Invisible Loss

Recognizing and Healing the Unacknowledged Heartbreak of Everyday Grief

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Pub Date Jun 18 2024 | Archive Date Jul 09 2024

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From an acclaimed grief educator and the author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go? comes a road map to recognize and heal the unspoken, often misunderstood experience of everyday loss, so you can finally reenter and live your life in full.

“Compared to most, my problems are small. I should be happy with what I’ve got.” Our inner judge often tells us grief is “allowed” for big losses, but that we should tough out everyday heartbreak. The loss of a loved one and a devastating divorce are likely to be accepted as grief events. But what about moments when we feel overlooked, disregarded, or misunderstood? This could look like rejection in the workplace, lack of intimacy in a relationship, being overlooked by friends, or working in a position that’s not a dream job. “These are losses society doesn’t recognize, mirror back to us, or validate,” says acclaimed grief educator Christina Rasmussen. “As a result, we don’t recognize or validate them either.”

This unacknowledged type of grief—invisible losses that are often labeled as not worthy of recognition—can be hard to define and may surface as feelings of anxiety, depression, angst, or restlessness. These are the moments when we shift perception of ourselves and can end up living in continuous survival mode, without really recognizing or understanding why.

In Invisible Loss, Rasmussen shines a light on this unrecognized form of grief. Because we avoid invisible loss, we don’t process it; instead, we seek the protection of an endless “waiting room” in the hope that time will heal our wounds. Here, Rasmussen helps you meet your loss, free from shame or guilt, to explore:

• The origin of your invisible loss and how you’ve coped along the way
• The five life reentry phases based on the Life Reentry® Model
• Exercises to help you find your way out of the waiting room
• Guidance in reframing your thoughts toward your original self

“The entire world is silently grieving, attempting to process a form of heartbreak unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. We need a new language and road map for our invisible losses,” says Rasmussen. This guide gives you the tools you need in order to heal, move forward, and embrace the life you were meant to lead.

From an acclaimed grief educator and the author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go? comes a road map to recognize and heal the unspoken, often misunderstood experience of everyday loss, so you can...

Advance Praise

“Finally, a book about the kind of heartbreak that is so often dismissed or never even talked about. Christina takes the reader by the hand through this world of silent losses and helps them understand not only why they have been anxiously stuck in the past but how to find their way back to themselves.” —Leeza Gibbons, New York Times bestselling author and founder of Leeza’s Care Connection

“I think we’re surprised by how the ‘invisible’ can sometimes have the greatest impact on our lives. I’m thankful to Christina for lifting us all up by helping us bring the invisible to life and understand how we can all find our place as ‘watcher and thriver with a sprinkle of survivor’—a wonderful analog to crewmates having successful missions on a spaceship. By behaving like crewmates, not passengers, we have the power to create a future for ourselves and for all life on Earth that’s as beautiful as it looks from space.” —Astronaut Nicole Stott, author of Back to Earth

“If you feel stuck in the waiting room of a half-lived, wounded life, this book presents a strategy of self-discovery that takes you from surviving to thriving: out of the prison of your comfort zone and into the arms of the world.” —Justine Musk

“Suffering is inevitable, and yet no one gives us a guide on how to deal with and heal our wounds. Invisible Loss is that manual. It shows how to turn pain into purpose, suffering into a source of meaning, and hurt into a way to help.” —Dr. Jade Teta, author of Human 365

“Every journey needs a map, or guidebook, to help us on our way. Christina has poignantly and sensitively created just such a road map for everyone that struggles into a life reentry. A book for everyone to read. Simply awesome.” —Ray Zahab, adventurer and author of Running for My Life

“In her latest book, Christina Rasmussen undertakes a courageous exploration of a subject within the complexity of loss that is often overlooked and deeply misunderstood. Invisible Loss delves into the nuanced terrain of personal transformation and the subtle yet profound shifts within our lives as we experience the many losses presented on our journey. Regardless of the catalyst to loss, we all face moments of impact that shift our world. With eloquence and keen insight, Christina examines the subconscious minefield that is experienced universally but often is not recognized or seen. This book serves as not only an important validation for our unseen pain but also a step-by-step guide to shifting from the waiting room, the awareness of one’s self, and reentry into what comes next. In each chapter, the author invites you to sit with her for coffee breaks and do the hard but necessary work to reenter life not only on your terms but in a way that will reveal the hidden parts previously left behind—a must-read for anyone ready to move forward to find their inner thriver.” —Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, author of Healthy Healing

“Finally, a book about the kind of heartbreak that is so often dismissed or never even talked about. Christina takes the reader by the hand through this world of silent losses and helps them...

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Featured Reviews

As someone in active and fresh grief, I felt I needed to read Invisible Loss. Which is why I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to read this ARC thanks to the publisher. The Life Reentry model is great and I feel its very relevant to what this book is about. If you have lost someone or know someone who has, I highly recommend this book to help bring you some comfort and coping mechanisms because the grief journey is brutal.

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For those familiar with the self-help genre, "Invisible Loss" builds upon the foundations of well-established principles, but presents them in a logical and engaging manner.The writing style is accessible and easy to follow, making it a digestible guide and the inclusion of the homework sections throughout the book allow it to be used a practical resource. It is a book best consumed slowly and with intention.

The one thing that did detract from my experience were the client stories shared throughout the book. I understand their purpose but they read a little lengthy at sections and again, anyone familiar with the genre may find them a tad tedious.

Overall I believe this book offers a valuable, accessible, practical tool of support and I would recommend it to anyone who believes they could benefit from it.

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