Money Talks

A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing

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Pub Date 02 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 26 Dec 2023

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A feminist take on financial wellbeing which alleviates financial anxiety in millennials by tackling the areas in life where money and wellbeing intersect.

How can we handle the impact of comparison culture on our bank accounts? Should we want an engagement ring, or is that anti-feminist? How can we say no to events we can’t afford but we feel obliged to attend to please others?

Money has the power to shape, make or even break our lives, and can have a significant impact on our mental health – so why aren’t we treating it as an important part of our wellbeing? In each chapter of this book, financial influencer Ellie Austin-Williams tackles a major area in our life that might bring us financial anxiety, from friendship to love. Topics covered include:

  • The rise of girl boss culture
  • How society has increasingly encouraged women to spend their way to happiness
  • The role of privilege, race and class in our pursuit of financial "success"
  • Why we feel we have to get ahead of others to be happy
  • The impact of social media on our spending habits
  • What we learned about work and money from our parents.

Insights from financial experts add to Ellie's own expertise, alongside relatable anecdotes from real people. Each chapter ends with some practical tips and tricks that you can use to empower yourself to improve your financial wellbeing.
A feminist take on financial wellbeing which alleviates financial anxiety in millennials by tackling the areas in life where money and wellbeing intersect.

How can we handle the impact of comparison...

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Featured Reviews

I don't think finance for females is talked about enough. It always seems to be heavily emphazied on the male spectrum. I am beyond excited to acquire Money Talks and share not only me review and thoughts but share this with our readers as well with tips, tricks, and information for women to lead their best healthy financial lives. More to come....

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Interesting book. I have learned a few things and I have an interest in finances. Thanks for the free copy.

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Firstly - a money book that takes into account being a woman, mental health, and how to take leaps to ensure your financial wellbeing, is gold!

I love that this book takes a look at influencer culture, and how we are influenced by what we see on social media. It also takes a look at comparison culture when it comes to weddings, and how we should look at our values when purchasing most things.

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"Money Talks: A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing" by Ellie Austin-Williams seems to offer a feminist perspective on achieving financial wellness and alleviating financial anxiety, particularly among millennials. The book appears to address the intersections between money and overall wellbeing, focusing on how financial decisions and cultural expectations can impact mental health and self-esteem. Here's a potential review of the book:


"Money Talks: A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing" offers a refreshing and thought-provoking perspective on the often-neglected connection between money and overall wellbeing. Ellie Austin-Williams, a prominent financial influencer, takes a feminist approach to explore the complex dynamics surrounding finances and how they intersect with various aspects of modern life.

One of the book's strengths lies in its exploration of the impact of comparison culture on our financial decisions. Austin-Williams adeptly delves into the ways in which social media and societal pressures can lead individuals to make choices that might not align with their values or financial capabilities. Her insightful commentary on the struggle to balance financial goals with the desire to keep up with others is particularly resonant in today's digital age.

The book doesn't shy away from confronting potentially contentious topics. Austin-Williams courageously addresses the question of whether wanting an engagement ring is anti-feminist, prompting readers to examine their personal beliefs and societal norms. This kind of nuanced discussion encourages readers to think critically about their choices and the implications they have on their financial wellbeing.

A standout aspect of "Money Talks" is its exploration of how privilege, race, and class intersect with financial success. Austin-Williams thoughtfully analyzes how systemic factors can influence financial opportunities and challenges, adding depth to the conversation on financial wellbeing.

Throughout the book, the author weaves together personal anecdotes, research, and cultural observations to highlight the complex relationship between money, happiness, and mental health. Her chapter-by-chapter approach, addressing various life areas like friendship, love, and work, allows readers to engage with the content in a practical and relatable manner.

As someone passionate about promoting financial empowerment, Austin-Williams draws attention to the rise of girl boss culture and questions whether it's truly empowering or if it inadvertently perpetuates the idea that success is defined by material possessions. Her candid discussions on how society encourages women to spend their way to happiness challenge readers to reconsider their consumer habits and financial goals.

"Money Talks" also provides actionable insights for navigating financial challenges, such as gracefully saying no to events that strain our budgets to please others. The author's advice is relatable and down-to-earth, making it easier for readers to apply the strategies to their own lives.

In conclusion, "Money Talks: A Lifestyle Guide for Financial Wellbeing" is a compelling read that pushes beyond traditional financial advice by addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of money. Ellie Austin-Williams' feminist perspective offers a valuable lens through which readers can better understand and navigate their financial journeys, ultimately leading to improved overall wellbeing. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a holistic approach to financial health and personal empowerment.

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In "Money Talks" by Ellie Austin-Williams, the profound impact of money on our lives and mental well-being takes center stage. The book dissects various sources of financial anxiety, from societal pressures associated with "girl boss culture" to the influence of social media on spending habits. It doesn't shy away from the role of privilege, race, and class in our quest for financial success. Ellie combines her own insights as a financial influencer with expert opinions, offering real-life anecdotes and practical tips at the end of each chapter. "Money Talks" is a comprehensive guide that encourages readers to empower themselves and improve their financial well-being, recognizing money's profound role in shaping our lives.

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I really enjoyed this book. I like how it focuses more on the pyschology of money and how our lifestyle choices impact our earnings and savings.

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Ellie Austin-Williams' "Money Talks" is a real game-changer, blending financial smarts with a feminist touch. It's like having a chat with a savvy friend who knows all about the pressure of keeping up appearances, especially in our social media-driven world. Ellie dives into how our spending is shaped by everything from influencer culture to those big life moments, urging us to check if our spending actually matches our values.

It's like getting a toolbox for handling money woes. And it's not just about budgets and savings; it's a deeper look at how money, mental health, and being a woman in today's world all intertwine. For anyone feeling the pinch or just wanting to get smarter about money, "Money Talks" is a breath of fresh air.

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I love love love that we are finally seeing women in the financial sectors. It's exhausting to look at economics/finances from solely a patriarchal viewpoint. Men's finances and women's finances can be completely different, and trying to shove them all under one umbrella doesn't work for women. I appreciated that this was an empowering book highlighting the ways that we can have it all, be money smart, and have fun doing it.

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