Lavender Clouds

Comics about Neurodivergence and Mental Health

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Pub Date Jun 25 2024 | Archive Date Jun 25 2024

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A dazzling, humorous, and highly personal portrayal of neurodivergence from a leading voice in mental health comics.

Eisner Award nominated author Bex Ollerton—known as @Schnumn to her thousands of followers—is a talented comic artist who feels energized and courageous on some days and exhausted and emotionally depleted on others. In Lavender Clouds, she translates her experiences with Autism, ADHD, and mental health into a series of colorful, emotionally resonant comics that tell stories of neurodiversity and resilience.

With a tone that is sharp but always sensitive, this debut book collection describes the many insights and strategies the author has learned on her journey to self-acceptance. Among the many topics addressed in the book are the folly of “foolproof” organization strategies, the perils of burnout, the joy of small hopes, and the importance of growing at your own pace and on your own path
Breathtaking in its artistic range and emotional truth, Lavender Clouds offers an enlightening and uplifting read for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, burnout, or other issues related to mental health. 
A dazzling, humorous, and highly personal portrayal of neurodivergence from a leading voice in mental health comics.

Eisner Award nominated author Bex Ollerton—known as @Schnumn to her thousands of...

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We regret this E-galley is not available for Kindle viewing.

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Featured Reviews

I true and compelling depiction of being neurodivergent and having to deal with the everyday struggle that come with being an adult. Honest and thought provoking. A quick read.

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This is such an affirming, wonderful comic about neurodivergence, depression, and anxiety. Bex's style is gorgeous, as is all of her art, and the color palette is lovely as well. This is a great book for anyone struggling with mental health and mental illness ( this day and age, is anyone not?!), or for anyone who knows folks who are. I can't wait to own a copy.

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Lavender Clouds is a collection of graphic art that portrays the struggles of living with anxiety and depression as a neurodivergent person. I found the portions representing burnout, insecurity, anxiety, and depression to be completely relatable as someone who struggles with all of these. The illustrations are beautiful, and I really enjoyed the art style. I will say the overall tone of the book was a little more negative than I was expecting, so this book might be better read if you are not currently in a depressive episode.

I received an ARC from Andrews McMeel Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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*Lavender Clouds* by Bex Ollerton is a heartfelt and personal exploration of neurodivergence that resonated with me in many ways. The vibrant illustrations add a beautiful touch to the storytelling, making it an enjoyable visual experience.

The graphic novel captures the reality of living with Autism, ADHD, and mental health challenges, but the overall tone felt more negative and repetitive than I anticipated. The book leans heavily on certain struggles like the stress from appointments and text messages, which can overshadow other important topics.

Despite this, there were moments that made me feel seen and understood. The novel provides insights into the neurodivergent experience, but it could benefit from a more balanced approach that includes actionable strategies and a broader perspective on coping with challenges.

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3.5 * Rounded Up

The art in this was beautiful and engaging, the subject of mental health is such a personal journey but there are so many relatable parts in this collection. This was a collection of comics that explored everything from neurodivergence to anxiety to depression and various mental health battles. Overall while I think it was relatable, I don't suffer from neurodivergence I don't think, it was still somewhat relatable in the areas of socializing and feeling drained and the pressures we all face in adulting. For me I think it maybe was a bit too sad/negative which it makes sense but it didn't make it too enjoyable, I wished there was a bit more positive parts of life explored here as well but again its about the authors experience and not mine.

Thanks to Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for granting me access in exchange for an honest review.

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I didn’t realize I had ADHD until I was 42. That’s a long time to not feel fully understood, even by yourself. This is why I love this book, Lavender Clouds, so much. My neurodivergent nerds, you will feel seen & understood.

This is a series of cartoons about being neurodivergent as well as experiencing anxiety and depression. There is less story here and more in the moment reality sharing. It’s beautifully drawn and brutally honest. It can feel repetitive at some points but hey, so does anxiety and depression 🤷‍♀️ This book cuts deep and bares the writers deepest feelings about being neurodivergent and handling work, socializing, etc. This book is lovely and personally validating.

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This is a wonderful little book that contains so much. It is essentially a collection of thoughts and reflections experienced by the author to do with mental health, neurodivergence, trauma, self-love, and more similar topics. It helped me gain a deeper understanding of what my neurodivergent friends might be experiencing in their day-to-day, and I can imagine that it will make a lot of people feel less alone when they read it. The illustrations are so cute and I love the colour scheme. If you're looking for an honest, reflective, and hopeful read - this is it!

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Lavender Clouds is a collection of comics about the author's life. The comics touch on mental health, neurodivergence, burnout, asking others for help, and so much more!

I've read similar comics before and they can be on the cliché side (not that that matters if it makes it into the right hands at the right moment!), but I did not feel that way about this book. This collection is very relatable and I was impressed with the artist's ability to depict such deep thoughts, feelings and emotions in one-page comics. Self-care and prioritizing mental health is something we hear about a lot more these days, which is great, but it has also become a monetized trend, on social media especially. Lavender Clouds does not feel that way to me. This collection is real and honest and shows the realities of complicated feelings and how overwhelming life can be. At the same time it promotes taking care of yourself, treating yourself with kindness, and realizing that we all have our own paths and that there is no reason to rush through life or compare ourselves to others. The art is also stunning! This book would be a great gift for anyone having a hard time. It would be especially great for young people who are struggling with similar issues.

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This is a fabulous graphic novel for anyone who knows a neurodivergent person (so, that’s ALL of you!). If you are a neurodivergent person, I think you will feel very seen by this beautiful book.

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There were so many parts of this book that explained how I have felt in ways that I haven't been able to express! I think it was a great way to feel less alone and see that other people have the same thought process. I kept thinking "Exactly!!"

Some parts felt a bit repetitive and like she had already covered that feeling, but overall it was a good read. I am going to purchase it for the teen area of my library and I already know that it will be checked out a lot! It is an approachable way to feel understood and I really liked the artwork.

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I wasn’t prepared for such a short book to have such an intense emotional impact. Bex Ollerton shares intimate, personal struggles and insecurities that mirror so much that I (and I’m sure many others) go through constantly. This graphic novel captures the anxiety, depression, loneliness, oxymoronic moments that can consume us- yet there’s a levity that leaves readers feeling in community with the author rather than in an increased state of stress and negativity. There’s comfort without toxic positivity.

Before receiving this advanced copy, Bex Ollerton was not on my radar. I’m now about to follow every account I can find. I found myself wishing many pages existed as small posters/prints I could hang in my classroom, so I’m hoping that exists out there as well.

I’m always nervous leaving 5 star reviews. I prefer to save them for books that have a huge impact on me- books that I know I will carry inside me and on my bookcase (with 2 copies: one for me and one to loan out to others). Lavender Clouds is on that list for me, and I can’t wait to have a physical copy.

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A perfect book for any neurodivergent! I felt so seen. This comic has a page for every feeling, moment, and exhaustion in ADHD and other neurodivergent situations. Well-written and adorably drawn, this is the perfect book for anyone seeking comfort in the dark days.

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