Sticky Icky Vicky

Courage over Fear

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Pub Date 19 Oct 2021 | Archive Date 31 Oct 2021

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Meet Sticky Icky Vicky, a girl who wants to get over her fear—once and for all

In Courage over Fear, the first book in the Sticky Icky Vicky™ series, authors Alysia and Michael Ssentamu introduce readers to Vicky, a fun-loving girl who doesn’t mind getting a little sticky and icky. She loves rolling down hills and playing in mud—but when it comes to water, Sticky Icky Vicky’s fear prevents her from joining in the fun. Then Vicky gets an invitation for a waterpark party, and she decides that she really wants to go—even if it means ignoring the Negative Ned voice in her head and getting over her fear.

With vibrant illustrations and catchy rhymes, Courage over Fear offers children an inspirational/loveable heroine who learns some valuable life lessons, such as:

● Courage

● Positive thinking

● Goal-setting

Aimed primarily at readers aged six to ten, Sticky Icky Vicky: Courage over Fear is a reading experience that leaves kids believing that they, like Vicky, can get past any obstacle in their way.

Meet Sticky Icky Vicky, a girl who wants to get over her fear—once and for all

In Courage over Fear, the first book in the Sticky Icky Vicky™ series, authors Alysia and Michael Ssentamu introduce...

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Featured Reviews

This book was excellent! I loved the rhyming that was put throughout. I loved that the storyline was overcoming your fears. I think this book will be very helpful for young kids. The illustrations were also wonderful!

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One of the best colourful storybook coming out this year, y'all!

This storybook encourages children to be curious and playful; to be courageous and and try out new things instead of being afraid.

Courage over fear. Always!

I appreciate the multicultural representation.

The art and the illustrations are quite suitable for the audience age group and it's quite easy to the eyes.

A good readalong with playful, cheerful characters this one is indeed a good one.

Thank you, authors and the publisher, for the advance reading copy.

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What a lovely story, full of the most beautiful illustrations (gave me some Moana vibes with the colour scheme), and a positive message of choosing courage over fear.

This book is written by professionals, aimed at readers aged 6 to 10 years. It tells the story of Sticky Icky Vicky, who at the age of 3 had a mishap in the sea where a rogue wave caught her, sweep her to far out and although her dad managed to get to her, she has been left with a crippling fear of water. Through this fear, Vicky avoids water at whatever cost she can, showering only once a week. She really does loves getting messy and dirty, which is how she’s earned her ‘Sticky Icky’ nickname. As the story moves on, Vicky is invited to one of her best friends birthday party, which is a “water slide birthday splash”. Vicky desperately wants to go, and although her friends are very understanding of her fears, she decides enough is enough for it is time to face her fears once and for all. Which she does successfully and her mindset goes from negative feelings and fear to positive feelings and courage when facing difficult situations.

I think this child-friendly story perfectly portrays Vicky’s feelings of fear and anxiety, naming her inner voice Negative Ned whenever these feelings emerge. Going forward to bravely facing these fears and as she chooses courage over fear, it clearly shows how Negative Ned can transform into Positive Ted, who sticks around and helps support and encourage Vicky to cope from there on when she encounters difficult, challenging situations.

What a lovely, beautifully illustrated story that deserves a space on every child’s bookshelf!

| Thank you netgalley, the publisher and author for this e-ARC and giving me the opportunity to read and review the story. |

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Sticky Icky Vicky is a very child-friendly take on inner-voice and the concept of fear! I especially liked the conversation tips for parents/educators at the end of the book! Wonderful illustrations throughout!

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This is the tale of a little girl who has a big fear of water. When Vicky was younger, she had a negative experience in the sea, which impacted on her desire to be anywhere near water from then on. She earns the name 'Sticky Icky Vicky,' because of her love of getting so involved in her games and play time, where she gets super grubby; her problem is that she doesn't want to wash afterwards.

Her mother tries to encourage her to have a bath, but to no avail, with Sticky Icky Vicky finding excuses why she can't possibly have a bath. The illustrations by Noor Alshalabi demonstrate well, the mess that this little girl gets herself into, without losing the fun that she has whilst doing it. The story goes on to explain exactly why Vicky is so afraid of the water, using beautiful pastel colours when showing scenes of the beach.

Sticky Icky Vicky experiences a pessimistic inner voice, Negative Ned, who prevents her from trying or enjoying new things, based on her past experiences. You could argue that this is the equivalent to the characters 'Disgust' or 'Fear' in Disney Pixar's 'Inside Out', who's job is to keep Riley safe, but in doing so, without the balance of Joy, prevents her from doing anything at all. Vicky watches her friends play in the water, and wants to join in, but Negative Ned convinces her that she is incapable of being in the water for fear of drowning. This causes upset and ultimately leads to her fears coming to a head, when she is invited to a birthday party at a waterpark.

Despite her inner voice's best efforts, Vicky decides that she's going to be brave and attend the party. Her dad reassures her that her friends will be there to support her too, but Vicky is anxious. With one last ditch attempt to put her off, Negative Ned appears once more, but this time, Vicky isn't listening. Once in the pool, Vicky's fears dissipate and she begins to enjoy being in the water.

Vicky has a new inner voice now, Positive Ted, This voice tells her that she can do things and that she is good enough. With this new positive self-talk, Vicky is icky and sticky no more. Alysia and Michael Ssentamu use rhyming sentences throughout, to tell children that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. With sweet, simple pictures to accompany the story, and a message to 'BELIEVE IN YOURSELF,' the authors convey a wonderful, important subject.

At the end, there are some statements and questions about how to address worries and fears, to reiterate the message of the book, which is a nice addition to the book.

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This book is an amazing read for any child. It covers fear in a good light and makes it easy to bring up that conversation with your child. It is an adorable book and I highly recommend!

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An absolutely wonderful book. The illustrations are colourful and eye catching for any child (let alone an adult) and the subject matter of being afraid was handled so well for any child to understand.

It even taught me some things, overcoming your fears takes courage. The first step for Sticky Icky Vicky was indeed the hardest.

Then missing out being with friends and seeing them enjoying themselves because your fear is holding you back became a big complex issue with Vicky. So much so she was tearful.

I love how Vicky tackled her anxiety and became the courageous girl that she was, hidden beneath that fear.

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'Sticky Icky Vicky' is a beautifully illustrated story about fighting the child's fear. The excellent book exposes how fear can show up and build anxiety and negative thinking— Vicky had an accident during swimming when she was three years old, and she's been very scared of water from that time. That small girl has been conscious of her fear, which makes her anxious, and even shows negative thoughts. After being invited to the party in the water park, the story shows how Vicky courage herself to beat her fear. The great transition from Negative Ned (negative thinking) to Positive Ted (positive thinking) exposed how growing determination can help make some changes and encourage her whenever she meets difficulties.
The colourful illustration is easy to understand by the youngest readers. Well written, with lots of rhymes which makes the whole story more enjoyable. I think the book is a 'must read' position on the children list.
Beneficial is a section with statements and questions at the end of the book, which means help children talking about fear. The conversation is essential, but not all children know where to begin and how to follow.

I am a mum who bought many books about fighting fear to beat anxiety and show how, reasonably, to win over Negative Ned —highly recommended for each parent looking for a great book with goal-setting and positive thinking.

Thank you, NetGalley and Plxel Publishing House, for giving me an opportunity to read and review that title.

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Vicky is a charming, playful, outdoor-loving little girl who loves to play at the playground with her BFFs Rhea and Betty. She uninhibitedly rolls around in the dirt and grime and gets all sticky and icky much to her friends' (and family's) chagrin. Vicky at the end of the day doesn't want to bathe her ickiness off because she is terrified of water! It all came about one day when she was three years old and at the seaside. She was playing happily in the water and a huge rogue wave rolled over her and swept her away. Her daddy saved her life and from that day forward she was very frightened of water.

One day Vicky is handed a birthday invitation from her friend Betty. The location?...the water park! Oh my. Vicky feels a battle raging inside of her as to whether she will be able to attend the party or not. Vicky experiences an epic battle brewing between choosing courage over fear. Which one will Vicky select? Will she choose courage and finally overcome her deep-seated fright of water and remove that roadblock which steals her happiness and fun?

The illustrations are vibrant, colourful and full of emotion. The positive message of the book inspires and offers hope. It will open up conversations about facing your fears and always believing in yourself. I highly recommend this book.

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I cannot rave about this book enough. Own voices, multiracial family, overcoming fears in a realistic way, gorgeous attention-grabbing illustrations?? YES. ALL OF THE YES. I will be raving about this to everyone I know. It also gave me a super great platform to talk about fears with my special needs kiddo who faces inner voices like Negative Ned every day. Thank you for this book. This is so important for kids.

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This book is so so lovely. The illustrations just draw you in. I read this book to my pre school class this morning snd got some lovely discussions going. It really is amazing how a book can evoke feelings in people, even as young as 3!
It introduces the emotions that are sometimes at this age difficult to explain but this book does it perfectly. Being scared snd overcoming fears. A big 5 stars from me snd a big 5 stars from my class.... does that mean 10 stars..... Absolutely!

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This story is about a little girl named Vicky who doesn't mind getting messy. She loved playing in the mud. But she has a fear. And the story you learn positive thinking, setting goals, and courage. I love the rhyming throughout the story. I love how the characters were very diverse. The illustrations were appropriate for this age group. I recommend this book to 6 to 12 year olds. I give this book five stars.

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A huge thanks to PIxel Publishing House for my e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book tells the story of Vicky, a fun-loving girl who doesn’t mind getting a little sticky and icky but is scared of getting into water because she is scared of water after what happens to her (not going to tell you what). Her fear stops her from bathing or swimming but then she gets invited to a party that involves water. Once there she has to battle Negative Ned who is always so negative. This is a beautiful book for young readers on fear , courage and finding your own.The illustrations were brilliantly done and the story so heartwarming. Highly recommend

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Omg I absolutely loved this book!! What a great story and conversation starter with my grandchildren!

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This is a really cute story about Vicky. Vicky was afraid of water, so she avoided it as much as possible. After seeing her friends having fun at the beach, she knew she wanted to face her fears. This book has a good message about not letting fear keep you from doing the things you want to do. The illustrations are beautiful and really bring the story to life. I would recommend to my students.

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The book is very short and full of energy. This is a perfect book for children to read and understand about their fears and come out of them. Vicky was feared of water and she bathed once a week after the incident on the beach but she overcomes fear with help of her friends and her courage to come out of the fear of water.

Whether we are an adult or child, we all have some fears that make to be stagnant, we should be fearless. We may fail but we should have the courage to do what we love and wish.

The illustrations are so good and I loved them. The way of writing and engaging the reader with the story was done well. I do recommend this for kids and people around me.

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I loved STICKY ICKY VICKY by Alysia & Michael Ssentamu aimed at children age 6-10 years old. The multicultural illustrations are beautiful! The story of fear well described and written. I can't wait to introduce to my grandchildren. I loved the language, positivity and energy in the book.

I especially liked the questions for starting conversations at the back of the book. A very good addition which will spark off talking about FEAR.

I would recommend this book and give a 5 star rating.


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What a fantastic book. Sticky Icky Vicky has a fear of water so spends her life all mucky. The negative voice in her head tells her she isn't good enough, because she listened to the voices in her head she doesn't want to do things involving water so she misses out. But she learns to not listen to the negative thoughts and listens to the positive ones instead, pushing through her fears to be happier. I think this book is a brilliant. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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Review of Sticky Icky Vicky by Alysia & Michael Ssentamu

This was a lovely children's book, about helping kids to overcome their fears, with the moto "Courage over Fear". Well written with beautiful illustrations. My six year old daughter loved the story and has read it numerous times. Recommend

Was this review helpful?

My daughter absolutely LOVED this book at age two, but I felt like the topic was a little heavy for my older child. The fun rhymes and adorable illustrations had my daughter from page 1. If your child had an event that has caused them anxiety, I think this book would be a great way to open up the conversation on how to move forward.

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Rated 4 1/2 on the blo (NG doesn't have this capacity. Readers meet Sticky Icky Vicky in what is an ultimately positive rhyming story about overcoming fears. A book suitable for 6 to 10 year olds.

The book is rhyming, which makes it great for using for 6 to 10 year olds. It’s enjoyable for this age group and is a positive story that is conveyed well for this age group. The fact it rhymes makes the fear less daunting in a way and makes it seem more palatable to read as it is less heavy than it may have been otherwise, especially for the younger part of this age group. For the whole age group, the book can be used as a discussion opener with children who have similar issues to Vicky surrounding water.

The story starts with Vicky having fun with friends, but soon it is revealed that she has a fear of water, the reason being explained within the story. This then begins to have an impact on her life, especially, in this instance, her social life as her instinct is to decline an invite to a water park. Instead of doing this, she decides to be brave and confront her fear and the thoughts in her head, which materialise as “Negative Ned”. There are however more positive thoughts, which materialise as “Positive Ted” to combat the negativity.

The book can help children see that something is worth a try, even though they are fearful at first because it could be more fun than they first imagined. So, it could be used as a tool to help widen children’s interests and their world and build courage and resilience.

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