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Pub Date 10 Mar 2020 | Archive Date 23 Mar 2020

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This domestic thriller is a “timely, page-turner of a novel” that examines the terrifying depths of our social media obsessions (Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty)

You can't stop watching her.

Violet Young is a hugely popular journalist-turned-mummy-influencer, with three children, a successful husband and a million subscribers on YouTube who tune in daily to watch her everyday life unfold.

Until the day she's no longer there.

But one day she disappears from the online world—her entire social media presence deleted overnight, with no explanation. Has she simply decided that baring her life to all online is no longer a good idea, or has something more sinister happened to Violet?

But do you really know who Violet is?

Her fans are obsessed with finding out the truth, but their search quickly reveals a web of lies, betrayal, and shocking consequences . . .
This domestic thriller is a “timely, page-turner of a novel” that examines the terrifying depths of our social media obsessions (Araminta Hall, author of Our Kind of Cruelty)

You can't stop watching...

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Featured Reviews

Unfollow Me is a wild ride into the world of social media. Violet is a mom, wife and vlogger. Putting herself and her family out for public viewing is always a risk, one never knows who is going to become obsessed with your family.

The story involves Lily, a single mom who has become quite obsessed with Violet and her family. From morning until evening, Lily finds herself checking Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other venues for updates on Violet and her family.

Next up is Yvonne, a photographer who is newly married and desperately trying to have a baby. She, too, is obsessed with Violet and her family, but not for the same reason as Lily.

Then we meet Henry, Violet's husband, who fans seem to think is the ideal husband. Unfortunately, things aren't always as they seem.

Then of course, there's Violet, who after suffering postnatal depression, finds herself creating videos, hoping to connect with others, hoping to ease this pain in her life.

I was blown away by this story, and found myself reading Unfollow Me in one sitting. I, too, found myself wondering what was going on not only in Violet's world, but the other characters as well.

I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good story, well told and engaging from beginning to end.

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An internet thriller! Brilliant with a lot of suspense!!!

An internet vlogger with over a million followers has become a daily obsession for many viewers. Violet, the vlogge, is a perfect mother with a perfect family. Yet, her tales and advice on pregnancy and especially post partum depression are what her readers devour. Suddenly, however, her online presence has vanished. Violet's followers flock to her online page to exchange their concern and curiosity as to why Violet has disappeared from all social media.

Two followers, in particular, Lily and Yvonne, seem to stand out in their devotion to Violet and her family. Both, in their own ways, seek the truth as to what happened to Violet. They resort to outrageous methods to find Violet and/or find out what has happened with her. Henry, Violet's husband, also becomes prominent in this maze of uncertainty.

The reader asks - what really DID happen to Violet?

Amazing character development and writing style. This book definitely has my vote - cover to cover!

Many Thanks to Cooked Lane Books and NetGalley for an intriguing and exciting story!

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Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth is a fascinating look at the all- encompassing, and potentially sinister, nature of social media. I was pulled in from the very first page and could not look away. This is a fabulous read.

Vlogger Violet has amassed quite a following for her YouTube videos, speaking primarily as a mother who has suffered postpartum depression. But suddenly, and without warning, Violet closes all of her social media accounts, much to the frustration of some of her most rabid followers. Most distressed of all by this turn of events are Lily, a single mother, and Yvonne, a woman who is desperate to become pregnant at the age of forty. Told primarily through the alternating voices of these two women, it becomes clear that the obsession with Violet is much more than innocent fangirl adoration.

The plot is superbly paced and executed, and the twists will keep you guessing throughout. The end result is brilliant, and I would highly recommend giving this one a look.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this ARC.

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This book, y’all!!! It is amazing!! So many good twists and turns and path crossing. Loved it!! Y’all need to read this one!!

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This is the first book I have read by Charlotte Duckworth and i loved it! I look forward to reading more by this author. The topic of social media seems to be a popular one in the new books coming out and this was a great read. I loved the author's writing style. Thank you for the advanced copy. I will definitely be recommending Unfollow Me!

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This is the first book I have read by Charlotte Duckworth, and surely won’t be the last, considering I finished it in one day!

Violet is a mommy vlogger, video blogging about raising her children and going through postpartum depression. She has over 1 million followers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands on Instagram and Facebook. One day, out of the blue, all traces of Violet are erased from the internet. The links her fans saved to instantly view her pages are dead. She has seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet without any known reason.

Violet has gained many fans over the years, and some anti-fans as well. Different characters lead the narrative as a couple of her fans try to find out what happened to Violet. Could the reason be darker than anyone expected?

I was completely gripped with this suspenseful novel from the start. The voices of Lily, Yvonne, and Henry are so well thought out and written that made it very hard for me to put down the book except to sleep for the night. I was itching to discover the ending, and even found some twists on the way that I didn’t expect. I really came to care about the characters as well, and what would happen to them as certain things were revealed in the plot. This is the kind of tale that you don’t want to end, and those are pretty rare for me. A+ from me.

Thank you to NetGalley, Charlotte Duckworth, and Quercus for an ARC. I will be recommending this book to others.

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I had to work at it to find characters with whom I could empathize, although nonetheless I enjoyed the novel. A major reason for that is the constant twists upending my assumptions and mistaken conclusions practically on every page. Also it was watching the "train wreck" of two of the characters over two decades: both self-driven obsessive Narcissists lacking either moral value or character gumption. Like magnets, they continually attracted then repelled each other, and watching them was exactly like viewing a train derailment: the suspense was in wondering who this time would get hurt (not these two) and how badly.

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I will rate Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth a 5/5 stars. This was by far a great book to pull me out of a reading slump. The storyline is engaging as well as intriguing. The book starts off with social media followers/fans inquiring what in the world happened to viral YouTuber Violet who had a very successful channel about being a married mother of three suffering from post-natal depression. When all of her social media accounts disappear overnight, it sends her fans spiraling and wondering just what could have happened? Many fans begin to think that her husband, Henry, is to blame and must've done something terrible to her. The story is told from three points of view: Henry's, Lily (a devoted fan turned stalker) and Yvonne (a woman with an interesting connection to Violet and her husband). This book will leave you questioning: Is it really worth putting all of your business out on social media just for a little money or fame? That's a question that Violet will be left grappling with answering. All that glitters on social media isn't gold.

What I enjoyed about this book:
There was an element of surprise hanging around throughout the entire book. I loved it. Oh, it was wonderful weaving together how the three main voices of the story were all connected. I could tell straight off the bat that something was more than a little off with Lily. Whew... That woman was some kind of mental. I enjoyed learning just how Yvonne knew Henry and how their past was intertwined as well as their present.

What I did not enjoy about this book:
Henry was such an unlikable character. I did not fancy him in the slightest. Not at all.
The first few chapters where Yvonne is speaking sort of bored me before I realized that she was more than just a social media follower of Violet's. Once the story progressed, her voice became more interesting. I did figure out who her baby was by easily, though. That wasn't a shocker in the least bit.
I wish that Violet could've had more of a fire lit under her at the end of the book. It just seems as if she left the story feeling and being defeated.

Thank you NetGalley, the publisher and author for a copy of this book in the exchange for an honest review.

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Give this book a chance, i was given a chance to read this via Netgalley and i was a little unsure on how it would turn out. I am glad to say i was happily surprised, the synopsis doesnt do this book justice. I loved how developed the characters was and how we came to really understand why they were so dependent on following a "mommy vlogger". We understand why they struggle when she seemingly vanishes. This is told from several view points that run together seamlessly and that are all relevant to the final revelation. This story has all the great elements needed, suspense and mystery, heartache and loss and even love. I recommend picking this book up and i hope you love it as much as i did.

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Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley for a preview of this title. Violet, a mommy vlogger with a million subscribers on Youtube suddenly disappears and all her social media channels have been shut down. Several subscribers are concerned that something may have happened to Violet. Two, Lily and Yvonne, share their reasons why in mostly alternating chapters.

As with most modern technology, I could see this happening. I have my favorite podcasters and worry when they miss a regular episode.

Duckworth is definitely an author to watch. This plot is innovative and twisting. She does a great job of luring in the reader and keeping them guessing. I definitely recommend this book.

Was this review helpful?

Fast, thrilling read about a “missing” vlogger, who was stalking her, and surprises on what really happened. It was an engaging book and I thought the characters were well thought out. I honestly don’t think kids’ online presence should be out in the world until they can *at least* consent, but locked down from the public, even then.

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I am STILL thinking about Unfollow Me after turning the last page last night. With social media being as big as it is now and everyone following one another for different purposes, it felt scarily real at times and made me question myself and how much I share online. I was intrigued straight away with Unfollow Me as Violet's disappearance is told by two women, Yvonne and Lily, both we have no idea their involvement until nearer the end. I also liked the gossip website entries throughout. I think this is so cleverly written, it hooks you in from the first page and will have you glued right until the end. I was shocked by the ending and it certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I'll be recommending this to everyone I can!

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It was well worth going straight from ‘the rival’ the authors 1st book onto this book, I guess the 2nd book is always a ‘will it be as good’ etc for both author and reader
Well it is!
This book revolves around Violet, a youtube influencer and what happens when she ‘disappears’ from Social Media and how 2 intense fans, ok stalkers, for very different reasons miss her and intend to find out what has ‘gone on’
Intermingled with snippets from forums where other fans discuss where she might be you can see how fickle people are and how a few seeds of doubt turn into dislike, and we all know and have seen how this happens with famous people
The writing about social media and stalker fans is more popular than ever but this book adds extra dimensions and stories about the stalkers into the mix and it explains how they have got into this way of life, I’m not saying what as will spoil it and the fab layered stories about love, revenge, lust and lies
Told, again with aplomb and real 2019 narration, characters to love and a few to hate I soooo enjoyed this book and cant wait for Book 3
Very Addictive, Very Dark and Very Real/ Current
5 Stars

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This book was SO good, I forced myself to put it down because I didn't want to finish it. And the ending was perfect. I loved the writing, the characters, and the plot was quite unusual but definitely effective and engrossing, Ten stars. I highly recommend this book! Thank you NetGalley!

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Wow! A progressive thriller! I was sucked in and needed to know what was coming . I could not put this book down! Keep them coming

Was this review helpful?

A thriller with plenty of suspense and a modern twist.

The novel tells the story of two women, Lily and Yvonne, at quite different places in their lives who both obsessively follow a vlogger named Violet whose social media accounts mysteriously disappear one day.

While the main plot of what happened to Violet and why she has so suddenly disappeared is obviously the main thread of the book, it is the stories of Lily and Yvonne which have the most twists.

The book is mainly told from the point of view of three characters, Lily, Yvonne and Henry (Violet's husband). You quickly get used to the style and the differences in the characters cleverly avoid this mechanism becoming cumbersome. Supporting characters are well written and you feel for them all in this story.

It is a definite page-turner as you discover more about the characters as they search for answers to what has happened to Violet.

Was this review helpful?

"The sound of my husband slapping his hands against his thighs in time to "We Built This City" makes me want to crash the car and kill us both."

Yvonne's hilarity in this book is EVERYTHING. At one point she calls some women is a mommy's chat group The Breastapo, and I lost it again.

The story itself absorbed me utterly. I HAD to figure out what was going on but the one-liner gifts along the way added so much levity to this thriller that it was the perfect read for me.

Thank you Charlotte Duckworth, Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Was this review helpful?

This was an exciting book to read! I couldn’t put It down for a second until I finished reading it. Knowing the addictive effect social media has on the world, this book really put every day life into perspective. The story wove such a wonderful web of intrigue and honesty about the dangers of social media. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has even an ounce of a social media fear. It really changed my opinion of what should be shared and what should be treasured and protected from online lurkers. Awesome read!

Was this review helpful?

This is the first book I have read by the author but upon finishing it I ran and placed her other one on my wish list. I love when I read an author new to me and they already have a previous book published that I can dive right into. Unfollow me is the story of an influencer who has millions of Viewers, Violet. She is a hugely successful in sharing her life as a mommy and her beautiful and perfect life, across social media. Except... one day she just disappears. Her fans want to know what happened and set out to uncover the truth. The story is told from multiple POV characters who reveal to us their secrets and how all their lives are connected as we try to figure out...what exactly happened to Violet? This was a very stand out read which can be hard to do with so many similar suspense thrillers being released lately.

Was this review helpful?

Charlotte Duckworth’s ‘Unfollow me’ was an absolutely delight to read! One of those novels that is SO thrilling that finding a worthy next read poses quite the challenge!

All the pre-requisites of a decent psychological thriller are in here: rising tension, dark and complex characters and plot twists galore. Throw into the mix social media trolling, gritty morality and questionable decision making to elevate ‘Unfollow Me’ to the next level - an absolute corker of a read!

The plot is based around mummy ‘influencer’ Violet who unexpectedly deletes her social media accounts - causing mass speculation around her circumstances. The majority of the story is told through the narrative of her followers, which leads us into some gripping sub plots around their personal lives.

Worthy of 5 stars purely for managing the rare feat of holding my interest to the very end. I thank Netgalley, author and publisher for the pleasure of reading this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Social media dominates so much of free time in today’s world. Just who are these people who construct vlogs showing their perfect lives? And who are those other people, the watchers who follow them, sometimes obsessively? Here is Violet, a mommy vlogger with her perfect family - Henry, the handsome magazine writer with perfect hair and humor, the three gorgeous and well dressed young daughters and the lovely house, decorated with sponsored products. And the watchers? Jane, a single mother raising a son and living paycheck to paycheck, and Yvonne, a photographer in a new marriage who is dealing with infertility. As this psychological thriller begins, Violet has suddenly shut down her social media accounts. Jane and Yvonne begin searches to discover why. As the lives of these characters intersect, deep secrets and tragedies are revealed. Charlotte Duckworth delivers not only well drawn characters and a fast moving story but a warning about social media preoccupations.

Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane books for this ARC.

Was this review helpful?

Unfollow me is a compelling, addictive and carefully crafted mystery. I was completely gripped from the first chapter and couldn't put it down. Between feeds and naps, I devoured this domestic drama in 2 days (it's been marketed as a thriller... but I disagree). It's an intriguing story that explores the negative influence social media has over our lives. I loved the characters, especially Yvonne (she has some great one-liners) and felt invested in each story-line and how they'd connect in the end. The big 'reveal' was impeccable and I did NOT see it coming. For fans of Liane Moriarty and Lisa Jewell! This one is out August 22nd :).

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book and binged through it in 2 days. It's a well written book on a very interesting and timely subject - how much do we share of our lives on social media and how does it affect those who follow it? I must say that I didn't find myself rooting for any of the characters, per se, they all seemed to have issues that didn't evoke much empathy at times, but overall I found the book quite enjoyable and would definitely recommend it! Thank you Crooked Lane Books for the ARC!

Was this review helpful?

Thank you NetGAlley for this advanced copy. I love Charlotte Duckwork. I recently read her other book and was super excited to get this one as well. She tells stories in such a way that you are sure you have figured out all the connections, just to find you are wrong. The suspense is good. The ending was amazing! Can't wait for more by her.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and follow and one of those books you can just whizz through, very well written.

The story is told from several narratives, which I particularly enjoyed as you got to know the characters and their backgrounds well. The story focuses around a ‘mummy influencer’ called Violet whose life is in the spotlight along with her husband and children.
Bring in characters Lily (lonely and single mother) and Yvonne (with a dark past and pregnant), both who follow and are maybe to some extinct obsessed with Violet, both for their own reasons.

The book slowly unravels how both Lily and Yvonne are drawn into the world of Violet and both have their own agendas when Violet suddenly disappears offline with all of her accounts overnight!

Really good read and good how it explores modern themes such as influences and the impact of social media.

Was this review helpful?

I really enjoyed this book, a new author whose style of writing kept me gripped, I was reading whilst cooking. An interesting story line that covered a topic I knew very little about but I now realise how people can become addicted to other people’s lives. Lots of twists and turns and some very unexpected parts!

Was this review helpful?

What has happened to vlogger Violet Blake? Why has she shut down all her social media? Her fans speculate wildly and are desperate for the truth. This addictive and fast paced thriller had me hooked from start to finish. The story is told from multiple perspectives: Yvonne, who is married to Simon and is desperate to be a mum; Lily, a single mum to Archie, permanently broke, frequently drunk as she’s so unhappy with her life; Henry, who is married to Violet and finally from Violet herself.

This book has so many themes but one of the main things which I found so thought provoking is the well observed and pertinent commentary on social media and people’s obsession with it and addiction to it, which can be unhealthy. Here we have the cult of the social celebrity who gives hope to some, entertainment to others but can also promote envy and jealousy. Lily, for example, is not living her own life, she’s not taking proper care of Archie as she is living her life vicariously through her obsession with Violet’s life. However, what is real and what is fantasy? Add jealousy, rage, deception, guilt, lies, sadness with a dash of humour and throw in a few shocks as the revelations and truth emerges and I think you have a recipe for a bestseller! Talk about messed up lives! Whilst the characters are not likeable (except for Archie, the innocent in all the shenanigans) I did not want to stop reading about them! As for the GoMamas website, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Overall, a brilliant, exciting, twisty read which I loved! I’ll definitely want to read more by Charlotte Duckworth.

Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane for the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

This novel was terrific! The premise a YouTube mummy sensation with a huge following on all things family. The golden girl who invites her viewers into her home as she talks extremely candidly about her children and her personal life. Some might argue too candidly. But love her or hate her Superstar Vlogger has a huge following. Until the day she disappears. All social media accounts gone.

The story then focuses on two women that can’t get enough of Violet and her family. Lily and Yvonne. Both for different reasons. Keeping tabs on Violet and her family means something a little different for them both.

Piecing together where Violet might be we learn about the lives of all three women and it’s juicy!

But how much sharing is too much? Be careful who you invite into your home..

Well worth the read. One of those books you’ll want to read late into the night.

Was this review helpful?

Thanks Netgalley and the publisher for the advance ecopy. This is my first book by Charlotte Duckworth and it did not disappoint! Violet is a mommy vlogger who had a million followers until one day she just disappeared. No trace was left on any social media. A couple of her fans try to figure out what had caused her disappearance. Unexpected twists throughout. Hard book to put down! Highly recommend it!

Was this review helpful?

I really loved this! As a blogger / avid Instagram user, I could relate to a lot of the happenings, it felt very modern. I can totally see how people become consumed with influencers, it’s a huge escapism. On one hand, it’s comforting (to see you aren’t alone) but once the influencers start making a lot of money, it can really alienate people and make people very unhappy. I’d give this a 4.5 rather than a 5, just because it was a bit slow paced in parts, and I found myself being a bit like ‘what is this relevance’ but I devoured it very quickly, love this authors work! I found what happened to Violets family to be awfully sad, rather than sinister, in a good way, when you find out what has happened it actually hurts :( but it ends happy and uplifting.

Was this review helpful?

I liked this book a whole lot and read it in just a few hours. It keeps a great pace and is really interesting. If you love a good family-centric mystery, you’ll dig this one!

Was this review helpful?

This book blew my mind. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. It quickly got my attention and it got to a point where I was unable to put the book down, I was so engrossed in the mystery. There were no characters to like in this book, but I disliked the ones I was supposed to and the mystery part of the story was handled really well.

This book made it worth to sign up on NetGalley. Really happy with this one.

Was this review helpful?

Unfollow Me is a well-written, suspenseful, fun and sometimes sad read. I lived in the UK when I we first started our family, so the message conversations on the mummy boards made me laugh out loud because that is exactly the way I remember the boards: full of abbreviations, gossip, misunderstandings and quick judgements.
Charlotte Duckworth does a good job creating authentic and believable characters who live lives that we can relate to.
As the stories of Lily, Yvonne and Henry unfold, the suspense is maintained until the end, but the suspense is not so intense that the reader can't wait to find out. There's plenty going on in the lives of all the characters making this more than just a mystery.

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy real life stories with some suspense. I enjoyed it very much.

With thanks to Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley for the ARC.

Was this review helpful?

~ www.roxtao.com ~

No matter how hard you’d try to stay away from all the social media, it became such a big part of our lives that it’s absolutely impossible not to be struck on a daily basis by news, videos, articles and photos of the never ending number of “influencers”. Today, everyone’s a blogger or a vlogger or some kind of an online celebrity and their fame rivals more and more the success of traditional famous people: singers, actors, athletes etc. Maybe one of the reasons is that they seem more “like us”, easier to relate to, giving you the false feeling of closure, of affiliation, of being your friend.

Fame grows with the numbers of followers. But probably what Violet Young, a famous Instagram mommy vlogger, didn’t consider when showering into all those benefits of her successful online career is that part of her fame grew on the obsession of her followers. Her daily videos become the center of their lives, the most awaited part of their days, the reason they keep going during difficult moments. And when all her accounts are suddenly erased and she completely disappears from the Internet, her fans go crazy. And they won’t stop at anything to find her.

Unfollow me comes with an amazing idea, wonderfully executed. The whole story is incredibly realistic and perfectly set up in this era that we’re living in.

Every chapter leaves you eager for more, there’s not a single boring page or paragraph that would prolong the story unnecessarily. The perspective changes from a character to another and for more than half of the book, it’s impossible to anticipate in what ways could their separate stories intertwine. The only thing all these people seem to have in common is their obsession over Violet. Only later, dark twists start to unfold in complicated and shocking paths and slowly, you’re allowed to connect the dots and reveal the whole picture.

I read this book without even breathing, devouring each word, each page, dying to know how the story of each character will evolve.

The rhythm is fast paced, the suspense is palpable but in the same time, there’s no feeling of shallowness throughout the novel. Charlotte Duckworth is digging through the human psychology like an expert, cold and precise, not fearing to expose the darkest corners of our minds, the shadiest wishes, the secrets that some people wouldn’t hesitate to kill for, in order to keep them hidden.

Was this review helpful?

Of course I had to read this book next as I had just finished Follow Me...this was the logical next step! And I'm fascinated by social media and all of the hype! Violet is married with young girls and runs a vlog helping other mothers navigate PostPartum Depression as well as managing a household ferrying kids back and forth to school and activities. So when she shuts down her pages suddenly with no warning, her many followers are first annoyed and then worried that something has happened to her. Their attempts to reach out to her successful husband yield no real answers. Then we meet Lily and Yvonne, two very different women who are obsessed with Violet. Lily is a single mother to Archie and idolizes Violet and her seemingly perfect life. Yvonne, married to a younger man, is also following Violet but her obsession is with getting pregnant with her husband whose sperm is less-than-adequate. And yet, both of these women have secrets in their pasts that eventually collide with the present as we slowly learn the truth behind Violet's disappearance. So whether you choose to follow or unfollow, this book is both chilling and entertaining!

Was this review helpful?

I was so captivated by Charlotte Duckworth’s first book that I immediately read Unfollow Me. This book is about a mommy vlogger with a sizeable following who suddenly deletes her accounts. Her followers are convinced something is wrong. The book introduces you to many characters, all who are messed up and have strange motives.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing advance review copies to review. All opinions are my own.

Was this review helpful?

Ok this book is all about our obsession with influencers or social media stars who gain their fame through blogging on internet about their lives and the people who literally eat, sleep and drink up every word and photo. This new form of celebrity also brings keyboard warriors and stalkers who feel they own you and have them right to question every move e and choice you make and post hate and vile as well as love. After all isn’t this what they sign up for? For the GoMummys group their obsession/love of Violets blog takes a scary turn after age mysteriously disappears and closes down her accounts. What has happened and could her husband have done the unthinkable? The group are determined to find out. This book does not disappoint and openly addresses the beauty and the darkness of the internet.

Was this review helpful?

Unfollow Me tells the story of three women, a single mother, Lily, a woman with issues conceiving, Yvonne and Violet, the influencer mommy who goes on a media blackout with no warning. The interesting thing about this premise is that 20 years ago this would not have been a book. The society we find ourselves now has lent to a lack of privacy that leads to obsession. Violet is seen as the perfect beautiful mother and wife, whose life is so easy and handling her three kids has been even easier. After creating her Youtube channel to connect with others and share her struggles with PND (post-natal depression), mothers and soon-to-bes flock to offer sympathy, criticism and advice.

The book begins when Violet goes dark - all of her social media accounts and videos have been deleted, leading her followers to speculate that something happened to her. (Because they know her, she wouldn’t just do that) Lily is particularly obsessed, hatching a plan to check out her house and her daughter’s school. Yvonne is stuck not being able to get pregnant by her husband. His sperm count is low and they have tried everything. Obsession is not her drug of choice but envy.

Tensions spark and collide as her loyal followers come out from behind the screen and into her life. This was the most terrifying part of the book. The writing was sharp and tight and everything mentioned tied back to something that was necessary for the story to make sense. The webs were so intricate and I was dumbstruck with how many things were tied up in each other. I thought that I knew what happened and I was completely wrong.

I would recommend this. If anything to just see where this trend is going, with Followers coming out in January, I’m excited about this new foray in fiction.

Was this review helpful?

Thank you for the opportunity to read this book and I really enjoyed it. This book was nothing what I expected but it was a insight to how the world is today and the graphic description of the baby loss was so truthful. I do wish I had bit more of lily life in the epilogue. But it brilliantly written and will defo be looking up Charlottes other books!!

Was this review helpful?

Violet has a blessed life. A lovely home, engages hands on with her three beautiful daughters and has an attractive, doting husband. All of this is painstakingly captured on camera for the world to see. With a mega following on youtube, facebook, instagram and more, mommy vlogger Violet suddenly deletes all trace of her social media career; all accounts, all channels, leaving her public to wonder what has happened to her.

This book is told in multiple points of view by people who want to know that Violet is safe, from people that hate her guts and people who know her personally. It was kind of terrifying actually. It was a contemporary thriller that had the pacing and very much reminded me of Big Little Lies style of story telling.

This was truly so much fun to read. It was a very twisty, turny view into the world of youtube mommy vloggers, or really anyone who has a strong online presence or is an influencer. You don't always take into consideration how much of your real life is broadcasted and how many of your personal details are given so freely to people when you share everything online. What happens when that important information is used by someone who may not care about your best interests... or worse; actively want to be a part in your downfall? I could go on and on about trolls and negativity and rude comments... but I won't

Was this review helpful?

What a fabulously creepy book!

If you read this and don't at least THINK about deleting your social media accounts, you fear nothing. To get it laid out for you bit by bit of what information people can get from your online presence was a wake-up call..

I had a love/hate relationship with it already, only using it for work but now I'm second-guessing that too!

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I really enjoyed this book! It was very suspenseful and engaging. There were several surprising twists I hadn’t expected. Highly recommend!

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When I picked Unfollow me, I knew it was a thriller themed around an influencer, but I WAS NOT expecting this russian-like roulette of story. It kept me glued to my kindle to read what would happen next until the very end (which rocked, I was not expecting that either!), and with each new information, the image of the characters grew, my initial ideas were shifted until I didn't know anymore what would happen. I especially loved Luke, my praise to him for sticking around.
The influencer problematic and the troubles it brings are well exposed here, the problems of privacy for the people perceived as influencers, how 'we' never know how they're really like but there's some that idolize them, how it attracts people and the reasons why, and the dangers of becoming addicted to an internet personality.
It's a perfect book for readers of thrillers who wants to be engaged until the very end of the story, around the world of influencers.
Thanks Netgalley, Charlotte Duckworth and Cooked Lane Books for gifting me this amazing story, can't wait to read more of Charlotte's books!

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Wow! This is a fast-paced, juicy read that left me thinking long after I ended this book. Centered around “fans” who are following the day-to-day vlog of a social media influencer and her family, the lines get blurry regarding how much you really should share in this digital era. Well-written and so damn good!

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane books for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beyond amazing I enjoyed this book so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming Could not put down nor did I want to.

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Fantastic book. This is a very current psychological suspense, set against the background of social media influencers and their followers. I enjoyed the book from the start and the twists and turns kept me guessing. all the way through.

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It's not often I read a book that I simply can not put down. But Unfollow Me is one of those books that you stay up till 3am reading. Several women following a mommy-vlogger are concerned when the vlogger deletes all of her social media and seemingly goes into hiding. We eventually find out that each of the women have their own story, all converging at conclusion. An excellent book. If you like suspense, give this one a read!

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An addicting and surprising thriller filled with social media addiction and unexpected twisted relationships that will have you flipping pages. It was unputdownable for me and I love a story that keeps you guessing and guessing. I will continue to read this author. Fantastic!

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I absolutely loved this book. I love stories about social media and how things such as Instagram and Facebook have shaped how our world sees people. In the past, the only people who could reach the masses were those with fame and power. Now, anyone can achieve this.

This book is all about that and how our obsessions can take us to places we never thought we would go.

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A novel about a mystery linked to social medias ? Count me in. I hadn't realized it was about middle-aged women, but I honestly ended up liking it !

The first thing you need to know here is that we deal with 3 points of view through the whole book. If you don't like it, pass this. The chapters are very short and you have to keep up with who's who and who's doing what.

Violet is a vlogger who records everything about her family (Henry the husband, and the three kids). She's followed by millions, especially in the UK. When all her social medias suddenly go dark, everyone wonders what's going on. Lily and Yvonne are two fellow Violet's fan, who try to guess what happened to her, all while dealing with the whirlwind that is their own life.

As I said before, I hadn't realized I was dealing with middle-aged characters when I requested the e-arc. When I started reading, I was a little worried I would have issues connecting with the characters, because I'm not in the same range of age and their concerns are miles away from mine, but in the end, I was able to understand them and appreciate them well enough.

The best thing about this book is the way the story unravels. The author truly has a talent for mystery and slowly unraveling her plot. You first start reading about Lily and Yvonne, nice and slow, learn a little about their lives, and slowly, you start getting deeper into who they really are, learn their deepest secrets and desires. It's absolutely well-done, every chapter gives a little crumb which made me want to keep on reading, even though I had a ton of uni work to focus on. I read the whole thing in a day because those little pieces of the puzzles dropped at each chapter kept me going and wondering what had happened to Violet.

Usually, when I like a book, I read super fast because I want to know everything at once, but this time, it was gripping in the way that you want to unravel the mystery piece by piece and try to guess yourself at the same time as the character. This time I was able to truly savor the book.

I recommend it for people who like soft mysteries (there's no gore or really bad triggers, so it's adapted to most publics except children of course). Again the writing was really good, so you can definitely go for it.

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I really enjoyed reading this book as it fits perfectly into todays social media world. The story follows a mommy vlogger and two fans/stalkers who wonder what happened to the vlogger when she suddenly stops blogging......is she alive??? Did her deceitful husband kill her??? The story is thrilling, suspenseful and kept me up all night reading!! Thank you to NetGalley and Publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. I cant wait to read more from this author!

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This was a page turner! Plot goes that Violet is a famous YouTube mommy vlogger who suddenly deletes her accounts one day. What we read is several points of view from two women who follow Violet and desperately want to know what happened to her. The third point of view is told from the perspective of Violets husband Henry. As each chapter goes on, we peel back layer by layer the secrets and lies these three people are holding back from themselves and those close to them. This was such a unique book given the times we are in and how famous ordinary women can get from gaining followers on social media. It’s rather creepy and maybe not all it’s cracked up to be. I love the way the author gives us piece by piece of a puzzle with each chapter until it all comes together with a bang. She’s definitely an author I’ll be looking forward to reading more of. Her style and talent for weaving suspense and drama are immaculate! Definitely recommend this book!!!

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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

This book is a modern thriller based on the life of an on line vlogger who on the surface has the perfect life as a wife and mother. One day this online persona goes offline much to the dismay of her followers, who are all caught up in her online fantasy. There is much debate and speculation as to why this person disappeared , so much so that 2 of her followers try to unravel the mystery .Both these women have their own troubled lives of secrets and lies which begin to unravel as the mystery deepens,

This is a very good mystery thriller well written and enjoyable. I recommend this book for a good read.

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This book was written from a couple different perspectives and was written really well. You get to know the characters and feel bad for them, wonder how they could do what they did, and appreciate them. This book grabbed you and brought you along to meet everyone and fully understand the events. There were some surprising bits and in so glad I read it. I could totally see this happening in real life. I’d be interested in learning more about the characters if second book is written.

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What a great book! Unfollow Me kept me captivated from page 1 until the end. It centers around the sudden online disappearance of Violet, a famous YouTube mommy vlogger. The story unfolds through 3 points of view, Lily and Yvonne, who are fans of Violet, and Violet’s husband Henry. It is well written and had some twists and surprises that I did not see coming. The ending was satisfying. The story itself tells a very chilling tale about society’s obsession with social media and our lives. I haven’t read any other books that tackle this topic in this was so it was different from the typical good guy/bad guy psychological thrillers.
All in all, I’d highly recommend Unfollow Me!

Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane books for the ARC!

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