Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians

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Pub Date 01 Jan 2020 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021

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Have you ever wondered why the Bible is so, well, Jewish?

God revealed His character and his plan for the world through His chosen people, the Jews. It was through the line of Abraham that the Bible was written. It was from this same line that Jesus was born. It was from the Jews that Jesus called his disciples, and out of Judaism the early church was born.

Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians reveals many facets of ancient Jewish religious and cultural life which Jesus used to help His listeners understand His teachings. Through understanding these rites and customs, God’s plan for drawing us into relationship with Him is revealed.

Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians brings the reader to a better understanding of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith and the message of Jesus. Questions for discussion are included after each chapter. As Dr. Teitelbaum sums up: “Christians grow in worshipful appreciation of Jesus when His roots in Judaism are understood.”

Have you ever wondered why the Bible is so, well, Jewish?

God revealed His character and his plan for the world through His chosen people, the Jews. It was through the line of Abraham that the Bible...

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“Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians,” by David E Teitelbaum, reveals the depth and symbolism behind Jewish traditions and rituals, and how they relate to us as Christians. It is relatively short, written in easy, accessible language while still drawing incredible connections between Chrisitanity and it's roots of Judiasm. The Old Testament is a messy and difficult book to read at times. Yet, learning about and experiencing the historical context, poetic devices and the deeper language that the writers embedded in the story, is unlocking so much depth and beauty for me. When we understand the historical and cultural significance, the symbolism and richness that their practices had for the Jewish people—for Jesus—it brings the story alive in such a vivid, three dimensional way; “Christians grow in worshipful appreciation of Jesus when His roots in Judaism are understood.” The title does the book a disservice as it seems trivializing, to what I think is information everyone needs, if they want to more fully understand the biblical texts and the roots of our faith. One example is the parable of the ten virgins who were waiting for "the Bridegroom". The historical context shows that as part of Jewish wedding traditions, only the father of the groom knew the exact date of their wedding (a year after their betrothal). As the time grew closer, the bride and her bridal party would spend their evenings waiting with oil lamps lit, for the trumpet that would signal the groom's coming. Simple things like this, make biblical metaphors that may feel old and less vivid to us, come alive again. David E Teitelbaum did a wonderful job of presenting this information and I would love to read more of his work in the future.

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Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians There are several very short chapters in this book; each focused on one specific aspect of Jewish history/tradition/text and how Christians typically interpret this within the context of Judaism in the time of Christ. Given the divergence of Judaism and Christianity, some of these interpretations would not necessarily be accurate/accepted within a modern Judaic context (such as the fulfillment of prophecy by Jesus and John the Baptist); however, they should still be useful to both sides in understanding each other (in other words … it is neat stuff to know) … especially for folks that have never really taken the time to look at what we have in common (I think the chapters on Passover and Pentacost, and how they intersect with the Passion of Christ are especially helpful for Christians that have never participating in a Seder). If you are more than a casual student, you won’t find many revelations or controversy here … it really is fairly basic stuff. At the end of each chapter are a series of discussion questions, so this would also be a good book to use an individual reflection or group discussion. <spoiler> Neat Jewish Stuff for Christians to Consider Jesus as Prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures The Use of Jewish Holy Days in the Mission of Jesus Jesus and the Sabbath Communion, Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread Using the Plagues and Miracles to Overthrow Pagan Gods Elijah and John the Baptist Jesus Is Our First Fruits Why the Holy Spirit Was Sent at Pentacost Trumpets: The Return of Christ and the Gathering of Believers Atonement by Blood Dwelling with God: The Feast of Tabernacles Jesus in the Ancient Tabernacle Christ and His Bride: Ancient Jewish Wedding Customs Judaism 101: An Overview of Jewish History Questions Christians Commonly Ask About Jews An Overview of Christian Anti-Semitism </spoiler> I was given this free advance reader copy (ARC) ebook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. #NeatJewishStuffforChristians #NetGalley.

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This was the book I've always known I've needed but never thought would be written. As someone who has grown up Christian I was fascinated when my Southern Baptist church hosted a Seder meal and brought in a Messianic Jew to teach how the tradition pointed back to Christ. Since then I've devoured information about Jesus written for people who grew up Jewish but there were so many things I didn't understand. This book answered most of those questions!

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A very useful and clearly written guide to Jewish 'stuff' including festivals and practices. A great introductory book to give you a framework for the world that Jesus operated in. For a deeper look pick up anything by Alfred Edelstein. His books are eye opening in realising the depth of practices involved in ancient Judaism.

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I was raised in a Jewish/Catholic suburb. Although, I spent time with my Jewish friends in high school, I am amazed at the things I didn't know. I love that this book taught me so much more than I ever thought I knew. If you're interested in different religions, this is a great book to start with. It's not overwhelming, it keeps the readers interest. The more you know.

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