ingredients to keep chocolate chip cookie lovers busy baking for months.

While most of the recipes are for different chocolate chip cookies and bars, Jacobs has also included recipes for chocolate chip cookie pies, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and other unique chocolate chip cookie treats. There are beautiful, professional photographs of almost every recipe; it’s nice to know just what your finished product will look like. The recipes are written in the traditional manner with the ingredients listed first, followed by step-by-step instructions. There are helpful comments at the beginning of each recipe, and there are helpful hints in the beginning of the book.

There are so many good recipes in this cookbook, that I just bought 2 10-pound packages of high quality chocolate chips to make them. Chocolate chip cookie lovers will most likely do the same. This is a cookbook that will make a great addition to any cookbook collection.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.

Was this review helpful?

This is a great cookbook full of lots only information and pictures. I enjoyed being able to see how the different cookies turned out with different types of butter, eggs, etc. I look forward to trying some of these lovely recipes. Get ready to get hungry.

My only issue with the book is some of the language the author uses in the introduction. I think she is trying hard to be “cool” and it comes off very cringy. For example she is going to “blow the roof off” with cookie bars.

Was this review helpful?

Oh. My. God. Everything in this cookbook looks absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try baking some of the recipes. This is a perfect cookbook for any cookie lover!! Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for this arc ebook in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I am so glad I now have access to this book, because I've been trying to master my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe for YEARS. All my life, I've been warmed by my mother's immaculate chocolate chip cookies, and in my adult life, I've not been able to replicate this warmth and love within my own baking. I love too cook, but I feel I struggle with baking because everything is such a defined science in baking, whereas when I cook, I season to my heart's content.

I'm loving this journey into finding my perfect workable path with baking and I'm excited to use this book as a guide to get me there.

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Synopsis (from Netgalley, the provider of the book for me to review.)
From cookie dough milkshakes to chocolate chip cheesecake to the classic recipe that started it all, The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book offers all the tips, tricks, photos, and recipes you need to bake the cookie of your dreams. Whether you're creating a cozy self-care treat, a celebration for loved ones, or the perfect gift for any occasion, chocolate chip cookies speak to the heart. In The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book, artist and cookie expert Katie Jacobs offers 100 recipes for every gift-giving season and reason, from fancy dinners to lunchbox goodies. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book is full of chocolate chip cookie how-tos, this beautifully detailed book is for experts, experimenters, and amateurs alike. Add to your baking expertise and dessert inspirations as you discover the cookie of your dreams.

Although I am more of an oatmeal raisin kind of girl (add in some chocolate chips and then it would fit in this book) hubby loves his CCC. The recipes in here are varied and if you cannot find a recipe in there that you like, there may be something wrong with you as there are 100 to choose from.
A great book for the baker in your life, it comes out in time for the start of holiday baking time, which is wonderful as you can test to see what ones you like, freeze them (Wrap them in paper marked TRIPE or KIDNEYS so that they don't disappear into hungry food-seeking tummies) and then not be rushed when mid-November rolls around. Great book.

Was this review helpful?

These recipes all look so so so yummy and like I need to try them all right now. I love that it's not just different versions of a chocolate cookie but so many variations of a cookie but also bars and cakes and more included as well. It also includes vegan and GF options which is amazing. I am always looking for good GF recipes I can make for friends. I really liked also how the beginning of the book talked a bit about the science of baking and how each ingredient works together and some tips and tricks to use while baking. I don't love a cookbook that has a long intro about some backstory but this introduction was 100% work it and will be so helpful! I honestly can't wait to try out all of these recipes and I can't wait to get my hands on a physical copy of this cookbook when it releases!

Was this review helpful?

Cookies! To start, it was great these recipes had a difficulty rating. American and British measurements were broken down as well, which is very useful not just for these recipes, but recipes that go beyond these cookies. There's cookie science, so you can understand exactly what is going on with your cookie.

This book is the ultimate cookie recipe book, look no further and if you think you already know how to bake a cookie, think again! There's all kinds of cookies to bake, and if you enjoy baking as much as cookies, there's recipes to tide you over for a long time, not to mention those that will stay your favourites. There are cookies, speciality cookies and bars, cakes, pies and giant cookies and the fun stuff!

I really enjoyed the forewords for each recipe and the personal touches. One of my favourites was the cast iron skillet cookie and finding out that the author still has a cast iron skillet from their grandmother. It was these touches and learning about the recipe that really give you confidence in the recipe.

The ultimate cookie cook book!

Was this review helpful?

I love reading cookbooks! This one is full of great recipes and variations on chocolate chip cookies. It's fun and well organized. A must for bakers.

Was this review helpful?

As a chocolate chip cookie fanatic, I was looking forward to this book and it absolutely knocked it out of the park. The amount of variety here is staggering- cookies, cakes, bars, brownies, toffee, waffles, fudge, pretzels, donuts, cheesecake...and the list goes on! In addition, there are also vegan and gluten-free options as well. But perhaps the most useful part of the book is the breakdown of common ingredients in chocolate chip cookie recipes and how different applications of them affect the resulting cookie. From the various butter types to the type of leavening agent used to the amount of flour, each difference and how it changes the cookie are explained in detail. An extremely informative cookbook.

Was this review helpful?

This is hands down the absolute best cookie recipe book I have ever had the pleasure of reading, and I’ve read many! I found myself bookmarking every page, each recipe just as delicious and tempting (if not more) than the one before. There’s a mouthwatering photo of every single recipe featured, which I love! It means you know what you’re aiming for. There’s something for absolutely everyone in here, from the beginner baker, to the more practised, from something simple, to the more elaborate and adventurous. There are top tips, clear step by step instructions, and a heartwarming intro to each recipe in the book. There’s even a section at the back that categorises the recipes into skill level, and season!
My only wish is that I had a physical hard copy, as this is definitely a cook book everyone needs to have in their collection.
Would wholeheartedly recommend.
Thank you to Harper Celebrate and Netgalley for an eARC of this book to read and review.

Was this review helpful?

This chocolate chip cookie-themed cookbook has everything a lover of the classic cookie will ever need! Recipes include several methods and consistencies of the titular cookie with tons of other cookie-themed creations including cake, ice cream, and edible cookie dough. There are several twists on the classic chocolate chip like chocolate chip cookie shortbread, cookie bars and brownies, and reverse chocolate chip cookies (chocolate cookies with white chips).

Recommended for all bakers, especially chocolate chip cookie lovers.

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful looking cookies and so many amazing recipes!

Very easy to follow instructions. Very excited to try more of these recipes

Was this review helpful?

What a great cookbook! I love how it starts with a base cookie recipe and then does variation off of that. So many of these cookies sounds amazing! We will definitely be making some of them during the holidays! I like how the recipes are written. The pictures are great.

Was this review helpful?

So many delicious recipes in this yummy cookbook. This book is the only cookbook you need for baking cookies. So many yummy chococolate chip recipes to try.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author, for the opportunity to read and give an honest review of this book.

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies?
Well, if that describes you, Katie even has a chip-free recipe for you in her new cookbook.

The recipes seem fresh and do-able. There isn’t anything with pages of ingredients or complex instructions. That makes this recipe book great for any baker’s library.

The photos are mouth watering and inspirational. I can’t decide which recipe to bake first. I am sure that there are many that will become family favorites.

Was this review helpful?

I never knew there were so many different types of chocolate chips cookie recipes. This book has a recipe for every kind of chocolate chip cookie you can imagine. She gives lots of pointers at the beginning of the book. Such as you need to lick the spoon. There is a reason for this. Pictures of what the cookies will look like using various size cookie scoops or hand rolled. Whether you melt the butter or soften the butter. These are very helpful tools. I loved the photo time line of making brown butter. I think I can do this now and know what to look for at every stage. There's the pictures when using different types of sugars, or eggs, of even frozen. This is a very informative cookbook aside from the 100 recipes that are included. If you want vegan, dairy free or gluten free recipes she has you covered. It's time to start baking. And baking better cookies.

Was this review helpful?

Beautiful book! Fantastic explanations on the science of baking which I’ve never seen in a cookie book.
I made 2 of the cookie recipes and they were amazing. I can’t wait to make more.
This will be the last cookie book you’ll ever need.

Was this review helpful?

This is a really neat cookbook! The recipes are alot of fun and unique! I love the Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and the Chocolate Chip Cookies Cupcakes. This book gives recipes that put a twist on America's most well-known cookie! 10/10 - highly recommend!

* Special thank you to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing me access to a digital copy of the book before publication.*

Was this review helpful?

This is the chocolate chip cookie book to end all chocolate chip cookie books. Sometimes you want a classic CC cookie, while sometimes you want a little *pazzaz*, and this book covers everything cc cookie related your heart could want.

I am a huge fan of when dessert books have simple formats, especially for recipes that really aren't fancy. This has the perfect layout, recipe, easy to follow instructions, a little blurb, some tips sprinkled through out, and the most drool worthy cookies. I saw the Peppermint White Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies page and I instantly felt ready to put on my santa hat and start baking.

This is going to be a great standard cookie book for people who love to bake desserts on a whim, and who aren't maybe dedicated to elaborate bakes. You cannot go wrong with some of these recipes, and they're all super easy to follow along with. My only wish is that it included measurements by weight, as I feel like that's always the most accurate way to bake. Regardless, there are definitely some recipes I've already tabbed for when my sweet tooth makes its appearance. *cough* Brown Butter Espresso Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies *cough*

Thank you Netgalley, Katie Jacobs, and Harper Celebrate for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Just when bakers think they’ve nailed their go-to cookie, Katie Jacobs comes along with a meticulously curated trove of chocolate chip recipes that elevate the game beyond expectation. Jacobs is well-known for her unique party spreads in national magazines and for popular brands, in addition to her own long-standing website and social media presence. She shares universal tips that can expand to recipes outside of these gorgeously photographed pages. With recipes incorporating Hot Honey, Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan, and Tahini, but also a homemade dupe for Cookie Crisp Cereal (!), Jacobs embraces the fun of spins on ingredients and what they can accomplish. She devotes an entire chapter to vegan, paleo, and gluten free versions, too. Both essential and timeless, ‘The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book’ is a must for every kitchen

Was this review helpful?

Wow! is the only way to start this review. I was in Cookie heaven and I enjoyed every moment of it. So many wonderful recipes to try and taste and enjoy. The house smell wonderful and all the neighbours are banging down the door.

So many different recipes and different flavours that I really am going to try them all. It might take me a while but I will! Greta information, wonderful photos, easy to follow recipes and no overly crazy ingredients. And full of yummy chocolate chips. And I loved that they had the American and British measurements so most people from around the world can use this cookbook. I give it a big 5 Chocolate Chips!

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for this delicious and yummy book to read and review. I loved it.

Was this review helpful?

I don’t really cook but I do like to bake, particularly cookies. Most baking books are beyond my talent level and seem overly complicated to me. This book full of variations on the basic classic is exceptional. It explained how and why results differ based on ingredients, measurements, and methods on an understandable way. Well written text and wonderful pictures of the results of every recipe. Best recipe book I have read in a very long time.

Was this review helpful?

Everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie so when I saw this recipe book I knew I needed to check it out. OMG I can't wait to try some of these amazing recipes. The brown butter white chocolate macadamia nut cookies were amazing!! I'm gonna be trying the rice crispy treat chocolate chip cookies next. I make a lot of treats for my guys at work so I will be surprising them with some of these goodies. I highly recommend this cookie cookbook!!

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for allowing me to enjoy these wonderful recipes in advance for my honest opinion.

Was this review helpful?

Yes, this entire book is devoted to chocolate chip cookies. In addition to dozens of delicious cookies, you'll find ice creams, candy, cakes, and even cheesecakes base on this most popular of cookies. Specialized diets, including vegan and gluten-fre are not neglected.

I particularly liked that each recipe had a difficulty level with and index at the back liting the recipes by level. It's a great idea more cookbooks should adopt.

Was this review helpful?

Literally a cookbook about all the ways you can make chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cookie desserts. What’s not to love?

Was this review helpful?

The recipes are a step in the more advanced cookie making techniques bust to not skip a step, lots of gray cookie photos, they could be more creative.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this cookbook of cookies! I may have read a digital ARC copy but I wanna buy it! It was informative for the science behind ingredients. I love that there was a cookie for every preference. You want cakey, here. You want chewy, it’s here. You want crisp, it’s here too. I also love that there were other ways to use cookie, milkshakes, cakes, and more!

Was this review helpful?

If you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies, you need this book. With 100 recipes, and beautiful pictures, this is the only chocolate chip book you will ever need. From the basic chocolate chip cookie, to the fancy mint chocolate chip recipe, and even a microwave cup chocolate chip cookie for one recipe, this is a book I will be buying when it is released!

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Celebrate for the ARC!

Was this review helpful?

This was absolutely amazing, and I got so much out of it, more than just cookie recipes! I loved how it broke down the science of cookies, dissecting every ingredient, and explaining how even slight changes can change the way the cookie comes out. But if you're not interested in that, it's also very easy to just skip ahead to the recipes and dive in! The original cookie recipe is amazing, and I can't wait to work through all the different options. I'm just concerned how much weight I will gain as I try to get through all of these :)

Was this review helpful?

What's not to love about chocolate chip cookies!

My son enjoys baking and he really loves this cookbook. Filled with easy to follow recipes that the whole family will enjoy. This is a must-have for your cookbook collection.

Was this review helpful?

Wow, this book is COMPLETE ! I love that the author wrote about the science behind the results and that she didn't take for granted that the readers already know about all that.
There are so many things I've loved that it would be easier to write point-wise
- the stories behind the recipe
- the tips
- recipes I've never heard about that had me drooling on the pictures !
- I also loved that she had some healthier versions.

I can't imagine someone not liking this book !! I am so impatient to try the recipes, the basic as well as the more original ones (the baklava being one of them)

Was this review helpful?

For every chocolate chip cookie freak, Katie Jacobs’, “The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book,” is the ultimate cookbook, recipe guide, baking alchemy handbook and essential reference. It’s an intelligent guide for bakers of not only chocolate chippers, but of other confectionery delights as well. Jacobs extensively
explains the chemistry and science of leavening agents (baking powder and baking soda); butter v. oils; white and brown sugar; egg whites and yolks; fluffy flour; chocolates; real vanilla v. artificial extract; and other key aspects of making divine cookies. She also includes extensive recipes for all things chocolate chip — cookies, cakes, bars, whoopie pies, ice cream, cheese cakes, graham crackers, cereals and doughnuts.

A fourth-generation Nashville native author, stylist, and photographer, Jacobs is the art director and creator of, a food and lifestyle blog with a focus on food, entertaining, and DIY. She released her first book, So Much to Celebrate, in 2018. She’s been featured on the cover of Southern Living as well as on the pages of Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, O The Oprah Magazine, and Southern Living Weddings. She is a content contributor for Reese Witherspoon’s lifestyle brand Draper James, Crate&Barrel, and Le Grand Courtâge, among others. You can find her daily on Instagram at @katiejacobsnashville or at home with her three kids and husband, creating new recipes and entertaining family and friends.

TheBookMaven graciously thanks NetGalley, Author Katie Jacobs and Publisher Harper Celebrate for this Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) for review.

Was this review helpful?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacbos

What could be better than an entire cookbook devoted to chocolate chip cookies? Not much in my book. Beyond the numberous variations on the classic chocolate chip cookie, there are many different recipes using chocolate chip cookies as well (for example, chocolate chip cookie baklava or chocolate chip cookie lava cakes). I also enjoyed the introductory section that compares the results of using different ingredients or chilled vs melted butter in the recipes, etc. It's a great reminder that there are many ways to change up a recipe to adjust the cookie. The recipes are clear, and the photography is great as well.

Thank you to #NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for a free copy of #TheChocolateChipCookieBook by Kaite Jacobs. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie by Katie Jacobs

240 Pages
Publisher: Harper Celebrate
Release Date: October 3, 2023

Nonfiction, Cooking, Food, Wine, Crafts, Hobbies

The book is divided into the following chapters.

Chapter 1: The Classics
Chapter 2. Specialty Cookies and Bars
Chapter 3: Cakes, Pies, and Giant Cookies
Chapter 4: The Fun Stuff
Chapter 5: Health(ish) Treats

After reading this book, I purchased a cookie scoop and Watkins pure vanilla extract. I love the idea of using a biscuit cutter to shape the warm cookies, so they are uniform. The recipes in the book are easy to follow and have icons depicting what equipment is needed and a skill scale. If you are a fan of chocolate chip cookies, and who isn’t, you will enjoy making and eating these cookies.

Was this review helpful?

I love baking, especially cookies.

This cookbook was the perfect one for giving you great chocolate chip cookie recipes, but not only that, cookie bars and other great variations.

I really loved the beginning where she broke down how to use the book and explained tips and tricks, the equipment, cookie scoop sizes, and the science that goes in behind the actual baking of a chocolate chip cookie, and then she went on to break down the importance of each of the essential ingredients in the recipes and why the temperature and kind of ingredient worked. I thought all of those things were a great addition and very helpful.

I also really liked the difficulty and dietary restriction icons that were included throughout. It made it really easy to see what the recipe was going to be like at a glance.

the tips throughout were great to have. Like a warning that a certain recipe spreads a bit, so that you can be prepared and not think you did something wrong.

The pictures were also really beautiful. I love having lots of pictures in cookbooks so that I can know what I'm going for as an end result.

Everything is super yummy and I can't wait to try them all. If you're looking for a great chocolate chip cookie book, you'll really enjoy this one! I like it so much I might buy the hardcover version to have on hand!

Thank you to NetGalley, Katie Jacobs and the publisher for allowing me to review this yummy ARC!

Was this review helpful?

Lots of great recipes to try out and I love how the author breaks down chocolate chip cookies in a. Way that allows you to make the absolute perfect cookie suited to you tastes! A must for any kitchen bookshelf

Was this review helpful?

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I am now obsessed with Chocolate Chip Cookies and this book made me a fan. The book shows various ways of having chocolate chip cookies and ways to make the most popular chocolate chip cookie. The author shares tips and tricks as well as offer alternatives to chocolate chip cookie recipes to cater for numerous diets.

Was this review helpful?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book is the only cookie book any baker could ever need. This book is filled with so many delicious and interesting cookie recipes that redefine what a chocolate chip cookie is. And it turns out, the dessert can be even better than I thought.

There has to be a recipe in here for absolutely anyone to enjoy, including chocolate chip-less cookies, for those who don’t like chocolate. I’ll be saving so many of these recipes for me and my kiddos to try.

The photography was beautiful as well! Flipping through this book makes me desperately crave chocolate chip cookies, so if you love them as much as I do, I highly recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

I didn’t know anything about Katie Jacobs going in, but I do know a lot about chocolate chip cookies. Or at least, I thought I did. The whole beginning of the book is the science behind cookies, complete with pictures, and I was dying! LOVE. Then the recipes were brilliant and delicious and I am fully intending to get this one from the library if not buy it once it is released! A must read for cookie lovers.

Was this review helpful?

This is an amazing chocolate chip cookie cookbook. I love all the recipes and would highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacobs is an amazing cookbook! Who could write 240 pages about chocolate chip cookies and it’s variations and not get boring?

Chocolate chip cookies are my all-time favorite. I will try many of those recipes for sure. It’s a very well written, photographed and detailed book about baking chocolate chip cookies in over 100 different ways. Who can ask for more?

This will become a bible in my cookbook bookcase!

Thank you NetGalley and NorthSouth Books for this ARC.
Publication Date: 03 OCT 2023

Was this review helpful?

THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE BOOK showed me so many ways of enjoying my favorite cookie, the chocolate chip. Big thanks to author, Katie Jacobs for all the great ideas!

Was this review helpful?

Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie?! My daughter's boyfriend doesn't but I'm going to say he's an outlier and leave it at that.

There is nothing earth shattering in the chocolate chip cookie recipe in this book, but it's definitely one that shows it has been tested and tested again for the ultimate flexibility and for the ultimate cookie experience. I have my own basic recipe that I will not deviate from that is very different from the one here, but I can appreciate the fundamentals that Jacobs has captured. This book appeals to both a beginner and a more advanced cookie baker, and I found the recipes easy to follow and well written.

So, while this won't convert me to a new recipe, I did find that there were a lot of recipes in the book that I am going to test and sample with my family. Everything from the chocolate chip cookie banana pudding to some of the variations on her original cookie recipe. And that is what I find the most valuable about this book, because it brings together a whole bunch of alternatives that you can use for entertaining, for the family and for things like bake sales. Fudge. Cereal. Granola. And the list goes on.

The original recipe is definitely a good one, based on what I know from my own tweaking of recipes. So, if someone is going to start, this is not a bad starting point at all.

So, a winner of a cookbook in my estimation. Cookies for all! But chocolate chip ones only.

Was this review helpful?

Literally a cookie book.
We have lots of cookies to choose from, different flavors, different toppings.
And in addition to cookies, we have cookie-inspired cakes and desserts!
​I am totally surprised and overwhelmed by the book's diversity and imagination.
And even better sated with all the recipes I've made, and already devoured.
This book, in addition to all that, for me was completely fantastic because it explains the basics of cooking cookies, gives tips and helps us understand the concept of cookies.
A complete and formidable book, which is a pleasure just to look at. And the best part is that each recipe is divine.

Was this review helpful?

When I saw the opportunity to read this recipe book I jumped at the chance to request this. I love the multiple choice for chocolate chip cookie. The immediately tried these recipes and thoroughly enjoyed them, I did make some sugar amounts since I don’t like to sugary cookies. I highly recommend.

Was this review helpful?

This book has so many different versions of chocolate chip cookies! I didn’t know there could be so many! Can’t wait to try them all!

Was this review helpful?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book Classic, Creative, and Must-Try Recipes for Every Kitchen by Katie Jacobs
This book starts out with table of contents where tips and tricks are included along with recipes divided into 5 different sections.
Love the different subchapters of the ingredients and what is important about them when it comes to baking, the chemical reactions, etc.
Each recipe starts with a title and is labeled with icons for what you will need: and what diet plan it follows.
Summary of the cookie is included.
To the left are list of ingredients. Directions are listed to the right hand side of the page.
There are samples of cookies in color as well. The book itself has many full page color photographs and you will find it hard to just pick one recipe to try.
Lots of different methods I've been wanting to try and this would be the perfect book to help you along.
Book ends with appendix showing different levels of baking recipes: easy, moderate and difficult.
Another page shows favorite recipes by the season.
About the author is included at the end.
Received this review copy from Harper Celebrate via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
#TheChocolateChipCookieBook #NetGalley.

Was this review helpful?

A whole book devoted to the world's favorite cookie - what's not to love about this cookbook? I was impressed not only with the recipes but with the layout of the book itself and the mouth-watering photos of the baked goods - yes, I say baked goods because while the focus of this book is the humble chocolate chip cookie, there are also other chocolate chip-based recipes.

I've never had a recipe book that I wanted to go through and make every single recipe...until now.

Was this review helpful?

I wonderful and very comprehensive guide to cookies. With clear explanations, it's one of the best that I've seen.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for access to this yummy arc!!

5/5 stars!

These recipes all seem just so good! I can absolutely see this being a great seller during the holiday season.

Was this review helpful?

I received a free copy of The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacobs, from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Wow, who knew there were so many chocolate chip cookie variations? I mean, some of these are no brainers, but there are definitely some interesting ideas and tips in this book. Lots of science-behind-baking information, like how the types of fats used, temperature and time baked, etc. make the cookie making process make sense!

I loved the pictures in this book too- very helpful and well photographed.

Really, this is an excellent addition to any baker's cookbook collection- many unique recipes that seem well explained and fairly easy to make. A really neat book!

Was this review helpful?

How many spin-off recipes could you have from "chocolate chip cookie", right? While you may wonder, I think Katie Jacobs pulled it off pretty well. It is pretty classic and as you may expect from the title, it is nothing but the chocolate chip cookies and all about the chocolate chip cookies. If you are, though, a chocolate chip cookies connoisseur and a lover, this book is for you. There are many chocolate chip cookie based recipes in this book, from cookies, bars, pies, cakes to ice cream. While some have more than the other, I think author did her best to include every treats she can incorporate chocolate chip cookies into in one book. I appreciate this book has beautiful photos of all the recipes, however, recipes do not have metric measurements, so if you're used to scale and precision, this book may not be for you. Overall this book was fun to read and there are many recipes to try with kids!

Was this review helpful?

This is the best cookie book I've ever read. Great pictures, very easy to follow recipes, and beautifully formatted.
The only thing that could make this book better would be scratch and sniff pictures, LOL.
I've already booked marked several recipes to try. It's a great asset to any cookie lover and baker.

Was this review helpful?

*The Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar book is a recipe that is the authorʻs variations on her basic and most popular chocoalte chip cookie recipe. The recipes range from cookies to cakes to healthy baked specialties. The author is really creative, for example thereʻs a recipe that uses cookies as a cereal.

*I baked from all the book sections. Most of the recipes work well and some of them taste really good (like biscotti and the brown butter white chocolate chip cookie). All the sections contain recipes that would appeal to a broad audience. Only the healthy section contains ingredients that might not be in everyoneʻs cupboard. The cookbook starts with basic information that would help a beginner with useful hints about how variants on the ingredients and methods can change how the cookie results.

*This book is fun because there are so many variations. You can learn how to change a recipe and maybe even create variations on your favorite recipe.

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Wow! If you love chocolate chip cookies and other tasty desserts with sweet chocolatey morsels in them then this is the book for you! This recipe book is jam packed with cookies, bars, cheesecake, even milkshake recipes. The list goes on! The pictures of each recipe look devine and immediately make we want to try them all.
Hands down I would buy this book if I came across it in a store.
Now I’m off to try a couple of these recipes in hopes that I can add them to my arsenal of cookie recipes.

Thanks to Net Galley and Harper Celebrate for the advanced copy.

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The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacob caught my attention because I couldn’t quite believe that someone could devote an entire cookbook to just chocolate chip cookies. Then as I scanned the table of contents, I began to get excited and couldn’t wait to delve into the actual recipes. I loved the way the author covered details that most of us never figure out, for example explaining how rolling versus using a scoop will result in different surface textures or how ingredients and technique impact your cookie. Where was this cookbook when I was wondering about those flat cookies?

And that’s before you get to the actual recipes most of which are anything but your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies. There are plenty of cookie recipes, each rated for difficulty, but what made my heart beat faster were all of the non-cookie recipes. Some of my favorites are the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with salted caramel and the chocolate chip cookie dough fudge. (I reviewed an advance reader copy and all opinions are my own.). This is one book that you will definitely want on your cookbook shelf.

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Who does not like cookies? I love them and this cookbook is all about them but just not cookies it's about cakes, pies, and muffins too. There is even a healthy(ish) section filled with vegan, GF, and Paleo recipes.

In total there is 229 recipes. One of my favorites is the no chocolate chip chocolate chip cookie recipe. I know it's weird but my husband loves chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips and this is the first time I have ever seen a recipe dedicated to that. I usually just make a chocolate chip cookie dough mix and leave the chocolate chips out for him.

Another great recipe is the one for just a single chocolate chip cookie for those times when you really want just one. But let's be honest, how often does that actually happen. Lol.

The front of the cookbook is filled with a ton of useful information. Baking is a science and if you don't do it just right then it does not come out right. I loved the section where the author put images of cookie scoop sizes with the respective cookie size it makes. So helpful!

Throughout the cookbook, you find "Katie's tips" which help with making the recipe you are using or providing suggestions. For example, crushing M&Ms to add texture to your cookie. Another one is how to bake on aluminum foil to make crispy edge cookies. Another great one is the difference between rolled oats and quick oats and how they can affect your cookie.

So many pictures, which is something I am always looking for in a cookbook. If I'm going to consider making it then I want to see what it looks like first. Sometimes the picture for the recipe came before it and other times it came after the recipe. I found this confusing at times and trying to figure out what recipe the picture went to.

4 out of 5 for me because of the picture confusion.

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I must say that I love chocolate chip cookies….I mean who doesn’t? I have a recipe that was passed down from 8 generations ago. There is a recipe that is close but not exactly. I tried a few of the recipes just to see and people thought it was my recipe from my ancestor. I could not believe it. These recipes are easy to put together and I had all of the ingredients but I was prepared to make cc cookies. I also made ice cream with these recipes and oh my goodness. This is definitely a cookbook for those who love sweets. I am making a few more tomorrow.

5 stars

Thank you to NetGalley as well as the author and publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my unbiased and honest review.

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Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie?? This book had all sorts of variations on this simple classic cookie. I can not wait to try so many of them!

The tips section in the beginning of the hook is fantastic. It explains how different ingredients and techniques can affect the texture and taste of a simple chocolate chip cookie. That also helped me understand how making small adjustments could create different types of cookies. That comes in handy when you are baking for someone that prefers a chewier cookie to one that enjoys a crispy one.

The recipes are accompanied by wonderful photos. I always appreciate having a picture of what I am cooking. The instructions are well written and easy to follow.

While I didn't make all of the recipes before reviewing this, I did bookmark many of them to try in the future. I also picked one that I determined would be my test. I figured that it was easy enough to have a good tasting cookie using traditional ingredients, but my sister has a severe reaction when consuming any type of dairy product. We had a family dinner, so I decided to test out the vegan chocolate chip recipe. My thinking was that I could get feedback from several people while also giving her dessert that wouldn't cause her to go to the hospital. I was very pleasantly surprised by the result. The texture of the vegan cookie was excellent. They cooked beautifully. And most of all, they passed the taste test! I will definitely make them again. We could tell they didn't have butter in them, but they were very tasty despite that.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Harper Celebrate for the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of this book. I'm happy to leave an honest review.

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THIS is SO Delicious!!! The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book is everyone's dream come true! The easy recipes and the images are amazing. Would make a great gift to a person that loves to bake

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I received an arc for free in exchange for an honest review.

I solely got this book for the beginning which did not disappoint. It pinpointed why we do what we do for cookies and how it affects the cookie. I have tried out some of the cookie recipes and they are delicious. Family approved.

However. I just don’t see myself digging any further into this. Maybe some influencers or chocolate chip fanatics can see themselves making the further down recipes but I think I’ll stick to the originals.

Five stars, might buy a physical copy when it comes out for my daughter to have when she grows up.

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Who doesn't love a good chocolate chip cookie? I am certainly a fan and also an avid chocolate chip cookie baker, so when I saw an entire cookbook dedicated to it, I knew I had to read it. Let me start by saying that calling this The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book is a bit of false advertising as this book goes much farther than just cookies. The first chapter does cover variations of chocolate chip cookies pretty extensively, but from there it goes into blondies, cakes, and more! I'm not mad at it though as the recipes look delicious.

As far as the writing in this book, the recipes are very straightforward and easy to follow. I didn't see anything that couldn't be completed by a beginner home cook. I could easily see this book being used around the holidays when family or friends get together to do holiday baking.

All in all, not the most revolutionary cookbook, but a solid entry into the dessert category.

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I absolutely cannot wait to make every cookie in this book! I need a hard copy for my kitchen...

I was happy to see the cookie that started it all is not far from my chocolate chip cookie recipe.. which means I'm sure to think that everything else in this book will be right up my ally or taste buds :P

The best part about this cookbook is the advice and guidance that Katie gives in the beginning pages!

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Iam addicted to cookies
Well written well explained
good pictures
. I love the multiple choice for chocolate chip cookie. The immediately tried these recipes and I highly recommend
Thanks Netgalley and author for ARC

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I love chocolate chip buscuits, and I'd been struggling with my biscuits never flattening out in the oven. I'd done a bunch of research, but it still wasn't working out. So i was pretty happy to receive this book from NetGalley.
It's very clear and well written, starting with interesting and informative general information and moving into recopies, which are divided into three sections: Cookie, bars and fancy desserts.

I know when I request these books that, generally speaking, the publishers don't expect reviewers to actually cook multiple recipes (or get obsessed with polymer clay jewellery) but I decided to do just that. The recipes were great, really clearly written and laid out, and every recipe I made (and i made lot of them) was easy, clear and delicious.

I made:

Chocolate chip cookies - delicious
Chocolate lava cakes - a bit over the top, but also tasty and delicious, and weirdly good cold from the fridge a couple of days later.
M & M biscuits, which don't look pretty, but were huge and tasted amazing.
In-side out biscuits, which were so tasty. The author says these are best eaten hot, but I ate them everyday for a week after I made them, and they only got better.
"Chocolate chip cake" which was sort of a chocolate chip biscuit as a flan.

All delicious. The only reason I'm not 5 starring this one is that all measurements were cups or sticks - not even ounces, so I spent a lot of time yelling "hey google, what's 2 sticks of butter in grams?". This was a shame, since in every other was this book is so strong, but it made the experience of cooking from it cumbersome. Didn't stop me giving it my best though.

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This book was great, the recipes I tried all tasted wonderful! I loved all the variations of a chocolate chip cookie, which is already so good!

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For people who love chocolate chip cookies – and who doesn’t? After some interesting introductory chapters, this book is divided into several sections for recipes:
The Classics – many recipes are variations on a theme and most people have had something similar to these cookies. Of course, they are all delicious. You may want to experiment to find your very favorite. This section provides you with some great recipes. One that I found intriguing is the recipe for Cut-Out Chocolate Chip cookies – you know cut-outs. You have them at Christmas and other special occasions. I find the bland. BUT now you can make chocolate chip cut-outs and decorate or not. Yum!
Specialty Cookies and Bars, - Mmm. Great cookie options in this section. How about Kentucky Derby Pie cookies, or maybe Bananas Foster Chocolate Chip cookies?
Cakes, Pies, and Giant Cookies – How about Chocolate Chip Dough Cheesecake? Or maybe Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie?
The Fun Stuff – So much fun here. Chocolate Chip Cookie Tiramisu, or Chocolate Chip Stuffed Soft Pretzels? Really ingenious recipes are found here.
Healthy(ish) Treats – this chapter contains recipes for vegan, gluten-free, and other more healthful options. For me, I’m sticking with the first 4 chapters!
Beautiful photographs, helpful visual cues as to the difficulty of the recipe, and special appendices make this book one that everyone who loves chocolate chip cookies, or knows someone who does, will want to have on their shelf.

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The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacobs is visually appealing, easy to follow and full of tips to help simplify the process.

I appreciated how Katie included the science behind the ingredients. When I understand the reason for something, I retain the knowledge better.

I really enjoyed Katie’s tips for each of the recipes. I especially like her top on getting butter to room temp-it worked perfectly!

The instructions are straight forward, simply written and have levels of difficulty ranking each one. My only gripe is I would have liked the metric measurements in parentheses. I started weighing all my ingredients a few years back and I love the preciseness of that which Katie encourages as well. It would have been helpful to have it right there in the recipe instead of having to calculate it myself.

Aesthetically, there are wonderful images to complement the instructions and to give an example of the final product. This is a very classy cookie book!

I recently just made Katie’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lace Cookies and they were delicious! They were crispy on ends and chewy in the middle with a sugary and slight salty aftertaste. I received lots of complements on them! I also made her Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies although I substituted Sunbutter for peanut butter (allergies) and they came out delicious as well!!

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for sending this book for review consideration. All opinions are my own.

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This book is not only beautiful (the photos of the bakes are stunning), but it's also guaranteed to make you bake at least three different treats immediately! I earmarked so many of the recipes to try, and I will be using this for years to come!! Would definitely recommend if chocolate chip cookies (or lots of other chocolate chip-based desserts) are your thing!

Was this review helpful?

Katie Jacobs cookbook has quickly become one of my favorites. The foodstyling in this book is awesome and I really enjoy the details and guides that are layout in the start of the book. The recipes are easy to follow and I love the detail she put in explaining the recipes. I didn't realize all the different way you could use chocolate chips and if someone is looking for a all around guide and lesson in working with chocolate chips, I would reccommend this book. I even want to pick up a physical copy for myself.

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1. The variety of recipes and choices you can implement chocolate chips
2. The clear, beautiful pictures of every recipe
3. The recipes were very easy to follow and understand
This is one of the first cookbooks I've read in years, and it has made me more interested in that genre. My advice to you when you want to read it is to come with a full stomach and a readiness to bake, because you're going to need it

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A whole book about chocolate chip cookies? How many ways can you make a chocolate chip cookie? It turns out there are so many ways! Not everything in this book is a cookie, but the recipes are all twists on a chocolate chip cookie.

What to Expect from this Cookbook

This book has everything from Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookies to Chocolate Chip Cookie Fudge and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cream Cheese Poundcake. There are even recipes for those who follow plant-based, paleo or gluten-free diets. There’s a recipe for making just one cookie if you’re home alone with a craving and recipes for the fastest way to make a bunch of cookies if you realize you need several dozen really quickly.

The book starts out with a look into the science of the cookie. I’m not a scientist, but this is very accessible and very useful information for the baker. Plus, I finally understand exactly how baking powder and baking soda work and the differences between them!

I went in to reading this book thinking it would be fun, but not a book I would really need to keep in my collection. I have since changed my mind and am planning to buy myself a hard copy. The recipes are ones that I will want to revisit and the scientific information can be applied to all of my baking, so I’d like to have it on hand as a reference.

The recipes are broken down into the following sections:
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Specialty Cookies
Cakes, Pies, and Giant Cookies
Fun Stuff
Healthy(ish) Treats

What Else I Like About this Cookbook

-The recipes are cleanly presented with clear instructions.

-There are wonderful photos of most of the recipes.

- Each recipe has an explanation of why or how the recipe was initially developed.

-At the bottom of many recipes is a section called “Katie’s Tips” that gives you hints for making the recipes work better for you - such as when to slice the brownies or how to freeze a batch for later.

-I had never heard of resting chocolate chip cookie dough before, but I am looking forward to trying it.

-There’s also a symbol at the top of a recipe to let the baker know if the recipe will require refrigerator or freezer time.

-The appendix breaks down the recipes both by ease of making a recipe and the best season for making them.

Experience Level Needed
Recipes include labels for complexity from 1-5. This book will work for bakers of any skill level.

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I don’t know about you, but Chocolate chip cookies have always been a staple in my home. Granted I have tried a few different recipes to find the right fit and well yes I have found some good cookies, just never the right one I was looking for. This book, the chocolate chip book is more than just cookies, you will find cookies, pies, cakes, bars and a few other delicious items that include items like Gluten Free . I have not had time to try a recipe BUT I have marked a few I will be trying for sure! My oldest daughter graduates next year and wants cake pops so I will be making the cake pops listed in here soon to give it a try and see if they are a hit, and I can tell you already they will be lol, I mean who doesn’t like chocolate chips lol. Katie has created this very well laid out and well written cookbook for you to enjoy making new deserts with your loves ones. I give ratings from 1 star to 5 starts and this will be a HIGH 5 star book from the layout, directions, some tips, and yummy Items that are sure to be a hit!

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If you love chocolate chip cookies, this is the book for you! Recipes are in chapters on The Classics; Specialty Cookies and Bars; Cakes, Pies, and Giant Cookies; The Fun Stuff (chocolate chip versions of other recipes), and Healthy(ish) Treats (including some gluten free, vegan, and Paleo options).
Each recipe has a color photo, a difficulty rating, and applicable symbols for dietary restrictions and need for brown butter, mixer, refrigeration, or freezing time. The book ends with an appendix by level of difficulty and a page classifying some recipes by season.
Every recipe in here sounds amazing, and this would make a great family cookbook or gift for the chocolate chip cookie lover in your life.

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What’s better than a warm chocolate chip cookie? Another warm chocolate chip cookie! This cookbook is full of a variety of different chocolate chip cookie recipes just waiting for you to try one or all of them. I personally have not made any yet, but you can guarantee that I will be starting with the cookie that started it all and then moving straight over to the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe. If I wasn’t feeling under the weather I’d be in the kitchen right now browning some butter and prepping a batch of dough for the oven. I’ll keep you posted on how my cookie testing goes. Thank you to @netgalley for the free advanced ebook and thank you to @katiejacobsnashville for baking so many cookies to get this cookbook into my hands. It’s out now, so you can bake up some gooey chocolate chip cookies too!

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Who can resist warm home made chocolate chip cookies? Not me. This delicious cookbook is filled with oh so many wonderful recipes for the cookie enthusiasts. With offerings of Chocolate Chip cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie Tiramisu, to Vegan, Gluten-Free and Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies you will surely find something to enjoy.

She includes your classic cookie, thin and crispy, cakey, even a recipe for those who don't want the chocolate chip in the cookie. Some with oatmeal, peanut butter, brown butter with toffee, and white chocolate macadamia. I especially loved her recipe for a Single Chocolate Chip Cookie that you can make right in your toaster oven. Sold! This book is packed full of too many recipes to name. But if you have a hankering for something sweet this cookbook is for you.

Katie Jacobs The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book is a wonderful cookbook with enticing pictures and helpful tips everyone will want in their kitchen

Thank you NetGalley and Harper Celebrate for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Was this review helpful?

Warning do not open this cookbook hungry!!!!!

The author creates an easy step by step guide to every thing with Chocolate chips , cakes ,cookies and even ice cream. I also loved how a guide was provided for difficulty levels and dietary restrictions.

The pictures were mouthwatering as well .

I made several of the recipes and as a non baker found each one easy to follow and everything came out delicious . Also the little description before each recipe was fun and entertaining.

just reviewed The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book by Katie Jacobs. #TheChocolateChipCookieBook #NetGalley

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Wowza! I had no idea how diverse the whole world of chocolate chip cookie desserts could be! Fantastically imaginative. And everything looks scrumptious.

Outside of the I-must-eat-that-now factor, I was so impressed with how Jacobs visually documented the different end results of cookies made with different ingredients and techniques. She not only told us the difference, but more importantly she showed us. Examples: cookies made with a cookie scoop vs hand-rounded, those made with different sized scoops, those made with butter in various states, different egg ratios, different sugar types, etc. This was such a huge bump in cookie making wisdom that Jacobs has taken my cookie making skills to the next level.

I can't wait to taste my way through this book!

Was this review helpful?

I received this book as an eArc through NetGalley. By the time I finished flipping through the table of contents, I knew I was going to need to buy a copy so that it can be available to me forever. I don't like to pick up cook books for review unless I know I will actually be able to take the time to make a few of the recipes. And I did here. Everything is so good! My husband and I just finished off the cookie cake, and I'm going to make something new tomorrow. Recipes are clear, easy to follow, and incredibly tasty. Does the cookie cake 100% match the mall version? No, this one tastes so much better! Still gives the giant cookie fun, but with better texture and flavor. I haven't been disappointed in anything I've tried.

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Only chocolate chips? Crazy and brilliant.

A cookie book only about chocolate chips? Yep. Crazy? Sure. But absolutely brilliant. Katie Jacobs has done all the hardwork for you. She's figured out the science of baking chocolate chips cookies (I thought I cracked the code when i figured out to chill the cookie dough and cool the baking pan). Five chapters of highly nuanced recipes featuring chocolate chips in a myriad of iterations.

Lovely photos, a good layout, handy Katie Tips for each recipe, it is an easy to use, extensive cookie book. Perfect for families and kids. My favorite recipes were the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and the chocolate chip shortbread. There are a plethora of imaginative recipes, highly creative and all yummy.

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