Joyful by Nature

Embracing Outdoor Adventure as Women of Color

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Pub Date 07 May 2024 | Archive Date 02 May 2024

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Created for the modern woman of color, Joyful by Nature is your guide to reconnecting with nature and reclaiming your place in the outdoor community.

Women, especially women of color, are often taught to quiet their inner voice and instead put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. We’re taught to search for answers outside of ourselves that may leave us feeling broken, not enough, and disconnected from our true self. Joyful by Nature inspires and encourages you, as part of a new generation of women, to transcend these feelings and explore wellness through:
  • Understanding why the outdoors is important to women of color
  • Identifying the outdoors as a place accessible to everyone and self-care as a given, not as a "reward"
  • Learning grounding and mindfulness techniques to help you connect with the physical world
  • Building your unique restorative self-care plan by identifying personal values and activities that align with them

Let’s embark on an outdoor journey together and discover clarity, rest, joy, play, and freedom!
Created for the modern woman of color, Joyful by Nature is your guide to reconnecting with nature and reclaiming your place in the outdoor community.

Women, especially women of color, are often...

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Featured Reviews

From the introduction, I knew this book was going to be perfect for me. I was drawn in by the way I immediately related to the author's realization of losing some of the fire and lightness inside of herself after transitioning into a responsible, sensible adulthood. I read a lot of self-care books and guides, but none have resonated so quickly and confirmed in just a few pages that it was what I needed.

This guide begins with education on the diversity gap in outdoor spaces. It gives insight into why many women of color feel like we don't belong in nature and how nature deprivation has been a consequence of systematic racism. Getting further into the guide, the author empowers women of color to use nature as a vehicle for well-being and to challenge themselves to take up more space outdoors.

This book includes many helpful exercises and affirmations that are both self-reflective and inspiring. It also includes resources for finding a local community based on outdoor activities. I really appreciated the focus on finding joy in everyday, the acknowledgment of women putting themselves on the backburner far too often, and the necessary reminders that self-care is self-preservation.

On a personal note, reading this has lit a fire in me to get out and ground myself in nature. I've always felt a level of peace I can't explain when being in quiet outdoor spaces, however, I've never felt comfortable exploring too many. This book has me feeling inspired to leave my comfort zone.

I can't wait to buy a physical copy! I highly recommend this book for women of color who are interested in finding their spark again and journeying into nature.

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"Joyful by Nature: Embracing Outdoor Adventures as a Woman of Color" is a compelling blend of memoir, history, and workbook, where the author adeptly weaves together personal experiences and historical context to shed light on the challenges faced by people of color, particularly women, in outdoor spaces dominated by whiteness. Through relatable anecdotes and practical exercises, the book encourages readers to connect with their inner selves, define their values, and embrace the joys of outdoor experiences. While written with women of color in mind, the insights and skills shared are valuable for all readers, emphasizing the collective responsibility to recognize and break down racial barriers in outdoor recreation. I finished this book feeling equipped with the tools to find joy and community in nature while advocating for inclusivity and equity.

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Wow, this is a soul-stirring journey into the wilderness! As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm golden hue on the rugged mountain peaks, I found myself immersed in the pages of "Joyful by Nature: Embracing Outdoor Adventure as Women of Color" by Nailah Blades Wylie. The eloquent prose beckoned me to step outside, breathe in the crisp air, and embrace the wild beauty that surrounds us.

In this empowering guide, Wylie invites women of colour to reclaim their place in the outdoor community. Too often, we silence our inner voices, prioritizing everyone else's needs above our own. But within the rustling leaves and babbling brooks, there lies a sanctuary and it’s a place where self-care isn't a luxury but a birthright.

Wylie deftly weaves her personal experiences with research, anecdotes, and practical advice. She dismantles the myth that the outdoors is reserved for a select few. Instead, she insists that nature is our birthright, accessible to all. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a tentative wanderer, this book will ignite your sense of adventure.

As I read, I felt the earth beneath my feet, the wind whispering secrets through the pines. Wylie introduces grounding and mindfulness techniques, urging us to listen: to the rustle of leaves, the rhythm of our breath. She reminds us that nature isn't just a backdrop; it's a mirror reflecting our true selves.

Wylie encourages introspection. What are your values? What activities align with your soul? She guides us in creating personalized self-care plans, woven with threads of authenticity. Whether it's a solo hike, a sunrise meditation, or a wildflower-picking escapade, each choice becomes a brushstroke on our canvas of well-being.

Wylie, a leadership coach and founder of Color Outside, infuses her wisdom into every page. Her coaching integrates the outdoors, bridging the gap between languishing and flourishing. She believes that authenticity fuels change and it’s a belief that resonates through her words.

This is an invitation and must-read for every woman. An invitation to step beyond the threshold, to dance with the wind, and to reclaim joy. As I closed the book, I vowed to hike more, breathe deeper, and honour the wilderness within me. This isn't just a guide; it's a manifesto for liberation.

Thank you to NetGalley, Wellfleet Press, and Quarto Publishing Group for a temporary e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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