Herbal Remedies for Sleep

How to Use Healing Herbs and Natural Therapies to Ease Stress, Promote Relaxation, and Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

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Pub Date Apr 02 2024 | Archive Date Apr 02 2024
Storey Publishing | Storey Publishing, LLC

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Ease your stress and finally get a good night's sleep with the help of this guide to the top herbal remedies and natural methods.

A good night’s sleep is the key to good overall health—both physical and mental—but as many as a third of adults say they don’t get enough of it. The pandemic has led to increased anxiety and stress, making it even more difficult to sleep than it was before. Over-the-counter sleep aids can be habit forming, and many people prefer a more natural approach.

Herbal Remedies for Sleep introduces readers to the top 15 herbs for reducing stress and encouraging a good night’s sleep, along with recipes for using them in homemade formulas. The book includes three classes of herbs: those that have a general calming and relaxing effect; adaptogens, a class of herbs that has grown in popularity for its ability to balance and calm the nervous system; and sedative herbs, for those nights when you just can’t stop tossing and turning and need to go to sleep quickly. Remarkably, many of these herbs can easily be grown in an ordinary backyard, making it simple for people to grow a garden that helps promote a restful night’s sleep.

Ease your stress and finally get a good night's sleep with the help of this guide to the top herbal remedies and natural methods.

A good night’s sleep is the key to good overall health—both...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you, Storey Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

This book is a treasure! Hunt for it when it comes out and treasure it!

Seven exclusive chapters with all the essential guide on how we can utilise some of the most common but powerful herbs that would aid best for a good night’s sleep.

I specifically recommend this book as the book starts with the basic knowledge and principles of sleep cycle, the different elements that affect the different aspects of the cycle, the various aspects we can work on ourselves related to our habits and lifestyle and the basic herbs that we are all familiar with that would help us and how we can use them.

I love the colourful pictures and the very simple writing as a means to communicate with the reader. It delivers more than what most books try to do. I really appreciate it.

A must have recommendation.

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NetGalley ARC review APP

This was such a refreshing and delightful book, I’ve read many herbal remedies books, and this one had so many new things I hadn’t learned from other books. It was its own book and held its own every turn of the page!
From the photos to the layout, it was pleasing on the eyes & thoughtfully laid out to benefit the reader.

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Etheral. Beautiful and Spectacular! That's the thoughts that kept coming to my mind as I was reading Herbal Remedies for Sleep by Maria Noel Groves. I don't think this book could be better than it already is. Truly beautifully put together!

The format is superb and very user-friendly. The text boxes are spot on. The art and photography are beautiful.

Why I love this format. First and foremost Maria talks about her story of sleep but most importantly she talks about the quality and quantity of sleep but why we need to prioritize sleep and how to find what works for us to get the quality of sleep and spend time on this area for the quality of life. We can't of course depend on medication we need to learn to self soothe and learn the rhythm of our bodies.I sleep really well even with pain from recent knee surgery but I have prioritized sleep as regenerative and restorative as the foundation of everything working off that importance as first in my day.

Maria has chapters on Managing Stress and Daytime Energy, Relaxation Day and Night, Bedtime Sedating Sleep Support, Harvesting and Drying Herbs, Sleep Support Recipes and Remedies, Herbal Safety and Quality Guidelines (extremely important in my opinion), and more such as resources that were very well done.

I can't unpack all that is in this treasure of a book but I do want to add as an organic regenerative farmer and educator that Maria's book covers the safety of herbs making sure you ID correctly which is very crucial if foraging and grown organically with no pesticides and herbices and consideration for special populations.

There is a lot to consider when using herbal remedies and I feel Maria has done a comprehensive job of not just making a beautiful, inviting book but to give the confidence in trust and correct information to move forward in regaining restorative regenerative sleep in your life by writing this endeavor of a treasure trove of a book on herbal remedies for better sleep which enhancing all area of our life.

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I learned a lot from this book and I appreciated that the author didn’t just claim that the herbs would solve all problems and gave other options to use in conjunction and advocated for visiting a doctor when you think you need one. I am very excited to try some of these recipes as someone who has trouble sleeping regularly.

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This book is a wealth of knowledge! I loved that there was so much education regarding sleep cycles, along with suggestions for herbal remedies to help manage a variety of sleep-related concerns.

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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook.
This was a very informative book about how to sleep better at night. This author does a great job pinpointing every angle and I am going to be trying the information from this novel. Highly recommend! Chalked full of information!

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Herbal Remedies for Sleep: Howto Use Healing Herbs and Natural Therapies to Ease Stress, Promote Relaxation, and Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits
Maria Noel Groves
We all know sleep is important for both physical and mental health. There are too many reasons why we do not sleep well to address them all but among them is anxiety and stress. There are many over the counter medications that will help us sleep and there are many prescription drugs, all of them have side effects.
At one time I was taking Ambien. I lost a whole 24 hours. I know I talked to people I functioned but I do not remember anything that happened within a 24 hour period. My husband worked swing shift. He had trouble sleeping during the daytime. He started taking a sleeping pill and became hooked on it. He ran off the road one night, swiped a guard rail, and started sleepwalking. I hid his pills. It took over a week for him to realize he was addicted. We must be very careful what we put into our bodies.
We know from scripture that God has provided us with all our needs. He has provided us with herbs that help us sleep. Herbs are natural without additives.
This book offers options, it discusses herbs as well as seeking your doctor’s advice.
Well done author Maria Noel Groves.

Thank you NetGalley for a copy of this book for review purposes. My reviews are always my unbiased opinion.

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This is a gorgeous book! I am a traditional naturopathic doctor and would recommend this to both patients/clients and colleagues alike. The author has created a book that is not only visually stunning, but also is packed with easy to understand, excellent
information about herbal medicine, and more specifically herbal medicine and sleep. A great reference to have!

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A beautifully presented book that calms and soothes from page one. It has practical ideas for herbal usage and general wellbeing. for relaxation and sleep. A real gem to read and to use for a daily routine.

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Herbal Remedies for Sleep : How to Use Healing Herbs and Natural Therapies to Ease Stress, Promote Relaxation, and Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits. This is a treasure off a book about using the most common and easy accessible herbs for remedies that aid sleep. It also provides lots information on the sleep cycle and health. And different types of health challenges including stress. Just browsing the book and its beautiful illustrations is relaxing. Definitely a book for dipping into time and time again.

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This is such a delightful read. It guides the reader into a blissful journey of navigating natural sleep remedies. Herbal remedies to sleep unveils a collection of soothing tea recipes, tinctures, and holistic health advice which is easy to follow and clear instructions are given to formulate your own recipes. . The author's expertise really shines through, providing accessible solutions for sleep issues. With clear instructions and a friendly tone, this book is a must-read for sleepy souls and tea lovers and those seeking restful nights. A book to put you to sleep in the best possible way.

Was this review helpful?

This book is full of good information on why sleep is important, factors that affect our sleep, what we can do to aid ourselves in better sleep, as well as specific stressors/neurochemicals and how they affect one another. There is a plethora of plants/herbs the author discusses, with a thorough knowledge of how to use the plants/herbs properly for the most benefit. I would recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

This was an extremely informative and detailed book on herbs and flowers to help one sleep. It gets into the science behind how our bodies interact with herbs, but does so in an easy to understand fashion. I found it very helpful to get a necessary information, such as: where things grow, effects at certain doses, and potential side effects. The pictures and little designs on the pages are beautiful, as well. Highly recommend and I will be purchasing for my library!

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"Herbal Remedies for Sleep" by Maria Noel Groves is a gem of a book for anyone struggling to catch those elusive Z's. In a world where stress and anxiety seem to be the norm, finding natural ways to drift off into dreamland is a breath of fresh air. Groves introduces us to a treasure trove of 15 herbs that promise to calm the mind and encourage a peaceful night's sleep. What I particularly love is how she doesn't just stop at listing the herbs; she provides easy-to-follow recipes for incorporating them into homemade remedies. Plus, her emphasis on the importance of understanding the sleep cycle and prioritizing self-care is a gentle reminder to us all.

As someone who values simplicity and practicality, I was delighted by the user-friendly format of this book. Groves' personal story adds a relatable touch, while her expertise shines through in chapters covering everything from managing stress to harvesting and drying herbs. Safety is a top priority here, with thorough guidelines on herbal usage and quality. I appreciate Groves' holistic approach, acknowledging that good sleep isn't just about popping a pill—it's about nurturing our bodies and minds naturally. Whether you're a seasoned herbal enthusiast or a curious beginner, "Herbal Remedies for Sleep" offers a wealth of knowledge and a peaceful path to a restful night's sleep.

Thank you NetGalley for this advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

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I received an ARC from Netgalley

fantastic book to have on the shelves with a detailed guide for on herbs for relaxation, stress reduction and sleep. it has easy to understand language and most if not all herbs involved can be purchased or home grown. highly recommend and will be purchasing a physical copy of this book

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Thank you Storey Publishing and NetGalley for the advanced electronic review copy of this wonderful book. This is a very detailed guide on the herbs that aid with relaxation, stress reduction, and sleep, most of which are easy to grow at home or find in a health food in a dried or liquid form. I love colorful photos and the clear, easy to understand language and layout that benefit the reader. I highly recommend it and am looking forward to getting a physical copy for myself.

Was this review helpful?

Herbal Remedies for Sleep by Maria Noel Groves is a fabulously detailed book on the importance of sleep and how to use the natural world, meaning flowers and herbs, to help you get the best sleep possible. The amount of information packed into a relatively short book is impressive. I truly appreciated the 'how sleep works' section at the beginning, because for once someone has made it easy to understand for those of us who aren't scientists. This same writing style then flows into the 'meat' of the book, which is information on all the plant allies that exist to support healthy habits and quality sleep - what they are, what they look like (with beautiful photos), the ways you could grow and harvest some yourself, and of course, how to use them and tons of recipes. I don't have much of a green thumb or superior kitchen skills and even I felt like I can confidently use this information in my own home. And if I had any doubt, the author does include plenty of resources in the back for sourcing the ingredients elsewhere.

Was this review helpful?

As someone who struggles with nervous system regulation and sleep issues, this is a great resource for remedies. As a relatively new herbalist, I really enjoyed the scientific approach and practical applications and advice. This will be a staple in my resource collection for herbal remedies and natural healing.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you SO much to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book.

Just waht the doc ordered cant wait for it to be in print! So much help :)

My full review is to follow in a few days.....

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