How to Sleep Tight through the Night

Bedtime Tricks (That Really Work!) for Kids

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Pub Date 28 Jun 2022 | Archive Date 24 May 2022
Storey Publishing, Storey Publishing, LLC

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Whether it's fear of the dark or worry about the day ahead that is interfering with a good night's sleep, How to Sleep Tight through the Night offers creative solutions for soothing children's bedtime anxieties and developing healthy sleep habits. This collection of 30 kid-friendly tricks and techniques by sleep and dreaming expert Tzivia Gover and award-winning children’s book author Lesléa Newman is complemented by the dreamy illustrations of Vivian Mineker. From playing an alphabet game to slipping a wish under a pillow, the book is filled with practical, engaging prompts that are accessible to all and easy to implement, using creative visualization, mindfulness techniques, and playful, fun strategies for easing bedtime struggles and welcoming sound, restful sleep.

Whether it's fear of the dark or worry about the day ahead that is interfering with a good night's sleep, How to Sleep Tight through the Night offers creative solutions for soothing children's...

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Featured Reviews

I wasn't sure what to expect when opening this book, but it exceeded anything I thought. The illustrations are really great. They flow so well and really draw you in. It starts off giving some reasons it may be hard to sleep and also reason your body needs sleep. They keep the book moving, yet thoughtful while giving some great tips to help kids sleep. There are some pretty cool activities and things you can make to help prior to sleeping too. Then there are also tips for when you're lying in your bed and just can't fall asleep. There are so many that even if some won't work for you, I am sure you'll find one that does. It's a perfect mixture, and I absolutely recommend this book for many ages.

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Everything about this book is appealing. The pictures are beautiful and the tips and tricks to help the littles sleep are spot on. The children in the book are diverse so every child can see themselves in at least one of them. The tips range from being thankful to making a jar with "stars" falling in it! Great book which I would purchase myself.

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The perfect book which will help the kids as well as anyone who comes across this book to have a good night's sleep everyday!

The illustrations are just dreamy: perfect and delightful.

The colourful pages are awesome. But as the book says, the tips do actually work. One good example was the suggestion of reading a physical book instead of browsing the internet.

Such practical and easy, affordable tips are provided which is applicable to one and all I feel.

A precious guidebook full of easy tips for the kids to fall asleep easily each night. Well, it will be so worth keeping the physical copy when it comes out!

Thank you, publisher and author/artist, for the advance reading copy.

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A "made-for-kids" book that parents and caregivers will love!

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley. The review is 100% my own opinion.

"How to Sleep Tight through the Night" is filled with tips and tricks to help children fall asleep. As a mother of two young children, try as you might, there is no sure-fire way to force your kids to fall asleep. This book is designed to guide children through their bedtime routines. It gives them the agency to take control of their own bedtime rituals to learn what works for them.

I enjoy how the book explains the importance of sleep in ways that makes sense to a child. It explores ways to reduce night-time fears and anxieties. It provides clever ways to calm and settle the child's body and mind. Both parents and children will love the whimsical illustrations throughout the book.

I will be pre-ordering a copy of this book for my own kids and strongly recommend it to anyone with young children in their lives.

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This gem of a book helps young readers find healthy ways to wind down and get ready to get some rest. It explains the importance of sleep in kid-friendly terms and encourages them to be mindful. Through crafts, creativity, and reflection kids learn how to relax and make the most of bedtime. Illustrations are engaging, colorful, and inclusive.

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I have a confession to make! I picked up this book without fully reading the title or the blurb, and solely on the basis of the beautifully designed cover art, hoping that it would supply some much-needed tips and tricks on how to beat sleepless nights. For someone who has been battling insomnia for some time now, this is truly need of the hour. So imagine my surprise when I discovered upon reading this that it was actually a book meant for little children to help them fight their fear of the dark and related worries that could be keeping them from having a restful sleep. Nevertheless, I continued with the read, primarily because of the dreamy and colorful illustration, but I am so glad I did 'cause the book is home to some super creative tips and techniques that makes bedtime more fun for children. As soon as I was done, I got my darling daughter to read it as well, and how she enjoyed it! She was all pumped up to try the many amazing activities suggested in the book, and over the past week some of these strategies have made it to our bedtime rituals as well. From making a night notebook to the gratitude prayer, getting my tiny bundle of energy to sleep is no more a battle!

The one takeaway from this book for me as an adult, and which I have practising lately is turning off all electronic devices an hour before going to bed. This isn't the first time I have heard that advice but being a parent means having to practice what you preach, and when your kids insists on copying your every move, you have no choice but to follow the very rules you have charted for them!

So, in the end, I'm glad that I came by this book. Take it from me, this is a wonderful book to be read with your kids. Nothing like making children's bedtime fun and lively, right! 😃🙌🏼

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This is a lovely children's book with some nice advice on getting to sleep. My 8 year old asked me to read it to him but he would have been easily capable of reading it for himself too. I think for this it will be best in the physical book format as it will allow engagement much more! I will be buying this for my boys.

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Amazing book for kids and families to read. I loved the idea of how it starts off by having kids understand why it is important to sleep and how it helps our body to grow. The journal part was amazing and a great idea. But my favorite part was how to say thank you at night for everything. I also enjoyed how it gave kids creative crafts to do and make to help them sleep better like the smelling socks, and the stars jar. I will defiantly buy a copy and have in my school classroom library. As a teacher it is important to have these book and students to read.

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Such a precious book to encourage children to sleep well. I love that it explains why sleep is so important while also providing resources to help kids get excited about going to bed (pillows, aromatherapy, etc).

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I LOVE this book!

It is simply beautiful, the ideas, the images. Everyone with children NEED this book!

My eldest has for a long time had great difficulty in settling to sleep and I thought I had exhausted every trick.

However, after trying some of the beautiful ideas that this book is filled with, my little ones were so at ease and relaxed for bedtime and slept soundly. Helping to quiet their minds of invading thoughts and little things they enjoy doing each night.

Thank you for an early eARC of this wonderful book Tzivia Gover, Lesléa Newman, Storey Publishing and NetGalley. All of these beautiful ideas my children and I will use each night.

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Love this book! Think the ideas are clever and interesting. They are definitely something a parent and child could work on together. Eventually most kids would carry out the ideas on their own. So many ideas that a child could do one a night and never get bored.
By the way, the author ought to write another one for adults!!

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What a brilliant book!! The illustrations and layout of the book are on point. The content is amazingly helpful and very relatable for kids who have a hard time sleeping. My daughter has loved reading through it and is more empowered to help herself "sleep tight through the night'.

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With beautiful, inviting illustrations and simple instructions, "How to Sleep Tight Through the Night" instructs children how to relax and help themselves when they just can't sleep. The author has creative ideas that include mindfulness, aesthetics, and creative ideas like making a tent to sleep in. This picture book is geared toward primary readers, and it comes at a perfect time, when they are being asked to be more independent and sleep on their own through the night. When parents and children have run out of ideas, this gentle, creative book has more ideas that make going to sleep seem like a vacation.

Was this review helpful?

This book is soooo cute!

Short texts and a lot of amazing illustrations are perfect for a children's book, but honestly, I had so much fun too.
I spent a lot of time looking at the Shiba plushie, thinking about how deep is the "lesson" about putting your worries inside a box or the one which teaches you how to be thankful.

Definitely one in a doozy 💜

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Excellent, evidence-based review of sleep and sleep hygiene written at a level perfect for youth. An excellent book to review with early and middle children to help them develop an effective toolkit of activities and strategies to sleep well.

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I really loved this fantastic children's book, which has loads of tips and techniques on how to get your child to go to sleep more easily. The book is full of beautiful and colourful illustrations, which every child will love. I love how the topic of mindfulness is brought into the book, as this is very useful. I just loved this book so much and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to help their child to easily go to bed, to go to sleep and to stay asleep all night.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

A beautifully illustrated book filled with useful and fun ideas that are applicable for any age. If you need ideas for settling down and getting your kids to sleep or getting them back to sleep if they awaken during the night, this book has a plethora of easy techniques to try. The kids will just think they are having fun playing a game and being creative but they will be learning good sleep habits in the meantime. Many of the mindful techniques can easily be used at any time of the day your kids may need to refocus and calm down.. I found the book appealing and interesting and I think parents and kids would be excited to try these ideas.

Was this review helpful?

How to Sleep Tight Through the Night is a wonderful and engaging book! I loved the ideas and illustrations contained throughout. It has so many ideas to help your child fall asleep. What's so fantastic about this book is that it engages children and empowers them to sleep better. Different tactics for falling asleep faster from using their mind to make lists or even create movies. It also encourages good habits, like reading before bed instead of screens and deep breathing exercises for relaxation. It also educates them on why sleep is so important and why children need more of it than adults. The content is geared to elementary school aged children as it suggests writing in a journal and other projects. Highly recommended if your child is resistant to bedtime!

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Alright now. This mama may have girl bossed a little too close to the moon this time. 😅 My son (8y) has trouble sleeping at night and as soon as this book mentioned reading, he now tells me he has to sleep with his books at night. He couldn’t wait to try the herb sock trick but said the smells were too strong. But hey! These tips works for adults as well. I’ve been doing puzzles before bed and I have anxiety so I also ended up thinking of words a-z. It’s actually harder than it sounds. I never make it to J 🤣 or H on some days. Love this book. Would highly recommend to anyone with mild insomnia

Was this review helpful?

I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to read this book. It had me from the first page. The illustrations are beautiful and I think they would capture the attention of every child. Sleep hygiene is something that young people need to talk about and learn. This book brings simple and understandable sleep techniques written in children’s language. I would recommend this book to all parents who want to give their children something to have fun, relax and at the same time acquire new and healthy habits. It is a perfect bonding piece for children and parents to read together before bedtime.

Was this review helpful?

Really good book. Helped me child he really enjoyed the story in this book and reading it outloud. It beautifully written and illustrated book for kids of all ages who have trouble sleeping at night. This books helps to gives diffrent options for on ways to help needs of the child and offers fantastic advice for how to adjust things to work for that child.

Was this review helpful?

How to Sleep Tight Through the Night by Tzivia Gover and illustrated by Leslea Newman was a wonderful surprise. I wasn't sure what to expect, but as a mom of three young kids, I was curious to see what a book about sleeping through the night would be about. Not only does this book explain to children why it's important to get a good night's sleep, it gives tips and activities for how to achieve this goal. As a parent, I want to try creating some of the art activities myself! This book also addresses the different issues kids might encounter if they are having trouble going to sleep. On the flipside, it also provides activities for how to enjoy your sleep via dreaming and falling asleep. This is a great engaging book on sleep for kids. I expect that kids will be able to refer back to it many times during their childhood.

Was this review helpful?

Oh I LOVED this! Such a warm illustrative style. And suggestions are fantastic — presented simply enough for young children and their (also tired!) grownups.

Sending good sleep vibes to anyone reading this 💛

So appreciate seeing an advance e-copy of this, thanks to the publisher and NetGalley. Can’t wait to share it with my daughter.

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