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This book was okay. It ended up having a lot more references to Christianity than I expected and that might rub some readers the wrong way if they aren’t expecting it. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy to honestly review.
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This is a very biblical book on how to cultivate deep friendships. Allen writes a lot about her personal experiences with friendships and things she's done wrong as a friend. It is sometimes surprising how often she writes about things like friends telling her they didn't want to be friends with her anymore. She is a minister so there's a heavy focus on how Jesus lived, scripture, praying for people, and how the enemy doesn't want us to have friends. She also talks a lot about the Christian organization that she founded.

Key takeaways -- It takes a lot of time to develop deep friendships so invest in trying to build up many hours of time with people. Be vulnerable and honest. Have tough, unpleasant conversations. Most important to Allen is that you seek out friendships where you spend a lot of time so you see those people all the time. She says it doesn't matter if you're not close in age or share a lot of things in common but you need to have relationships where you can be in each other's lives and do things like drop by unannounced. She also advocates telling your friends everything and asking things of them.
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Loved this book! Jennie Allen does a great job inspiring women through this novel using biblical references and personal insights. I was able to think through my own relationships and dove deeper into them as she mentions. I would recommend this book to my friends as well as it was a good read with pictures and illustrations to help you understand concepts.

Thank you to NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book for an exchange of my honest review.
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First, I want to say that I’m not a very religious person and this book has a lot of references to god and the Bible. Since I’m not very religious, it made it very hard to read. I think the book cover and title was a little misleading and it would be in the authors best interest to put on the title that it is religious based.
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I absolutely loved this book. It’s so practical, biblical, and necessary. If the principles are applied, it is absolutely life changing. I will definitely read this one again.
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Jennie Allen has a great writing style, this book is no exception! She discusses hard topics and is so refreshingly honest, I'd highly recommend!
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I gave a copy of this book to a friend to read with me and even though I have since finished and she’s still reading at her own pace it was nice to buddy read. I also listened to the podcast episodes that correspond to the book and it provides so much insight.
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Jennie Allen’s book is a call for community! We are created for and need deep connection with others. Relationships are to be forged that offer a safe space to be authentic, genuine, fallible, imperfect, broken, and built up. Jennie encourages the reader to enter in and own their part in friendships. This quote sticks with me: “The enemy hates community. His goal is to divide us, to distract us, to separate us so he can prevent us from being effective. If every believer on earth was united and of one mind on mission together, the Church would be unbelievably dangerous.”
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Let's face it, the pandemic was hard on all of us. Prior to it, I went into an office where I was able to chat with many people throughout the day. During the pandemic, I changed jobs to a fully remote role and there were long stretches of time where I only saw my husband and daughter. Now that things are getting better, I'm craving friendships but as a full-time working mom, it's hard to find people. I enjoyed the recommendations that Jennie Allen provided in her book. Not only does she help you meet new people, but she gives advice on how to meet quality people that will enhance your life. I look forward to meeting more people as things begin to go back to "normal" and expand my tribe!
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Find Your People is a new generation book that combines religion+relationship. In this book, the author provides suggestions about making friends and having deep conversations. Humans are meant to live as a community and help one another in their time of need and this book provides advice about how to lead a life rich with friends.  However, I found many sections in the book repetitive.
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Jennie has once again given wonderful insight and methods to help our relationships. How difficult the past few years have been with isolation due to Covid and how much more important it is to begin strengthening, renewing and finding and forming new friendships. 
We will be offering this guidance and using it to relaunch our women’s ministry and help people get together again. 
Thank you to Jennie Allen, the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an early release copy.
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Three out of five American adults are lonely. The solutions seem obvious, but it can be tough to get over the individualistic culture we've created and exchange it for true community. Jennie Allen's book does a good job acknowledging these things and giving practical examples of how to create the community we're longing for. 

This book will challenge you to look inward and identify what holds you back from forming meaningful relationships, and it will also push you outside your comfort zone in order to make your life one that welcomes friendships. It's meant to be read over the course of a few weeks as you take on some of the challenges, but I found it just as helpful reading it in a few sittings. It would be a great book to read as a book club or small group!
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Have you ever put in a request to @NetGalley and then went and bought it, and immediately after purchase was approved for the digital copy?! I have!!

Find Your People by Jenny Allen is call to community. This is a distinctly Christian perspective, but the concepts are universal, I think. Jenny touches on how cultures have historically been more communal and supportive, and how some still are. There is a bit of background on how the highly individualistic culture we live in came to be and how isolating it has become. Reconnecting with each other in meaningful ways is an important path that needs to be cultivated and worked toward. This book gives a lot of practical ways we can pursue each other to this end.

As an introvert, I often felt myself feeling like this book was very much an extrovert's dream, but I couldn't deny the truths of what was being said. While we all may have differing degrees of ease in pursuing deep friendships, we all need our people. This book gave me encouragement to keep fighting for my people. A solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫 for me!

And Thanks to NetGalley for the digital copy! This book is available for everyone now!
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If you feel lonely or isolated, or find yourself struggling with friendships this book will be an encouragement for you. Jennie shares from her own experiences in relationships with a lot of vulnerability to remind us that she’s there too. If you have a question about building friendship she will have an answer..not that she places herself as an expert but as a fellow sojourner, The church is the aroma of Christ and in the failures of our relationships it may not smell as sweet. Yet there is hope for transformation in us and each other if we seek to grow and learn together how to build each other up in Christ.
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Jennie Allen's newest book, Find Your People, is for such a time as this. Our society is so divided, secluded and individualized to begin with, but after the past couple of years especially so. And yet, it's not supposed to be this way. We are not meant to "...go through our days alone, learn alone, work alone, do chores alone, relax alone, celebrate alone, cry alone, or make decisions alone.” We were built for connection with one another.

As a well known speaker & podcaster, Jennie has mastered speaking straight to one's heart, calling out and putting to words how we feel and those feelings we don't want to verbalize and admit. Through scripture, personal story and struggle, Jennie combats all of the relational lies we fall trap to believing. Through encouragement and conviction, readers are challenged to find community. Jennie never negates the messiness and potential for hurt & pain, but highlights what a joy it is to stay the course and fight to establish friendships with history through vulnerability, grace and an understanding people will disappoint us and were never meant to fulfill our every need. Only God can do that.

The best element of this book is the application activities, helpful guides and conversation starters. Each element causes the reader to reflect, correct and practice different techniques to foster current relationships, or develop and establish new friendships.
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Community is something that has suffered greatly since technology has enabled us to be increasingly independent from one another. We no longer need to run next door to borrow an egg, or come together to build a barn, or even share exciting news directly with people. We just order a grocery delivery, hire a contractor, and post our news on Instagram. The unfortunate part of this, though, is that we are losing these opportunities to do life with the people around us, resulting in at least part of the 36% of Americans who report feeling lonely on a regular basis.

It is this type of community that Jennie is trying to reconstruct with this book. The type that feels comfortable relying on one another, even for the hard things. The type that can be vulnerable and real with each other, knowing that they will be loved despite their flaws. The type that will laugh and cry and run errands together. And the best part is that she launches this quest for community by being real and vulnerable with us as readers.

Jennie combines academic research, personal experiences, and Scripture to build the case for why we need to fight for community, and then offers a number of practical tips and action steps at the end of each chapter so that we are not just left with these beautiful but abstract ideas. She both encourages and equips readers to pursue biblical community, challenging us to break the mold of independence that is so prevalent in our culture.

Overall, I loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough, even if you feel you are not the target audience of this book there is something in here for every Christian soul.

Thank you to netgalley and publishers for providing an e-copy for me to read and leave my honest opinion.
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Find Your People by Jennie Allen does a great job of describing the sense of loneliness felt by many and the struggle it can be to find genuine ways outside of work to connect with others. Jennie shares her own lived experience and provides readers with tools to go about taking action towards being more social. I enjoyed how she normalizes social anxiety and awkwardness as a normal part of putting yourself out there and initiating social bonds. I loved how light-hearted the text was towards approaching a topic that is often hard for others to talk about. 

This is a great book for those looking to step outside of their comfort zones socially but needing help navigating the ins and outs of what this actually requires in practice. After reading Find Your People, I am more convinced than I've ever been that the lack of community children are growing up in has more to do with the strain society places on us to focus on earning an income/survival instead of valuing building strong bonds within our own corners of the world.
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Jennie end with a quote from st. Augustine: “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in you.”

That is so true, 

In her books Jennie gives great tips to find your people and to build connection. In the first part she sets a vision and tells how when she started over what she did to find her own people.
In part two the writes about your path to connection. Every chapter is about what connection looks like.Connection is safe, close, protected, deep and committed.

The last part is about fighting for your village. How to find intimacy and keep the connection you build.
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"We've replaced intrusive, real conversations with small talk, and we've substituted soul-baring, deep, connected living with texts and a night out together every once in a while, because the superficial stuff seems more manageable and less risky"

As a military wife who moves every few years, I found this book to be very interesting. I have to build/look for a new village and community every time we move and it is often draining. Jennie is very vulnerable and honest sharing her own journey with building friendships and community and losing some friends along the way, There was so much I took away from this book and hope to use when we leave the military and permanently settle down somewhere and look for our permanent and not temporary village/community. I didn't wholeheartedly agree with everything she said so that is why I removed one star. As a society we have become disconnected and closed off from one another and this book points out to us why God longs for us to have that deep, personal connection and the importance of it.
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Synopsis: “Outside of Jesus, relationships are the greatest gifts we have on earth and simultaneously the most difficult part of being alive.” Have you ever been lonely? Do you wish you had a close knit group of friends to turn to? Do you ever long for community? Jennie Allen addresses all of these thoughts and so much more in her book Find Your People. With sound biblical advice, psychological evidence, and practical tips, Jennie walks you through how to cultivate godly friendships ans community. 

Analysis: I absolutely loved this book and yet hated some of it because let’s be real: adult friendships are hard! If you are looking for a true biblical sense of community, I highly recommend picking up this book. Not all of the practical tips in this book are fun or easy; in fact, some of them are zero fun and awkward. But you’ll find advice and simple steps to take to build the friendships God wants us all to have. Don’t skip out on this one! You might just find the tools to help you make the friendships you crave. 

Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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