The Power of Kindness

Through the Eyes of Children

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Pub Date 29 Aug 2021 | Archive Date 24 Nov 2021

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Children often struggle with big feelings and emotions. It takes practice to have them regularly look outside of their own experience to see how their friends and peers are feeling.

The Power of Kindness Through the Eyes of Children shows the rippling effect of how being empathic and kind can generate kindness to others. It demonstrates how each of us can help impact the world around us with simple acts every day.

This book helps children understand they have the power to shape their daily interactions with others, as well as, recognize when someone needs their support, generosity, and kindness.

The Power of Kindness helps children to understand that a kind word or act can change someone’s day when delivered at the right moment.

In The Power of Kindness, Orbit and the children learn…

* “that no matter how big or small my action is, I can make a difference in the world.” Christopher age 8

* "What a great idea to recycle items to those in need.” Jaxon age 6

* “No act of kindness is wasted; just look at the little boy saving a worm.” Brandon age 6

Children often struggle with big feelings and emotions. It takes practice to have them regularly look outside of their own experience to see how their friends and peers are feeling.

The Power of...

Advance Praise

Ruth A Maille’s picture book story, The Power of Kindness: Through the Eyes of Children, explores the many forms of kindness as seen through the eyes of a group of kindergarten children. Using Orbit, a character in the shape of planet Earth as the leader, the children in a kindergarten class are asked to share their ideas on “What is kindness?” The answers are simple, but also very profound. To see things through the eyes of children is empowering. Told in simple question/answer format, the plot evolves over Orbit’s discussion with a group of children. The language is simple, with some of the words highlighted in bold and varied colors. The illustrations are bright and colorful and certainly add to the story. 

Emily-Jane Hills Orford

"“Quill says: The Power of Kindness is a fantastic way to help children understand the awesome power they have to spread kindness and truly make the world a better place.” Feathered Quill

My heart felt so much lighter after reading The Power of Kindness: Through the Eyes of Children that it brought an end to any dark and sad feelings inside me. Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

The Power of Kindness is splendid not only because it helps to spread a message of kindness in the world but also because, thanks to its colorful images, it allows young readers to identify themselves with the equally young protagonists. Reviewed By Astrid Iustulin for Readers’ Favorite

Author Ruth Maille also did a wonderful job of keeping the book the perfect length for young readers and highlighting kindness within those pages. With colorful illustrations, positive life lessons, and themes of compassion and love, this children’s book will be a bonus to any child’s library. Reviewed By Carla Trueheart for Readers’ Favorite"

Ruth A Maille’s picture book story, The Power of Kindness: Through the Eyes of Children, explores the many forms of kindness as seen through the eyes of a group of kindergarten children. Using Orbit...

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Featured Reviews

Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this storybook with lots of bright pictures and simple language to show kids what it means to be kind. I thought the examples were relatable and accurate. I will definitely read this to my 5 year old.

Was this review helpful?

I liked how many different examples of kindness there were and the illustrations were lively and fun! Great message that will speak loudly to children.

Was this review helpful?

This was really really cute, something I think kids will absolutely adore!! I think kids are always questioning things and learning as we progress so it’s just another reason to appreciate what kids want!

Was this review helpful?

A sweet little story with a wonderful moral of being kind to all around you.
A nice little story which is written as though by children which children reading can relate to, it's fluid and easy to read story which children of all ages can invest their time into.
The illustrations are eye-catching and incredibly striking, they jump off the page and reflect the story perfectly.

Was this review helpful?

Written by Ruth Maille, with art by the Pencilmaster Studio, this book of about twenty nicely-illustrated and colorful pages talks children through not only what kindness actually is, but also encourages them to share examples of kind things that a child might do, thereby illustrating and reinforcing an important lesson. There are many ways to be kind, and this book certainly gives a wide variety of options, ideas, and suggestions. The artwork is wonderfully diverse, although it would not have hurt to have had a disability represented in there. Other than that, it was very well done and I commend this as a worthy read.

Was this review helpful?

Everyone needs to read about kindness. The Power of Kindness shows children exactly how they can use heir kindness to make the world a better place. Kindness is necessary in our world and teaching it at a young age and repeatedly emphasizing how kindness can make a difference, is how we all can grow.

Was this review helpful?

I absolutely loved this book! It is so hard for young kids to verbalize what they feel, I think this book is an amazing way to guide them into embracing kindness. The illustrations are wonderful! I really love everything about this book, My daughter is a private teacher of children ages 7 months - 4 years I wish I could get a copy of this book for her to share with these kids.

Was this review helpful?

Kindness is simplified in the eyes of children. They are sensitive when kindness is shown to them however, they may struggle to show kindness to others because of choices that they make. This book emphasis on choice.

A globe comes to school named Orbit (which is significant because kindness is felt everywhere) and ask the students what kindness is. It is important to know what is and how it is felt and the second part of the coin is spreading kindness thru choice.

This is a great topic for both parents and children because it deals with intentionality. It also is good to look at the world thru a child's eyes.

A special thank you to Books Go Social and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

The Power of Kindness is a lovely book which explains what kindness and empathy is to young children. It does it in a way that small children can relate to and has fantastically eye catching illustrations.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my ARC.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this story about kindness! After Covid I think everyone needs more kindness in their lives. This book does a great job explaining kindness to children. I would definitely recommend this book to other teachers!

Was this review helpful?

This is a children’s book with a simple storyline about about being kind. The examples of kindness are ones that young children can understand and easily relate to.

Was this review helpful?

I loved this book. I have a two and a half year old and this book was perfect to read to him. He's at the age where explaining kindness and being nice is soooo important. Toddlers have huge feelings that are difficult to navigate so I think a book like this is important to read to them and read often. I'll be keeping it handy as a reminder of how we can be kind to others.

Was this review helpful?

In The Power of Kindness, Orbit, who is an adorable talking globe, teaches young children about kindness, explaining that it is a choice.

When Orbit asks the children where they see kindness in their lives, he gets some heartfelt answers. The children share which gives real kids examples of kindness as a choice.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable! I love the kids’ big beautiful eyes. 👀 Emotion radiates from them. The colors jump right out of the pages. I am a picky picturebook person. The illustrations are what typically draw me to the book. This is one I’d snatch up in a heartbeat. 💜

Was this review helpful?

The Power of Kindness is a great book to introduce the concept of kindness to young children in a way they will understand. Its a nice way to see the young children dissucsing this development stage in a book and good to see a range of different answers to the questions posed.
This story is accompanied by bright images which helps children keep enanged on the story. My little boy really enjoyed the breathing exercise and this book would be great for ks1 or younger.

Was this review helpful?

Sweet book on Kindness. My son's elementary school’s motto is #bekind so we try to read a lot on kindness. This book has wonderful examples for kids. I especially appreciated the breathing technique. The illustrations are very colorful and adorable. We especially loved the character Orbit.

Was this review helpful?

This book loses it's formatting when read on a Kindle- sentences become fractured and portions drop to the next paragraph.

The illustrations are colorful and very well done.

The lesson of what can be a kindness and a choice is well laid out. I would definitely buy this for a kindergarten or 1st grade read along.

Was this review helpful?

This book is about kindness in general but what I really liked are all the examples given to illustrate what kindness looks like, inspired from exchanges with children. It is a great starter for engaging kids in a conversation about what kindness means for them in their own environment, family and friends. The illustrations are also nice and very colourful, with friendly and happy faces. A lovely little book.

Was this review helpful?

An adorable read that the munchkin thoroughly enjoyed. A fantastic discussion on the concept of kindness. This would be a great book for storytime with a group.

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