The Stories Behind Astrology

Discover the mythology of the zodiac & stars

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Pub Date Aug 27 2024 | Archive Date Aug 08 2024

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Discover the intriguing mythology behind the planets and Zodiac signs that rule Western astrology, and learn how to channel the energy of each star sign to live your best life.

Have you ever wondered why the Zodiac signs are associated with certain animals? Or how a crab (Cancer) came to rule a part of the sky? Or, for that matter, what it means to have Taurus, the stubborn bull, as your star sign?

Whether you’re a fiery Aries, a mysterious Scorpio, or a sassy Sagittarius, you can discover the fascinating, sometimes forgotten, and often wild Greek and Roman mythology that gave rise to the star signs and planet names, while learning the stories behind:

Aries, the ram; Taurus, the bull; Gemini, the twins; Cancer, the crab; Leo, the lion; Virgo, the maiden; Libra, the scales; Scorpio, the scorpion; Sagittarius, the archer; Capricorn, the goat; Aquarius, the cup bearer; Pisces, the fish; Venus, the planet of love; Mars, the planet of war

… and more!

With stunning, specially commissioned illustrations from Jennifer Parks (@spectralgardens) and rituals and affirmations included at the end of each story to help you harness the power of every sign and planet, whether you’re a super grounded Taurus looking to bring more activist Aquarius energy into your life, or a dreamy Pisces looking to get focused like no-nonsense Virgo, this book is for you.

Discover the intriguing mythology behind the planets and Zodiac signs that rule Western astrology, and learn how to channel the energy of each star sign to live your best life.

Have you ever wondered...

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Featured Reviews

One stellar astrology book that's really enlightening! The author's expertise shines through in this well-crafted guide to understanding the cosmos and its influence on our lives. A must-read for anyone curious about astrology and eager to explore its profound insights.

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Very informative of the stories behind the astrology signs and the stars in the sky they connect to. The artwork is beautiful and the information is factual. Would highly recommend for anyone who does not know the stories connect to the sky and signs.

Was this review helpful?

This was a such an original take on an astrology book! I've never read about the mythology behind it.

Of course, my own sign (Scorpio) was my favorite. I've always related so much to my star sign and I like to think if it weren't obvious which sign the story was meant for, it would still be my favorite.

The illustrations were beautiful too! I might go out and buy this when it comes out so I can have a physical copy.

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I love the pictures inside this book. I love the break down of each sign. Idk if it gave the background information on astrology in the way I thought it would but it’s still an excellent read.

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From the start, the tale captivates readers with vivid descriptions of the stars and their stories. Each chapter focuses on a specific constellation, relating its astronomical relevance to an astrological sign or planet. The tale is interesting, with intriguing details that bring characters like Perseus and Cassiopeia to life. What distinguishes this book is its focus on the cultural diversity of astrological myths. The author highlights not only Greek and Roman tales but also stories from Egyptian, Native American, and Asian cultures, providing the reader with a worldwide perspective that broadens their understanding of astrology. The language is both accessible and informative, combining scientific insights with an entertaining narrative style. Readers will appreciate the lucid explanations of astrological ideas, as well as the engaging anecdotes that depict their origins. However, while the research is admirable, certain sections may be too much for people unfamiliar with the subject. Overall, "The Stories Behind Astrology" is a beautifully produced book that invites readers to engage with the universe through the prism of mythology. It prompts consideration of how these old stories continue to influence our lives today. This book is bound to arouse surprise and interest, making it an excellent addition to any bookshelf.

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"The Stories Behind Astrology" by Alison Davies is another magical addition to her collection of enchanting works. This book is packed with beautiful illustrations and an abundance of knowledge, making it a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about astrology. As a fan of Davies, I eagerly requested this book and was not disappointed. My only critique is that in the eBook version, the text is quite small and dense, which made it a bit challenging to read. Despite this, it's a captivating and informative read that any astrology enthusiast will treasure!

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