Would You Rather

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Pub Date 08 Jan 2024 | Archive Date 08 Jan 2024

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A teacher, a student, a scandal. Thursday morning, Oliver Sager is the popular quarterback of his high school football team. Thursday night, he’s the prime suspect in the disappearance of his history teacher, Mr. Lewis. In an instant, his life is turned upside down.

But trying to convince the police he’s innocent is just the beginning of his problems. As a deadly match of cat-and-mouse plays out, the only thing that’s clear is that everyone has something to hide, and before the game is over, more victims will be claimed.

Three people know the truth about what happened between Oliver and Mr. Lewis—and one of them will pay. An explosive thriller that packs a punch, with an ending that will leave you reeling.

A teacher, a student, a scandal. Thursday morning, Oliver Sager is the popular quarterback of his high school football team. Thursday night, he’s the prime suspect in the disappearance of his history...

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Fast paced! I absolutely loved it and couldn't put it down! Well developed characters that I wanted to spend more time with, and that ending!!!

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Manny, the son of a Police detective, is bullied in class and the only person who stands up for him is Oliver Sager, who had previously saved him from an attack.
Their teacher, Mr lewis, son of a prominent businessman, disappears and Oliver is arrested in connection with his disappearance, by Manny's mother, Lorena.
This arrest will change all their lives forever.

I have read several of Shannon Hollinger's books, and every one of them has been better than the one before!! This book is no different. There are twists and turns and heartbreak, death, love and heart rending situations in this book.
There are trigger warnings in the beginning of the book, but I didn't find that I was triggered by anything at all.
The characters are real, and some are absolute sh**s, just like some people are in real life.

I can't award this more than 5/5 stars, unfortunately. I read it in one sitting and couldn't bear to put it down, I had to see what happened in the end.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this fantastic book.

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Just finished this book, and wow, I couldn't drop it! Started with Oliver, the star quarterback, turning suspect in his teacher's disappearance. Total rollercoaster as you dive into multiple characters' minds.
Suspense was top-notch, kept me hooked with every character's secrets and backstories. Loved the tension buildup. It had me flipping pages
The characters felt real. Trigger warnings are there, but personally, nothing hit too close to home. A YA gem with a twisty plot and a killer ending! Kudos to the author for keeping it real.

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This book follows a small town where a teacher seemingly goes missing and a student is suspected of having something to do with his disappearance.

Told from multiple perspectives, this book focuses on how our choices impact what happens to us. It’s a good story and decently told. There does seem to be some over focused attention on the male characters and who they “really are.” It is overdone in some places but fortunately doesn’t distract too much from the story.

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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the copy of Would You Rather by Shannon Hollinger. I loved the description and the beginning of the book. Somewhere in the middle I started to get confused about the plot and my interest waned a bit. I think it was because none of the four POVs seemed to advance (what I considered) the main plot. I really liked Oliver and how he tried to provide for his mother and his brother. I didn’t understand Manny’s role or how he fit into the story and Rachel was an enigma too. It did all come together at the end though, and I have to say the conclusion was beautifully done; I was dumbfounded at the totally unsuspected reveal. It made me want to read the book again to see if I had missed any clues. You will be missing out if you don’t grab this book!

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I was hooked on this book right from the beginning. I found the characters well written and relatable. The story is written from multiple perspectives and it made it super interesting seeing events from different points of view.

And the twist was GREAT.

I’ll definitely be checking out some of this authors other books now!

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I was given this book by NetGalley for an honest review-
This is a thriller with a shocking ending! Oliver is a popular quarterback until he is accused of murdering his history teacher. How can that be? Why? Because things aren’t always what they seem and everyone has secrets. What happened between the teacher and Oliver? Will more people die? A shocking read!

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Would You Rather
by Shannon Hollinger
Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the copy of Would You Rather by Shannon Hollinger.
What a wild, wonderful twist to the end.!
A teacher, a student, a scandal. Thursday morning, Oliver Sager is the popular quarterback of his high school football team. Thursday night, he’s the prime suspect in the disappearance of his history teacher, Mr. Lewis. In an instant, his life is turned upside down.

But trying to convince the police he’s innocent is just the beginning of his problems. As a deadly match of cat-and-mouse plays out, the only clear thing is that everyone has something to hide, and before the game is over, more victims will be claimed.

Three people know the truth about what happened between Oliver and Mr. Lewis—and one of them will pay. An explosive thriller that packs a punch, with an ending that will leave you reeling.

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Yet another fantastic book by Shannon Hollinger! This was a quick paced read that certainly held my attention. It has some hot button issues and I do appreciate the trigger warning for folks that may need it. This book kept me guessing which way it was heading and was quite the journey! Thank you to Shannon, Netgalley and the publisher for this advanced reader copy!

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Would You Rather-
My rating is 3.5 stars.

Prior to reading this book, I had never heard of Shannon Hollinger. The synopsis really drew me in and I was a bit intrigued by the somewhat simple cover. This book is marketed as a psychological thriller, a genre I enjoy.

This book has so much potential. The plot and storyline are good. The twists, are good! The navigation between multiple POV’s was done extremely well. I think the issues lie more in the delivery and lack of character and story development. There was a missed opportunity to really delve into the layers this book could have had.

I like Shannon’s writing style and from reading this book, I can tell I like how her mind works. Oliver was such a fantastic MMC. He had a heartbreaking story, coming from nothing yet still being such a beautiful person. The love he had for his mother, even with her parenting struggles and lifestyle decisions was a beautiful thing. He adored his little brother and he truly just wanted a life with opportunities for them. This is showcased throughout the story with all of the details of the plan he set in place. Being a mother myself, I had issues with the way Manny treated his mother, even when the reasons for behaving the way he did were revealed. I appreciated the personality contrasts between Oliver and Manny and the way they handled their family dynamics. Mr. Lewis was vile and my heart broke for Rachel when her story came to light. There are some really good characters in this book, I just wish they would have been developed more. The twists were really good, unfortunately I was able to predict what was happening in the moments leading up to the events. I wanted that shocking moment when the twist hits and your jaw drops and I just didn’t quite get there. The ending, while it was good, was a little anti climatic for me.

Overall, I did enjoy this book and the way the author’s mind works. I liked the “hot button” issues that were written about and I think she pulled the topics off really well. There were some areas that felt a little rough and I wanted more of the backstory of these characters, especially when it came to the dynamic between Oliver and Manny. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for Shannon Hollinger. I feel like she could be an up and coming psychological thriller author.

I received an advance reader copy and am leaving my review voluntarily.

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This is the first title I have read by Shannon Hollinger and it will not be my last.

Would You Rather grabbed my attention and drew me in immediately. You will have a hard time putting this fast paced thriller down! This book had me yelling out loud at the characters, crying along with the heart break and by the end, it ultimately warmed my heart. That sounds crazy, right? A heart warming thriller? I said what I said. Get this book. Read it. Then you will understand what I mean, because sometimes, you just need to take care of business. *chef’s kiss*

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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"Would You Rather" by Shannon Hollinger is a very well-crafted thriller that pulls you into an intriguing mystery/suspense from the very first chapter. The disappearance of history teacher Teddy Lewis sets the stage for a compelling narrative that revolves around high school student and quarterback, Oliver Sager, who finds himself at the center of a scandalous accusation.
Detective Hernandez's involvement, especially given her personal ties to the school through her son Manny, adds an interesting layer to the story. The moral complexities and dilemmas faced by the characters, particularly Hernandez's struggle between duty and her emotional connection to Oliver, create a rich and multi-dimensional storyline. Oliver was on hand to save her son Manny when he was attacked by a street mob some years earlier and she failed at the time to thank him.
Hollinger's storytelling prowess shines as she navigates the intricate relationships and hidden truths that bind these characters together. The plot unfolds with unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers guessing until the very end. Themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit resonate deeply throughout the narrative.
"Would You Rather" is a masterfully crafted thriller that not only keeps you on the edge of your seat but also prompts contemplation about the nature of truth and the lengths people will go to protect what they hold dear. Hollinger delivers a satisfying and brilliantly wrapped-up ending that will linger in readers' minds well after they've finished the final chapter.

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This was an interesting and fast paced book that quickly got my attention. The pace was a little slow until about the halfway mark and then it gained lots of steam and I really enjoyed it. The author portrayed the hot button issues in a great fashion and I think it all came together very well in the end.

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I was drawn in by the synopsis. I found myself easily lost in the pages as I skipped from POV to POV. I was not expecting some of the twists. I am looking forward to more from Shannon Hollinger.

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Thanks to #NetGalley and #BooksGoSocial for the ARC #WouldYouRather by #ShannonHollinger. Wow, this book absolutely floored me. It enraged me, brought me to tears and gave me ALL the feels. The perspective and the story this book gives out is just amazing. My heart goes out to anyone that goes through stuff like this. Highly, highly recommend this book!

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I was invested in what was going on with the story, it had everything that I was looking for from the description. It had a strong story going on and worked in the genre. I enjoyed figuring out what was going on with the characters and glad I got to read this. Shannon Hollinger has a great writing style and can’t wait to read more from the author.

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Just Wow!! Shannon Hollinger knocks it out of the park!! ….Again! I’m just so happy to have ‘discovered’ her. Fabulous characters and amazing storytelling. This one hooked me early on and kept me flipping pages way past my bedtime.
Crazy great secrets, lies and reveals. Can’t say enough good things about this book.
Thank you NetGalley and Shannon Hollinger for the opportunity to read and review this cracker of a book.

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WOW! So good! This story is filled with many twists and turns. It is hard to explain, but this book really stuck with me. Managing the ins and outs of high school is crazy. The day to day stuff that turns up with kids that really are just "small" things aren't really that "small" to them. Small towns are crazy. People are crazy. One minute you are the town hero and next the pariah. Why? For what? This book keeps you flipping those pages quickly to find out just WHAT IS going on in this little town.

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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

4.2 rounded down to 4/5.

"Would You Rather" by Shannon Hollinger presents a gripping narrative that weaves through the complexities of a high school scandal involving a popular quarterback, Oliver Sager, and the sudden disappearance of his history teacher, Mr. Lewis. The novel promises a tantalizing mix of suspense, tension, and the exploration of hidden truths. While the story has commendable strengths, a few shortcomings prevent it from reaching its full potential.

The plot unfolds with great promise, drawing readers in from the outset with the sudden upheaval in Oliver Sager's life. The author skillfully navigates between multiple points of view, providing a comprehensive look at the characters' perspectives. The descriptions are vivid and engaging, setting the scene for a mysterious and thrilling experience. The initial chapters are strong, immediately establishing a sense of suspense that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages.

However, the novel falls short in terms of character and story development. Some characters lack the depth needed to make them truly compelling, leaving readers wanting more insight into their motivations and backgrounds. While the twists in the plot are generally well-executed, a few of them become predictable at times, diminishing the impact of the surprises. A greater investment in character exploration and more unpredictable plot turns could have elevated the narrative to a higher level.

One notable stylistic choice is the use of both first-person and third-person points of view. While the majority of the perspectives are presented in the first person, the inclusion of one in the third person is a notable departure. This inconsistency might disrupt the overall flow for some readers and could have been more effectively integrated.

In conclusion, "Would You Rather" showcases a captivating premise with a well-structured storyline and effective suspense-building elements. Despite some missed opportunities in character development and occasional predictability in plot twists, the novel manages to keep readers engaged. With a bit more depth in character exploration and a more varied approach to narrative perspectives, this book could have fully realized its potential. Fans of mystery and suspense will likely find enjoyment in this novel, appreciating its strengths while acknowledging its areas for improvement.

Was this review helpful?

This was a little different type of story for Shannon Hollinger than I ordinarily read, but it had the same sense of urgency and cloak and dagger than you see in her stories. What is the truth? Lies and deception are at the forefront of this plotline. Some of the deception was felt to be necessary in order to protect others.

Oliver Sager is the star quarterback and golden child at his high school. All the boys want to be him, and all of the girls want to date him. When he is arrested as a suspect in the disappearance of one of the teachers from his high school, you will see just how quickly supposed friends will turn on him. His fall from glory is quick and devastating. Shallow relationships seem to be the norm in the characters in this story. I do not want to share too much and give this story away, but suffice it to say that shocking reveals and twists will definitely leave you reeling as the blurb indicates. There are some very unlikable characters that will twist your gut and show relationships that are about self. There are some very self-absorbed characters in this story. By the time the story was finished, I really did not like any of them.

The Prologue immediately intrigued me as you have mystery characters, and you will not understand this part of the story until the shocking ending. I had to find out what happened in this convoluted mystery, so even though this is not my favorite book by Shannon Hollinger, the story kept me glued to the pages.

Thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for this ARC. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this eARC.

I ADORED this book, you may feel the reactions of the small town citizens unbelievable or extreme, unfortunately, I can assure you that even in 2024, they are definitely NOT. In conservative towns, you are likely to be chased out of town (or at least the subject of hate-filled gossip) for merely being a Democrat, so I can assure you that being gay would leave someone bullied and despised by "God fearing" bullies.

I am SO EXCITED TO have discovered this wonderful, amazingly imaginative and clever author, and although this is the first I have read by her, it will be the first of MANY.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it has so many great qualities, and I was AMAZED by the ultra-clever plot twists.

I am rating this a delightfully enthusiastic five stars, it is a WINNER, and one of the most clever books I have read in years.

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Overall, I enjoyed Shannon Hollinger’s “Would You Rather” and found it to be a quick read. I had never heard of Shannon Hollinger before I saw this book and had never read any of her previous novels. I found the blurb to be a bit misleading because the storyline is not much of a “cat-and-mouse” game, but it is about “a teacher, a student, a scandal.”

I appreciated the author had a section at the beginning that captured the trigger warnings. I don’t really have any trigger warnings, but I know there are some readers out there with them. I imagine those readers will find the section helpful for them when deciding whether to read the book or not.

The main jumping off point for the book involves Mr. Lewis’s perceived disappearance. Set in a small Florida town, Teddy Lewis is a high school history teacher who got his position because of his father. Oliver Sager is a popular student and the quarterback of the high school football team. Oliver quickly becomes law enforcement’s primary suspect in Teddy Lewis’s disappearance.

There were multiple narrators and the chapters were short. Besides Oliver as one of the narrators, the reader also gets to hear from Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez, Detective Lorena Hernandez, and Rachel Harris. Manny is a classmate of Oliver’s, as well as Lorena’s son. Rachel is also a fellow classmate and she is also Oliver’s girlfriend.

There were not a lot of twists in the book, but I found the ending to be one of the more surprising ones I’ve read. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my ARC.

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Shannon Hollinger is an auto-read author and I absolutely love all of her books. Would You Rather is her debut into the YA thriller genre and it is such a terrific book that is told from multiple POVs. The character development is fantastic and I felt real emotions towards the characters.

The story is fast paced and deals with the dynamics of high school and a small, southern town. It explores how secrets and lies can trickle down to effect a whole community. The layers and twists involved in the telling of this story lead up to a shocking ending.

I highly recommend reading this book! I really enjoyed it and will probably be thinking about this story for awhile.

Thank you @booksgosocialgroup for allowing me to read this book ahead of publication in exchange for my honest review.

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The choices we make can affect much more than just ourselves. When a high school teacher goes missing, the arrest of a student sets off a chain of events that reveals many secrets.

Captivating! I did not want to put it down.

Was this review helpful?

This was a great read! I enjoy the YA genre. It touched on some triggering topic and handled them well. There were some twists in the book I did not anticipate which was great! I loved the integrity of the main character, he was so easy to root for. I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery-no spoilers. The cover and title caught my eye first and I read it on one sitting!

Was this review helpful?

The summary was intriguing, and the book delivered. This is a great example of how people can still be small-minded and the consequences of that.

Was this review helpful?

"Would You Rather" by Shannon Hollinger is a captivating journey that secured a 4-star rating from me. Narrated by four characters, including local authority Detective Hernandez, the detective's son Manny, Oliver the star football player, and his girlfriend Rachel, the book provides a unique glimpse into the town's dynamics.

Hollinger masterfully stirs up disdain for certain characters and their town, and surprisingly, I found myself disliking one of the main characters. However, Oliver emerged as my favourite. His heartbreaking story unfolds with resilience, portraying strength amid challenges while supporting his family.

The story's outset, marked by the disappearance of teacher Teddy Lewis and Oliver being the main suspect, sets the stage for scandal after scandal. The middle left me uncertain about the fate of the characters in this unwelcoming town. Yet, Hollinger skillfully weaved everything together in a surprising ending, making the journey truly worthwhile. "Would You Rather" is a thought-provoking book that challenges expectations and delivers an unexpected, satisfying conclusion.

Was this review helpful?

This is a solid thriller I enjoyed! It's well written and is perfectly paced. I liked how I wasn't sure how it was gonna end as I was reading. I would recommend it! Special Thank You to Shannon Hollinger, books Go Social and NetGalley for allowing me to read a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

I loved the diversity of the characters and how they had their own stories along with their stories being intertwined together. This was a really solid book! I cannot wait until she releases more work! Job well done Shannon!

Was this review helpful?

Reading Between the Wines book review #7/130 for 2024:
Rating: 4 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book: Would You Rather
Author: Shannon Hollinger
Available now!

Sipping thoughts: I was not expecting the emotions that I felt as I read this book. It reads like a YA book but was still very interesting for anyone not in that age range. I really enjoyed the themes and storyline that Hollinger used as it was very relevant to what is happening in the real world. I knew a huge part of the ending was going to happen but I did not expect the journey it took to get that. There are so many characters that were so unlikable, I was wishing ill to happen to them. There might be triggers in this book for some but I think if you push on you will think it is worth it. I can’t wait to read another release from Hollinger.

Cheers and thank you to @BooksGoSocial and @Netgalley for an advanced copy of @WouldYouRather.

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Would You Rather by Shannon Hollinger

Dark twisted twisty tale that drew me in on page one and kept me captivated till the very end ~ Couldn’t put it down.

What I liked:
* Oliver Sager: healthy, strong, athletic, attractive, intelligent, hard working, caring, good brother and friend, protective, has secrets, has a lot to deal with before the story ends
* Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez: bullied often, father died when he was young, raised by his clingy overprotective detective mother, stronger than he thinks he is
* Jasper: one person that gave Oliver a chance and the strong friendship that developed between them as they worked on Jasper’s shrimp boat
* The Plot, pacing, setting, and writing
* The twists and turns and big surprises at the end
* That it was believable
* That I cared about the outcome
* Being glad that my own high school days were NOT like those of Manny, Oliver, and Rachel
* That it made me think, question, and contemplate my past and what it might be like for those in high school now
* The title and what it referred to
* The ending and contemplating what will happen to the characters in the future

What I didn’t like:
* Who and what I was meant not to like
* Thinking about bullies, abusers, predators, and their deviant entitled behavior that damages and destroys
* The town’s little mindedness

Did I like this book? Yes
Would I read more by this author? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Books Go Social for the ARC – This is my honest review.

5 Stars

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