Sleep to Heal

7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep

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Pub Date 27 Jun 2023 | Archive Date 08 Nov 2023

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Are you tired of waking up tired? You are not alone. We may have become super-productive in our fast-paced, always-connected, 24/7  society, but in exchange we lost something precious: our harmonious connection to sleep, a natural biological function integral to our overall health, wellness, and well-being.

The new and unraveling science of sleep tells us that sleep impacts everything from anxiety and creativity to productivity and longevity. We also now know it’s an essential pillar of health—perhaps even more important than nutrition and exercise. 

Dr. Abhinav Singh is a physician with a keen interest in preventive medicine, and he firmly believes that better sleep equals better health. No matter your age, this book will help you revolutionize your patterns on a daily basis and support you on a renewed journey toward better sleep, better health, and ultimately a better life—not just for tonight but for a lifetime.

No matter your goal—better sleep, losing weight, or simply feeling more patient around loved ones—it is never too late for a sleep reboot. Based on scientific research and 15 years of clinical experience from a double board-certified sleep physician who has taught the art of sleep to more than 7,000 patients, SLEEP TO HEAL will forever reshape the way you think about sleep, and give you the strategies and tools you need to transform your life from the inside out—one peaceful night at a time.



Are you tired of waking up tired? You are not alone. We...

Advance Praise

Praise for SLEEP TO HEAL: 7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep by Dr. Abhinav Singh with Charlotte Jensen

SLEEP TO HEAL is equally comforting and a marvelous, entertaining, and very informative book for both layperson and professional. Just reading it made me want to change the quality of my sleep. I was particularly interested in the role of sleep on the immune system, on functions like host resistance against infection, which I contend adds years to life. Good sleep is truly a mind-body-spirit model for excellent health. I was entertained by his many anecdotes to which anyone could relate, as well as his ability to make the most complex neurology of sleep easy to understand. Finally, I learned much from this book about sleep and its relationship to disease.” — Robert G. Lahita, MD, Director of St. Joseph's Institute for Autoimmune and Rheumatic Diseases and Bestselling Author of Immunity Strong

"Too many of us take our sleep for granted. The stories, strategies, and inspiration in SLEEP TO HEAL are the motivation you need to finally take action." — Roy Hibbert, two-time NBA All-Star

"Dr. Singh makes a captivating argument in SLEEP TO HEAL: that sleep may be the secret weapon your competitors are not using (yet). By weaving together memorable patient anecdotes with the latest in sleep research, all the while offering encouragement to readers, Dr. Singh shows how sleep heals our bodies and minds, and how it links to success on the court, in the office, at home. Everyone needs great sleep—but sleep can especially benefit pro athletes, who are always looking for that extra edge to stay on top of their game. If you want to understand not just why we need sleep, but also how to make sleep work for you, you won’t find a more essential guide than SLEEP TO HEAL. Whether you play a professional sport or not, this inspiring and motivating book is a must-read. It will bring a whole new awareness to how you structure your days—and your nights." — Kevin Pritchard, President, Indiana Pacers

“I am always amazed how something we do a third of our life seems to be taken for granted. In my 30-plus years of practicing medicine, I have found no medicine or treatment more regenerative than the power of good sleep. SLEEP TO HEAL will be a valuable tool for me to help my patients achieve peak physical and mental performance and new levels of wellness.” — Steven Samuels, MD, internist, and team physician for the NBA Indiana Pacers

“We are always trying to stay on the cutting edge of health and performance practice for our athletes and staff. Adding and utilizing Dr. Singh has been invaluable for us. His knowledge and passion for sleep science is evident in practice and in this book. In addition to being an expert in the field, he is able to connect with non-medical people in a very effective way. I highly recommend everyone read this who wants to solve a problem or gain an advantage.” — Josh Corbeil, Head Athletic Trainer/Director of Medical Operations for the Indiana Pacers

SLEEP TO HEAL is wonderfully written. It is a public health primer on the healing nature of quality sleep that reads as part history, part coming-of-(professional)-age story, part peer-reviewed medical literature, and part real-life medical vignettes, all skillfully woven together with folksy anecdotes and relatable analogies such that the reader cannot help but be richly entertained while still being educated. This book makes the compelling case for each of us to utilize simple tools at our disposal to take full advantage of what nature tries to teach us. All would be wise—and will live longer and better—to heed sage medical advice springing from lessons of nature still being discovered.” — Dr. Bill Buffie, internist, former CEO of IIMC, Indiana’s largest multispecialty physician group, and author

“Lessons learned from reading SLEEP TO HEAL: I have a terrible ZQ, and I’m not taking my sleep elevator to the right floor. There are many actions you can take that make you a successful entrepreneur, and getting enough sleep is one of them. Until I read SLEEP TO HEAL, that advice would have fallen into the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ category. But this book has already positively impacted my life, making me more aware and alert and revitalizing my business by awakening my brain. I’m certain it can do the same for you and your small business!” — Rieva Lesonsky, award-winning small business journalist, advocate, bestselling author, and founder GrowBiz Media, and

“I am so thankful my friend wrote SLEEP TO HEAL. Dr. Singh is an exceptional doctor whose passion for our health and a life filled with joy is undeniable. Sleep is where it all starts and ends. I have learned so much about my own health and have taken his advice to heart. The impact of technology was a big one for me, and learning about how my body heals with sleep has been life-changing for my family. So many struggle with something we can all get for free. Dr. Singh and his knowledge can change the world.” — Angela Ganote, news anchor for Fox59 Morning News, Indiana’s #1 rated show

“Dr. Singh’s book, SLEEP TO HEAL, should be part of every human’s survival kit. Despite sleep being an integral part of our biologic need, we, as modern-day beings, have often viewed sleep deprivation as a badge of honor; a notion which is being challenged by Dr. Singh’s exhaustive work in the field. Despite sleep being a primitive physiologic activity, the science of sleep is a young one. On a personal focus, the link between sleep and cardiovascular health is beautifully illustrated with the data he cites from well-conducted observational studies. Dr. Singh walks us through the work done in the field of sleep expressed in language that is easily ascertained and gives us panoplies of foundational advice to maximize our individual relationships with sleep to attain what we all strive for: a full, well-rested life which allows us to impact the lives of others in an effective, efficient manner.” — Atul R. Chugh, MD, FACC; managing partner, Indiana Heart Physicians; cardiovascular investigator, author, and educator

"In an era of wellness initiatives that center around nutrition and exercise, along comes a book that enlightens us about a pillar of health that has been largely ignored by the medical community since time immemorial. In SLEEP TO HEAL, Dr. Singh sheds light on topics that have material impact on reducing errors in fields like medicine and aviation. Optimizing sleep may very well be the magic pill we have been searching for to heal our collective ails!" — S.R. Srinivasan, MD, ICU physician, and certified flight instructor

“This highly engaging book, full of patient stories and anecdotes from the author’s own life, is a must-read for all those who need sleep. The easy-to-read book gives concrete steps to help us obtain something important we all know we need: sleep. Still need motivation? The chapter “50 Ways Sleep Makes You Happy” is excellent. Dr. Singh shares his infectious enthusiasm about the subject of sleep and draws readers in gently but persuasively. Read SLEEP TO HEAL and sleep better!” — Raj Maturi, MD, vitreo-retinal surgeon, educator, and researcher

Praise for SLEEP TO HEAL: 7 Simple Steps to Better Sleep by Dr. Abhinav Singh with Charlotte Jensen

SLEEP TO HEAL is equally comforting and a marvelous, entertaining, and very informative book for...

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